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1253 What Is Truly Cruel!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

"Slow down, slow down."

     "Yes, we are not in a hurry."

     "Teacher whoring, take your steps lightly."

     "Mom, I almost crawled away."

     "I'm also crawling. Vic's ears are very good. Let's enter the village quietly."

     "Yes, we must get rid of him in this wave."

     In the team chat voice, Wei Shen and PDD seemed to be infected by the intense surrounding air, and their voices were much lowered.

     On the commentary stage of the Huaxia District.

     Haitao scratched the head with some puzzlement, and looked at Master Rong beside him and said, "Wei Jiang and Teacher Whoring are trying to take the opportunity to touch Vic, but are they too careful?"

     "Well, I also find it a bit strange."

     Tuantuan stared at the game screen, raised his hand and rubbed fleshy cheeks, and said somewhat suspiciously on his face, "If Wei Jiang and Teacher Prostitution want to go up and touch people in this wave, then their speed is too slow. Climbing over, maybe Vic has helped Xiaotongjiang up, then they will fight two by then?"

     "I don't think Wei Shen and the others want to touch it." At this moment, Lord Rong who had been silent suddenly spoke.

     He glanced at the game screen, pondered a little, and continued, "They should have predicted that Vic will use this trick to attack their bridgehead defense."

     "Oh! I understand!"

     Hai Tao also reacted when he heard it, "So Wei Jiang and Teacher Whoring are trying to touch the bunker Shroud just was in in advance to ambush before the smoke has cleared!""Tina! This is so insidious!" Tuantuan exclaimed.

     Rong Ye nodded, and the interface continued, "Yes, if Vic really wants to make another move in secret to break through the bridgehead Wei Shen and the others, then Wei Shen and the others will give him a no time to deal with it. "

     "Well, if Wei Shen and Mrs. Prostitute's guns are set on fire without any precautions, then Vic can't stand it even if he reacts."

     "Yes, this is a lore."

     "Hey! Now it's up to Vic's next choice. In the wrong step, he and Xiaotongjiang will cool off at Qiaotou."


     By the car in the smoke, Liu Zilang, who had rushed back, had helped Zhang Xiaotong who had just been exploded from the car by Shroud's thunder, and let her squat in the corner to fight medicine.

     While observing the situation on the bridge, Liu Zilang raised his head and poured a drink "gūlū gūlū".

     When Zhang Xiaotong's first aid kit pulled up the blood volume, the azure blue radiation grid that was shrinking from around the Jedi Island had been pressed to the other end of the bridge behind, and Liu Zilang and their retreat were being swallowed and covered little by little.

     Zhang Xiaotong glanced at the poison ring behind him, and said in a hurry, "Get in the car, get in the car, now it's time to change your cart."

     This girl is not an iron-headed baby like Misaka Kotomi. Just now Liu Zilang wanted her to delighted to (do sth, idiom) on the ground to push the cart. He vowed to say that she pushed this time, and next time Liu Zilang would push it himself.

     Unexpectedly, this girl kept remembering this, and hurriedly urged him to get in the car as soon as she got up.

     If you change to someone else, then Liu Zilang will not be impossible to do a coolie.But let Zhang Xiaotong be below, and once he is blown down, he will be in a hurry just to help others.

     "Uh...what about this." Liu Zilang scratched the head, looking at him a little bit.

     Zhang Xiaotong immediately became vigilant when he saw him like this, and stared at Liu Zilang without blinking, "You...you don't want to shame you? Humph!"

     With that, she pulled out the crossbow behind her.

     Liu Zilang's eyes twitched when he saw this. He raised his hand in pain and surrendered, "Let's put down the gun first and say something."

     "You get in the car before talking." Zhang Xiaotong stared at him suspiciously, and comforted after speaking, "rest assured, I will cover you."

     You are covering a dandan!

     Liu Zilang took two steps stiffly.

     Just as he was about to get into the car, divine light flashes suddenly appeared in his mind, a bold thought came up, and the pace under his feet stopped again.

     "What happened?"

     Zhang Xiaotong raised the crossbow in his hand with a calm face, like a killer with no emotions.

     "Wait a minute, we don't have to push this thing this time." Liu Zilang snapped a finger, raised the eyebrow said with a smile, "This time we start Plain B."


     Zhang Xiaotong blinked suspiciously.

     "It's okay, just listen to me."

     Liu Zilang took out the smoke bomb with his backhand, raised it, and threw it forward. He didn't forget to turn back and said to Zhang Xiaotong, "Quickly, Xiaotongtong, see if there is any smoke on your body, and throw it with me."

     "Throwing cigarettes?"Zhang Xiaotong opened his backpack and took a look, and found that there is still one smoke bomb on his body. He fumbled it out and threw his small arm in the direction marked by Liu Zilang, but couldn't help muttering in his mouth, "Isn't this the same as before."

     Liu Zilang heard it only chuckled and did not explain.

     After he threw out the two smokes on his body, Liu Zilang quickly jumped onto the jeep and said to Zhang Xiaotong who was standing there looking at him stupidly:

     "Why are you standing stupid? Get in the car."

     Zhang Xiaotong was stunned, subconsciously about to run towards Liu Zilang's car.

     "Don't get in this car." Liu Zilang waved his hand, "Go and get in your car."

     "Ah...but I want to cover..." Zhang Xiaotong said tangledly.

     Liu Zilang finally said his final goal, "You don't need to cover, wait for me to rush with me."

      At the same time, Wei Shen and PDD heard the sound of the smoke bomb landing after the smoke waste car.

     The two could not help but glance at each other, and both saw the joy in each other's eyes!

     "Come come! Vic is going to play a routine again."

     "When they wait, they will definitely have to cart over. Let's right here to guard a tree-stump, waiting for rabbits."

     "Hehehe, that guy must think we are still at the bridgehead, when they push the explosion-proof shield and come and park, we will give them a big surprise."

     "Well, you must pay attention later, Vic's opponent is SKS, so you must slap him first."

     "No problem! Look at you."

     The two people squatting behind the bunker in the smoke quickly finalized the battle plan for this wave.But the next moment, the roar of the engine in the smoke made both of them dazed for a moment.

      what's going on?

     This sound seems a bit wrong!

     In the next moment, Wei Shen suddenly reacted with one shivers in his mind.

     "That guy... doesn't seem to push the explosion-proof shield?"

     "Don't push the shield? No, he is not afraid that we will beat him?"

     "No, this kid may want to close the cigarette and charge directly!"

     "Get out of smoke! Get out of smoke!"

     In an instant, the two hurriedly got up from the ground and quickly ran out of the smoke.

     If it is under normal circumstances, the other party dare not push the "explosion shield" to dash the bridge, Wei Shen and the others are probably seek but fail to get, Wei Shen even thinks that oneself alone can knock everyone off the car.

     But at the moment, the two of them predicted that the other party would push the shield, and touched the smoke in advance to ambush.

     In this way, although the other party cannot detect them, their sight is also blocked by the smoke.

     If the other party is pushing the explosion-proof shield slowly as the talk guessed, it's okay, then they have enough time to intercept and kill the other party.

     The problem right now is that the other side suddenly drove directly, so they didn't have much time left.


     In the blink of an eye, the roar of the car's engine quickly drew closer, seeming to be nearby.

     Wei Shen stared at the front, he was just one step away from the smoke and regained his vision.

     At that time, even if the opponent had passed him by, Wei Shen was confident to knock him down from behind.But he never expected it at this time, and there was a loud "bang" in his ears. It seemed that what thing had collided on the road.

     Before Wei Shen could react, a figure fell without omen in the hazy smoke before him.


     "Mom! It's me!" PDD's scream suddenly came, and the pig cried, "Who knocked me down."

     It turned out that it was difficult to distinguish the direction in the smoke, and in a hurry, PDD accidentally ran into the middle of the road.

     The cup was born from this.


      at the same time, in the smoke on the pavement of the bridgehead.

     A jeep galloped out of the smoke, followed by a small yellow car.

     As soon as the smoke broke out, Zhang Xiaotong, who was driving in the yellow car behind him, couldn't help scratching the head, and said somewhat dazed on his small face, "I just...it seemed to hit what thing?"

     Liu Zilang was silent, while he stared at the bridge head nervously, as if ready to stop and fight back at any time.

     Although today's double qualifier is a charity exhibition match, there is a professional player in each team. He doesn't think that with the level of a professional player, he can drive a jeep through the opponent's face safely.

     Obviously, at this time, Liu Zilang did not know that Qiaotou Wei Shen and PDD had touched the smoke without a word or movement.

     However, as soon as Zhang Xiaotong's voice fell, a System Notification was promptly displayed on the upper right of the screen.

     "Xiaotong sauce drove the vehicle and knocked down the PDD!"


     Liu Zilang and Zhang Xiaotong were shocked when they saw this, followed by happy at the same time!Zhang Xiaotong was so happy that he unconsciously killed PDD, and who would dare to say his own food in Douyu!

     Liu Zilang is different.

     He knows exactly how many people are on the bridge.

     Since Zhang Xiaotong knocked down people in the smoke, he reacted extremely quickly and instantly realized that there was someone in the smoke, and there must be no one in the bridge head.

     Unless the opponent plays "11 Tactics", even that is good news for him.

     So Liu Zilang immediately stopped deliberately controlling the speed, but stomped the accelerator to the end, rushed over like a gust of wind toward the bridge head.

     "Wait for me."

     Zhang Xiaotong also quickly followed.

     In the smoke, Wei Shen was startled by the PDD that suddenly fell in front of him.

     Just a step slower.

     When he smoked, the two cars left his best shooting distance one after the other.

     No matter what, do it!


     Before Wei Shen fired a few shots, Qiaotou only heard a rubbing sound of "chi chi"!

      In a flash, Liu Zilang driving a jeep drifts to a side stop!

     Before the car stopped completely, he leaned out of the car window in position 3 and raised the SKS in his hand to face Wei Shen. There was a burst of strong wind and swift rain!

     Wei Shen obviously did not expect Liu Zilang to fight so dare.

     He was shot in the body with no shelter outside of the smoke, and saw that a person jumped on the small yellow car, and quickly retracted the smoke again, and decided to lift the PDD up first.

     And this time, in just a blink of an eye, the roles of the two sides on the bridge were reversed.


     Teacher whoring?It was Wei Shen who shot just now!

     Liu Zilang quit while one is ahead and jumped out of the car. The corners of his mouth couldn't help but raised slightly.

     "Xiaotongtong, it's time for them to see what is truly cruel."

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