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1255 The Man Who Broke The Curse? ! (Two In One)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Looking at Zhang Xiaotong's back, Liu Zilang's eyes twitched.

     Suddenly, he thought of something again.

     By the way, that thunder only made up one PDD, and Wei Shen seemed to be alive.

     Zhang Xiaotong obviously licked his heart-cuts and added thick-skinned, but he actually forgot about it.

     Liu Zilang just wanted to call Zhang Xiaotong who ran past Pidiandian, but after another thought, he closed his mouth again.

     Because he suddenly felt that it would be nice to have a "Timo" to explore the way in the smoke. If Zhang Xiaotong knew Liu Zilang's thoughts, he would panting with rage and ran back and jumped up and gave him a Jio on his knee!

     Although Wei Shen was not going to kill and make up for it, in order to guard against the unexpected, Liu Zilang quickly followed.

     But the next situation is somewhat beyond expectation.

     Zhang Xiaotong licked in the smoke, but Wei Shen never appeared from start to finish, causing Liu Zilang to worry about it.

     After following Zhang Xiaotong's observation for a while, Liu Zilang couldn't help touching his chin, muttering in his heart.

      what's going on?

     Can Wei Shen hold back this?

     Or does it mean that the other party is no longer on the bridge?


     At this moment, Zhang Xiaotong who was half licked suddenly screamed and rushed out of the smoke in a panic.

     "I...I to think of it, there is still one person on the other side!"

     Uh ...

     The corners of Liu Zilang's eyes twitched a little, and now you realize that you are truly exceptionally intelligent!He had almost guessed that God of Wei most likely already not in the bridge, most likely sold PDD and jumped down, but his face was loudly shouted righteously!

     "Don't panic Tongjiang! Come behind me!"

     Zhang Xiaotong, who rarely heard this, couldn't help but stunned. The years of childhood experience of being trapped subconsciously made her feel that there was a conspiracy.

     But the fear of the unknown in the smoke made her obediently come behind Liu Zilang.

     Upon seeing this, Liu Zilang laughs in his heart, his face solemnly slowly said, "You just stay here and don't walk around. I'll go ahead and buy you some... er... I'll go to the smoke to see the situation."

     Zhang Xiaotong was stunned, and looked at Liu Zilang somewhat suspicious on her small face, always feeling that these words were familiar.

     Liu Zilang gave a dry cough and said with a serious face, "Remember to set up a gun for me, Tongjiang, it's up to you whether I can come out of this wave."

     Hearing this, Zhang Xiaotong, who was originally suspicious, suddenly had a small face blushed, and he felt a sense of being entrusted with a heavy responsibility in his heart. He could not help but point his small head without being polite.

     Looking at Zhang Xiaotong who was nodding stupidly, Liu Zilang couldn't help but shook the head. This silly boy really couldn't help boasting like he was a kid...

     Thinking of this, Liu Zilang no longer hesitated, and rushed into the smoke.

     Soon, he saw the PDD box half licked by Zhang Xiaotong.

      After licking Wind Sweeping Destroying Clouds, Liu Zilang quickly found the box of Shroud and Bieber that was destroyed by him in front of him by the approximate location in his memory.

     Chuck chuck--!

     Since these three people "become a bandit" blocking the bridge, the equipment is naturally not too fat.When Liu Zilang licked, he was picking and picking, looking for something useful, and he didn't forget to bring Zhang Xiaotong a [Rifle Silencer] that she could use.

     Except for single row matches, Liu Zilang will not use silencer. Unless the whole team is silenced in the group competition, it is useless if you alone hold the silencer.

     However, Zhang Xiaotong has an unusual preference for equipment that can conceal himself, such as [Geely Clothes] and [Eliminating Device], so Liu Zilang this can be considered to suit him.

     Outside the smoke, Zhang Xiaotong looked at the gradually spreading smoke, as if facing a Gate of Hell that was about to open.

     She opened her mouth and couldn't help but asked in a low voice, "You... have you found anyone inside?"

     "Who?" Liu Zilang, who was licking, subconsciously asked.

     The next moment, he suddenly reacted, his voice was solemn, and he said every word:

     "Although I have not seen people, I sensed a dangerous aura."

     "Dangerous aura?"

     Zhang Xiaotong suddenly became nervous.

     She subconsciously hugged the M4 in her hand, her small face was full of vigilant glances at the smoke ahead.

     Suddenly, standing by the railing of the bridge, she inadvertently looked at the sea west of the bridge, and somewhat stunned found that someone was swimming hard on the sea, shaking his arms and legs.


     Zhang Xiaotong tilted the head, her little face was confused.

     Where is the person from?

     Doesn't she look like Misaka Kotomi's little second-hand, not only the head iron, but also time and time again by Liu Zilang.The rich experience of fighting with Liu Zilang throughout the year immediately made her smell an unusual breath!

     Ding Ding Ding——!

     Zhang Xiaotong rushed into the gradually dispersing smoke, but the scene that jumped into her eyes made her almost unable to hold Liu Zilang to "suddenly".

     Obviously, Liu Zilang was licking the bag happily.

     Hearing his footsteps turning his head and looking at Zhang Xiaotong who suddenly appeared, Liu Zilang couldn't help but "ge-deng" in his heart.

     Fortunately, his reaction was not too slow, and he immediately pretended to gnashing one's teeth and said in a hateful voice, "How can it be repaired! So cunning God Wei, he actually sold his prostitute and ran away!"

     "What were you doing just now?" Zhang Xiaotong screamed in anger.

     "Don't you want to eliminate the device? Here, here you are."

     Liu Zilang walked to Zhang Xiaotong and sharp-eyed and deft-handed the prepared silence to take out.

     Zhang Xiaotong saw that the remaining words for questioning were blocked, and his small face quickly picked up the muffler with joy, and equipped it on the M4 that she was only equipped with with a gun butt.

     It really is a "eliminator"!

     Liu Zilang shook the head, in the heart cannot help with emotion.

     When Zhang Xiaotong reacted, he turned around and saw that Liu Zilang had appeared in Qiaotou.

     "Don't we hit the one in the sea?" she scratched the head asked.

     "The one in the sea let him go first."

     Liu Zilang's eyelids twitched, thinking that this little girl really has the potential to become a ‘bad guy’.

     "The poison has come, the safe zone is still north, let's move forward."

      "Alright then. "

     Zhang Xiaotong hesitated.But when she left, she still held up the crossbow arrow with her hand, and sent a shot at Wei Shen on the sea.


     Amid the hum of the bowstring, the crossbow arrows flickering in an instant across the sky.

     Today's double row charity exhibition not only re-enables the [Bombing Zone], but also the TPP third-person perspective. Although Wei Shen is swimming forward on the sea, his vision has been staring at the bridge obliquely behind.

     The moment he saw the figure shaking on the bridge, he couldn't help but tremble, and quickly plunged into the water.


     In the next instant, the crossbow arrows that came in a flash followed.

     However, perhaps due to the entry into the water, the angle of the crossbow arrow had a slight deviation, passing through the underwater head of Wei Shen.


     The corner of Wei Shen's eyes twitched in the sea.

     He couldn't help taking a breath of air in his heart, so scared that he never dared to come up for another breath.

     Wei Shen felt that he could kill to the last one in this situation. There was almost no one except Liu Zilang, and finally he held it until it couldn't bear and then came up for another bite.

     When he came up to look again, the two people at Qiaotou had disappeared without a trace.

     On the stage of the host of Huaxia District.

     Haitao looked at the East Bridge covered by the radiation grid on the map and couldn't help but shook the head and said with emotion, "These three teams are really miserable, and none of them survived except Wei Shen."

     Master Rong heard that he couldn't help but laugh, "It's okay to die under Vic's hands. After all, even the top professional players have been planted in his hand. It's not as shameful anyway, but this wave of prostitutes. .."

     Hearing this, Haitao also "cannot help but laugh"."Xiaotong sauce is also very good."

     The Tuan Tuan on the side refused to accept it and started fighting for Zhang Xiaotong.

     Obviously, the same as Douyu anchor, the popularity of Xiaotongjiang in the second element section is still very nice's.

     "Oh! Wei Shen has gone ashore."

     Master Rong looked at the footage cut by the director and couldn't help but said somewhat worried, "Wei Shen does not have a vehicle now. He is currently already eating poison. After he is in good condition, he can enter the circle quickly."

     "Well, I don't know if the medicine on his body is enough, it will be miserable if it is not enough."

     At this time, the director's camera was given to Liu Zilang's side again, and what jumped into everyone's eyes was a whistling motor and a small yellow car following behind.

     The one in front is riding a motorcycle.

     Naturally it was Liu Zilang.

     "Huh? Didn't Vic drive a Jeep? Where did the motorcycle come from?"

     "It should be changed on the road, the two have already fast-tracked in the circle."

     "It's over! That horrible two-wheeled legend, I feel like another foul wind and bloody rain will be set off on the Jedi Island."


     Seeing Liu Zilang riding a motorcycle with a flying posture, many spectators off the court couldn't help but get excited.

     Unexpectedly, at this time, the top of the map was suddenly red, and the long-lost bombing area was online!

     "Oh! Vic and Xiaotongjiang are in the bombing zone!" The audience immediately noticed this off the field.

     During the game competition, Zhang Xiaotong looked at the bright red bombing area and couldn't help but panic.

     "What to do? We won't be blown up, will we?"

     "Blow up?"Liu Zilang raised the eyebrow and looked back at the worried Zhang Xiaotong, revealing a narrow smile in his eyes.

     "Xiaotongtong, as long as the speed is fast enough, the bombing can't catch up with us."

     "See you in that little yard, I'll wait for you there."

     Liu Zilang made a mark on the small yard beside the big warehouse between the air-raid shelter and the prison, and rushed over as soon as he turned.

     The small yard is surrounded by walls and surrounded by large areas of wilderness. In addition to making enemies easily, it can be said to be easily guarded, hard to attack. It is very suitable as a temporary foothold for double rows or groups.

     Although Liu Zilang didn't panic, he still had a B number in his heart. He wanted to find a place to avoid the sky fire.

     Upon seeing this, Zhang Xiaotong hurriedly kicked the accelerator and rushed to follow.

     Man's mouth, deceptive ghost.

     She doesn't believe in Liu Zilang's fast speed theory. Only a house can make her feel a sense of steadfast security.

     "Vic and Xiaotongjiang want to enter that small yard?"

     "Tianhuo shampooing your hair is not a comfortable thing, you still have to be steady."

     "But wait! There are people in that little yard."

     "It's SKT's Kim player and Yoona."

     "Crap! Why are they there!"

     The moment when the two IDs were cleared, countless audiences off the court were suddenly in an uproar!

      In this brief moment, they are obviously not worried about Liu Zilang, but the Korean team Kim Doo Hwan and Yoona.

     "Sportsman Jin, run! Some animals are coming!"

     "Run! Run with Yoona! Don't look back! Don't look back!"In the small yard next to the large warehouse, Jin Douhuan reacted immediately when he heard the roar of the motorcycle engine and quickly came to the gap in the wall.

     "Another guy has delivered it."

     A smile appeared at the corner of Jin Douhuan's mouth, and he invited very gentlemanly, "Yoonerxi, do you want to be together?"

     "Leave me alone!"

     As soon as she heard someone, Yoona in the room could care about the sky fire, and immediately ran out of the room excitedly.

     Obviously, Liu Zilang riding a motorcycle was not the first team they met.

     Jin Doo-hwan Safeguard (sth), one of the “Three Peaks of Asia”, Yoona has tasted the sweetness of shooting in the first two waves, so he rushed out so happy and excited.

     Soon, the two of them set up their guns one by one, seizing an opportunity to shoot Liu Zilang galloping on the motorcycle like wild winds and rain!

     On the presiding commentary stage, Lord Rong felt somewhat anxious and said distressedly:

     "No! Vic is here, why didn't Player Kim leave that place with Yoona?"

     Tuantuan turned his head in a bit of astonishment and said, "Why are you leaving? I think it is Vic and Xiaotongjiang that I should worry about now, right?"

     Hai Tao was nodded, with the same somewhat uncertain face, "Well, I also think this wave seems to be a very good opportunity to kill Vic for Jin and Yoona."

     "You don't understand that curse..."

     Rong Ye smiled bitterly.

     But turning his head to look at the game screen, his face suddenly became some hesitation, and he couldn't help but raise his hand and touch his chin."But judging from the current situation, it seems that Golden Player really has a chance to break that curse."

     The reason why Rong Ye suddenly had such an idea. The situation at this moment is too dangerous for Liu Zilang.

     Under the guide lens of the big screen,

     The motorcycle in the field has been baptized by hail of bullets, and looks like a calm boat in the Stormy Sea (dangerous situation), and is in danger of overturning at any time.

     "Oh! Vic turned!"

     "The firepower of contestant Kim and Yoona is too strong!"

     "Even if Vic's motorcycle can pass the sky fire, it's not fast enough."


     Amidst noisy discussions.

     Liu Zilang made a right turn around the wall of the small yard. The motorcycle quickly turned to rushed over to the right. The extremely fast speed made him leave the opponent's gun line in a blink of an eye.

     "Eh! I can't call it anymore!" Yoona called.

     "Go over there." Kim Dou-hwan said immediately, while still encouraging Yoona, "Huaiting! Just a little bit we can beat him down."

     "Hmm!" Yoona's morale was high.

     Obviously, it may be because of teaming up with Yoona today. At this time, Kim Doo-hwan's face is full of confidence and charming smile, and he can't see the slightest bit of depression as he walked off the stage yesterday.

     But then, when they quickly ran to the other side of the wall, just about to shoot in their hands, the scene before them made them both stunned.