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1257 Confused Gold Player!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com


     The engine of the little yellow car roared, sound from far to near.

      getting closer and closer!

     In the wall of the yard, Jin Douhuan reacted immediately.

     The dim light in his eyes flashed, and his face showed a looking thoughtful expression, "Oh? Are there any accomplices?"

     Yoona also heard the sound of the car and couldn't help but said somewhat worried, "What should I do if there seems to be someone coming from behind? We will not be surrounded, right?"

     "Encircle us?"

     Jin Douhuan curled up the corners of his mouth, showing an inexplicable smile, "Yoonerxi, hold on to you, I want to see who is it surrounded by this wave?"

     With that said, Jin Douhuan rushed towards the wall behind with the gun.

     He can’t hit the motorcycle too fast, but after listening to the sound, the person behind is obviously a small vehicle. For Kim Doo-hwan, this speed can’t say that is one hundred shots, one hundred hits. It’s definitely easier to fight than a motorcycle. Up.

     And as long as you can knock a person off the car, and the teammate of that person riding a motorcycle falls to the ground, as long as you want to save someone, you will definitely be restrained.

     Isn't that time to let him take control?

      has to say, as a world-class player in the cream of the crop's, Kim Doo-hwan is indeed quick to make a decision and his thoughts are also very clear.

     On the presiding commentary stage, Lord Rong suddenly saw this scene and said with some worry, "Oh! Player Kim gave up Vic here. It seems that he wants to solve Xiaotongjiang first!"

     Tuantuan's face was also full of worry and said, "The Xiaotongjiang wave is dangerous. It is very likely that Player Jin will be beaten from the car before she can touch her face."Haitao touched his chin and looked at the game screen cannot bear saying, "How do I feel that Vic wants to play threaten the east and strike to the west? I don’t even want Xiaotong sauce to cut in, I just want to let it Xiaotong sauce attracted a wave of firepower."

     "Huh? You didn't say I really didn't expect."

     Rong Ye immediately looked thoughtful and nodded, "This is really like Vic's style, then it seems that Xiaotongjiang will be pitted again."

     Boom boom!

     Countless sky fires fell from the sky like meteors, the surrounding fires burst into the sky, and from time to time there was a loud ear-splitting noise, giving Zhang Xiaotong, who was washing his hair and driving under the sky fire, a feeling of tingling sensation.

      Without omen, a cloud of sky fire fell not far from the front of the car. In the skyrocketing fire and dense smoke, countless soil and grass slopes were instantly hit and splashed!

     My Ma Duck!

     Zhang Xiaotong, who was driving in the small yellow car, was frightened, but her arrogant character was destined to give up easily.

     Looking at the surrounding wall getting closer and closer, Zhang Xiaotong couldn't help gritting his teeth, her tender and white face's expression tense, staring straight ahead, and stepping on the accelerator.

     call out--!

     Unexpectedly, at this time, Zhang Xiaotong’s ears suddenly heard a sharp sound that sounded like a firework lifted into the sky.

     The harsh tail sound was pulled apart long in the air, and it sounded like to be almost within reach!

     This fire...very close!

     Very close!

     At this moment, Zhang Xiaotong's heart suddenly screamed, and the huge sense of crisis instantly made her breathing a little difficult.mysteriously and inexorably, as if a certain voice sounded in her heart, this fire was her decreed by fate catastrophe.

     Do not!

     I don't want to die!

     Zhang Xiaotong suddenly pulled off his small nose.

     At the critical moment, a shocking resolute burst out of this little girl's body!

     Under the guide lens of the big screen.

     Through God's perspective, countless spectators off the field can clearly see the sky above the bombing area, a sky fire dragging a long tail flame towards the front of the small yellow car.

      Not surprisingly, this wave is the end of car crashes and deaths.

     But at this moment of a thousand pounds hangs by a thread, a wave of "mass wall separation" suddenly appeared in the picture!

     Or to be more precise, it was Zhang Xiaotong who jumped directly from the speeding driving position.

     Kang Dang—!

     Zhang Xiaotong staggered on the ground, his body suddenly became unbalanced, and the whole person kneels down on the ground instantly.

      at the same time, behind the wall on the south side of the small courtyard.

     Jin Douhuan, who had just arrived here, looked at the little yellow car, shook the head with a sneer at the corner of his mouth, and quickly raised his SKS to aim at the figure in the driver's seat.

     However, Jin Dou Huanwan never expected the moment he pulled the trigger, he suddenly saw a flash!

     The person in the driving seat of the small yellow car that was speeding toward him suddenly disappeared.

     He subconsciously swept to other seats in the car, but it was as empty as anything in the car, not even a ghost.


     Jin Douhuan's heart burst!

     Is it possible that the opponent will jump at this speed?

     impossible!Just as this thought flashed in his mind, Jin Douhuan suddenly felt his eyelids slightly hot, and it seemed that a fire was landed from the sky in front of him.


     In the next instant, the oncoming small yellow car was suddenly swallowed by a ball of fire, bursting out with a loud noise like a heaven-shaking sound, and the whole car was blown into flight!


     "Ejection starts!!!"

     Suddenly, there was an inconceivable exclamation off the court, and the eyes of Jin Douhuan on the court suddenly shrank!

      Caught off guard, before he had time to make a move, the flying little yellow car crossed the wall and called directly on his face.

     The moment the forehead was in close contact with the front of the car, that irresistable and abundant domineering power instantly spread all over the body, unreasonably knocking Jin Douhuan away, and hitting the wall behind him with a "bang" .

     "Xiaotong sauce drove the vehicle and knocked down SKT-Azrael!"

     Looking at the small yellow car with pitch black and raging flame not far in front of him, Jin Douhuan, kneels down on the ground, couldn't help but twitch at the corner of his eyes, his body trembled slightly, and he felt that his whole body was bad!

      It should be noted, in order to cherish life and stay away from the car, in this game, when Yoona wanted to drive, he specially made up a reason for the opponent to give up driving.

     Originally, Kim Doo-hwan thought he had broken the curse of fate, but why...why did it happen? !

     He clenched his fists, and subconsciously looked at the message on the screen.

     Little...Little copper...smith?

     and many more!

     Xiaotong sauce? !Jin Dou-hwan's pupils shrank and suddenly enlarged!

     The man who killed him...

     Seems to be the sister of that damn, despicable, improper guy!

     In a moment, everything seemed to make sense.

     But Jin Douhuan was still unwilling to accept it, and some couldn't figure it out.

     If Liu Zilang was the one who drove just now, he would recognize him if he ended up like this.

     Although this is a bit sour and does not want to admit it, Jin Douhuan seems to have been unconsciously used to the fateful entanglement between himself and Liu Zilang.

     but why...

     Why is that guy's sister okay?

     Jin Douhuan looks up at the sky somewhat at a loss, is it the legendary "Bloodline Curse"?

     At this moment, Yoona's exclamation pulled Jin Douhuan back to reality from her melancholy thoughts.

     The sound of motorcycles hovering around for a long time like annoying flies suddenly approached!



     And Yoona!