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1258 Is The Life Of Fallen Ye Just To Return To The Roots?
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

No one is an island.

     In the solo game of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, being knocked down is really cold, which means the end of life.

     But in the group qualifying, a knockdown is only equivalent to a fall during a long-distance race.

      This time as long as the teammate comes up to help, they can stand up again and continue running.

     Teammate, just hope!

     "Yooner xi! Yuner xi!" Jin Douhuan was knocked down and shouted while crawling.

     Yoona was staring nervously at the motorcycle that was suddenly cut up from the rear. She was so focused that at this time she realized that her teammate had fallen to the ground, and she couldn't help covering her mouth in shock.

     "Oh McGai! Why did you fall?"

     Hearing Yoona's words, Kim Doo Hwan opened his mouth, but the letter was a little dry.

     He took a deep breath deeply, raised his head with some difficulty and said, "I don't have time to explain so much, so soon if the people behind did not come to rescue me, they also poured one."

     "Oh! It turned out to be one for one!"

     Yoona breathed a sigh of relief.

     "Uh" Jin Douhuan was complexion stiffened and somewhat reluctantly nodded.

     "Haha." Yoona suddenly patted her chest and smiled boldly, "I will leave the remaining one to me!"

     Didn’t I give you buy one get one! ! !

     "" Jin Douhuan was frightened and hurriedly persuaded him, "Yooner xi calmly and calmly, first help people, I crawled into the room, the other party can't hit me."

     "All right, let him go first."

     Yoona sighed saying regretfully, and ran towards Kim Doo Hwan quickly.Jin Doo-hwan's eyes twitched slightly when he heard the words, but he was still relaxed, feeling that it would be nice to have teammates again!

      At the same time, he was also calculating the time and waiting for Yoona to help him up, how to survive the opponent's first wave's offensive.

     The difference between Kim Doo Hwan and Shroud.

     He and Liu Zilang have been in contact since last year's Asian Invitational, not to mention those ancient games in the fps circle. For his "enemy of a lifetime", Jin Douhuan has a deeper understanding than everyone else.

     Although he said that the other party had also fallen down one, he didn't think that man would save someone first.

     The facts quickly proved that Jin Douhuan was right.

     On the presiding commentary stage, Rong Ye looked at the big screen and said very fast, "Oh! Yoona has withdrawn from there. It seems that she wants to help the gold player first.

     "I was scared to death. Just now I thought Yoona was going to go head-to-head with Vic."

     Haitao was relaxed, but immediately brows slightly wrinkled and worried, "I just don't know if it's too late in time."

     "I feel a little hard."

     Rong Ye shook the head, "With Vic's sense of smell, seeing Yoona not behind the wall, he will immediately guess that the other party is going to save people, and the time is running for the South Korean team."

     At this time, Tuantuan suddenly pointed to the screen exclaimed, "Oh! Vic posted it directly!"

     Under the big screen guide lens, I saw Liu Zilang, who had originally circled the surrounding wall, suddenly pulled to the left, directly attached it to the wall, and immediately cut to the second position and got off the car.

      at the same time, in the house surrounded by walls.After Kim Doo-hwan climbed into the door, Yoona closed the door from inside, squatting down nervously to rescue the person.

     Ding Ding Ding——!

     Unexpectedly, just three seconds after reading the article, they listened to the death-like footsteps outside.

     "Damn it, really a lingering fellow!" Jin Douhuan gritted his teeth, but at this time he was knocked down but he could only furiously furiously.

     In desperation, he turned his head to look at Yooner behind him. He seemed to be carrying a s686 behind him, and a glimmer of hope suddenly rose in his heart, hurriedly said:

     "Change the spray! Change the spray!"

     "Ah?! Oh!" Yooner was taken aback and reacted immediately.

     She flusteredly let go of Jin Doo-hwan and backhanded the rifle in her hand to a spray.

      This time, Yoona can panic.

     Kim Doo-hwan knew he couldn't panic.

     Listening to the steps of getting closer and closer, his mood suddenly became extremely calm.

     This is the Special Mode when Kim Doo-hwan is focused. It eliminates any unnecessary emotions and uses absolute reason to deal with the current situation.

     "Yoonerxi, don't panic, when he comes in, you just use spray to paste his face."

     "Don't worry, no matter who the opponent is, you have to die!"

     What Jin Douhuan said is not without reason.

     Equality of All Living Creatures under the spray.

     Especially today's double row charity exhibition match still adopts the third-person mode of tpp.

     That also means that Yoona, who is hiding behind the door in the room, has the advantage of a card vision. As long as the opposite person opens the door to enter, she raises her hand here and sprays!

     If you can't spray, please spray again!No matter how you look at it, the other party seems to be killed by her to a large extent.

     Upon hearing Kim Doo Hwan's words, Yoona also couldn't bear nodded, originally also had some panic. At this moment, a strong confidence was born in her heart for no reason.

     She suddenly lowered her head and said to Jin Douhuan, "Don't worry, let me protect you this time!"

     Who is Yoona? In the thigh age, the "facade role", the ideal goddess of countless Korean youths!

     "Let me protect you" Jin Douhuan murmured and repeated this sentence.

     It is not the first time that he has been protected, but at this time an idea of "a man has anything to demand" emerged inexplicably.


     Is it L'?tudiante? !


     Not waiting for Jin Douhuan to hum in his head, the wooden door in front of him was pushed open unexpectedly.

     Jin Douhuan, who was kneeling behind the door, slammed one shivers in his mind, and quickly shouted:

     "It's this time!"


     Yoona pulls the trigger subconsciously!

     The fire from the muzzle of the double-tube sprayer flashed, and countless shots shot out of the door instantly!


      as empty as anything!


     Was shaken!

     That guy didn't come up!

     Jin Douhuan suddenly "ge-deng" in his heart, and a great sense of crisis surged.

      At this time, even though Yoona had been reminded in advance, although there was still a shot in the s686 in his hand,

     But in the face-to-face situation, Jin Dou-hwan was really worried that the other two would be right.When his mind turned his mind, Jin Douhuan, who became a "floor commander", hurriedly shouted, "Quick! Close the door!"

     Regardless of Yoona's strength, she has to say her tactical execution ability is still very strong.


     It was just a blink of an eye, and the door that had just been opened closed again.

     Seeing this thrilling picture, countless hearts in the off-site and live broadcast followed through (of market prices etc) to rapidly fluctuate audiences and friends could not help cried out in surprise!

     "I'll go! Vic, this guy shook his head."

     "Madan wasted my feelings. Labor and management thought that Vic was going to be sprayed out by Yooner."

     "Don't think about it, vic is such a treacherous animal. He has always been the only one who was shamed. At what time did you see him being shamed?

     "I haven't heard of times change, it's hard to say."


     Outside the door, Liu Zilang, who had just been sprayed and screamed, takes a deep breath, secretly said in heart, so dangerous.

     Today's double row charity exhibition match is very transparent, and star players are particularly concerned.

     After seeing Jin Douhuan baffling being thrown down by Zhang Xiaotong, Liu Zilang felt sorrowful in his heart, and naturally guessed that the one left in it was Yoona.

     He originally thought that the other party would hands tied and wait to be captured, but he didn't expect to give him a handful.

     Thinking of this, Liu Zilang couldn't help but raised the eyebrow.


     He opened the door again.

     Behind the door, Yoona, who just wanted to change the bullet in her hand, was shocked, and quickly closed the door again.

     Unexpectedly the next moment, the door was opened again with a "zhī ya" from the outside.Asi!

     When Yoona saw this, she was so angry that she hurriedly closed the door again.


     In a blink of an eye, the door was opened again.

     Yoona immediately backhanded her not to be outdone and closed it again.

     you drive!

     I'm off!

     You drive again!

     I will close it again!

     In this way, the door was opened and closed repeatedly by the two!

     The audiences off-site and in the live broadcast room were all dumbfounded when they saw this beyond expectation scene.

     "Uh what is this ghost?"

     "How do I feel like Vic is teasing Yoona."

     On the floor behind the door, "Floor Commander" Kim Dou-hwan saw this scene, but the corners of his eyes twitched, and some did not know how to command

     Inadvertently glanced at his slowly passing rescue blood volume, a thought suddenly popped into Jin Douhuan's mind.

     Is this guy

     I want to use this way

     To consume yourself?

     Suddenly, Jin Douhuan thought about the possibility, and couldn't help shuddered!

     Devil, devil!

     Thinking of this, he hurriedly re-commanded, "You can't delay Yoona xi anymore! Just take him if you find a chance!"

     Yoona was also frightened by Liu Zilang's constant opening of the door, and her heart thumped, she couldn't bear it.

     Upon hearing Kim Doo-hwan’s words, she immediately waved a small fist, panting with rage, and exclaimed, "Panta Smecta!"

     "Panta Smecta" is a sentence that was circulated in the South Korean pubg game circle after the last China-Korea 50v50 All-Star match.After Yoona yelled, her mind shook suddenly, and her face was full of high morale!

     Upon seeing this, Floor Commander Jin Douhuan also raised hope, and crawled towards the door without a word or movement.

     He wanted to attract the other party's attention after this wave of doors opened, and create more opportunities for Yoona's spray!


     The familiar picture reappears.

     The door was pushed open again from the outside!

     But this time, Yoona did not close the door again, but rushed up with the spray.

     "Oh! Yoona has chosen to change from passive to active!"

     "I just didn't have a chance to play, there is only one bullet in her s686, but this distance is enough to hit almost one shot."

     "Is this wave of Vic cruel-handedly destroying the flower, or Yoon's counterattack?"


     With the extremely fast commentary on the stage, everyone's eyes off the court focused on the big screen.

     At this moment, most people's minds were unconsciously inclined to Yoona.

     Suddenly, a figure flickered at the door!

     "It's this time!"

     Yuner, who rushed to the door, subconsciously raised the muzzle and pulled the trigger.

     Jin Douhuan who kneels down on the ground is also eyes shined, the Buddha saw the dawn of hope!

     However, no one hadn't thought that in this Life and Death Instant, the door suddenly closed!


     Yoona pulled the trigger!


     The dull sound of the bullet hitting the gun sounded, and immediately after that, a kill was swiped across the screen.

     "Yoona666 killed skt-azrael with s686 headshot!""Teammate accidentally injured!"

     Seeing the scarlet font on the screen, the smile that was about to bloom on Jin Douhuan's face suddenly froze!

     After the long winter night, the flower bone flower resembling a Buddha in early spring is about to usher in the first ray of spring sunshine. Unexpectedly, it was cut by "Ka Cha"!

      Time Recollection, the hope that Kim Doo-hwan had in his mind after being hit by a car and the yy when he was "protected", all vanish like smoke in thin air at this moment.

      At the same time, Lord Rong on the commentary stage suddenly widened his eyes after a brief astonishment, and said inconceivable with a full face, "Yoona was physically shot down?"

     Physical pressure gun?

     Hearing what Rong Ye said, Hai Tao and Tuan Tuan on the side could not help casting doubtful glances at him.