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1264 Natural Disaster Type Player!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

has to say, even if Xiao Xingmu and Zeng Xiaoxian were ready to jump off the boat when they were shot, they never dreamed that they saw the airdrop close in front of them.

     They walked far away without being shot.

     But got caught!

     Compared to bullets, at least there was gunfire.

     However, the moment the car was soaring high into the air from the cliff, it never made any sound.

     Like a ghost ghost and demon like bathing in the afterglow of the setting sun, noiselessly to drop from the sky.

     Not to mention that Xiao Xingmu and Zeng Xiaoxian didn't react, so no one can stand it!

     For a moment, Xiao Xingmu and Zeng Xiaoxian, who were double-killed by a car, dully looked at the black and white screen in front of them, and it seemed that the whole person was not good.

      At the same time, in the game, the motorcycle with the front wheel in the middle of the speedboat hull and a "tornado waltz" lifted the small eye-catching in the front driving position and Zeng Xiaoxian in the fourth position in the back, and then spun again. After two laps, he fell on the boat with a clang.

     The next moment, Liu Zilang jumped out of the car and directly Dove occupying the Magpie Nest sat in the driving position of the speedboat.

     Looking back, Zhang Xiaotong was still sitting dim-wittedly on the motorcycle, holding the car body tightly and not letting go. His little face was full of "what happened?"

     After all, compared with the commentary on stage and the shock of the audience off the stage, Zhang Xiaotong, as the "party", obviously felt more intuitive about this, and at the same time, his feelings about it were naturally more shocking!

     It was even shocked to the point of being stunned!Liu Zilang didn't turn his head, stretched out his hand and shook Zhang Xiaotong's small face, and said in a leisurely tone, "How about this wave?"

     Zhang Xiaotong regained his senses immediately and turned his head blankly to look at Liu Zilang.

     At this moment, she suddenly realized her gaffe, she couldn't help her small face sinking, and said bitterly, "Huh! I didn't even say a word when I rushed down, I knew I was scared, big bad guy!"

     "This is not the point." Liu Zilang coughed dryly, but he reminded him, "Get out of the car and get on board. I'm going to sail."

     Although the motorcycle is on the boat, it won't be good if Zhang Xiaotong falls into the water with the motorcycle as soon as he gets off the boat.

     Zhang Xiaotong also suddenly realized this.

     She was not afraid of falling into the water, but she was afraid that Liu Zilang would not take her to get the airdrop.

     Upon hearing this, he immediately got out of the back seat of the motorbike like a pupil obediently. After climbing on the boat, he sat in the back seat of the speedboat obediently, not to glance sideways at the airdrop on the water ahead.

     Liu Zilang turned around and glanced at Zhang Xiaotong, who had a "behaved.

     Silly boy...

     Hand speed is the key!


     On the commentary stage of the Huaxia District.

     Lord Rong looked at the speedboat heading towards the airdrop, but he was thinking of the dazzling "blade waltz" and the two who danced and flew out with the motorcycle.

     After for a good while, he finally recovered his wits somewhat and said distressedly:"It's a pity that Xingmu and Zeng Xiaoxian have this wave. If Xingmu can get another AWM after just a double kill, they are still very promising in this game."

     "Well, it's a pity that no one would have thought of disaster from the sky." Hai Tao smiled bitterly, "I don't think I can blame the eye-catching wave of this wave. Vic's raid basically belongs to the Natural Disaster Rank."

     Tuan Tuan on the side could not help happily said with a smile, "Wow! Is it okay for you to black Vic like this?"

     "Hehe, I think Vic heard that it was called a natural disaster, not only didn't think it was black, but he felt it was a compliment."

     "Well, by the way, there should be no suspense for this airdrop now."

     "Hi! I feel a little scary when I think of getting AWM by Vic this guy."



     The bow of the ship hit the airdrop, and the speedboat that had not been castrated was immediately braked to a stop.

      thump thump ——!

     Without any communication, Liu Zilang and Zhang Xiaotong jumped out of the boat one after another and swam quickly toward the airdrop box. In a blink of an eye, the two approached the airdrop indiscriminately.

     At the moment of opening, looking at the AWM in the airdrop box, Zhang Xiaotong's eyes suddenly appeared numerous small stars.

     However, in the next second, the starlight in her eyes disappeared instantly, because the AWM in the airdrop box also disappeared!

     "Ah! My Aida does not slip away from admiration!" Zhang Xiaotong panting with rage yelled.

     "Don't you have a crossbow?"Liu Zilang said with a smile, "AWM and that are actually almost there. Your crossbow is definitely better than AWM. You even killed the Korean pornographic pig. You see, I also specially left you a 15x mirror. "

     Hearing what Liu Zilang said, Zhang Xiaotong silent for a while, suddenly half believing, half doubting tilted his head, "Really?"

     Although she said so, she had already drawn Liu Zilang's 15-fold mirror into her bag. Liu Zilang couldn't help but smile secretly in her heart.

     After the two quickly divided up the items in the airdrop box, as for the remaining third-level heads and third-level A, Liu Zilang and Zhang Xiaotong both walked out of the airport. Naturally, they already had a third-level set, but they were both on the bridge. It's a bit durable.

     So the two who had reached the stolen contract changed their heads and the armor of the other. After the exchange, they quickly turned and headed for the speedboat behind them.

     However, when he boarded the ship, Liu Zilang swam to the side of the speedboat but was not in a hurry. Instead, he waited quietly for Zhang Xiaotong under the water.

     Zhang Xiaotong didn't notice this.

     This little girl just got the fifteen-fold mirror, and now she is thinking about putting the fifteen-fold mirror on her crossbow.

     Naturally, there is no way to use weapons in the water, so as soon as she approached the speedboat, she suddenly jumped up.


     The moment Zhang Xiaotong appeared on the speedboat, there was a sharp gunshot not far away!

     It's 98K!

     Before the director's shot had time to cut through, a dazzling blood mist burst out of Zhang Xiaotong's head on the speedboat, which was reflected in the setting sun and blood on the water.Under the caught off guard, Zhang Xiaotong's vision was shocked, suddenly scarlet!

     The blood volume suddenly fell to drop a thousand zhang in one fall, and it went from full blood to residual blood.


     She was frightened and shivered, and she accidentally touched her finger on the "F" key when she boarded the boat!

     The next moment, Zhang Xiaotong was almost inconceivable and abandoned the boat and jumped back into the water.

     call out--!

     Unexpectedly, at the moment when Zhang Xiaotong dived, the direction of the gunfire just came from the gunfire again, and a Rapid Spin sniper bullet passed through the ship like a shock!

     Obviously, Zhang Xiaotong shook her hand if this is not the case. At this moment, she had been overturned from the boat and turned into a box.

     And seeing this abruptly arising scene, after everyone in the field was taken aback, there was a sudden uproar!

     "Wow! Xiaotongjiang escaped the second shot of God G!"

     "Tongjiang reflects that, Xiao Kuai, she feels that she is not in the same dimension at all when playing games!"

     "Did the Xiaotongjiang in today's game enter the Final Form Tong Naijiang?"


     On the presiding commentary stage, Hai Tao couldn't help scratching the head, with a somewhat uncertain look on his face:

     "Although Xiaotongjiang reacted very quickly in this wave, I feel that Rocky and God G made a mistake. The two should have a chance to headshot at the same time as if they just beat Qiu Shen, and there is no reaction time at all."

     Rong Ye recalled the scene just now, rubbing his chin slightly muttered in a low voice:"I think there should be no time to communicate. After all, Xiaotongjiang suddenly jumped onto the boat from underwater. Rocky's shot should be purely the muscle response of an excellent sniper, so there was no time to notify God G at all. "

     "It's possible."

     After hearing the words on the beach, I could not help but nodded, said with a smile:

     "No wonder God's shot is slow, it should be the speedboat on the water that has just finished the medicine and hasn't noticed."

      "Yí?" At this moment, Tuantuan suddenly pressed his finger against his chin, his face was puzzled and said:

     "Why didn't Vic get on the boat just now? I remember he seemed to be one step ahead of Xiaotongjiang when he came back."

     "Ahem... Vic is really bad! Needless to say, he must have deliberately let Xiaotongjiang go up and find the way first."

     "Tina! This is too cruel!"

     "No, I remember that Vic seemed to get on the boat when Xiaotongjiang came down, but then he jumped off."

     "You such a saying, I also to think of it, Vic did get on board just now."

     As the commentary and analysis of this wave were on stage, Liu Zilang was still soaked in the water under the camera of the director.

     But the next moment,

     A puzzling scene appeared!

     The water around the speedboat was suddenly filled with smoke.

     "I understand, Vic just took advantage of the opportunity of the opponent to pull the bolt to hit Xiaotongjiang, and he got on the boat and sealed a cigarette!"

     "My God! This guy is too thief! How could he react to doing this at that time?"

     "Hehe, I'm afraid this guy has planned for a long time!""..."

     Whoosh whoosh——!

     At this moment, the fierce sky-splitting sound started, and countless bullets spilled onto the smoke on the water like a heavy rain.


     Immediately afterwards, the speedboat's engine began to roar in the smoke, and a black shadow suddenly jumped out of the smoke and galloped toward the high cliff where Li Muqiu and Su Changming were located to the north.

     Suddenly a sharp-eyed audience off the court realized that something was wrong, "Huh? Why is there only the dog thief Vic on board?"

     "Xiaotongjiang? Yes! My Tongjiang where did it go?"

     The speedboat on the water drags a long Bailian, brave the wind and the billows galloping in the hail of bullets.

     After the director’s camera was zoomed in, there was only one person on the boat, and Zhang Xiaotong’s figure did not know at what time already vanished.

     At this moment, the director's camera suddenly lifted up, giving a global shot.

     As expected!

     In the smoke next to the airdrop in the reservoir, after being shot headshot, Zhang Xiaotong survived against the tertiary head. The blood volume there is not much left Zhang Xiaotong was shaking his arms and legs vigorously underwater, swimming in the opposite direction.

     Seeing this picture, at first, everyone off the court criticized Liu Zilang for being improper.

     Gradually, someone suddenly reacted.

     "It's not right! How do I feel... Vic is doing this wave to cover Xiaotongjiang's evacuation from the water?"