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1273 Death Chicken? (Bottom) Ask For A Monthly Pass
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

The world focuses on you!

     At this moment, all the audience in the world fell on Liu Zilang.

     It's not the first time that Liu Zilang has been focused on by the world. In the past, when he was focused, it was usually when he flew up, like this, he was hit and flew up and was focused...

     It's really the first time!

     "It's over! This is so cold as ice cubes!"

     "Brother Shine is still fierce, and Vic's animal was taken care of by a car."

     "Puff haha, Vic, a dog thief who likes to hit people with cars so much, finally got retribution this time."

     "Golden contestant: You get what one deserves!"


      has to say, seeing Liu Zilang being knocked out, most of the audience off the court after a brief shock, their faces showed love to hear and see!

     Many viewers in the live broadcast room also posted barrage to express "get off the meal."

     But just when Liu Zilang was "the bones were not cold", the director's footage was suddenly everything!

     As soon as the picture appeared, everyone's eyes stood straight when they jumped into the field, and the thick smoke that stood straight up!

     Then there was a loud sound again, it seemed that what thing was detonated twice by the explosion just now, and the fire and smoke suddenly became more intense.

     However, at this moment, no one paid attention to the abruptly arising explosion, because everyone was attracted by the two kill prompts flashed out on the screen.

     "Se7en2-Lech used a grenade to kill GTiger-Theshine!"

     "Se7en2-Lech used a grenade to kill Emilia!"

     What the hell?

     Everyone at the scene was shocked!"Qiu Shen double killed?"

     "Isn't it, Theshine's top flight Vic, he was blown to death?"

     "My Nima...this is too real!"

     "So Shine, they died for Vic once, but it's a pity that Vic was also killed."

     "This wave of Qiu Shen really brings evil people, one thunder and three lives."

     "Wait...No! Why didn't Vic get killed?"

     Suddenly there was one shivers in the audience's head off the court, and I found something wrong!

     From just now to the present, there seems to be only the prompt that Theshine and Amelia were killed by Li Muqiu on the screen.

     But Liu Zilang, who was hit and flew out of the cliff first, the system did not give any relevant information.

     Not right...!

     At the moment of realizing this, a bad feeling filled the hearts of everyone off the court.

     The live director also reacted, and the scene suddenly cut back to the reservoir under the cliff.

     The bright rays of light flashed on the water surface, and the water wave refracted and reflected the light. It looked like a bizarre and motley mirror, but no human shadow could be seen.

     When everyone saw this, they were taken aback!

     In the next instant, many people suddenly widened their eyes and let out an uncontrollable exclamation in their mouths!

     Under the water, a man turned his body in the microwave, swinging his legs, like a lively fish, and like a ray of ghost underwater, quickly swimming towards the middle of the reservoir.

     At this time, there was only a trace of blood on the person's head, and the blood strip that had almost been emptied clearly told everyone.He is a person, a living person, not an underwater ghost.

     "Tina!" On the commentary stage, Tuantuan's eyes were wide open, and he looked like a Tuan Tuan, his face was inconceivable and widely opens mouth said, “Vic was knocked out and survived?”

     "This can't be done!"

     Hai Tao touched his chin, and said in a puzzled manner, "To be reasonable, I rarely see anyone who can survive being hit by a car. Vic's life is a bit scary!"

     "Could it be that what else is there?" Rong Ye looked at Hai Tao.

     "Oh! It's replayed."

     At this moment, Tuantuan leaned his body excitedly, raising a finger to the big screen.

     The audience off the court also glanced over, staring at the big screen, not even daring to breathe.

     In the playback screen of the director, only Li Muqiu was headshot to the ground and the grenade flew out of the air.

     As soon as he hit Liu Zilang's head, a car dashed out of the ground and flew him off the top of the cliff.

     Soon after, thunder exploded, car crashed, and people died!

     And after the person who was flying out of the sky drew a parabola in the air, he fell into the water with a "plop", causing countless splashes of water.

      At this moment, under the slow motion of the director, the people off the field clearly saw that Liu Zilang's blood volume was showing a "second plunge" state.

     The first time was when I was hit by a car, and the second time was when I fell into the water."Oh! I understand." Hai Tao suddenly clapped his hands and reacted violently, "It turns out that there is a buffer for people falling in the water. Vic's life was saved by the water in this wave."

     Rong Ye followed nodded, with a looking thoughtful expression on his face, "Think carefully about the fact that the person who was hit by a car will not die directly in the sky, but will only plunge a part of the blood first."

      Spoke until here, Rong Ye Pausing, continued, "The real cause of Deadly Strike was the damage when it landed, and this wave of Vic just fell in the water to buffer this wave of fatal damage. This is really nine deaths and still Alive!"

     "But then again."

     Hai Tao suddenly smashed his mouth, "If Vic was not hit and flew, it is reasonable, then it is not Theshine who were killed at this moment."

     Hearing Hai Tao's words, Tuantuan couldn't help but said with a little surprise on his face, "Wow! So, isn't Theshine equivalent to saving Vic's life?"

      "Un." Hai Tao nodded earnestly, "Moreover, he still saved his life."

     After reacting, the audience off the court looked at the figure swimming happily underwater.

     While the corners of his eyes twitched for a while, I couldn't help feeling a little unworthy for Theshine.

     In the smoke on the cliff, Li Muqiu was frightened after being knocked down!

     If he had been a little late and didn't throw the grenade out, it would be him who falls to the ground now.

     The thought of this made Li Muqiu feel even more angry.Just now he was so wretched hiding behind Su Changming. Unexpectedly, Liu Zilang put Su Changming in front of him and didn't fight, so he looked for him to go to him.

     This Nima is so annoying!

     Especially the kid didn't know what kind of shit luck he had, and he didn't die when he was knocked down like this.

     Seeing Su Changming running over to help him, Li Muqiu hurriedly waved his hand, "Boss Su don't save me first, come on! That guy was knocked into the water, let's see if he can make up a shot."

     "I've seen it a long time ago." Su Changming said bitterly with a smile, "Do you think he will give us this opportunity? That kid has already slipped away even the shadow is gone."

     Li Muqiu was right when he thought about it, so he could only write down this pen in his notebook first.

     But thinking of the thunder that just passed, the two heads that caught off guard jumped out were killed. One of them was Thshien, a super-strong male from Europe and the United States. Li Muqiu's face suddenly brows raised in delight, eyes laughing.

     While urging Su Changming to pull him to lick the bag, he didn't forget to whisper in his mouth, "Isn't that kid called the Thunder God? So at least our thunder must be the Thunder Sage?"

     Su Changming heard the corners of his mouth twitch slightly, which can only mean that you can call whatever you like.


      "All right, now that Vic is in the water, Xiaotongjiang "Escape", God G and Rocky in the south of the reservoir are busy entering the circle, and Boss Su and Qiu Shen in the north are almost gone."

     "Yes, Vic is killed now, and then Qiu Shen will definitely stare at the reservoir. Vic's blood volume will be cold after a single shot, and now there is no ship. If you want to go ashore, I might have to ask Qiu Shen first The gun in his hand didn't comply.""Xiaotongjiang is a bit dangerous now. Although God G and Rocky helped her block the team from the south to some extent, the team from the east can't block it."

     "Yes, there are already three teams around Xiaotongjiang who have entered the circle, and there are teams outside the circle trying to find opportunities to come in. They are all very fierce."

     "No way, there is a reservoir that occupies space in the circle. The space on the shore is too small. In order to compete for living space, these teams will fight even if they don't want to fight."

     "But Xiaotongjiang is a bit pitiful. Her current position happens to be in the middle of the crossfire of several teams. If this is discovered, I'm afraid I will be sieved every minute."

     "Hehe, that's true, the only good news is that she hasn't been discovered yet."

     "In comparison, although Vic is in very poor condition now, his situation in the water is much safer than Xiaotongjiang. Except for occasionally looking for opportunities to float up and take some risks, he can be said to be quite comfortable at other times. ."

     "Well, but the water is not a long-term solution. Now the fourth wave of poison is about to coincide with the boundary of the safe zone. The finals of our game will soon be refreshed."

     "That is true. According to the refresh mechanism of the safe zone, the last safe zone will definitely not be in the water."

     "In fact, I think it's very possible that the next lap will not be in the water, and Vic's happy time in the water is almost over."


     Just as the explanation and analysis of the next situation, the drug circle continued to shrink.The gunshots around the reservoir burst into a field, and the number of survivors at the top right of the screen also dropped sharply!

     After a while, the poison circle overlapped with the safe zone.

     The finals are refreshed!

     "I'm going! What kind of luck is Vic!"

     At the moment of seeing the finals, there were audiences suddenly cried out in surprise off the court!

     In the picture, most of the reservoir was brushed in the next circle, and most of the water surface was in the safe zone.

     Of course Liu Zilang is also in the safe zone.

     He was stunned for two seconds when he saw this circle, but after a closer look, he couldn't help but smile sly.

     What makes Liu Zilang so happy, of course, it's not just him in the safe zone.

     What really made him happy was that Li Muqiu on the north bank of the reservoir was not in the circle.

     And now the open spaces on the east and west sides of the reservoir are all teams that have just entered the circle. Unless Li Muqiu dives, they must choose one side to pass through to enter the circle. Maybe someone who encounters Voldemort halfway through or something will die halfway.

     Just ask this situation and this scene.

     How can it be that Liu Zilang is unhappy?

     Then, as expected, Liu Zilang did not expect it.

     It is impossible for Li Muqiu to enter the water.

     In the choice of east side and west side, they chose to break into the circle east of the reservoir.

     This side is close to Y City, and there are two small wooden houses on the grass in the middle as a buffer. The purpose of Li Muqiu and Su Changming's trip is that.

     That place happened to be in the circle, and it was also one of the few bunkers in the safe zone.If it can be successfully won, there will be another wave of destiny in the next circle, which is basically to put the chicken in the pot.


     Although Su Changming is a gentle older brother, he is not indecisive.

     After the circle came out, he pulled up Li Muyang, who was staring at the reservoir, and got into the car, and then blasted the accelerator toward the east.

     And just when Su Changming and the others were about to enter the circle, Zhang Xiaotong, who was on the east side of the reservoir, was in deep water and scorching fire, shiver coldly under countless bullets passing over his head.


     Her answer is not dare!

     However, professional competitions are no better than passersby, and there are not so many "little deaf and blind".

      The professional player’s eyes are not Discerning Eyes, but Voldemort’s distinguishing ability is far surpasses ordinary person.

     When they first entered the circle, everyone was rushing for territory. The fight was too intense, and everyone might not have time to take care of people lying on the ground.

     But now the finals are refreshed, and the teams that have survived since the last lap are basically almost divided.

     After the battle on the field calmed down a little bit, Zhang Xiaotong, who was lying there and fuse together with the earth, became less concealed.

     Soon, Godly, a player from Southeast Asia AW7, realized the weirdness of the grass.

     However, he was now confronting a person not far away, so he marked it and greeted the Vietnamese female anchor who was playing with him and threw a thunder there.

     Try it out.

     The Vietnamese female anchor immediately pulled out a grenade, zeng~ pulled the lead.The director’s lens clearly caught this scene, and the audience off the scene suddenly turned pale with fright!

     "Crap! Throwing thunder again?!"

     "It's over, Xiaotongjiang is overwhelmed."

     Zhang Xiaotong’s treatment is obviously different from that of Liu Zilang. When she saw that she was going to be cool, the audiences both live and in the live broadcast room were also somewhat anxious and worried.

     But this little girl is completely ostrich at this time, squatting on the ground with her little butt, even her vision is buried on the ground, silently thinking that I can't see I can't see me.

     Don't tell me, no one hit her in the first few waves.

     So she thought that this trick was really useful, and now she had a strong desire to implement it to the end, and she didn't realize that anyone had pulled out the grenade and was about to throw it at her.

     Seeing Zhang Xiaotong had to say goodbye to this game by Liu Zilang.

     Unexpectedly, at this moment, a rumbling engine engine sounded coldly into everyone's ears.

     The director camera jerked, but found a hard-top Jeep obstinate rush forward to the north.

     Isn't Li Muqiu who else?

     Under normal circumstances, this kind of car is definitely a target for others in the finals, and everyone the masses rise to attack it.

     But Li Muqiu just licked Theshine's big pineapple M249 from the north, and coupled with the old driver Su Changming's steady driving skills, the jeep suddenly turned into a main battle tank.

     No one has fired yet.

     He came over at the other's face.

     For example, the current AW7 side.

     Seeing that the situation was wrong, Godly hurriedly shouted, "Don't worry about the grass over there, blow up the car! Blow up that car!"

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