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1274 Flying Thor!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
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Grenade is more than just a grenade. If thrown well, it can also become a landmine.

     The Vietnamese female anchor apparently hadn't mastered this technique, so she directly called the grenade towards Li Muqiu and their jeep, and slammed it on the hood of the jeep with a "clam".

     In fact, it is reasonable, her thunder has been thrown very accurately, even Godly on the side also couldn't bear "Wow".

     But unfortunately soon, Godly "wow" came out and opened his mouth before he could close it. The next moment, he suddenly opened up and exaggerated, with a stunned face!

     Under the big-screen guide lens, I saw the grenade hitting the front of the car with a "clam", like a football being thrown flying to Ronaldo's feet.


     Autobot "C Ronaldo" volleyed vigorously!

     In an instant, the grenade suddenly pierced the sky and flew backwards at a faster speed.

     My Nima...Godly is dumbfounded!

      has to say, the thunder of the Vietnamese female anchor is accurate enough.

     The problem is that it is a bit too accurate, and the time of the thunder explosion has not been grasped, which has caused the current situation of "your thunder is mine".

     Looking at the black spot in the field of vision, Godly was clearly not planning to give everyone the whole trick of "catching thunder with his mouth".

      The moment he realized that something is wrong, he immediately turned his head and ran without saying a word.

     As for the Vietnamese female anchor on the side, heh, go to death with pig head stew and everything!But it's a pity that he underestimated the horror of this grenade. It was like a sullen fart in a crowded elevator, leaving people with nowhere to hide!


     Real men never look back at the explosion.

     Godly is a real man, so he was blown up.

     "Teammate accidentally injured!"

     The next moment, Godly, who was kneeling on the ground holding her belly, saw the accidental injury prompt on the screen, and her entire face went black for a while!

     They reached the finals with great difficulty in this game, and they were lucky to find such a good point in the circle.

     Unexpectedly, there was no time to heat this place, and it was handed over to someone else in a blink of an eye. Who could not be so black in this situation?

     On the other hand, when looking at Li Muqiu and Su Changming, seeing the grenade and the kill that suddenly exploded not far in front, Li Muqiu was still stunned and couldn't help muttering, "Scare the labor and management!"

     Obviously, Li Muqiu, who had just swept with a big pineapple, only heard the sound of "Kang Dang", but had not immediately realized what happened.

     "Huh? There seems to be a person standing in front!"

     Su Changming immediately kicked the accelerator without the slightest hesitation, and blasted directly at the face of the remaining Vietnamese female anchor.

     The result is naturally unsurprising...

     And what has to say is that Zhang Xiaotong, who has been lying on the ground from start to finish, didn't even lift his head until the two players from Southeast Asia were killed by Li Muqiu and Su Changming who were suddenly killed.

     Seeing this hard to believe picture, many audiences off the court were also shocked!

     "Isn't it? Xiaotongjiang actually survived like this?""This Pototo comes from the love of Su Bo and Qiu Shen."

     "As expected, Se7en's group pet Xiaotongjiang, even Boss Su and the others have come to escort her."

     "Hehe, if this guy was replaced by Vic, it would have been cold."

     "Vic is almost cold now, this guy is still soaking in the water."

     "Eh wait! Vic swam toward the shore."

     "Oh! Rocky and God G are in front!"

     "Isn't it! Vic even dare to touch the ass of God G and Rocky with a little blood?"

     "Is this guy tired of life?"

     Just as everyone was feeling Liu Zilang's reckless, some audience suddenly noticed an abnormality off the court.

     "No! G God and they seem to be fighting against SKK's Captain Carl team!"

     In PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, there are many reasons for fighting between different teams.

     It may be a contention for resource points, it may be who is blocking another's way, or it may even be who takes another individual on the prairie.

     The last situation between Captain Carl and God G.

      If other teams, maybe the two sides tentatively confronted two waves of guns, and they almost stopped.

     However, one of the two teams is the Great Demon King G and the Dark Horse World Sniper Rocky, who are as famous as Shroud in the European and American live broadcast circles; the other is the captain of the old European and American legendary team SKK and the iron man Downey.

     Both sides are not easy people, one side does not bow his head to be soft, and the other how can it be?

      At this moment, Liu Zilang actually didn't know that God and Rocky were on the shore.The reason why he swims in that direction is completely the opposite, believing that the most dangerous place is the safest place in the dark under a light.

     From the perspective of yet another, since the two people on the shore dared to shoot so unscrupulously, it shows that there's nothing about it too threatening to them.

     In fact, what Liu Zilang is most afraid of right now is not the kind of super hunk, but the old lady who is quietly squatting in the corner.

     Therefore, choosing a place where a hunk is stationed is not bad's choice.

     Rongye and Haitao on the stage only pondered for a moment, and quickly guessed the root cause. After hearing this, many audiences in the audience were suddenly stunned, and for a while, they began to feel this guy's chicken thief.

     Then, as time passed by one minute and one second, when Liu Zilang was knocked into the water from the north bank of the reservoir and finally slipped ashore from the south across the entire reservoir, the countdown to the third wave of poison reduction on the field also ended.

     Suddenly, the radiant grid surrounding the circle of more and more azure color was shaken, and the spin continued to shrink toward the middle even though it was slowly and full of oppression.

     "Oh! It's starting to shrink the poison!"

     "Then the teams that are not in the safe zone now must start running poison."

     "Yes, it seems that a new round of attrition is about to begin. I don't know who can have the last laugh."

     Accompanied by the sound of the commentary, the gunshots of the southern half of the reservoir rang out in no time, and the number of survivals with only "29" on the upper right of the screen began to flash.

     This means that in this blink of an eye, someone has fallen to the ground again.The gas station on the west side of the Inland River, Karl and Downey are not in the next safe zone.

     When the poison began to shrink, he quickly called Downey to sit on the three jumpers, sealed a few smoke in the direction of God G and Rocky who had previously fought, and quickly twisted the throttle to rushed over into the circle.

      At the same time, Liu Zilang, who had just climbed ashore, also pulled up his blood volume with a first aid kit on his stomach, finally ending the days when the residual blood was in the water to be very scared and on edge.

     Through the gunshots of this period of time and the killing on the upper right of the screen, he had guessed that the two people on the shore were the team of God G and Rocky, and his thoughts of sneaking up suddenly disappeared.

      The professional player's hearing is perverted, and the top sniper is the best, not to mention the two top snipers in front of me.

     If both sides are at the same altitude, it's okay, but the problem is that Liu Zilang is below, but the other is above. He has to get closer if he wants to hit someone.

     But the problem is that facing these two people, Liu Zilang has every reason to believe that he will be spotted even if he takes a quiet step when he approaches. Then he will be beaten by the opponent who has the advantage of vision. Two beats one, live or Die is really not easy to say.

     In this case, Liu Zilang decisively chose to join Zhang Xiaotong on the east side of the reservoir first.

     Unexpectedly, before he took a few steps, the roar of the tricycle engine behind him was sharply amplified in his ears.

     Liu Zilang looked back, only to find a three-wheeled motorcycle whizzing in the direction where he was!