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1275 Giant Killer!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

Don't come here!

     I'll call you again!

     Looking back at the tricycle that was almost within reach, Liu Zilang immediately complexion changed!

     Say it's too late, then soon!

      Between Life and Death Instant, he unpreparedly lay down in a tactical manner.

     "Oh! Captain Carl is trying to kill Vic in this wave!"

     "Vic, run away!"

     "Why is it fat? This guy actually got down?"

     "No way, what a joke?"



     Just when everyone's heart mentioned their throat. At the moment when Liu Zilang was lying on the motorcycle, the front wheel suddenly bumped and flew directly over Liu Zilang's head.

     Whoops whoops——!

      At the same time, the bullets of God Rcoky and God G in the back flew over Liu Zilang's head like rain, shocking his scalp to numb.

     Fortunately, Liu Zilang's reaction was timely, and the only people who saw him were Carl on the tricycle rushing past.

     As for the Rocky and G gods behind, they were attracted by the tricycle, and did not immediately notice Liu Zilang lying on the ground.

     But this does not mean that Liu Zilang's situation is safe.

     Just now, Carl rushed towards Liu Zilang's face. Then when they found a bunker down the slope and stopped the car, they must turn around and kill the guy who just got down to show them.

     "Pretty! Captain Carl actually took Downey into the circle successfully."

     "They already found the bunker and stopped!""Then what will Vic do now? God and they haven't found him yet, but Captain Karl will definitely hit him here."

     "Yes, and he doesn't have a cover yet, Vic has to move if he wants to survive."

     "Transfer? How to transfer? Rocky and God G are watching here."

     "That's right, with G God and Rocky's perverted vision, Vic may be discovered when he moves."

     "It's not going to work, it's not going to work, Vic is really hard to do this wave."

     "Unless he can kill the two of them with Me First, it's a pity that it is more difficult than the previous one."


     The commentary on the stage discusses spiritedly.

     In the game competition, Liu Zilang again requested Zhang Xiaotong's fire support.

     "Xiaotongtong! IneedYoud!"

      under a big tree the shade is plentiful.

     There are many teams passing by when the poison ring is shrinking around Zhang Xiaotong’s place, but they are either swept up by Li Muqiu’s big pineapple, or swept away by a wave of fire, doesn’t have any a team dare to chase nearby. The flow stopped.

      has to say, Li Muqiu and Su Changming, the two machos, are stationed at a nearby wild spot, and Zhang Xiaotong, who is lying on the grass not far away, is also relieved a lot.

     Hearing what Liu Zilang said, she wrinkled her little nose and was lightly snorted, but still pulled up the crossbow to turn on the 15x mirror, and glanced in the direction Liu Zilang was pointing.

      Not surprisingly, I saw a motorcycle parked diagonally and two people dangling incessantly. One of them had a black tertiary head on its head.She bit her lip, "This, lift... how much."

     Liu Zilang corner of the mouth twitch, glanced at the small map, and quickly said, "Little finger, half a little finger!"

     Suddenly, one of them squatted down still.

     Zhang Xiaotong's serious face and eyes were slightly narrowed, and he gently pulled the trembling fifteen times the quasi-centre. Then, under Liu Zilang's eye corner twitching gaze, he leaned slightly to pad his toe and placed his little finger on the screen.

     Perhaps with the experience of the last time, Zhang Xiaotong made an easy drive on a familiar path this time, and quickly pulled the trigger.


     There was a hum of crossbow strings in the air.

     At the next moment, a crossbow arrow screamed towards somewhere with a stern sound of breaking through the air.

     Immediately afterwards, accompanied by a soft "pouch"!

     A bloody mist burst out of Downey's head, and he suddenly fell to the ground.

     not good!

     Someone attacked!

     Karl, who was about to hit Liu Zilang with a backhand, was shocked and quickly looked behind him.

     It is a pity that the place where Zhang Xiaotong was arranged by Liu Zilang is too concealed, and even the two snipers Rocky and God G, who have just amazing eyesight, have not been found, and the crossbow is too wordless and uncommunicative.

     It is really not easy for Karl to find Zhang Xiaotong in this situation.

     Hit it, really hit it!

     Zhang Xiaotong, who was in the soul, was not happy, his small face was full of excitement, and he rushed to fill in another crossbow and arrow.

     In the next moment, she again targeted the man who fell on the ground familiarly.

     Zheng——!The familiar buzzing sound rang again!

     In this Life and Death Instant, Carl beside Downey suddenly jumped sideways.


     Accompanied by the violent metal impact, countless dazzling sparks suddenly scattered from the pan behind Carl, full of a sense of breathtaking.

     All of a sudden, the countless audiences off the scene shouted in exclamation!

     "Oh Maka! Captain Carl helped Tetsu stop a crossbow arrow from Xiaotongjiang!"

     "Tsk tusk! This wave of pans has done a great job!"

     "What a pan, that is obviously the captain's shield."

     "It's weird, Karl how to know from which direction Xiaotongjiang shot the arrow?"

     "Oh! I understand, he must have distinguished the direction from the crossbow bolt on Downey's head."

     "Mom! Is there any such operation? It's up!"



     Seeing the second shot failed, Zhang Xiaotong, who was lying on the grass, was also meowed with anger.

     She drew another crossbow somewhat dissatisfied, and spread the bow and put an arrow again.

     It's a pity that Karl's reaction was extremely quick, and it was only a plan of convenience to act as an arrow.

     At the moment of the jump, the smoke bomb in his hand fell on the ground, and a large swath of smoke suddenly spread.

     When Zhang Xiaotong wanted to find someone, where could he still be seen.

      Despite this, Liu Zilang was already satisfied, and immediately gave Zhang Xiaotong a big like.

     With her coming in so horizontally, Karl and the others naturally didn't have the time to care about him, which naturally avoided his exposure.God G and Rocky are now on the one hand to beware of the direction of the smoke, on the other hand, they are on the other hand, they are on the other hand, Zhang Xiaotong who does not know where to put the cold arrow.

     "Wow! Has this been held back by Vic?"

     "Although Xiaotongjiang didn't kill a few in this game, it's crucial every time."

     "Vic's game was completely taken away."

     "But his situation is still not optimistic, I feel that God G and Rocky may find him at any time."

     "Hey wait, what are God G and Rocky doing? Why did they go towards Vic."

     When everyone was discussing spiritedly, Rocky and God G suddenly began to transfer one after the other.

     Was it discovered?

     "No, the circle is refreshed!"

     At this moment, Lord Rong on the commentary stage suddenly said loudly, "The next circle is refreshed. God G and Rocky are not in the circle."

     "Oh! The destiny circle is brushed by Qiu Shen and Su Bo!"


     With the exclamation of the director, under the big screen of the director, I saw that the Second Last finals had been refreshed.

     As expected, the reservoir is already not in the circle at the moment.

     Right now, only the points occupied by Zhang Xiaotong and Li Muqiu on the east side of the reservoir are still in the circle.

     "This circle... my God! Boss Su and the others are going to eat chicken."

     "No way, it was originally the strongest duo on the field, now coupled with this fate circle...nothing to say, you are so beautiful!"

     "Fucked! According to this situation, Vic will be discovered by God G and the others!""Now there are only 11 people left on the court. If Vic gets cold, relying on Xiaotongjiang alone, I'm afraid I won't be able to make the top five in this game..."