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1276 Fight Destiny! (on)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com




     The footsteps behind him approached little by little, like the shadow of death.

     Lying on the ground, Liu Zilang's heart beats like a drum, deep in one's heart is fighting between Man and Heaven.

     Do it or not!

     This is a big problem.

     Liu Zilang only hesitated a little, and the distance between both sides was to be almost within reach.

      At this time, the other party may have seen him, but he just wants to paralyze him so he has not fired, so if he continues to lie here, he is waiting to die;

     Of course, the other party may not have seen him at all, so if he gets up at this time, he is exposing himself. To a large extent, he may just change one.

     Just when Liu Zilang hesitated, there was a sudden burst of bullets in his ears.


     Was discovered?

      in his heart suddenly tight!

     Unexpectedly, the next moment, the footsteps in his ears became clearer, and the other party seemed to walked over from him.

     What the hell?

     Liu Zilang was stunned, and reacted suddenly.

     This wave of bullets didn't hit him, but the people in the safe zone far away hit the two people behind him, so that the other party ignored his existence.

     Seeing the picture of abruptly arising, many audiences off the scene were also shocked!

     "No! God and Rocky are both blind."

     "I thought that only we would lose sight of people. I didn't expect that pro God would lose sight of people."

     "The main thing is that Qiu Shen and Su boss are strong, a perfect wave of assists, successfully holding back the hatred.""Autumn God and the others shouldn't want to save people either, but they definitely want to get rid of other people in the fate circle now, and they just raised Vic's hand due to an unexpected turn of events."

     "Oh! Is Vic so easy to let go?"

     "My God! He actually crawled behind God and Rocky, is this guy so unethical?"

     "Vic said that as long as you can enter the circle, there is no such thing as a good cut!"


     The audience in the live broadcast room teased for a while, but Liu Zilang expressed no pressure.

     Under the big screen guide lens, I saw Liu Zilang climbing up behind God and Rocky like a younger brother.

     Actually, it's different now.

     Just now Liu Zilang was on the opponent's forward path. With the reaction of those two people, no matter how abruptly he appeared, in the case of head-on head-to-head one-to-two, he was likely to only replace one person.

     But at this time, the other party just walked past him not far away, which means that both physically and psychologically, Liu Zilang is in the opponent's "blind zone".

     If he suddenly violent from behind at this time, there is still a good chance to get the two of them.

     But problems will follow.

     Even if he killed those two people, Li Muqiu and Su Changming would definitely not let him into the circle next.

     Therefore, Liu Zilang is like Zhang Xiaotong who "parasites" Li Muqiu and Su Changming.

     In line with the principle of under a big tree the shade is plentiful, Quietly Mimi follows God and Rocky behind.

     On the host commentary stage, the three commentators were speechless when they saw this picture."Tsk, Vic is getting shameless!"

     "Puff haha, you deserve to be good brothers and sisters, this wave of Vic operation is a bit showy to me."

     "I can understand Xiaotongjiang like this, Vic has no moral integrity."

     "What do you say next? Can Rocky and God G get into the circle?"



     Li Muqiu, who was holding SKS, fired at a very fast rate of fire, and the bullets in the magazine poured out in no time.

     On the other side, God G and Rocky threw smoke bombs toward the front and began to seal the smoke into the circle.

     Li Muqiu, who had been swept by a shuttle, didn't change the bullet when he saw it. Instead, he changed the quadruple lens to the big pineapple in his hand, and shot his backhand into the smoke!


     The flames are like raging fire snakes, dancing wildly at the muzzle.

     Whoosh whoosh——!

     In just a blink of an eye, countless bullets tore through the smoke and fired.

     "Autumn God, this wave of big pineapple is awesome!"

     "G God and Rocky don't seem to get up."

     "No way, this level of carpet-style shooting to seal cigarettes is also difficult."


     Chong Chong Chong!

     You are rushing to me!

     Looking at the lingering G God and Rocky, Liu Zilang is even more anxious than them!

     At this moment, he wished to squeeze up to fight alongside them, and by the way, he shot Li Muqiu's head with an AWM shot.

     Hemp egg!

     The time of the beating is also unknown.I didn't even think about it at this time, but there was emerge as a new force to be reckoned with in the sloping ground, and a group of people came on the bridge head south of the reservoir unexpectedly.

     As soon as they got ashore, the two of them rushed over the faces of Li Muqiu and Su Changming on their side, which immediately attracted the firepower of the two.

     Downey, who had just been stolen by Zhang Xiaotong, and Karl also helped Downey on Karl's side.

     At this time, even though Karl saw the God G and Rocky who must rush over Fengyan, he knew the man lying on the ground more clearly, so he didn't care about the other party at all.

     Because through Zhang Xiaotong's shot like Immortal Flying Over The Heavens, he has basically determined that the one lying on the ground is Liu Zilang.

     That being the case, Karl didn't think they would have any good juice to be watched by such a guy.

     After Downey hit the drug to pull up his blood volume, the two quickly moved towards the safe zone.

     "Oh! Captain Karl and they rushed too."

     "Although Qiu Shen and Boss Su are in good positions, it's a bit difficult to keep going like this."

     "Yes, there are only their team in the safe zone, which means there are too many enemies."

     "Well, Xiaotongjiang is one of them, but it feels like Xiaotongjiang's game is a bit like a strategic weapon. It won't fire until the crucial moment."

     "Then what do you say next? The team that drove on the bridge was a player from the MITH team of Thai hunks. It seems that they want to face directly."

     "As expected of the macho team, this is too straightforward."

     "Eh! I don't think the number of survivors is 11 people? Why is there one less person.""Oh, wait a minute, there is someone behind Su Bo and them!"

     "No, how can this match finals look like Infernal Affairs."

     "It's Prophie, the sniper of Ghost of the European and American team!"


     When everyone was talking about it, Rocky, who was lying on the ground in the smoke and spraying medicine, suddenly burst into blood on his back, and knelt to the ground coldly.

     Obviously, this wave of Li Muqiu's shots was too harsh.

     Rocky's luck wasn't very good either. Unfortunately, he was knocked down. God G hurried up to help people when he saw it.

     Liu Zilang who was lying behind was immediately dumbfounded!

     He originally thought these two hunks could take him into the circle, but now it seems that they are not so fierce!

     Or is that kid Li Muqiu too fierce?

     Seeing the countdown to the next wave of poison reduction, there are only ten seconds left, and the other party is still doing "brotherhood" in the smoke, Liu Zilang suddenly felt anxious when he saw it!

     Forget it, let this pair of hard to differentiate between elder and younger brother, Liu Zilang backhanded out a grenade.


      After pops the safety, Liu Zilang warmed up in his hand for a few seconds, and threw his hand into the smoke.

     In the next moment, he immediately took advantage of this opportunity to rush towards Hong Kong and rushed over to Karl and Downey on a tripod.


     With a loud sound in the smoke, the two figures were directly blown out.

     "Throw it away when you use it up, Vic is too cruel!"

     "Distressed my God, Vic, you don't skr personally."

     "Wait, isn't there a Prophie behind Qiu Shen, in case he also comes with a thunder.""..."

     The director seemed to realize this, and quickly passed the camera over.

     However, the picture that leaped into everyone's eyes surprised everyone!

     I saw that the Thai hunk MITH actually drove the jeep, rushed over in the direction where Prophie was.

     But it seems that they just want to avoid Li Muqiu and Su Changming and choose one region/place to settle down, and they didn't realize that there was still a person lying there.

     Prophie, who was lying on the ground, suddenly became ill when he saw the jeep coming out of his face.

     Get up and be found.

     Do not get up and be crushed to death!

     The choice he faced at this time was undoubtedly a problem that plagued many men.

      Between Life and Death Instant, Prophie chose to be the man for that second!

     The instant he got up from the ground, a dazzling fire dragon spewed out of the M4 muzzle in his hand!

      ding ding dang dang ——!

     Mars splashing on the jeep of the Thai macho.

     After a second...

     I only listened to a loud sound on the field, and the screen suddenly swiped three stunned people.

     It turned out that this round of Prophie's shots plus Li Muqiu and Su Changming, the three of them set fire to directly blow up the Thai hunk's car!

      Without a doubt, under this kind of firepower, let alone jumping off the car, it exploded without warning.

     And at the moment of the explosion, the car accelerated again and flew directly to the Prophie in front!

     So in a blink of an eye, the number of survivors on the field suddenly dropped to six."My god! This finals is too exciting!"

     "Oh! Poison has already begun to shrink behind, and Captain Carl and Downey are riding three jumpers into the circle."

     "Huh! Vic looks like he's going to eat poison, he's too far behind."

     "Tsk tsk, Second Last wave poison is still quite painful, if Vic takes the poison, I am afraid that he will not be able to withstand Qiu Shen and Su Bo in the circle."

     "I didn't look at Xiaotongjiang. The only variable now lies with Captain Carl and Downey."



     The roar of Sanbengzi's engine!

     Suddenly Duang, the tricycle rushed up the slope and fell to the ground.

     In the driving seat, Karl saw the two people in front of him, and hurriedly shouted at Downey in the "Taijun Throne", "Swipe quickly! Scan the two people in the Fate Circle ahead."

     Hearing this, Downey picked up the M4 in his hand and shouted at the moment he pulled the trigger:


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