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1278 Fight Destiny! (Below) The Second More Votes
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Under the camera of the director, Li Muqiu quickly pulled out the SKS from behind, holding it up, and aimed at the place where Liu Zilang had just disappeared.

      At the same time, in his heart, he had already simulated the AWM pull bolt and reloading of the other side, and he showed his head again and burst the picture with a shot!


     Come hit me!

      At the same time, Su Changming, who had lost his opponent on the side, also pointed his gun at the smoke.

     At this moment, both of them were calm and quiet, as if they heard the AWM pull bolt in the smoke and then pushed an AWM bullet into the chamber again with a "click"!

     However, what both of them hadn't thought was that the figure at the edge of the smoke just disappeared!

     In the next instant, it suddenly appeared very strangely from a lower angle!

     For Li Muqiu and Su Changming, who already knew that the other party was in the smoke, the senses of professional players of their level were far more sensitive than ordinary people, so Liu Zilang's appearance and can't say that is suddenly.

     But because of their feelings and reactions too fast, Liu Zilang without omen skipped the time they had reserved for the other side to change the bomb, but it indirectly caused them a very abrupt change. a feeling of.

     Suddenly, the two of them were all taken aback!

     This is exactly what Liu Zilang once told Misaka Kotomi that an excellent professional player needs to believe in his own feelings, but he should not rely too much on his own feelings at any time.

     Bang bang——!

     After Jinghong glanced at it, a series of gunfire suddenly exploded before the two of them reacted!

     "Oh! Vic changed his gun! He changed to SKS!""This Erlianzhu..."

     The exclamation in the audience has not yet fallen, and the fire from the muzzle of Li Muqiu's hand flashed by in the game!

     Once recognized as the number one sniper in Asia, he had "17 shots in two seconds". At this moment, he fired only one bullet in the barrel, and he suddenly misfired.

     That's right, just shot a shot,

     If converted, this is what happened in 0.11764706 seconds.

     One word, fast!


     Li Muqiu only felt the vision before him shook, and his body knelt to the ground uncontrollably.


     You have been fooled!

     However, the body can fall to the ground and the spirit cannot be crushed.

     As soon as he was knocked down and knelt down, Li Muqiu raised his throat and yelled, "Pun him and him! That kid is over the smoke."

     Su Changming, who also opened the lens and stared at the smoke, condensed slightly, and suddenly pulled the quadruple M4's quasi-center, and pulled the trigger with his finger halfway through!

     Suddenly, the fire from Su Changming's muzzle drew a shocking arc in the air.

     The moment the bullet plunged into the smoke, a bloody mist suddenly burst out of the smoke!


     "Oh! Boss Su is too fast with the gun!"

     "It's so ruthless! There is no way to survive!"

     "Wow haha! Vic, this dog thing is finally sanctioned! There is reincarnation in the way of heaven!"

     "I say, the last few lap bosses and Qiu Shen are in such good positions, this game is properly destined to eat chicken."

     "Huh? Why haven't you settled yet?""..."

     At this moment, someone off the court suddenly noticed something was wrong, and immediately looked at the big screen in astonishment.

     Obviously, the last two consecutive waves of intense and exciting battles made most of the audience subconsciously forget a certain invisible transparency.

     But Su Changming didn't forget. In fact, he couldn't help it at this time.

     In the field of view of a quadruple lens.

     Seeing the flash of blood in the smoke, Su Changming's heart was about to let go, he jumped to the throat suddenly, and the pupils in his eyes shrank suddenly!

     However, before he could react, the crossbow bolt screamed and tore his helmet, passing through his brow.

     Just like on the cliff on the north bank of the reservoir...

     The next moment, the director's camera was pulled, and the figure that had been lying on the floor for half a year finally got up, everything on the field suddenly freezes!

      great luck, great profit, eat chicken tonight!

     The team ranked first: Se7en2!

     Xiaotong sauce...a kill to eat chicken!

     Seeing the huge upset that abruptly arising, the audience suddenly fell into a suffocating silence like a hurricane passing by.

     And just when this kind of feeling gradually reached its apex, I don’t know who screamed it.

     In the next instant, as if the sky thunder shook the ground, the audience and the water friends in the live broadcast room all burst into flames!

     "My God! Xiaotongjiang actually killed Boss Su in the end!"

     "The best invisible man in the audience! It is indeed a strategic weapon."Hey, I feel like Vic promises not to use Xiaotong sauce first in the next game."

     "Stop talking, Boss Su is about to cry."

     "It's me and I cry too. After all, Boss Su is the only man who was headshot twice by Xiaotongjiang's crossbow."

     "Boss Su: Hardened my mind!"

     "Oh oh oh! Xiaotong sauce flow batch! Strong, my tong sauce!"

     "Don't say anything, we are all Tong Family Army tonight!"

     "Bah! Vic is not bringing his sister Chaji in this game, it's his sister who is bringing Chaji!"


     On the commentary stage of the Huaxia District.

     After the three commentators were shocked for a while, they finally reacted at this time.

     "I didn't expect it, I really didn't expect it."

     Master Rong shook the head again and again, with a wry smile on his face, "I didn't expect Qiu Shen and Su Bo with great difficulty to get rid of the scourge of Vic, and finally fell into Xiaotongjiang's hands."

     "Well, the last few waves were too much shaking one to the core." Hai Tao also said with a smile, "Don't say it's Boss Su, even I didn't respond as an off-court commentator. I almost wanted to Congratulations to Qiu Shen and Boss Su."

     "Haha, fortunately you are slower, otherwise you will have an oolong."

     "Who says it's not, but it's not black if you don't blow it up. Although Xiaotongjiang doesn't seem to be doing anything in this game, if anyone says she is fucking, I am the first to be anxious."

     "Hey, I'll say Xiaotongjiang is very powerful." Tuantuan on the side is very proud of his unique vision, "This game Xiaotongjiang is the MVP properly.""Oh! Now is our post-match interview session." Rong Ye suddenly eyes shined.

     "You can't miss this."

      Spoke until here, Haitao touched his chin suddenly, somewhat uncertain, "I don’t know if you have noticed that Xiaotongjiang seemed to put his hands on the screen before turning around the game twice in the game. Could it be that what is this mysterious ceremony? ?"

     "There is this kind of ceremony? I really didn't pay attention to it. Let our host ask it later."

      "All right, now let us enter the interview together."

     In the interview area next to the stage, the two who had just gotten off the game stand walked to the interview stand one after the other.

     Walking in the front is a arrogant little girl, walking head high, chest out.

     The two horsetails swayed one after another, looking like Sailor Moon participating in a military parade.

     As for the latter...

     Don't talk about it.


     Iced Midnight says

     Ask for votes~