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1279 Measure The Sky!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

On the interview bench, the long-legged big wave lady who was in charge of the interview came again.

     Zhang Xiaotong stood there with head high, chest out, her small face was so beautiful that her eyes could not be found, her face was so beautiful.

     But after seeing the big wave, she quietly glanced at it lazily, and suddenly lowered her small head with a little discouragement.

     When the big wave came up and saw Liu Zilang, he smiled without saying a word, and said hello in English, "Hello Heovic, I'm glad to see you again."

     Today there is no interpreter next to the two of them. Liu Zilang smiled and said, "Hello, me too."

     In fact, it’s no wonder that the translator beside Liu Zilang's post-match interview session was almost out of business yesterday.

     Today, no one wants to come up and suffer this crime, so Liu Zilang was simply asked to act as Zhang Xiaotong's interpreter while being interviewed.

     "Wow, what a cute little sister" Big Wave said hello and looked at Zhang Xiaotong, her face was full of admiration and said, "This little sister's performance in our first game today is really impressive. Tell us about it?"

     Although Zhang Xiaotong is not good at English, she also knows that Big Wave is talking about her at this time.

     After hearing it, she couldn't help but secretly tilted her head and stared at the big wave and blinked vigorously, seeming to want to understand something.

     It's a pity that this can't change anything. She lowered her head somewhat dejectedly, and deeply realized the importance of mastering a foreign language in her heart.

     Liu Zilang on the side couldn't help but laughs in his heart when he saw her, but he said with a dry cough in his mouth:words exceede 5100Zhang Xiaotong naturally couldn't understand such a long passage.

     Tsundere, she was unwilling to ask Liu Zilang for help, so she could only blink straight there dazedly.

     Fortunately, Liu Zilang was not that improper, he couldn't help but clenched his fists and coughed dryly.

     "Well, she praised you for your great performance today, and asked what the secret of your success is if the professional player crossbow is so accurate."

     At the end, Liu Zilang couldn't help but laughed again.

     Considering the dignity of the little girl, he hurriedly covered his mouth and said, "I can't hold it back."

     Zhang Xiaotong's face turned black, and he glared at Liu Zilang again, suspicious that this unreliable guy was translating.

     But there is no way to verify at this time, she can only speak in a low muffled voice, "Thank you for your praise, I am not a professional player, crossbow"

     Speaking of this, she suddenly raised her beautiful face and said proudly, "The crossbow is my Life Source Weapon, my destiny."

     After Liu Zilang translated it, the long-legged wave immediately repeatedly nodded, said with a smile:

     "I know my destiny, just like Vic's destiny is sister control, it turns out that Tongjiang's destiny is crossbow."

     Seeing the serious tone of Big Wave, the audience and friends in the live broadcast room couldn't help laughing.

     "Vic's birth control is right, but Xiaotongjiang said that her birth was 98k last time."

     "Puff haha LMAO, Xiaotongjiang's life change is a bit quick."

     "Shut up, don't you think I can't have multiple lives with Tongjiang"

     ""On the interview stand, Big Wave looked down at the table book in his hand, raised his head and continued saying with a smile:

     "The next question is still about Tongjiang. Just now, the audience off the court has noticed a small detail that you put your hands on the screen in the two key crossbow kills in the reservoir."

     "Excuse me, what is this trick? I don't know if it is convenient for Fang to share it with our audience."

     After speaking, Big Wave looked at Zhang Xiaotong with a smile.

     Zhang Xiaotong tilted the head and looked at Liu Zilang with a somewhat weird expression.

     Liu Zilang hesitated for a moment, still faithfully translated the words of the big wave, and then smiled and looked at Zhang Xiaotong whose little face was full of bewilderment.

      At the same time, the audience in the off-site and in the live broadcast room cast a curious look at Zhang Xiaotong when he heard Liu Zilang's words, and the barrage of the live broadcast room quickly rolled.

     "Yeah, I almost forgot to mention it. Xiaotongjiang just made that gesture What does it mean"

     "Could it be that what is this the secret of using a crossbow"

     "Waiting for an official secret, take us closer to Tongjiang."


     During the interview, Zhang Xiaotong's face was already blushing into a "Steam Girl", just because of the "dududu" smoke on his head.

     If at this time speak frankly, then the image of the "born girl with crossbow" she portrayed earlier collapsed suddenly, so Zhang Xiaotong's heart at this time is called a tangled

     Liu Zilang chuckled secretly for a while, still coughing and took the initiative to say, "Yes, this is Tongjiang's unique secret technique, and he said."

     Measure the sky

     Hearing such a domineering name, many audiences off the court were shockedThe big wave was also stunned. Obviously he couldn't understand such an oriental name, and couldn't help but ask, "What is a measure of heaven?"

     Liu Zilang entered the state, talking nonsense seriously.

     "I believe everyone has discovered that the distance between Xiaotong and the opponent is a bit far, and the ballistic drop of the crossbow is very serious, then what should we do this time"

     He sold it and continued smilingly, "Yes, smart kids may have guessed it. It is through the little finger that Xiaotong estimates the distance between both sides and raises the gun."

     "This is the measure of the sky"

     At the end, Liu Zilang's tone became serious again.

     Seeing Liu Zilang's justified appearance, in an instant, the big waves on the side and many spectators off the court were full of expressions of "fuck, and this kind of operation".

     Zhang Xiaotong tilted her head up, staring at Liu Zilang dim-wittedly, and her big clear eyes blinked and blinked. It seemed that she almost believed in herself.

     The next question you ask me answer, continue to be translated by Liu Zilang.

     Most of the questions are about Zhang Xiaotong. After all, the little girl is cute and lovable, and her performance today is also very good, including the last lore of Su Changming.

     Towards the end of the interview, Big Wave glanced at the notebook in his hand and said with a smile, "All right, at the end of our interview, I would like to ask two of you to rate yourself and your teammates."

     "Score" Liu Zilang was stunned, then turned to tell Zhang Xiaotong.

     Big Wave smiled and looked at Zhang Xiaotong, "Madam first, Tongjiang will come first.""Me?" Zhang Xiaotong is somewhat anxious, but still earnestly said, "I will give myself seven points, and he will also have seven points."

     Big wave smiled, turn the head and looks to Liu Zilang, "So what about vic"

     "Five points." Liu Zilang nodded slightly, "Xiaotong also has five points. Let's get five points."

     "Hehe, it seems that both players are very humble." Big Wave said with a smile, "Then the interview for this game is here, let us look forward to the wonderful performance of the two in the next game."

     "Thank you."

     After the interview, Liu Zilang and Zhang Xiaotong walked down the stage amidst the cheers of countless audiences.

     Zhang Xiaotong seemed to enjoy this treatment for the first time, and she let it go after a while, who was a little cautious at first.

     He also waved his hand to the audience like Liu Zilang, which immediately evoked cheers.

     But with a wave, Zhang Xiaotong’s face suddenly turned white.