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1280 If A Father Is Like This, He Must Be Happy!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

On the stage, Zhang Xiaotong dumbfounded on the spot like a wooden chicken, suddenly raised his hand and rubbed his eyes. It seemed that he was still a little unbelievable and he looked a little stupid.

     Liu Zilang, who was walking in the front, heard that there was no sound behind him. He couldn't help but looked back and immediately said with a smile, "What happened? I was a little dizzy by the praise?!"

     Unexpectedly, Zhang Xiaotong rarely hummed, but stretched out a little hand and pulled at Liu Zilang's corner of his clothes, "I...I just seemed to see my mother?"


     Liu Zilang was taken aback when he heard it, and suddenly couldn't help but sneered, "You are homesick and come up with an illusion, right? Huh...You really are a kid who has never traveled far."

     But he was laughing and laughing, so he couldn't laugh.

     Because Liu Zilang swept his eyes inadvertently, he suddenly saw a familiar gaze making "Dooms Eye" on him.


     Why is your old man here? !

     Liu Zilang was stunned for two seconds, and tried to move the corner of his stiff mouth, squeezing out a "man" smile.

     The on-site director seemed to have discovered the clue. First, he gave the shot to Liu Zilang and then to the two in the audience. The three commentaries on the stage of Huaxia were stunned.

     Hai Tao scratched the head somewhat uncertainly, "Huh? Who are those two people? How do you feel that Vic smiled a little imaginary."

     "Oh! I to think of it, Vic's father."

     Ye Rong suddenly clapped his hands and clasped his fists, saying with a smile, "I remember that during the PCPI Finals in the China District not long ago, Vic's father came to watch the game and cheer. I didn't expect the German World Championship to come so far."That's really not easy. I think this also represents the growth of our China E-sports." Hai Tao looked at recalling and said with sincere emotion:

     "I remember when we played professionally, the parents did not have the concept of eSports. Almost all parents in China thought that we were playing games with ignoring one's duties. Now Vic’s father came to Germany to cheer for the Vic game. A great father."

     "Hmm." Tuantuan said nodded and somewhat envied, "Vic must be very happy to have such an enlightened father."


     Of course happy!

     Labor and management are so happy they are almost peeing!

     Liu Zilang felt the murderous look in his father's eyes, and he quickly stopped pretending to be on stage.

     Scratching his hips, stretched out his hand and pulled Zhang Xiaotong on his face, still a little stunned, and ran back to the backstage in a hurry, leaving behind some stunned people at the scene.

     Meow meow meow? What about the father's love as a mountain? Leave without interaction?

     and many more!

     How could this son run like Nima's grandson! ?


     Backstage, Su Changming, who had just a cock in his first show, was pulling Li Muqiu there to summarize the mistakes and lessons of the last game.

     As soon as they saw Liu Zilang coming in by pushing the door, the eyes of the two immediately moved from Liu Zilang to Zhang Xiaotong.

     Join forces to protect the body of destiny.

     Su Changming and Li Muqiu, who didn't make much laps since they came out of Y City in the last game, are almost from the very beginning.

     Unexpectedly, when it was almost cooked at the end, the little girl Zhang Xiaotong overturned the pot.The cooked chicken was also snatched. The key is that you haven't dealt with it. Who can't be angry about this!

     Perceiving the gazes of the two, Zhang Xiaotong embarrassedly stuck out the tongue, foolishly chuckled in an attempt to pass the pass.

     Naturally, Su Changming and Li Muqiu would not be angry with Zhang Xiaotong, but they were not very polite to Liu Zilang.

     During the short 20 minutes of rest after the game, there was a scream of male and male screams in the lounge of Se7en2.


     After the short Intermission Rest, a hundred players in the backstage soon to reorganize flags and drums and came on stage amidst the cheers of the audience.

      "All right, our players are already on stage, and we are about to enter our second game today."

     "Well, the result of the last game was really unexpected. When Vic fell to the ground, he thought that Boss Su and the others were going to eat chicken. Unexpectedly, Xiaotongjiang turned over the plate in the end."

     "Yes, so our current standings situation is that Vic is temporarily first with a total of 430 points, and the second place is Qiu Shen and Su boss who had a chicken butt in the last game. They also played in the last game. Gained 350 points."

     "The third place is Captain Karl and Downey. Judging from the current points situation, the top three or even the top ten points are actually not too wide, and there is no such thing as a ride."

     "I think this may be mainly due to the fact that Vic has been soaked in the water almost all the time after winning the AWM in the last game, except for the finals. In the end, the bullet was not half shot.""That's true, especially at that time, it was a battle breaking point in this game. If Vic with AWM in his hand participated in the fight at that time, plus the final chicken points, the gap in the first game may be It’s not like this anymore."


     After hearing the three commentators, many viewers off the field and in the live broadcast room also understood the current situation on the field.

     All of a sudden, fans and audiences of various teams also reorganized their morale and cheered for their favorite players and stars.

     After Zhang Xiaotong's "first show" in the last game, her decent performance and lovely appearance immediately helped her to absorb a wave of confusion among most European and American audiences off the court.

     If when the first game came on stage, everyone off the court still regarded this little girl as the "mascot" that Liu Zilang brought, then the treatment she received on stage this time was completely different.

     "Tongjiang, come on!"

     "Xiaotong 666!"

     "Call for Tongjiang!"

     "Can you teach me Tongjiang?"

     "Two hundred and one, Baojiaobaohui."


     Hearing the sound of cheering off the court, Zhang Xiaotong walked as if stepping on a cotton cloud.

     The originally arrogant little girl now has a smirk on her small face, and she looks beautifully bubbling.

     But think about it, there are so many PUBG anchors on major domestic platforms.

     How many people have been on the stage of the World Championship?

     How many people can be recognized on the world stage?

     If you think about it this way, it's no wonder Zhang Xiaotong has gradually "beautified" the piano...

     ...On the competition stand, when all the players on the stand are ready, the on-site staff member prompt sounded in the headset quickly. With the countdown of "321", the picture changed on the screen and entered the competition quality square.

     This game is a desert map, which is open and open compared to the island map.

     In the usual passerby game, for the double-row team, as long as the desert map can survive the fierce battle in the early stage and stay in the middle, it is easy to smell the tempting fragrance of chicken.

     But today's game is different. Although there are many entertainers (caiji) in the game, the "1+1" competition system rules destined each team to have a professional player to lead the team.

     In this case, I just want to smell the chicken just by staying, I am afraid I can only smell it.


     There was a roar of the engine, and the plane flew from the distant sky.

     Liu Zilang clicked on the map and took a look at the route, "Huh?! The route of this game is pretty normal. We should be able to find a place to develop in the early stage."

     Under the guide lens of the big screen, the plane landed from the Southeast Coast area at the bottom right of the map.

     Passing through the Lion City and Picardo, the final stop is above the Big E City on the left side of the map.

     "Ah? Growing?" Unexpectedly, Zhang Xiaotong murmured after hearing it, his tone seemed somewhat disappointed.

     She was totally different from the one who used to find a place to play wild when she wanted to land, and didn't show up and didn't fight.

     The corners of Liu Zilang's eyes twitched, and he turned his head and looked at Zhang Xiaotong, as he taught as if he was a loving father:"Xiaotongtong, you know or not you are swollen now, but there is no good juice for swelling!"

     Hearing Liu Zilang's teasing words, Zhang Xiaotong suddenly blushed to the base of his neck, and raised his little head in a loud voice, "I...I didn't."

     "Well, if you don't have it, then there will be no." Liu Zilang shrugged the shoulders, his face still with a smile.

     Zhang Xiaotong couldn't help but bulged when he saw this, lightly snorted, thinking secretly that he must perform well in this game and blind Liu Zilang's Titanium Alloy Dog Eye!

     Liu Zilang smiled lightly. When the plane passed over the Lion City, he suddenly marked a point on the map, "Go, let's go there for this game, are you confident?!"

     Where did Liu Zilang mark it?

      City of Sin, Picardo.

     Zhang Xiaotong saw the point marked by Liu Zilang on the map, his eyes widened suddenly, and he stammered, "I...were not good at flower education?"

     As soon as she felt nervous, she began to speak Mandarin with Xiao Moxian.

     Liu Zilang could understand, he laughed and said in deadly earnest, "What happened? Is there a problem with the development of Picardo?"

     Zhang Xiaotong was taken aback when he heard the words, and then lowered his head to ponder, as if it was nothing...

      There's no problem, your sister!

     "Ah! You won't be scared anymore? Xiaotongtong..." Liu Zilang's humble voice sounded again, sounding like a devil who tempted a little girl.

     It's a pity that Zhang Xiaotong, who killed Su Changming's chicken in the last game, was the time when his confidence burst into the horizon.It's just like when many of us usually go to the airport to go to the airport for the next game.

     Zhang Xiaotong is the same, and the tension just now is a completely subconsciously reaction.

     No way, this little girl has been playing this game for a long time. With great difficulty, she was a paper tiger once, and her heart was actually very empty.

     But at this moment, when he heard Liu Zilang's words, Zhang Xiaotong stopped counseling immediately, raising his face and humming:

     "Go and go, whoever is afraid, hum! Don't let me save you when you fall."

     The two jumped to the airport in the last game, and Liu Zilang was blown down by Sexypig.

     In the end, if it weren't for Zhang Xiaotong to escort him and explode Sexypig at the limit of Hanzo's possession on the elevated highway, Liu Zilang would basically be cold. This girl had always remembered.

     Hearing her words, Liu Zilang rolled his eyes, turned, and immediately solemnly vowed his chest:

     "Don't worry, I will help you this time."

     "Huh! That's pretty much the same."

     As soon as Zhang Xiaotong finished speaking, he realized that something was wrong, and his small face suddenly became black.

     This doesn't mean that she will fall when she falls!

     How can it be!

     In the voice, the two were quarreling with each other. In the game, after the plane passed the Lion City, it soon came over Picardo.

     In an instant, many small black spots appeared almost at the same time under the plane.

     "Tsk tusk! There are still many people choosing Picardo for this game.""Yes, after all, it is Legendary City of Sin. Teams who want to fight to score points are the first choice for this game besides the mansion, and I think Picardo has more room for players than the mansion."

     "Yes, the gun is just necessary in the mansion, but luck is often more important than the gun. You land without a gun and you are chased by someone who has the gun. Whatever you do, even if someone holds it. It’s a pistol, so you have to kneel down and call Grandpa."

     "Huh? Look! Vic and Xiaotongjiang who ate chicken last game also jumped Picardo!"

     "Wow! Go to the airport. This Picardo, Vic and Xiaotongjiang are really just now."

     "Well, it's a pity that Qiu Shen and Boss Su are not there, otherwise this game will be a battle of revenge."

     "I think even if Boss Su and the others are not there, there is still a battle of revenge. Look, who are the two going to the motel?"

     "I'm going! Am I right? It was Player Kim and Yoona!"

     "Tsk tusk, Vic is really an enemy everywhere, waiting for a Heavenly Dao Samsara..."