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1283 An Iron Fist Of Justice, A Belated Surprise!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

"Oh! Player Jin has caught up!"

     "If we are caught up this time, it will be easy for Vic to hide."

     "But I feel like Vic has a chance in this wave, telegraph poles just in front!"

     "Tsk tsk, this is really racing against death!"


     The sports car engine roared behind him, and the distance between Liu Zilang and the telephone pole was getting closer and closer!

     Countless audiences off the field and in the live broadcast room also stared at the screen with wide-open eyes, and their heartstrings suddenly tightened.

     The next moment, at that moment when the front of the car was about to hit Liu Zilang's ass, his figure shook, and a telephone pole suddenly appeared between the two!

     "My God! Vic ran over!"

     "Wait, Player Jin is catching up!"

     The commentary on the stage just cried out in surprise, and the court suddenly "boomed" a loud sound!

     It was as if the Gonggong was outraged at the beginning of Hongmeng, and it was like a wild boar Peppa hitting a tree.

     However, on the big screen, what jumped into the eyes of everyone was that Jin Douhuan's whistling sports car hit the telephone pole on the side of the road.

     At this time, the front of the sports car seemed to be plugged under the wire, and the butt of the car was slightly tilted up, and the whole car was twitching constantly as if it had gone mad.

     Of course, this is not the point.

     The point is that Liu Zilang, who flashed behind the telephone pole at that moment, was actually Jin Douhuan, who was smashed into the telephone pole by the Ferrari at full speed, and fell to the ground with a thump, clutching her abdomen.

     "SKT-Azrael ran into Se7en2-Vic with a vehicle!"When the slightly scarlet knockdown prompt flashed out on the screen, the audience and friends in the live broadcast room were stunned!

     Everyone opened their mouths uncontrollably, staring at the figure kneels down on the ground in the picture with a strange face.

     What the hell?

      Hitting the Cow Behind the Mountain?

     Can this be knocked out?

     In fact, not only the audience and friends off the stage, but the three commentators on the stage also couldn't bear look at each other in dismay. They all saw the doubts on each other's faces.

     Hai Tao scratched the head, tentatively guessing, "What is this situation? Did Vic just get scratched by the head of the car before he flashed behind the pole?"

     "Probably not." Rong Ye declined to comment and shook the head, "I just kept staring at it. Vic was shocked when the car hit the telephone pole first."

     "Tina! Is there really something like Hitting the Cow Behind the Mountain?" Tuantuan's eyes widened.

     "I don't know if this is a bug or not."

     Hai Tao couldn’t help but said, “Otherwise, it’s a bit unfair to Vic. If you don’t have any hope, you also just sufficed, with great difficulty, and you ran behind the telegraph pole and was killed by a car. Everyone would accept this. No way."

     Master Rong groaned for two seconds, and continued to shake his head, "Bugs are not enough, but sometimes this happens occasionally in the Jedi Seeking Center."

     "For example, if you are blown down by a partition wall by thunder, or knocked down by a partition wall by a car, in comparison, the dry telephone pole in the desert is just a piece of wood.Speaking of hitting here, Lord Rong couldn’t help but smile bitterly, “Heavenly Dao Samsara, after all, it’s a matter of luck. I think if you change this wave, such as Xiaotongjiang, you might not die if you hide behind a telephone pole. ."

     "Oh, Player Kim got out of the car. It looks like he's going to make up for Vic."

     "Where is Xiaotongjiang? Is there a chance to save it?"

     Hai Tao just said this, but his words choked coldly?

     Because the director lens happened to be given to Zhang Xiaotong, this little girl was picking up something in a small house on the roadside 100 meters away.

     That's it!

     Everyone off the court heart cooled!

     In the game, Jin Douhuan got off the car and walked to Liu Zilang's side.

     At this time, the director gave a facial shot of a contestant. In the screen, the muscles on Jin Douhuan's face were shaking constantly, which seemed to be full of excitement and excitement of revenge!

     But the next moment, he suddenly squatted down, took a crab step and circled Liu Zilang.

     Of course not only that.

     While turning in circles, Jin Douhuan's fists waved non-stop, like raindrops falling all over Liu Zilang's body.

     With each punch falling, Liu Zilang's red blood also fell steadily.


     **Naked teasing!

     "Uh... Player Kim started?"

     "This technique is a bit delicate, Xiao Jin is a particular person!"

     "No way, who made Vic offend Xiaojin so badly."

     "This story tells us that people are watching, if the reward is not forthcoming, the time has not come."

     "I really want to know what Vic looks like now.""..."

     As if guessing the audience's thoughts off the field, the director's shots of the players were quickly given to Liu Zilang again.

     When the picture arrived, Liu Zilang was raising his hand and scratching behind him for no idea, but there was a faint smile on that delicate face.

     "Wow! He is laughing!"

     "I'm so spicy! I'm going to be beaten to death, and the face is still smiling!"

     "This guy was stupid by Xiao Jin, right."

     The audiences off the court saw Liu Zilang's smile, and the corners of their eyes suddenly twitched.

     At this time, Jin Douhuan's final fist fell on Liu Zilang's head.

     Liu Zilang's blood was instantly emptied, and his whole body was soft, and he fell directly to the ground.

     "SKT-Azrael killed Se7en2-Vic with a fist headshot!"

     Seeing the kill prompt that appeared coldly at the top right of the screen, the audience and commentary off the court were no longer stopped in an instant.

     There are many fig. to rub one's fists and wipe one's palms in the game competition. Players who want to avenge Liu Zilang or kill him solo are all dumbfounded!

      It should be noted, it's not long before the game just started, they never expected yesterday's three-game soloing "the strongest soloking", today's first game is still the first game Liu Zilang, fully deserving, without any Reservations is the most watched player.

     It got cold so soon!

     And it was still hammered to death with a fist!

     Is this Azrael's punch, so terrifying? !



     Hiss--!For a while, many players and celebrities in Europe and the United States who didn't understand Kim Dou-hwan couldn't help taking a breath of air!

     For this ID called "Azrael", they are also secretly vigilant and concerned.

     Liu Zilang's strength and achievements are there.

     People who can kill him with their fists are naturally not easy ones.

     However, in Asia, players like Wei Shen, Li Muqiu and Little Lion, who are familiar with the "grass and hatred" between Liu Zilang and Jin Douhuan, saw the kill prompt. After everyone was stunned, they couldn't help but laugh loudly!

     "Haha! Let you hit someone with a car again." Li Muqiu to take joy in calamity and delight in disaster.

     "Comfortable." Wei Shen stroked his stomach.

     "It seems that justice is never absent." The little lion shook the head.


     "Oh, it's a shame Vic..."

     Seeing that no miracle happened in the end still, the sighed saying of Lord Rong on the commentary stage.

     Haitao nodded, looking at Zhang Xiaotong not far away on the map, with a somewhat worried expression on his face:

     "Although there is still Xiaotongjiang alive in the team, it is not possible to eat the chicken in the reverse direction immediately, but at the beginning of the game, there is a lack of Vic, and Xiaotongjiang alone may not be far away."

     "This is really a problem." Rong Ye nodded.

     At this moment, Tuantuan suddenly wondered, "Huh? What is Player Jin doing?"

     Under the big-screen director's camera, I saw Jin Douhuan, the repairman, squatting next to Liu Zilang's body, raising his fist and continuing to beat him, seeming to be...

     Whip the corpse?

     But don't people use guns to whip corpses?words exceede 5100"Isn't it just killing Vic once? What's so good about that, Vic can kill you many times."

     Upon hearing Tuantuan's words, Rongye and Haitao were choked in their throats for Liu Zilang's unfair words.

     Hai Tao thought about it, it seemed...probably... Xiaojin wasn't too much, right?

     And when everyone was discussing spiritedly off the court, without omen, there was no loud sound on the court!


     The flames and thick smoke rose suddenly, and the surging air wave suddenly rushed towards the surroundings!

     Under the lens of the director, a figure can be vaguely seen flying out.

     "It's a gold player!"

     "What just exploded?"

     "Huh? It's a car! That car exploded!"

     Suddenly, everyone thought of the sports car with its butt sticking upright under the telephone pole and twitching wildly.

     At this time, a System Notification flashed out at the top right of the screen.

     "SKT-Azrael detonated the vehicle and blown it down!"

     Seeing this abruptly arising System Notification, the audience in the off-site and in the live broadcast room suddenly gave out a burst of panther laugh after a deadly silence, and the barrage in the live broadcast room was even more stuck.

     "Xiaojin...poof haha, LMAO!"

     "Tsk tusk! What corpse did you say after repairing the human whip?"

     "Don't say it, it's fate to say it."

     "Hi! Xiaojin is really a strange man!"


     Just when everyone sighed.The player shots broadcast on the big screen once again gave everything to Kim Doo-hwan on the bench...