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1297 Death Whisperer In The Rye! (Second More)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

The wind blew the fragrance of rice flowers, and Shroud was very sad.

     The other person was still in the air, and his pupils suddenly shrank, and his vision was suddenly flooded with fire!

     Oh hi!

     Under the big-screen guide lens, I saw PDD suddenly climbed up from the ground, raised the AK in his hand and shot at Shroud in the air!

     Obviously, This human head has been determined to win!

     Wei Shen's movements on the side are not as exaggerated as PDD, but those slightly narrowed eyes are staring at the figure falling in the air, and the shots are even worse than PDD!

     Seeing this, the audience around the scene was also in an uproar!

     "My God! Shroud jumped directly from the stairs!"

     "Hi! He really dares to do this!"

     "Don't blame Shroud, the wave of Wei Shen and Teacher Whoring is really a bit overcast."

     "It's over! When there is still a stiffness on the ground, Shroud has no chance to fight back!"


     When everyone saw this, everyone in the audience had begun to mourn for Shroud, the famous North American great demon, and he had almost been sentenced to death in their hearts.

     But Shroud hadn't given up yet.

     At this moment, Shroud with blood mist in the air was like burn away his life, bursting out a jaw-dropping response speed and accuracy of marksmanship!

     Bang bang——!

      Without omen, this round of shots by PDD and Wei Shen was mixed with two gunshots, and a blur of blood was instantly mixed in a golden wheat field in the sea breeze!

     The next moment, the upper right of the screen suddenly scrolled."PDD used AKM to kill C9-Shroud!"

     "C9-Shroud uses 4AM-Godv!"

     At this moment, the director's camera suddenly pulled!

     In an instant, everyone off the court opened their eyes wide and looked at Shroud who was "landing into a box" inconceivable.

     He was the same as Wei Shen, who was lying in the wheat field but suddenly curled up, his mouth wide open almost enough to fit two eggs.

      At this moment, everyone was shocked that Shroud was able to successfully kill one person by relying on the inconceivable response and the two shots of accurate marksmanship under the unprotected situation.

     The person who was even more shocked by Shroud's counter-kill was not the PDD who got up excitedly when he saw him jump off the building, but the Wei Shen who was still lying in the wheat field calmly...

     For the latter, it is not just the audience off the court.

     During the game match, Wei Shen, who was kneeling on the ground holding his belly, was also not well!

     In fact, knowing that the person is Shroud, it is not incomprehensible that the other party jumped off the building to kill Wei Shen in the air.

     What really hurts and speechless when God Wei is the big man like the teacher next to him stupefied, he didn't get up on his knees.

     Why don't you beat him and me?

     Could it be that labor and management stole the PDD supper last night?

     At this moment is not the time to delve into these things, Wei Shen just froze for a second, and suddenly one shivers in his mind, and immediately shouted in his voice:

     "Quick! Teacher whoring help me quickly."

     In the wheat field beside, PDD is immersed in the dreamy pleasure of killing Shroud...After all, with Shourd's reputation and strength in the PUBG circle, he killed this kind of man in the world game, PDD can still blow it out when going back to the live broadcast.

     However, he did not turn a blind eye to Wei Shen who fell on the ground. After hearing Wei Shen’s cry for help, he suppressed the little urge to lick the bag. PDD ran over quickly, but his mouth inevitably cannot bear saying, "Don 't worry don't worry, it's only second, we are in a hurry."

     As a professional player, Wei Shen knew that this distance would be anxious, but he was not afraid of this at this time, but something else.

     Sure enough, when the PDD walked over and pressed Wei Shen under his body, there was a sudden engine roar in their ears.

     "What sound, someone is coming?" PDD was slightly surprised after hearing it, subconsciously opened the mouth to ask.

     However, as soon as the words were spoken, there was no need for Wei Shen to answer, and a figure appeared in his mind uncontrollably, accompanied by the roar of far and near in his ear that gradually became clear!


     "Quickly! Don't save me, I'll climb down the slope in front." After thinking about it, Wei Shen immediately made a calm judgment and decision.

     Listen to the sound of the car to know the distance.

     If Wei Shen held trusting to luck and asked PDD to force him to rescue him in an empty wheat field, then both of them would definitely have to be planted here.

      In comparison, if you move to the opposite side to the side, and the opponent rides from the direction of M City in the northeast, it is really possible that you can't discover them if you don't notice them.

     As long as we can buy time for PDD to help people get Wei Shen up, everything will still have a chance.

     ...On the commentary stage of the Huaxia District? Upon seeing this, Lord Rong frowned, staring at the game screen on the big screen and said:

     "Wei Shen and Mrs. Prostitute have stopped saving people. It seems that they also realized that Vic from M City has already rode over. What do you say about this wave?"

     "It seems that Wei Shen wants to climb below that backslope."

     The sea waves on the side rubbed his chin, with a looking thoughtful expression on his face.

     "They are very close to the backslope, there is not enough time, but this wave mainly depends on Vic's route selection and vision detection."

     "That's right." Rong Ye immediately nodded, "When you come from the east, there is a small blind spot under the slope. Vic must have guessed that Wei Shen is in the wheat field after hearing the gunshots. If he rushes across the slope, he will only find someone to ignore it in the wheat field. In the rear, then the prostitute teacher will have a chance to pull Wei Jiang up."

     When Rong Ye and Hai Tao were analyzing for a while, Tuantuan on the side suddenly covered his mouth called out in alarm.

     "Ah! Look! Vic three rounds, he seems to want..."

     Hearing Tuantuan's exclamation, not only the commentary on the stage, but also the many audiences off the field and the live broadcast room opened their eyes, staring at the game screen closely.

     In the big screen picture.

     Liu Zilang was carrying Zhang Xiaotong, and the exhaust pipes of Sanbengzi "suddenly", the two of them drove all the way towards the slope where PDD and Wei Shen were.

     Gradually, Wei Shen and PDD under the slope realized that something was wrong!

      kneels down on the ground Wei Shen suddenly looked back at the PDD behind him, licked his dry lips, and said with a trembling voice:"Teacher whoring, do you think... this sound is a bit wrong?"

     "It's a bit wrong, too righteous."

     PDD nodded, hissed, "It feels like it's on my brain..."

     Looking at the "lost" PDD, Wei Shen's sighed saying was hesitating to take a gamble.

     He wasn't Liu Zilang, he couldn't do the kind of improper things that dragged his teammates into the water.

     "Let's go, teacher whoring, that guy seems to be coming at us in the face."

     "My duck!"

     PDD was taken aback, and hurriedly let go, like a cat with its tail stepped on, and jumped away, "I said something is wrong, this guy wants to kill us!"

     Speaking of the end, PDD had a temper, and made a choice that he and Wei Shen had evaded automatically from the beginning, and backhanded out the AKM in their hands.

     Hard work!

     The reason why they didn't make this choice before was because the former teammate Wei Shen and the PDD who used to queue together are very clear about how abnormal this guy is.

     What's more, there is also Zhang Xiaotong who "explodes" with a crossbow in his hand. PDD has no chance of winning together.

     But at this moment, if you can't avoid fighting, you can only give it a go.

     However, what PDD hadn't thought is...

     He just took out the gun and went up the slope on the other side, wanting to take the initiative to sortie and hit the other side a no time to deal with it.

     In the next moment, the picture in front of him made him unconsciously shrink his eyes, and his mouth suddenly opened wide!

     I fight Nima's watermelon skin!


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