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1298 Curse And Curse?
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

In fact, it is no wonder that PDD will suddenly run away.

     Believe in no matter who, when I finally gritted my teeth making a firm resolution and prepared for a bloody battle.

     What rushed in front of him was not an opponent, but an icy steel machine. I am afraid it would be like being poured with cold water in the twelfth lunar month of winter, and it feels so cold.

      At the same time, the three commentators on stage also suck in a cold breath for a long time!

     "My God! Vic actually overturned?!"

     "Three rounds of curse, it seems that Vic also has a hurdle he can't overcome."

     "But wait, this car flies like this, the prostitutes..."


     The confusion on the court and the shock on the stage were actually due to Liu Zilang's rollover, and the San Bengzi turned and jumped and flew over the faces of Wei Shen and PDD ahead.

     In this Life and Death Instant, PDD just the probe looked towards this side ...


      Beyond expectation, PDD was not flew out in an instant.

     Instead, he was put on the front of the car, his legs moved frantically, and drifted in the wheat field along with the sliding Sanbangzi.

     "Fuck! What is this ghost?"

     "Graceful Steps upon the Wave?"

     "No, it's the snakeskin footwork of teacher prostitute."


     At this time, PDD would rather have already flown.

     Because this Sanbangzi actually pushed him straight toward the tree not far from Shroud's body diagonally behind!Sure enough, in a blink of an eye, I only heard the sound of "Duang". The PDD blood bar caught between the tree and the three jumpers was like a pair of invisible hands that was tightly gripped and crazily squeezed, and there were countless spectators in the audience. in front of one's eyes vanish from sight.

     On the upper right side of the screen, a kill appears.

     "Se7en2-Vic drove the vehicle and killed the PDD!"

     "C9-Shroud finally killed 4AM-Godv!"

     Obviously, because Liu Zilang accidentally killed PDD in this wave of overturning, Shroud, who was already killed, also got the kill that he had just knocked down Wei Shen.

     But if the deciding game only ends here, Shroud's Bieber's two-person team has been determined already and missed the peak tonight.

      At the same time, the audience in the off-site and in the live broadcast room was also shocked by the tragic death of PDD. The countless barrage in the live broadcast room quickly rolled across the screen.

     "Wow, the prostitute is too miserable!"

     "Tsk tusk, Vic this guy is so human!"

     "If a three-wheeled car rolls over, I think maybe Vic didn't mean it..."

     "2333 Why do you such a saying, I think the teacher whoring is dead?"


     And compared to the audience water friends.

     On the commentary stage, Lord Rong looked at the number of kills on Liu Zilang's screen but couldn't help but analyze:

     "Now that the East Bridge is cleared, Vic has already killed 9 solo. With Xiaotongjiang's kill, I feel that although Vic is currently fourth in total points in the first two games, as long as he stays steady, he is still very good. Chance to compete with the top three hunk men's teams."

     "Well, of course you can't take it lightly."Hai Tao nodded slightly, looked up at the top right of the screen and continued:

     "After all, there are still more than half of the people on the court. Although Vic and the others have scored a lot of kill points, if they die here halfway, there is still no way to rank."

     "Oh, the poison is coming!"

     Tuantuan, who had been staring at the screen, suddenly screamed and eyes open wide said, "Vic's tricycle has just turned over, so now it can only be run by legs?"

     "Um... this is a problem."

     Rong Ye put his hands in front of him, looking thoughtful and said:

     "Vic and they have to run to P City Dongshan, which is the small green hill to the south of the school, to enter the lap. If there is no car, at this relative speed, when Vic and Xiaotongjiang enter the first lap, the second wave of poison It's almost time to brush."

     "Yes, if the second circle is not far away, it's okay, if it is far away, it will be uncomfortable."


     While explaining and analyzing the problems and situations that "East Bridge Survivors" Liu Zilang will face next.

     The director's footage was all of a sudden, and it was given to the school and the dormitory next to it.

     Everyone off the court was taken aback when they saw this, and they suddenly reacted.

     do not forget!

     At the beginning of the game, R City, the school and the dormitory buildings jumped out of the top three teams in the first two games.

     It’s just that the East Bridge is too intense, so there are relatively few shots here.When the guide shots arrived, the two "two men" team G God and Rocky, who had the first two total points in the first two games, were like the diamond-like on the roof of Empire Tower standing alone with a gun. A plane was flying on the high slope of the water tower south of City R.

     That's right, a short transport plane really flew past in the sky at this time.

     On the commentary stage, Lord Rong and Hai Tao looked at each other and couldn't help but shook their heads and burst into laughter.

     "Hehe, I didn't expect these foreigners to have a tradition of flying planes."

     "Superstition is too bad, we still have to be scientific in playing games."

     Unexpectedly, as soon as their voices fell, Tuantuan suddenly stood up and pointed to the sky, and opened his mouth inconceivable, "Tina! You guys... look at the sky!"

     Hearing Tuantuan's words, Rong Ye and Hai Tao raised the head to look. When they were about to tease, they got stuck in their throats, their mouths slightly open irresistibly!

      At the same time, the audience in the off-site and in the live broadcast room was also a bit stunned!

     "Isn't it! It actually fell down?"

     "Fuck, son of Europe and America, can you drop airdrops while flying?"

     "The spear and stone hammer dropped by air! There is no washing!"

     "But the location of this airdrop... I don't think it's that simple."


     There was a rush of discussion off the court.

     The plane passed over the school and headed straight for the small green hill to the south of the school.

     Of course, no one cares about the plane at this time.

      At this time, the attention of everyone on and off the court was entirely focused on the airdrop box falling slowly over the road between the school and the high slope of the north water tower.On the commentary stage, Rong Ye and Hai Tao have already recovered his wits from this wave of "metaphysical airdrops."

     But facing the place where the airdrop dropped, the brows of the two also couldn't bear frowned.

     "Hiss——!" Hai Tao took a deep breath, turned his head and glanced at the Lord Rong next to him, and said, "The location of this airdrop is a bit messy to me."

     "Indeed, there are people in the school, water tower and dormitory building. The airdrop has come down, but it feels like it was deliberately causing a war."

     "I'm afraid it's more than that. You know that this place is on the edge of the circle. There are still many teams on the north and east maps to enter the circle. I am afraid that there are very few airdrops on their faces that say they are not emotional."

     "Tsk tusk, it seems that the school, the dormitory building and the high slope of the water tower will probably become a terrible area like a meat grinder."


     The on-stage commentary's macro prediction from God's perspective was quickly verified, and the first team to be recruited was a team from Wanwan from the bridge northeast of R City.

     This team is naturally the East Gate of AHQ and the female anchor Cubs.

     After crossing the bridge, the two drove along the road and passed through the "farm house" on the east side of City R. The one on the side of the road in front was about to land, and seemed to brave the "hot" airdrop and jumped into the eyes of the two people coldly.



     The two people in the car cried at the same time.

     The female anchor Xiao Xiong exclaimed excitedly, "Look, Dongmen! Airdrop, there is an airdrop ahead!"

     Although Dongmen, who was hit by the airdrop, was equally excited, but his face was forcibly calm, lower the voice and said:"Calm down, let's observe first to prevent anyone around."

     "Yeah." Little Xiong nodded immediately and murmured obediently, "Everything depends on Brother Dongmen. They only need an eightfold mirror and AWM."

     The corner of Dongmen's mouth was crooked!

     You want a hammer eight times AWM!

     However, it is not yet known who will be the winner. It is too early to discuss the distribution of materials in the airdrop at this time.

     Therefore, Dongmen endured his strong desire to complain and calmly drove around the airdrop.

     So in the following time, everyone off the court watched the car circle around the airdrop in the middle, and Li Muqiu, who was on the roof of the dormitory building, twitched slightly.

     "What is this silly doing?"

     He turn the head and looks to Su Changming.

     "Uh..." Su Changming shrugged, rubbing his nose and guessing, "Perhaps it is some kind of ritual, just like Xiao Qinmei always closes her eyes and prays before eating."

     Hearing this answer from Su Changming, the corners of Li Muqiu's mouth also twisted...

     As for the east gate of AHQ, the more circles he goes around, the more stable his heart is. The little bear also said excitedly, "Wow! There are really no one!"

     "Well, but still can't be careless." Dongmen was forced to press his excitement.

      there's no time to lose, makes a decision when it's time to decide.

     If you hesitate any longer, if there is no one here, but someone comes back, then he will regret it.Thinking of this, Dongmen slammed the steering wheel and rushed over the airdrop box emitting attractive red smoke on the side of the road.

     Hesitate and lose.

     Men should be ruthless!

     However, the East Gate was full of heroism and passion, and fell in the eyes of the audience off the court...

     Everyone looked at the jeep as if they were looking at a hearse.

     The next moment, bang sound, stopped on the airdrop box.

     "My AW..."

     The little bear jumped out of the car cheerfully.

     Unexpectedly, she hasn't even finished his sentence, and a bloody mist burst out of her body coldly!

     In an instant, the gunshots from the school and the high slope to the north suddenly became one, and the sound was like rain!

     "Fuck, there is an ambush!" Dongmen Listening In On Arguments From Afar hurriedly shouted, "Come to the east."

     At this moment, the jeep and the airdrop connect together. They hide on the east side, and they can block the attack on the high slope of the school and the north water tower!

     However, when the East Gate never expected, the two of them had just escaped from the limit of residual blood. Before they had time to catch their breath, there were two cracking sounds from the north without omen!

     Puff puff puff--!

     The blood blossoms, the figure fell to the ground, and two kills on the screen appeared one after another.

     The result was no surprise. The two kills were naturally Li Muqiu and Su Changming on the roof of the east dormitory building.

     On the commentary stage, Lord Rong suddenly eyes shined and tweeted, "Autumn God and Su Boss This human head are a great grab!"

     "Oh? How do you say?" Hai Tao turned around and asked.A smile appeared on Ye Rong’s face, “I don’t know if you have noticed that when shooting at the school and the water tower, Mr. Su and Qiu Shen didn’t immediately fire.”

      Hearing until here, Haitao immediately understood, "I understand, this created the illusion that no one on the east side of the east gate, hiss, it is really easy to grab!"

      At the same time, Satan from the school and Rocky on the high slope of the water tower also realized that they had made wedding gowns for others, but they were a little annoyed at the same time taking the two people on the top of the dormitory have no alternative.

     However, there are quite a few teams from the east and north that have not made the lap. Dongmen and Cubs are just the beginning.

     There is an airdrop at the door of their entry, and there are not many that can resist the temptation.

     "Oh! This wave of SKT's Mercedes-Benz actually ran away!"

     "It's a pity that the smile and Geng Xin just jumped off the car and the other was shot down in the car. Fortunately, Qiu Shen took one of them in the head."

     "Speaking of which, the Liquid team is a bit cruel. The two of them beat Qiu Shen just before they died. Fortunately, Boss Su can help people."

     "Why is it only my Qiu Shen being beaten?"

     "Autumn God said he is used to it."

     "But now that the gunfire has sounded, the team entering the circle below has someone to help find the way. It should be able to avoid this trap and ambush."

     "Eh wait! Look, there are cars coming from the east!"

     "Isn't it? Is there still a human head at this time?"

     "Oh, it's SKT's Kim and Yoona! They posted directly to the east dormitory building!"

     In the exclamation of the commentary, everyone's eyes gathered together following the director's camera!...

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