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1299 The Wheel Of Destiny!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Gold player swelled?

     If it's swelling after driving, then Jin Douhuan said that he has nothing to say.

     In fact, the game started looking for a car and took Yoona to the development of Jin Doo-hwan at Port L on the far right of the map.

     On the contrary, it can be said to be very stable.

     As for the early stage of the game, Kim Doo-hwan also took Yoona to avoid the fight. Perhaps their only impulse in this game was the post on the dormitory.

     Chi Chi Chi Chi——!

     Bumping rubbed on the grass at the back door of the dormitory building, and soon stopped at the back door.

     "Quickly, Yoona xi get off the car!" Kim Doo-hwan screamed and quickly jumped out of the car.

     However, Yoona looked at her left and right somewhat worriedly, and whispered quietly, "I heard the gunshots in front of me are quite noisy, there won't be anyone."

     The corner of Jin Douhuan's eyes twitched slightly, and he said that you really guessed it right.

     But he said with relief, "It's okay, it's okay, I'll be in front, and Yooner xi will follow me behind."

     With that said, Jin Douhuan took a long breath and smashed into the building with a gun.

     Yoona bit her silver teeth lightly, wrinkled her small nose, and stomped slightly followed in.


     On the commentary stage, looking at the footage given by the director, Lord Rong couldn't help taking a deep breath.

     "It's rare. Although Player Kim and Yoona didn't jump to large resource points in this game, we can see that their equipment is really a bit luxurious."Haitao on the side heard the words and immediately nodded and said, "Yes, both of them are Grade 3 A, and the main and auxiliary weapons and accessories are almost complete. It seems that Jin and Yoona should be on the way from Port L in this game. It is also developing continuously, otherwise the development of Port L will definitely not work."

     "That's true." Rongye nodded slightly and said, looking thoughtful, "It's no wonder that the two of them entered the lap in this game so late, and the poison almost retracted before starting the lap."

     "At present they and the boss of Qiu Shensu, although they are still there in the dormitory building, in fact, the distance between the two is quite a bit, and there is a puzzle building in between."

      After spoke until here, Hai Tao pondered, and continued, "This wave of words...I think the choice of player Jin may seem reckless, but it has exactly the effect of turning passiveness into activeness."

     Rong Ye thought for a while, and immediately nodded his approval, "Yes, they actually broke the three-legged situation of school, dormitory building and high slope of water tower when they entered the building, making themselves one of them. Members, this idea is what other teams hadn't thought of being beaten or simply passing by."

     "Oh, Qiu Shen has been helped by Boss Su."

     "Then what do you say next? Boss Su and Qiu Shen should have heard the sound of a car here, knowing that an outsider has come in here, do you think you will go over and clear it first?"

     "How can you allow others to sleep soundly on the side of the couch, I think the character of Qiu Shen is not reckless as if he cannot be justified."

     "The problem is that there are other teams entering the circle now, and Qiu Shen should all be busy taking heads.""If this is the case, then I think let others sleep nothing else."


     While explaining and analyzing the situation on this occasion, along with the contraction of the radiation grid, there are indeed many teams in the northeast who have to enter the circle from here.

     No one wants to use airdrops as traps this time. After all, there are so many cars in disorder around the airdrops. No matter how tempting the airdrops are, no one will be ignored by the surrounding tragedy.

     But the temptation failed, and everyone on the airdrop simply chose to take the initiative to sortie.

     After the teams outside the circle entered the circle, they were beaten by the four teams splitting the head and covering the face before even seeing the airdrop.

     In this case, only those teams with better luck can get away with it, and most of the teams are shot directly into the vehicle.

     Just as the atmosphere on the field was getting more and more high, everything from the director's shots suddenly went to Xiaoqingshan to the south of the school, which is on the east mountain of P city.

     Everyone off the court saw it all in a daze!

     "What's the situation? Don't cut it randomly!"

     "Huh? Look! Isn't that Vic?"

     "Isn't it? Wasn't Vic just on the East Bridge? This guy runs so fast?"

     "Oh! He seems to have built a motorcycle!"

     "That's no wonder..."

     "Huh, how did they stop?"


     on the hill.

     Liu Zilang said to Zhang Xiaotong with a stern face and a serious face, "Little friends will have a little friend of Yazi, why are you riding so young?"

     "I want a muddy widow!"Zhang Xiaotong immediately stood up and argued, "Moreover...and this is a motorcycle."

     Liu Zilang gave a dry cough, "Motorcycles are more dangerous."

     "I...I have good driving skills."

     After Zhang Xiaotong finished speaking, he took a guilty glance at Liu Zilang, and immediately summons courage said, "If the car rolls over, then I won't ride it anymore."

     Where's the chance when my life is gone?

     Liu Zilang deadpan's heart complained, but in the end he couldn't reach Zhang Xiaotong's coax and pester, and he could only agree to let her ride a certain distance, and marked her with a point on the map.

     The two agreed to stop at a certain point, and then gave Liu Zilang the motorcycle to ride.

     Zhang Xiaotong naturally cherished this hard-earned opportunity, and hurriedly resembled chicken pecking rice repeatedly nodded. Soon after he was afraid that Liu Zilang would repent on the front seat, he happily twisted his butt on the chair.

     Liu Zilang's eyes twitched when he saw this, and there was always a bad feeling in his heart.

     But the words have been exported, O'Neill sauce is an iron gentleman of "a team of horses cannot unsay it", so he is naturally not good to change his words.


     Next, after Zhang Xiaotong was excitedly motocrossing the mountains and forests, all the way "Su Wei Su Wei" fell and washed down the slope north of Xiaoqing Mountain, Liu Zilang finally knows where that bad feeling came from...

     This gunshot is too violent, right?

     Liu Zilang originally marked the high slope of the water tower on the map. At this time, there was obviously someone there when he heard the gunshots, and if he guessed correctly, he was probably two hunks.

     Where does he dare to pass this?

     So Liu Zilang hurriedly stopped in his voice, "Wait! Wait! Let's not go there anymore!"Zhang Xiaotong also found that something was wrong, and asked in a small shuddering voice, "Then...where are we going?"

     "The school...it's not right! There are people in the school."

     Liu Zilang clapped his hands and said, "Dormitory building! Let's go to the dormitory building next to the school!"

     "Oh!" Zhang Xiaotong nodded straight like a chicken pecking rice, rushed over as soon as he turned the front of the car.

     Under the guide lens of the big screen, I saw the motorcycle coming from the small green hill in the south towards the dormitory building, everyone at the field was a little dumbfounded!

     "Uh... How did Vic and the others rush there?"

     "Autumn God and Boss Su are there, this wave is about to end!"

     As soon as the off-court talk came out, as expected, Li Muqiu, who was on the top of the puzzle building, shifted his firepower and fired at this uninvited guest!

     Whoops whoops——!

     Countless bullets are coming head-on like rain!


     A bloody mist burst out of Zhang Xiaotong in the front row, and the little girl was shocked!

     But this time, before Liu Zilang gave further instructions, Zhang Xiaotong's instinctive psychology of seeking advantages and avoiding disadvantages made Zhang Xiaotong turn the front again!

     It was almost sticking to the wall next to the puzzle building, and rushed over to the puzzle building on the high slope north of the dormitory area all of a sudden!

     Seeing Zhang Xiaotong's timely response, Liu Zilang sitting in the back seat suddenly sighed in relief.

     However, at this moment, the audience's eyes widened when they saw it!

     On the presiding commentary stage, Tuantuan couldn't help but slightly open his mouth, and hurriedly said in a panic:

     "Ah Xiaotong sauce! There... not there..."......