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1300 Be Yourself Tongjiang!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

You can not climb the mountain forever, but you must have a mountain in your heart.

     ——Doo Huan. Jin.

     There is a high slope on the north side of the dormitory and the top of the puzzle building.

     Jin Douhuan stood on the edge of the building with his hands in his hands. The wind from the north rolled down from the mountains and forests, gently blowing across his face, passing through Cheng Liang's third-level armor on him, and let out a low whimper.

     "Here." Jin Douhuan said suddenly, with no expression on his stern face.

     Gunshots in the hinterland of the school were like a wave, the sound of bullets breaking through the air and the tremor of metal became a piece!

     Another team entering the circle accidentally entered the "meat grinder" and faced a baptism like wild winds and rain.

     Yoona, who was sitting in front of the computer, leaned forward slightly, staring blankly in that direction.

     However, her vision was blocked by a tall building obliquely in front of her, and the M4 she held in her hand was delayed without firing a shot, and her heart was scratching like a cat's paw.

     When she heard Kim Doo Hwan's words, Yoona couldn't help being slightly surprised, turning her head and saying blankly, "What's coming?"

     This time, before Kim Doo-hwan answered, Yoona responded one shivers.


     The sound of a motorcycle came into the ears of the two men from far and near from the direction of Xiaoqingshan to the south.

      No need to look at this time at all, and agree by chance in their minds came up with a galloping motorcycle.

     The audience also "coaxed" the discussion all at once.

     "Oh! Vic...No, it's Xiaotongjiang! Xiaotongjiang is a bit panicked in this wave!""Well, it seems that they were trying to avoid this wave of Qiu Shen's shooting, so they were pulling the tall building to the north, but they didn't expect that there were people in that tall building."

     "The main reason is that the vision of Player Kim and Yoona was blocked and they couldn't shoot. If there were gunshots, Vic would definitely not go up like this."

     "Then how do you say this wave, they will soon enter the strike range of Jin and Yoona."

     "For motorcycles... It should be there's no problem faster, right?"

     "It's hard to say, if it's Vic's motorcycle, it's okay, Xiaotongjiang's motorcycle is probably..."

     "How to drip? Look down on my Tong Jiang's driving skills?"


     Just as everyone was talking in low voices off the court, the roof of a building on the north slope of the dormitory suddenly heard a burst of gunfire like strong wind and swift rain.

     Whoops whoops——!

     Countless bullets hit the face fiercely!

     "My Ma Duck!" Zhang Xiaotong, who was riding a motorcycle, was shocked.

     She pulled her perspective dumbfounded, raised her head and glanced at the flashing fire on the roof of the building in front of her, and suddenly said in a slightly trembling voice:

     "Here... why are there people here?"


     Bullets flicked by, and blood blossoms unconsciously bloomed quietly.

     However, this shot did not fall on Zhang Xiaotong in the front, but on Liu Zilang in the back seat, causing his blood volume to drop unexpectedly.

     "Don't be stunned."

     Liu Zilang was beaten to bare one's fangs, shaking his arm vigorously and gesturing:

     "Hurry up! Go there!"At this time, the enemy's firepower was too fierce, and Liu Zilang didn't dare to indulge it in the slightest even if the third-level A was in him.

     Zhang Xiaotong was gotten one shivers by Liu Zi, and he immediately reacted!

     She shook her head from side to side like a puppy, and quickly recovered his wits.

     Immediately, the speed of the car was flicking on the slope, turning almost 90 degrees to the other side.

     Puff puff--!

     In an instant, a wave of bullets hit the slope ahead, like rain hitting a beach, making countless pits on the slope.

     Obviously, if Zhang Xiaotong reacts later, no matter whether it falls on the body or on the car, there will be no good results.

     "Wow! Xiaotongjiang's car skills are okay!"

     "This sudden drift makes me look silly. It turns out that Tongjiang is the famous autumn mountain bike god!"

     "Then Xiaojin and Yoona seem to be stuck in their field of vision now. The vertical height of their place is too steep, and they can't hit anyone at all."

     "Tsk tusk, who just said that Tongjiang's car skills are not good?"

     "Oh! Xiao Jin didn't want to give up yet, he jumped from the top of the building to the balcony on the second floor."



     In the game game, Liu Zilang sitting in the back seat was long relaxed, and by the way gave a thumbs up to Zhang Xiaotong.

     "Not bad not bad, this car has improved its skills."

     Zhang Xiaotong sat on the chair and twisted his small ass. He was praised for being very happy but shook his head.

     "Huh! My driving skills have been...

     It has always been possible. "At the end of the talk, her voice dropped again, as if she was embarrassed with a guilty conscience.

     Liu Zilang couldn't help but corner of the mouth twitches when he heard the words, it is rare that you still have a bit of a mystery...

     But the next moment, he turned his head and looked ahead, but the expression on his face suddenly became frightened!

     "Watch the road, watch the road and watch the road!"


     The coyful Zhang Xiaotong raised the head to look, and that "Ah?" suddenly became "Ah!"

     The next moment, there was a loud sound, everyone off the court felt the eardrum tremble, but the eyes staring at the large screen suddenly widened!

     At this moment, it seemed that Gonggong was outraged, and it seemed that a pig had hit a tree.

     Just after Zhang Xiaotong's motorcycle rushed over a slope after a sharp turn, he ran straight into the telephone pole in front of the puzzle building next door.

     In PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, there is an unchanging since times immemorial rule that even if it is a wooden pole, it cannot be easily destroyed by humans.

      Not surprisingly, kuang duang'ed after the loud noise. The wooden telegraph pole did not even deform the visible to the naked eye.

     But the motorcycle with its front wheels at full speed hitting the wire poles, but in a faster and more miserable posture, it spun upside down in the air at extreme speed!


     Liu Zilang and Zhang Xiaotong in the car almost at the same time a mouthful of blood spewed out, and the blood bars of the two became red at the same time!

     That's it!

     Liu Zilang felt cold for a moment!Unexpectedly, at this moment, Jin Douhuan, who jumped from the top of the building to the balcony on the second floor, just changed the bullet. He heard the rumbling in his ears, and he was slightly surprised and leaned out from behind the wall with a flash of lightning. Spear Departs like a Dragon!

     Da da...!


     Between this Lightning Spark...

     Under the shocking eyes of countless audiences...

     Just when Jin Douhuan leaned out and pulled the trigger, he blacking out unexpectedly!

      Without omen, the motorcycle that flew back upside down when hit on a telephone pole hit the head!


     Jin Douhuan instantly vomited blood three feet, and he knelt directly on the balcony.

     I'm Nima... Asi! ! !

     "Xiaotong sauce drove the vehicle and knocked down SKT-Azrael!"

     The knockdown hint on the screen has been swiped.

     The audience in the audience suddenly stirred up waves with a stone, and the buzzing sound of discussion rippled round and round like ripples, and everyone couldn't help but recall that sentence.

     The pig hit the tree.

     You hit a pig.

      At the same time, the barrage in the live broadcast room also flew up, and countless barrage rolled past the screen.

     "No! Xiaotong, this is..."

     "Return vehicle method! I know, this is the legendary return vehicle method!"

     "Tongjiang is a show! I'm very good at this driving skills!"

     "The gold player has done something wrong, don't anyone care about me, Xiaojin?"

     "Oh yes, it looks like Player Kim was knocked down by a motorcycle again!"

     "Gold player: @%#%"

     "..."At this moment, Jin Douhuan's eyes looked hollow at 45°, with a cold and secluded light in his eyes.

     The sky the sun shines brightly, a blue like a wash, but at this time in his heart there seems to be a mountain.

     It is raining on the mountain.

     "Doo Huan xi! Doo Huan xi!" Yoona yelled twice, and then jumped down from the top of the building.

     Hearing Yoona's silver bell-like voice, Kim Doo-hwan suddenly recovered his wits suddenly, and his eyes regained a gleam.


     I haven't lost yet!

     "Help, hurry! Help me!" Jin Douhuan hurriedly said.

     He had just noticed that the opponent's motorcycle was out of control and flew upside down. Although he was very unlucky and strickenly hit, it wouldn't be too easy for him to fall out of that situation, and he would have to peel off without dying.

     At this moment, they are all on the balcony, and the other party wants to come up either from the top of the building or from the second floor corridor through the window. Both of these take time.

     And if Yoona can rescue him in this short period of time, then Kim Doo-hwan believes that he may not have the opportunity to fight a beautiful counterattack!

      Thought until here, Kim Doo-hwan's eyes suddenly became fierce, looking like a Corgi who had just been abused by Teddy...


      at the same time, just when Zhang Xiaotong rushed to the north.

     The "indigenous" Li Muqiu in the dormitory building saw another team bypassing his gun line, so he bashing sideways and colliding straight on came in without saying hello, still behind making such a big movement.

     Suddenly, the little flame in his heart suddenly "teng" jumped up!

     Hey!Tigers don’t send meows, do you think I’m Hello KT?

     "Boss Su here, I'll be right back." Li Muqiu said, the person has rushed to the edge of the building, jumped directly from the top of the building to the balcony, and immediately landed in a two-stage jump. To the ground.

     Just at this moment, there was another crashing sound from the north!

     Li Muqiu raised the head to look, and the kill of "Xiaotong sauce" was quickly displayed on the screen.

     After he was slightly startled, his whole person suddenly became excited!

     "That guy, that kid is here!" Li Muqiu cut out the AKM, yelling and rushing to the north.

     When Su Changming saw Li Muqiu's cold chicken, he couldn't help but smile, and he could only exhort:

     "Stay steady, you first look at the OB, I will defeat the north team and go there."

     "Don't worry, boss Su."

     Li Muqiu chuckled, but looked around vigilantly like a thief, and soon spotted the motorcycle slowly sliding down the slope.


     Li Muqiu frowned.



      At this moment, the blood volume of Liu Zilang and Zhang Xiaotong looks a bit heart-shattering.

     The two of them just hit the telephone pole at the entrance of the puzzle building in front, flew back and fell to the ground and spit out a mouthful of blood.

     If this wave weren't for both of them in the car, and most of the damage that the motorcycle offsets, if they landed directly, the two of them would have already doubled their boxes by now.

     The door closed with a bang.

     Liu Zilang was long and relaxed.Zhang Xiaotong also turned his head and looked at Liu Zilang, his small face was full of shock.

     Just now, Liu Zilang clearly knew that there was more than one team in the dormitory, so naturally he did not dare to fight drugs outside.

     So as soon as the motorcycle landed, he took Zhang Xiaotong and ran from the back door to the building and closed the door.

     The house has been sheltered from wind and rain since ancient times, and of course it can give people a sense of security. Zhang Xiaotong patted the bear.

     "Huh! Good risk, good risk!"

     Liu Zilang looked at her angrily, "I'm so embarrassed to say that you are going to heaven after just a few words."

     Zhang Xiaotong lowered her head in frustration when she heard it. In this case, she was really difficult to clarify.

     But after a few whistles, she suddenly remembered something in her heart, and immediately raised her small head coldly snorted.

     "I... I just knocked down someone!"

     When he said this, Liu Zilang suddenly remembered.

     When I was tremble with fear in the air, it seemed that a hapless guy tilted his head from the balcony and sat on his head by the back of the motorcycle.

     It is estimated that he is already kneeling on the ground.

     Thinking of this, he cannot bear raised his head and glanced at the upper right of the screen, the expression on his face was startled.

     Why is it him again?

     Liu Zilang could not be said to be more familiar with the ID of Jin Douhuan.

     Moreover, this familiar "taste and formula" made Liu Zilang's mouth twitch violently twice.

     This guy is really a cup!

     But what kind of melon do I have?Liu Zilang squinted and looked at Zhang Xiaotong on the side, pretending to be surprised, "Oh? Tongjiang? Is this also in your calculations?"

     Hearing Liu Zilang's question, Zhang Xiaotong was stunned, and suddenly small face slightly red bowed his head and said hard:

     "Of course, do you think I am you, huh!"

     "Tong sauce...Oh!" Liu Zilang suddenly sighed saying, seriously, "Be a man."



     Liu Zilang laughed wildly after speaking, and finally had the opportunity to say this to others.

     Zhang Xiaotong was dumbfounded when he heard it, tilted his head and looked at Liu Zilang in a puzzled manner.

     Liu Zilang didn't wait for her to react, and immediately shifted the topic and said, "Go! That guy seems to be in this building, let's make up for him."

     With that, he took the lead and charged.

     The two had just entered through the left back door of this puzzle building, but Liu Zilang passed through the side room just about to enter the corridor, but there was a sound of rustling footsteps in his ears.

     In an instant, his face immediately became vigilant, and the hand that opened the door suddenly stopped.

     Outside the building, Li Muqiu, who had just touched the uphill wretched body and started walking quietly against the root of the wall, heard the footsteps in the building suddenly disappear, in the heart cannot help inwardly cursed.

     Hemp egg!

     The ears are so good.

     This kid is a dog!

     At this point, he naturally knew that he had been discovered.

     Although guessing that the opponent might not have much blood, Li Muqiu naturally did not dare to attack the building rashly under the indefinite situation.

     After thinking about it, he suddenly backhanded out a thunder from his bag.zeng~, the insurance of the grenade was immediately removed, and Li Muqiu threw it into it through the window.

     He didn't ask for a thunder, he just wanted to harass the other party not to give them a chance to give them medicine, and waited for Su Changming to solve it and support him.

     It's a pity that he came too late. I didn't know that there were two people "shiver coldly" on the balcony directly above his head, kneeling and supporting, otherwise the thunder might not be greeting Liu Zilang in the building.

     However, such result, Li Muqiu and Liu Zilang in the building stalemate, but Jin Douhuan on the balcony upstairs found another opportunity in desperate situation!

     This time, he is going over the mountain.