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1301 Give Me A Chance, I Think...
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:


     The violent explosion sounded loudly, the strong air wave instantly shattered the glass on the window, and countless dust on the floor of the building also rose up in this instant!

     The thunder that Li Muqiu threw into the building exploded.

      has to say, the scene caused by his thunder looked very explosive, but it did not cause any actual damage. For Liu Zilang, who was squatting in the bathroom, it was drizzle.


     After the thunder explosion, Liu Zilang opened the door and walked out.

     Looking at the messy room, he couldn't help but said painfully, "The guy outside should be the team that just beat us. It's a bit difficult now."

     "What happened?" Zhang Xiaotong hid in the door of the bathroom, poking his head carefully and looking out, as if he was ready to retract again at any time.

     Liu Zilang checked his vision behind the wall and found that the front door of the puzzle building was open, and the corner of his eyes twitched slightly.

     If the door is closed, it's okay, maybe you can still fight with one hand posture and marksmanship, but in this case, if Liu Zilang still forcibly rushes, then the old birthday star is tired of hanging himself.'s a trick!

     Liu Zilang rolled his eyes, looked around, and finally turned his head to look at Zhang Xiaotong, suddenly showing an inexplicable smile on his face.

     Zhang Xiaotong was looking out the window quietly, for fear that the other party would throw another thunder in. Unexpectedly, he turned his head and found that Liu Zilang was looking at her with a smile.She suddenly had one shivers in her heart. Before Liu Zilang spoke, Zhang Xiaotong's head was shook like a rattle, and his face was like "Tongtong doesn't know, it's nothing to do with Tongtong".

     Liu Zilang: ...

     Seeing Zhang Xiaotong's appearance, his words, "I think you have wonderful bones, why don't you go ahead and explore the way..." are like stuck in his throat, and he can't speak anymore.

      At this moment, Liu Zilang said that he was very worried, and even missed Misaka Kotomi's hapy silly apprentice...

     If that iron-headed baby was there, he would have been led by Flicker to charge.


     The past is unbearable to recall.

     A long sigh came up leisurely.


     Host the commentary stage.

     Rong Ye put his hands around his chest, currently looking directly at the game screen in front of him.

     "Oh, Yoona is about to pull people up."

      spoke until here ,荣爷不由 sighed saying.

     "Autumn God's arrival is too untimely. He just froze on Vic's side, but instead gave the gold player a chance."

     "Well, that's right." Hai Tao followed nodded and brows slightly wrinkle and analyzed:

     "And based on this situation, Qiu Shen is afraid that something will go wrong next."

     "Oh? What do you say?" Rong Ye turned the head and looks to Hai Tao slightly surprised.

     "Look, contestant Kim and Yoona are on the balcony directly above Qiushen's head."

     Haitao pointed at the big screen slowly said:"The current situation is that they clearly know that Qiu Shen is below, but Qiu Shen only knows that there are people in the building, and they don't know that they are on top of their heads."

     "Wow! It seems to be so!" Tuantuan nodded said.

     The Lord Rong on the side also reacted and couldn't help but said in a looking thoughtful way:

     "Then say... Qiu Shen has to be careful with this wave. A person who accidentally feels that it is very likely to be stolen by the two people overhead.

     "That's what I said..." Hai Tao suddenly said with a smile, "But I don't think it would be so easy for Golden Player to steal Qiu Shen."

     "The reason why Qiu Shen didn't find anyone in Forehead now was largely because Yoona and Player Jin were saving people, and motionless like a statue didn't make any noise."

     "However, there is no way for Golden Player to hit Qiu Shen directly. When he is helped up, whether it is cutting the gun or moving the gun in a small area, the line will make a sound. I believe that Qiu Shen's hearing is not surprisingly certain. You can hear the movement above."

     Hearing Hai Tao's analysis, Master Rong also reacted, and he couldn't help but smashed his mouth and said:

     "Then putting it that way, although Player Kim is the enemy is in the light but I am in the dark, it is a bit difficult to do sth when least expected to kill Qiu Shen."

     "Well, this is the competition of top professional players." Hai Tao stared at the camera of the director and said without blinking, "If you want One Hit Kill to kill the opponent, you must find a perfect opportunity."

     Hearing Hai Tao's words, the audiences off the scene and in the live broadcast room suddenly showed looking thoughtful expressions.

     Of course, Liu Zilang is also looking thoughtful at this moment.Zhang Xiaotong squatted in the bathroom behind him and couldn't come out alive. It was as difficult as ever to flick her up and sell her. Liu Zilang had to give up and find another way.

     At this moment, Zhang Xiaotong behind him suddenly muttered somewhat suspicious:

     "Why haven't you jumped and killed yet? Wouldn't it have been helped up?"

     She was the one who just rode the motorcycle, and it was her who flew back and knocked down Jin Douhuan.

     So if you jump to kill, the head is naturally hers, so it's no wonder this little girl is so eager to see through.

     Hearing Zhang Xiaotong's mutter, Liu Zilang couldn't help being a little speechless, worried that the head was gone and you were still hiding there.

     He was thinking about "enlightening" Zhang Xiaotong from a different point of view, but at this moment, Liu Zilang suddenly a thought flashed through the mind, subconsciously repeating what Zhang Xiaotong had just said in his mind.

     Wouldn't it have been helped up?


     Suddenly, his eyes shined!

     Immediately afterwards, Liu Zilang listened carefully to the rustling footsteps of the man who came down the outer wall of the building, and after estimating the time in his heart, the corners of his mouth suddenly rose slightly.

     At this time, the director just gave the player the shot.

     Seeing Liu Zilang's unprepared smile on the corner of his mouth, many audience members were taken aback.

     "Fuck! This familiar smile..."

     "No, isn't anyone going to be unlucky?"

     "Oh! Vic is out!"

     "His--! This guy seems to be facing Qiu Shen!"


     Da Da Da——!

     The wild and violent gunfire soon sounded.Sure enough, Liu Zilang's spear moved with people, and while the muzzle was flashing, countless bullets flowed out like countless streams through the aisle of the puzzle building!

     "?Ooo! Vic's firepower is so fierce!"

     "Vic vs. Autumn God, the strongest twin star battle?"

     "Haha, this wave has to be seen!"

     For a moment, the many audiences off the court all stared with excitement.

     But gradually...

     Everyone found out that this was due to the "Mars hitting the Earth" macho in their imagination...

     It seems a bit not quite the same!

     Liu Zilang obviously took a rifle M16, but at this time he was playing with the feeling of "squirting". The figure flashed into the corridor for no more than 0.5 seconds.

     Not to mention that the other party can't aim, he himself can scan without a sight.

     Behind the door of the building, Li Muqiu's eyes twitched violently when he saw this. This guy is Nima playing with me, right?

     He was a little angry!

     After hitting the shuttle again, Li Muqiu took a deep breath, and behind the door behind him, he took out a shock bomb with his backhand.

     Compared to the grenades that require preheating, the shock bomb is undoubtedly more suitable for this kind of close attack.

     At this moment, gunshots sounded again in the building.

     Li Muqiu sneered!

     In the next instant, he saw his figure slamming out like an electric flash, and throwing the thunder out with his hand.

     Go you!

     Cang Dang! boom!

     The shock bomb hit the door frame and immediately bounced into the room on the left. Before it hit the ground, it burst open, and a cluster of sparks shone out of thin air.

      it's now!Li Muqiu's eyes narrowed, he touched AKM with his backhand, and strode forward while holding it! ! !

     Unexpectedly, just as he was about to enter the door, a small noise suddenly rang directly above his head.

     In the next moment, without omen, there was a rush of gunshots from the top of the back of the head that made hair stood on end.

      Between flash of lightning, morning dew, Li Muqiu who couldn't react just turned around.

     But before the muzzle was raised, I saw a person behind to drop from the sky, and countless bullets slammed into his face.

     In a blink of an eye, Li Muqiu's face suddenly bloomed with red flowers, and his blood bar was instantly emptied!

     "SKT-Azrael knocked down Se7en2-Lech with M16A4!"


     Li Muqiu staggered and knelt to the ground unsteadily.

     Suddenly, one shivers in his mind seemed to be a lot...a lot...

     In the end, all kinds of emotions surged in my heart and turned into a sentence that popped out between the teeth, dry Li Liang's cunning villain!