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1302 Beat My Teammate! (Thanks To The "yangxxxx" Cute Host For Support)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

"Wow! Autumn God is down again!"

     The front row of the auditorium under the stage.

     Kotomi Misaka covered her face with her hands, and her big smart eyes peeked at the game screen on the big screen through her fingers, looking like a can't bear to look straight.

     Not far away were two young men in Se7en uniforms, a deadpan, sitting upright, hands folded on their raised knees.

      yet another, lying on a chair as if his whole body is boneless, a pair of long legs dragged forward a figure eight, drowsily looking at the big screen on the stage.

     These two are naturally Shen Zeyan and Gao Yunyang.

     Hearing Misaka Kotomi's exclamation, Gao Yunyang couldn't help but laugh and teased:

     "Qiu Shen fell to the ground or it is simply, that is our Se7en unique, Su boss really chose the right person today."

     After speaking, he looked at Misaka Kotomi with a smile, "Little Kotomi, you said that if you changed to me today, your master would have been beaten down long ago."

     Gao Yunyang and Li Muqiu are both Se7en2's two ace assaulters, and their strength is between the same.

     Hearing Gao Yunyang's words, Misaka Kotomi couldn't help pouting, twisting her head pretending that she hadn't heard, but muttered quietly in her mouth:

     "It's wet so I won't be beaten down by you, it's almost the same to beat you down."

     Her voice, neither too big nor too small, just reached the ears of Shen Zeyan and Gao Yunyang beside them.

     Gao Yunyang took a somewhat stunned corner of the mouth twitches, and immediately shook the head, continuing to say with a smile:

     "I don't see that you are quite loyal to your master, but he brought Tongjiang without you in today's game."After speaking, Gao Yunyang's face was about to show an interesting look.

     Hearing Gao Yunyang's words, Misaka Kotomi pouted, as if she wanted to refute, but she thought about searching one's guts and belly for a long time, but couldn't find any suitable reason, and finally lowered her head in frustration.

     But he couldn't help but peeked at Liu Zilang who was on the stage, and he suddenly muttered a little bit inwardly.

     Seeing this scene beside him, the corner of Shen Zeyan's mouth twitched unconsciously, and his face turned away indifferently.

     Obviously, he is not too much interested in Gao Yunyang's bewitching Misaka Kotomi's "traitor".


     In the game competition, Liu Zilang naturally didn't know that his stupid apprentice was on the verge of "rebellion".

     He just made a move deliberately just to create an opportunity for Jin Douhuan above, but he didn't expect that the person outside with him for a long time was Li Muqiu.

     Fate is all!

     Liu Zilang sighed, but his hand speed was so fast.

     He lend sb a knife to kill sb is right, but he still collects the head points, and now he wants to fight against Jin Douhuan outside.

     However, Liu Zilang didn't expect that after Jin Douhuan jumped off a flying grass and took Li Muqiu away, he didn't even want to make up for him, so he quickly pulled his gun at Liu Zilang with his backhand.


     A blood spattered in the corridor!

     The figure shook at the door, and there was a sudden "ding dong" on the door frame, and countless sparks splashed out in an instant.

     Liu Zilang was beaten and retracted.

     Ma!In the corridor, Li Muqiu, who was knocked down, was shot by Liu Zilang, he only felt blacking out, and his blood volume was maddening, and his heart was almost desperate.

     Unexpectedly, the person behind him who had just died of his death actually raised his hand and helped him hold up Liu Zilang who wanted to make up for him. Li Muqiu, who saw hope again, immediately rolled and crawled against the wall and knelt down.

     You guys just open your heart!

     Don't hit me!

     Of course Liu Zilang didn't want this.

     For him, there's nothing about it is more real than the head points in his hands.

     It's a pity that Jin Douhuan outside the building stared at him to death.

     As long as he showed his head, he faced a wave of splitting the head and covering the face. This situation immediately caused Liu Zilang's pain.

     "Tsk tsk, Player Jin has a lot of resentment!"

     "You have to stare at Vic even if you don't have a head. This resentment is really not so big."

     "I think the player Kim looks sentimental, but he is actually very smart."

     "Oh? What do you say?"

     "I understand, Qiu Shen was knocked down by the gold player, so he doesn't need to rush to make up, as long as he doesn't let others make up, it's him who bleeds to death in the end anyway."

     "Oh, yes! I said the gold player is not in a hurry."


     In the game game, Li Muqiu just detested his insane Jin Douhuan bitterly.

     At this moment, he was moved by Jin Douhuan's "family" warmth, and his eyes were wet.

     At this time, Gao Yunyang's voice came.

     "Xiao Qiu, why are you down again?"

     Li Muqiu: ...

     Why is it again?Li Muqiu, whose old face was darkened, opened his mouth, but in the end he couldn't say anything.

     Unexpectedly, at this time, Gao Yunyang suddenly mentioned his tone, and his tone was somewhat agitated:

     "Oh! I saw people, outside your door, he killed you, right?"

     "Xiao Qiu hold on and watch me help you kill him!"

     Kill him for me?

     Li Muqiu was slightly surprised when he heard the words behind Su Changming.

     Before he could explain how complicated the situation on his side was, Li Muqiu could only shout in a hurry:

     "Farewell to Boss Su..."

     Bang bang——!

     SKS's gunfire suddenly sounded!

     Li Muqiu's hasn't even finished his sentence, when he turned his head and saw the blood flashing at the door, a figure kneels down on the ground coldly, and their eyes met instantly.

     Li Muqiu: ...

     Kim Doo Hwan:! ! ! ! ! !

      At the same time, there was a burst of hearty laughter in the voice.

     Su Changming continued Li Muqiu's words, "Don't worry, I won't be empty. How is it?"

     Su Changming originally thought that based on Li Muqiu's flattering skills, such words as "Lian Po Neng Fan" and "treasure knife does not age" would certainly be endless.

     In the voice, Li Muqiu almost choked with tears in his eyes and said:

     "Dry... Pia pretty!"

     As soon as the voice fell, there was a burst of "execution" gunshots from the building.

     Li Muqiu's body was bursting with blood, the red blood was quickly emptied, and his limbs instantly fell on the ground weakly.

     Su Changming was stunned, and somewhat dazed said, "How are you, Xiao Qiu...""Se7en2-Vic finally killed Se7en2-Lech!"


      hasn't even finished his sentence, looking at the kill prompt that appeared on the upper right of the screen, Su Changming was stunned again.

     "Why A Lang took you..."

     Li Muqiu: ...

     Host the commentary stage.

     Seeing this scene of many twists and turns, the three of Rong Ye couldn't help but look at each other in dismay, and they were a little speechless for a while.

     "Cough cough..." After a long time, Lord Rong couldn't help but clenched his fist coughed dryly, "Boss Su's wave... did it save Qiu Shen or hurt Qiu Shen?"

     "Uh... this seems really not easy to say." Hai Tao shook the head with a wry smile, and continued to analyze the situation on the court.

     "Now there are four people left in the puzzle building, Su Bo, Yoona and Vic Xiaotongjiang. The situation on the court is Vic their side 2V1V1, and Vic has a certain advantage."

     At this moment, Tuantuan suddenly shouted:

     "Look! Xiaotongjiang rushed upstairs!"

     Hearing this, not only Rong Ye and Hai Tao, but the audience in the audience were also stunned.

     "No way?"

     "Xiaotongjiang still dare to rush upstairs?"

     "Needless to say, Vic must have fooled him again."


     In fact, everyone guessed right, Zhang Xiaotong's rush to the building was indeed inseparable from Liu Zilang.

     However, Liu Zilang didn't fool her in this wave. In fact, trying to fool Zhang Xiaotong, a clever girl, was not as easy as fooling the foolish apprentice Misaka Kotomi.The reason why Zhang Xiaotong rushed in this wave was entirely because Liu Zilang told her that the one left above might be Yoona.

     Right now the other party may still be on the balcony. In order to prevent the other party from escaping, the two of them have to fight inside and out.

     So in the choice of "inside and outside", Zhang Xiaotong chose inside directly and straightforwardly.

     She hadn't forgotten how Jin Douhuan was knocked down. There were obviously others outside, so naturally she had to leave it to Liu Zilang to do the outside.

     Ding Ding Ding——!

     Seeing Zhang Xiaotong rushing upstairs, Liu Zilang couldn't help teasing from behind:

     "The one upstairs is Yoona, Xiaotongtong, come on, I am optimistic about you!"

     To Liu Zilang watching the excitement, Zhang Xiaotong pouted, "Huh! The rain girl has no melons!"

     "My kid, Yazi is not cute!"


     Liu Zilang was teasing, but his hands were beating on the keyboard, and he was already rushing to the door like the wind.

     He rushed to the distant bullets and shot Jin Douhuan who had just been knocked down outside the door!

     Jin Douhuan had already given up treatment.

     In this case, even if there are teammates, there is no way to save Yoona from powerless to defend oneself.

     However, he originally thought he would be replaced by Su Changming, but he did not expect that someone suddenly appeared secretively inside, and he was a shuttle to his forehead.

     Looking at the opponent's ID again, Jin Dou-hwan suddenly blacking out, and a strong sense of fate suddenly rises in the mind.Of course, Su Changming was also irritated at this moment. After all, Liu Zilang made up Li Muqiu also just sufficed, and now even the head he knocked out was also just sufficed.

     This is unbearable!

     In a blink of an eye, Su Changming quickly touched it downhill with the gun in his hand, and obstinately found Liu Zilang's door.

      At this time, Zhang Xiaotong, who rushed up from the corridor, exchanged fire with Yoona from the balcony across the window.

     Compared to Liu Zilang and Su Changming downstairs looking for a chance to find One Strike One Kill at this moment, Zhang Xiaotong and Yooner upstairs made much more movement.

     As the fire flickered, countless bullets poured out frantically like no money. The scene was fierce and hot, and everyone could not help but dumbstruck.

     "Wow! Xiaotongjiang and Yoona are too powerful!"

     "Oli here! This is the burning blood!"

     "Huh? Why did the gunfire stop?"

     "Yoona and Xiaotong are already changing bombs!"

     "Isn't it, the bullet is gone so soon?"

     "Tsk tusk, this is really not letting go of holding the left button!"

     "Uh... didn't you find out that neither of them lost a single drop of blood in this wave?"



     After this wave, the two of them were indeed undamaged. The window frames of the balcony, the handrails of the corridor, and the walls were very bad. At first glance they were full of holes, making people can't bear to look straight.

     However, compared to Zhang Xiaotong, who was supported by Liu Zilang downstairs, Yuner, who was hiding alone on the balcony outside, was panicked at this moment doesn't want doesn't want.

     "How is it?"While staring at Su Changming outside, Liu Zilang said to Zhang Xiaotong, "I just heard you guys fight it seems quite intense."

     Hearing what Liu Zilang said, Zhang Xiaotong, who had just been on a bullet, couldn't help but small face blushed.

     But the previous round of the match also made her realize that she had met the opponent of two armies have equivalent banners and drums, and soon the summons courage stood up to the bear and said:

     "Huh! I will win this time!"

     After he finished speaking, Zhang Xiaotong just wanted to continue shooting, suddenly his eyes rolled flexibly, and he took out a grenade from his bag with his backhand.


     Zhang Xiaotong smiled secretly, zeng~ opened the insurance.

     The pulling sound of the grenade was neither too big nor too small, and Yuner did not immediately react.

     However, Kim Doo-hwan, who was watching Yoona's OB after his death, brows slightly wrinkled and quickly said:

     "No! The one in the corridor is going to throw thunder!"

      "Ah!" Yoona was taken aback and quickly said, "What should I do?"

     "No way." Jin Douhuan sighed saying, suddenly turning the head and looks to Yoona, asking seriously:

     "Yoona Xi, are you afraid?"

     "I...I'm not afraid!" Yoona also suddenly became firm.

     "That's good!" Jin Douhuan nodded heavily.

     At this moment, his face seemed to regain the spirit, and he spoke very quickly to command.


     Host the commentary stage. Master Rong looked at Zhang Xiaotong who was holding Thunder in his hand under the director's camera, and couldn't help but said with a sigh:"Yooner's wave is over, Xiaotongjiang thunders out, and Yuner doesn't have any room to dodge unless she comes in through the window."

     "That's true."

     Hai Tao nodded, frowning, "It's mainly Vic and Boss Su who are facing each other downstairs now, or Yuner might jump down and try if she has a chance to leave."

     Just as Rong Ye and Hai Tao sighed together, the Tuan Tuan on the side suddenly eyes shined!

     "Huh? Look! Yoona also touched a grenade over there."

      "Is that right?" Haitao turned the head and looks to the big screen, "Does Yoona want to fry each other with Xiaotongjiang?"

     Rong Ye shook the head, somewhat uncertain and said, "But Xiaotongjiang has a place to hide in Lei, but there is no place to hide in Yoona. This choice is a bit irrational. Player Kim should remind Yoona’s people. Right."

     "Does Yoona want to brew an instantaneous explosive thunder?" Hai Tao guessed.

     "Oh! Tina!" Tuantuan suddenly exclaimed, "Yooner...Yooner she jumped off!"

     Under the guide lens of the big screen.

     After Yoona took out the grenade pops the safety, it only warmed up slightly in her hand.

     In the next moment, she suddenly turned to sprint to the edge of the balcony and jumped down.

     "Oh! Yoona really jumped down!"

     "No, is this legendary..."

     "Oh! Thunder of Revenge, Player Kim's revenge plan will be realized by Yoona!"


     In the game voice, Kim Doo-hwan looked at the front door of the puzzle building from Yoona's perspective, and said in an excited and hasty tone, "it's now!"There was no doubt that Yoona had him, so Sa Yazi rushed toward the door.

     Inside the door, Liu Zilang heard the movement of the landing, and looked at the figure outside without even holding the gun on his face. He immediately wanted to shoot and close the head.

     But the next second,

     Liu Zilang suddenly frowned,

     The picture of déjà vu in front of him made him realize that something was wrong...