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1303 One Million Possibilities!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

There are a million possibilities in a flash, and each of these million possibilities depends on your choice.

     Looking at the figure rushing towards the door with empty hands, at this moment, the last trace of reason in Liu Zilang's mind defeated the impulse to shoot, and his left hand scratched a blur on the keyboard coldly!


     In the next instant, the door was closed!


     Outside the door, Yoona, who was about to rush into the building, looked at the door that was "banging" in front of her, and her head suddenly "buzzed"!

     Obviously, she never expected this kind of "courier rejection" in advance.

     Jin Douhuan, who clenched fists with both hands on the side, gnashing one's teeth was even more white!


     Is this man a special dog?

     Jin Douhuan really didn’t understand. Liu Zilang, who had been entangled with him for a long time because of Li Muqiu’s head, suddenly sky and the earth turning upside down, said to the "head" who was delivered to the door. "No".

     This is not scientific!

     However, no matter whether the science is scientific or not, at this moment, Yoona, who is standing alone and shut outside with Lei in her hand, only feels that the world is dark...

     At this time, a light suddenly struck in somewhere behind him, accompanied by a burst of gunfire like strong wind and swift rain!


     As soon as Yoona turned around, a series of blood burst out of her body coldly.

     She opened her mouth when her blood was emptied instantly, her eyes were a little dazed, but in the end still is turned into relief...At the same time, the corners of Su Changming's mouth were slightly cocked. Looking at the "Silver" in his hand, he couldn't help but recalled with a sigh of relief:

     "After so long, this old man is the most reliable."

     After speaking, he turned the head and looks to Li Muqiu, "How about Xiaoqiu, this wave of my hand speed is faster than A Lang?"

     But some beyond expectation...

     Li Muqiu's flattery did not sound for a long time.

     On the match bench next to Su Changming, I saw Li Muqiu rubbing his chin like a Detective Conan, brows tightly frowns and stared at the game screen in front of him, shaking his head from time to time and muttering to himself, "It's not right...it's not right..."

     Hearing Li Muqiu's words, Su Changming immediately pretended to be displeased and said: "What happened? What's wrong? That boy Alang is so powerful, it's right that I can't allow my hand to pass him once, Xiaoqiu, are you? Do you have any prejudice against our'older e-sports youth'?

     Su Changming was about to "remember the past Eventful Years", Li Muqiu, who was mutter to oneself, looked at the game screen again, and suddenly one shivers in his head hurriedly shouted:

     "Boss Su don't go there..."

     Su Changming looked at the box in front of him and heard that Liu Zilang in the building seemed to be quiet for a while, and was wondering whether to lick a bag.

     Hearing Li Muqiu's roar coldly, he couldn't help turning his head.



     The answer to him is the explosion of ear-splitting!

     Su Changming, almost half of his foot on the grenade, enjoys an unprecedented VIP treatment.In the sound of a strong explosion, the moment the fire light and the air wave exploded, Su Changming jumped directly into the sky like "the monkey king was born", whizzing up to the ground!

     The next moment, countless spectators off the scene slightly opened their mouths and stared at them.

     Su Changming's body turned 720° high in the air and reached the apex, before landing freely.

     In the end, he landed on the balcony outside with a "pop", half of his body hanging upside down.

     At this time, Liu Zilang in the door heard that there seemed to be no movement outside, so he opened the door carefully.

     At the next moment, Su Changming, whose hands and head were hanging upside down, and those big eyeballs that were dead but will not close the eyes...


     Liu Zilang was taken aback.

     Efforts to calm down his mood, looking at the kill prompt on the upper right of the screen, he finally recovered his wits slightly.

     But I still thought with a bit of pain, Boss Su is too terrifying to die...

      At this moment, Su Changming, whose mentality was blown up, would be even more unpleasant in his heart if he knew that he would be rejected by Liu Zilang when he died...

     Host the commentary stage.

     Lord Rong looked at Su Changming's corpse hanging on the door like bacon and swaying in the wind. After a slight twitch in the corner of his eyes, he took a deep breath with a bit of irritation.

     "Boss Su, this wave...this wave...oh..."

     He didn't even say it twice, and in the end there was only a helpless sigh.

     Upon hearing the words, the island on the side shook the head with a wry smile."If I'm not wrong, the palm thunder of Yoona just now was most likely prepared for Vic, but I didn’t expect that Vic was too slippery. He actually closed the goal at the most important time and turned the door away. Boss Su's wave is considered to have prevented Vic from disaster."

     "Hmm." Tuantuan followed nodded.

     "In the final analysis, it is Su boss who played too sincerely." Rong Ye rubbed his nose and smiled helplessly:

     "This may also have something to do with his retiring behind the scenes for too long. The current game, especially the game with Vic, this kind of honest play is really deadly."

     "Well, let's take a look at the field again. Now the next safe zone has been refreshed. The current circle center is probably on the small green hill to the south of the school. The school and Dragon Gate Inn are in the safe zone, but Vic and Xiaotongjiang The dormitory building is outside the circle."

     "Well, in addition, the players who ran the first wave of poison from that place in the northeast direction are almost able to enter the lap, and if they can't enter, they really can't."

     "Well, Rocky and God G, plus Satan, are world-class snipers. Let them occupy the high spot and get stuck in the poison side. This is really not something ordinary people can rush in."

     At this time, the director's footage was again given to the airdrop box on the road north of the school where many cars parked in disorder around the road.

     At this moment, many cars around are burning with raging flame, and the scene looks messy.

     "Tsk tsk, they all say a country ruining beauty, I think this airdrop box is similar."

     "The most important thing is that no one has successfully picked up the airdrop until now. I don't know what good stuff is in it."The voice of the commentary on the stage, which was a little pity, just fell, and the footage from the director was quickly passed, and the materials in the airdrop box suddenly appeared in a list.

     Tertiary head!

     Level three!


     Eight times the mirror!

     Sniper silencer!

     Good luck!


     Seeing the materials in the airdrop box, there was a slight "hush" from the audience.

     Obviously, the materials in this airdrop box are far from the 90-minute airdrop that everyone expected.

     Think about it when there are so many teams entering the lap, the mood of everyone off the court is even more complicated...


     Outside the dormitory building.

     Although Liu Zilang was startled by Su Changming at the door of the hanging corpse when he first went out, this did not prevent him from licking the bag, and Zhang Xiaotong and the two licked faster than the other.

     After a while, the two quickly wiped out several boxes on the ground.

     At this time Zhang Xiaotong was obviously full of blood, but squatting beside a box elatedly drinking Red Bull.

     Obviously, the backpack has limited space, so she pours the drinks that can't be taken directly into her stomach.

     Liu Zilang curled his mouth, the little girl under the dark road had never seen the world, and immediately not a word or movement stuffed two bottles of painkillers and burst the energy bar!

     "Okay, okay, let's run the poison."

     The countdown for the second lap to shrink the poison was one and a half minutes away. The two of them still had motorcycles, and they were also very close to the shortest straight-line distance to the safe area. Therefore, Liu Zilang urged his lips, but his feet didn't move much.

     He was thinking about where to go after entering the circle.After all, although the motorcycle was still there, Zhang Xiaotong had just been riding one head against the telephone pole. It was good luck if he didn't explode on the spot. At this time, thick black smoke appeared from his butt, and it seemed that a few bullets could detonate.

     In this case, Liu Zilang really didn't have the courage to go for a drive on a motorcycle.

     Then without a vehicle, with only one pair of legs, there are not many choices that can be made.

     After all, there are still about half of the people left on the field, and counting the solo wolves, there must be more than 25 teams.

     If he didn't know the enemy's movements, Liu Zilang would not dare to pin his hopes on the opponent's sunset red marksmanship or his own snakeskin position in case he was exposed to the enemy's muzzle.

     Then, there are not many choices for them.

     It is undoubtedly the best choice to cross the road and go straight into the circle for the shortest distance to find shelter.

     Zhang Xiaotong was naturally not as far away as Liu Zilang thought, but when she said her words, it coincided with Liu Zilang's plan.

     "Um... let's... let's go to school."

     Hearing Zhang Xiaotong's words, Liu Zilang looked at her in surprise, but then suddenly reacted, his eyes twitched slightly.

     Needless to say, this little girl is still thinking about the airdrop 100%!

     At this time, the gunfire on the top of the school building and the high slope of the water tower to the north had ceased, and there was no sound of cars coming from outside the poison ring in the northeast direction. Those who entered the ring in this direction were almost there.

     Liu Zilang thought a little when he heard the words.Reason tells him that the airdrop is not necessary, but in the bottom of my heart it seems that a cat's paw is scratching constantly, making him unconsciously wonder what is in the airdrop.

     He is not an indecisive person, and he quickly made a decision after his thoughts turned.

     Anyway, when you run the shortest distance and enter the circle, you have to pass there. When the time comes, go and take a look, no one will sneak a bite.

     Thinking of this, Liu Zilang turned the head and looks to Zhang Xiaotong, whose small face was full of expectations, moved slightly in his heart, so he teased with difficulty:

     "Going to school...it's not impossible, but you heard the gunshots over there just now, what if someone does?"

     Zhang Xiaotong was stunned when he heard the words, and his little face suddenly became tangled.

     As a little Jedi Voldemort player, Zhang Xiaotong and Ren can be counted on one's fingers.

     She hesitated for a while, seeing the countdown to getting closer and closer, she suddenly lowered her head and said, "You...you are in front, I...I will protect you."

     With that, as if to reassure Liu Zilang, she suddenly took out the crossbow behind her back and made a serious aiming gesture.

     Liu Zilang choked upon hearing the words, mentally said "really so" with a black belly but little Lolita, protect me and let me go ahead, I am not Captain Timo to help you find the way, don't worry!

     Tucao in his heart, but Liu Zilang stopped teasing her, said without thinking, "It's up to you, go, let's cross the road quickly and get closer to the school first."

     With that, he jumped out in a hurry.

     Zhang Xiaotong was taken aback and was about to keep up. He suddenly remembered the happy motorcycle that he had just hit the telephone pole and slid downhill, and hurriedly shouted from behind:"Wait a minute, don't we ride bicycles?"

     Liu Zilang does not turn round and said, "You can ride."

     Hearing Liu Zilang's answer, Zhang Xiaotong felt that something was wrong. She was entangled in her heart, and quickly followed by running from behind.

     Liu Zilang rolled his eyes, but he sighed slightly in his heart.

     This little girl is really hard to flicker.

     If Zhang Xiaotong really rides a bike, on the one hand, it can cover him, on the other hand, it can also pull a snake from its hole, and pull the enemy's hatred.

     He took the opportunity to steal a 98K, wouldn't he be happy?

     Of course, it would be even more beautiful if Zhang Xiaotong was not blown up...

     But at this time, it is obvious that I think too much.

     Liu Zilang could only be more vigilant, leaning against the sheltered place as much as possible all the way, and running irregularly forward.

     \bUnexpectedly, just as he was about to run across the road between the school and the puzzle, the small map at the bottom right suddenly flashed red, which made people tremble.

     That's right!

     The bombing zone is coming!