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1311 Internal Combustion Chicken! (on)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

What the concentric circles mean to other teams may not be clear for the time being.

     But for Satan in the fake garage, it means that they are still in the center of the circle and can still stand on target. Just these two points are enough to make countless teams jealousy, envy and hate.

     Of course, this does not include Liu Zilang.

     After successfully killing the remaining Rocky with Zhang Xiaotong's cooperation, the two quickly slid in the smoke.

     The finals are not far from where they are, so the two do not need to worry.

     But they are not in a hurry, it does not mean that others are not in a hurry.

     Because of the previous school, the high slope of the water tower and the three points of the dormitory building were occupied by three teammates, forming an inhuman "meat grinder" system. People coming from the northeast almost defeated an army.

     Therefore, at this time, Liu Zilang and Zhang Xiaotong hardly need to guard behind them, except for solitary soul and unbound ghost, no one will come from that place.

     But other directions can be it is not easy to say, Dragon Gate Inn is mountainous to the south, and hilly terrain to the north and west, so it is easiest to hide and stay.

     As soon as the finals were refreshed, a lot of people popped up in these seemingly quiet places in a blink of an eye, looking like "yin soldiers" emerging from the ground.

     Host the commentary stage.

     "Although this concentric circle is more eccentric Satan, it is fair to other teams, basically to hold a bowl of water level."

     "Well, at least it's not the kind of corner-cutting circle. Except for one or two teams, the other teams are Scourge, so it's really a bit uncomfortable.""But Satan has a gun on the third floor of the fake garage in the center of the circle. I am afraid that this circle is not so easy to enter, and it is not much worse than the Scourge circle."

     "Hehe, that's true, after all, he is called the True Eye of the Evil King's man."

     "Speaking of Vic and Xiaotongjiang, there is no need to be worried. They are just in the blind spot on Satan's side. As long as they don't deliberately hit each other's muzzle, it will be fine."

     "Yes, and there is no one in the double room and warehouse to the north of Dragon Gate Inn. If Vic and the others pass now, they feel that they have the opportunity to compete with Satan in the fake garage in the south."

     "Eh wait! Look over there, there seems to be a team that wants the quick-footed climb up first."

     As soon as Master Rong's exclamation sounded, the scene of the director immediately cut over.

     In the picture, I saw a two-person team from Japan's SST holding a gun. From the wild area next to the Dragon Gate Inn, with the help of grass and a few trees as a cover, they quickly moved towards the double room on the north side.

     But Satan's "True Eye of the Evil King" is certainly not just a nickname. Originally, he had been holding the direction of P City to the south, but he just pulled a glimpse of the camera, his eyes shrank slightly, and his backhand pulled the muzzle toward this side.

     Whoops whoops——!

     The muzzle spit out, and the continuous bullets quickly hit from the roof.

     As soon as the two players from the Japanese team overcame the wall, they were instantly enveloped in a wave of abruptly arising bullets, bursting with countless wild blood!

     The distance between the wall and the house is not far.In this situation, the two of them naturally impossible to turn back outside the wall, they can only grit their teeth and continue to rush forward.

      In the hail of bullets, the person running in front pushed the door to the limit and rushed in.

     The man in the back was not so lucky, and was directly emptied by Satan's burst of rain and dew, thumped and fell to his knees at the door.

     On the occasion of Life Hangs by a Thread, the person inside suddenly pushed open the wooden door with his backhand. The opened wooden door just blocked the gun line to the south, and the teammate who fell at the door actually crawled before the wooden door was broken by bullets. Go in.

     "Hey! This player from Japan is a bit lucky, and he survived True Eye of the Evil King's muzzle. This wave should have a chance to be saved."

     "Well, it won't be possible to get into the door. I think Satan probably won't give up the shooting position for the team, Total Extermination Slash, and face."

     "That's right, the teams with the first and fourth positions in the game were eliminated by Vic. So Satan, who has the third total points, should be the heir to today's game."

     "In fact, at this stage, rankings are important. If you want to get the first place, you still have to kill, so Satan will not easily leave that excellent shooting and harvesting position."

     "Yes, but since Satan puts the opponent in, he must have considered this team as something in his pocket. After all, Satan's character will definitely not allow anyone next to him. It is only a matter of time before it is taken at what time."

     "I think it should be when this wave of poison is finished and there is no one in the south.""Hey wait, why Vic and Xiaotongjiang touched that place so quickly, didn't they just lick the bag?"

     "Oh! They seemed to be coming here listening to gunfire! Vic wanted to..."

     Halfway through the explanation, there is basically no need to say the rest.

     Under the big screen director's camera, Liu Zilang's figure resembles Chasing Cicada: Eight Steps, directly adhering to the back wall of the double room on the north side of Dragon Gate Inn, rushing towards the house where the Japanese team is located.


     In the room, the one who was saving people was taken aback when he heard the gunshots.

      Bang sound, the broken glass instantly turned into countless pieces, and the next moment there was a sound of footsteps in the room.

     "Oh! Vic went straight through the window!"

     "Tsk, this is the rhythm of the SEAL Assault Team."

     "Vic seems to be snatching the food from the tiger's mouth from Satan. This wave should be able to win, right?"


     Da Da Da——!

     The moment the door was pushed open, the fire from the two guns intertwined together.

     However, at this moment, what is shocking is that what Liu Zilang started to hit was not the person who was sweeping against him, but the one who was kneeling on the ground...

     "Fuck, this guy is a dog!"

     "This Nima is going to grab the head first, so she doesn't treat him as a person."

     In the narrow space, after two shots made up for the person, his body was also bleeding. Liu Zilang suddenly twisted his knees, turned and squatted, and his muzzle swiftly swept toward the upper left.

     In the next instant, the violent and rapid gunfire suddenly stopped!The film of the director was filled with blood and fog, and there were two dead bodies lying down in disorder in the room, and a person squatting in the blood fog.

     The blood bar looked like only a trace of red blood remained.

     All of a sudden, there were exclamations from the audience in the audience!

     "Hiss! Vic...this guy..." On the commentary stage, Hai Tao recalled the thrilling scene just now, and it was a bit speechless for a while.

     Master Rong also shook the head and said with a wry smile, "Vic is desperate to get the head of the man who was just knocked down by Satan and climbed in first. This guy really wants his life."

     Lord Rong was right. If Liu Zilang had just killed the remaining person, he would only have one head, and the remaining one would directly die and count towards Satan's kill points.

     But he held the opponent's gun and brazenly replaced one person first. Although it seemed that he was so thrilling that he almost got himself in, the reward for his success was to get two head points in one fell swoop.

     "Wow! Vic has fifteen kills now!"

     "Yes, let's take a look at the real-time kills list of this game. At present, Vic is ranked first, Satan with 14 kills is second, and Captain Carl with eight kills is third."

     "Actually, Satan's head points were ahead of Vic just now. No way. Vic is really hard."

     "But Satan is in a good position. There are still many teams to the south, and they should be able to catch up soon."

     "Oh, I've caught up. Satan and Irelia just blasted a bouncing car, and now the head points are overtaken by one!"

     "..."When everyone screamed in exclamation, across the road from the roof of the fake garage.

     Satan changed the shuttle magazine. In the upper right corner of the screen, he saw that the person he had just knocked down was snatched by Liu Zilang. Two eyebrows could not help but raised, the eyes in his eyes suddenly became cold.

     Obviously, he regarded Liu Zilang's snatching the food from the tiger's mouth as a provocation.

     But now there are car sounds from time to time in the direction of the southern hillside and P City. With the decrease in the countdown to the reduction of poison, most of the teams in those two directions have already begun to run into the circle on a large scale.

     The time is right to score points for murder!

     Satan took a deep breath and forcibly suppressed the urge to find Liu Zilang to "break his head" in the past.

     Soon, his face returned to a state of indifference, and the muzzle rang south again.

     But this time, compared to the past, Satan's firepower seemed to be a bit more intense.

     It's not like before, there are always some points left to deal with emergency, obviously with a little bit of anger, and this suddenly made the team that entered the circle suddenly be beaten into misfortune.

     Among these teams, there were Karl and Downey's teams who had just come from Xiaoqingshan in the southeast.

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