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1312 Internal Combustion Chicken! (in)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Karl and Satan were on the same team, but as soon as they entered the lap, they received a "warm welcome" from Satan.

     Not to mention that the red-eyed Satan didn't even know that it was his own person. Even if he knew it, he probably wouldn't have any softness. After all, there's nothing about it in Europe and America, "why torment each other so cruelly".

     "Tsk tsk, Satan's hands are so dark, the team that entered the circle probably hated him to death."

     "As soon as you succeed, Satan doesn't tell you anything."

     "Captain Carl rides a motorcycle very fast, I think it's not without chance."

     "Well, this wave still depends on his driving skills."


     Facts have proved that as the captain and commander of Karl and SKK, he is at the helm of the cars in the SSK team during normal competitions, and the car skills are naturally not bad.


     The motorcycle's engine roared and vibrated.

      in a flash, I saw that the motorcycle rushed down from the small green hill in the southeast rushed over a Z-shaped lightning, and it was rushed over directly in the direction of the fake garage!

     In an instant, everyone off the court was shocked!

     "What's the situation? Captain Carl was angered?"

     "Is this rushing to the rhythm of irreconcilable until death!"


     "Wait, how do I feel that Captain Carl is not murderous in this wave?"

     Suddenly, the audience found something wrong off the court, and the next moment, the picture only heard a "bang"!

     Karl's motorcycle rushed down the slope and flicked its tail against the wall. Soon, sparks and lightning pulled along the wall toward the west."I understand! Captain Carl wants to use the wall card vision in this wave."

     "Yes, this is actually the same as being dark under a lamp."

     After the motorcycle rushed over the corner, Karl looked calmly and pulled the front of the car again, and the motorcycle rushed wildly to the north in an instant.

     This time Satan couldn't fight even more.

     When he hurried to the other side at the top of the building, Karl had already carried Downey across the road and rushed to the double room on the north side of the Dragon Gate Inn.

     "No way! How did Captain Carl go there."

     "No! This is just coming out of the tiger's den and entering the wolf's den!"

     "But Vic hasn't pulled up the first aid kit yet, and now they have only Xiaotongjiang in combat strength."

     "Uh... what's going on?"

     "Enough time, right? Vic hasn't gotten medicine yet?"

     "As soon as this guy was killed, he was licking the bag with Xiaotongjiang. There was Satan with the gun. He probably didn't expect someone to stick to his face so quickly."

     "How do you say this wave, Carl and Downey are in good condition, and I feel that they have the opportunity to do the guest acts as host, Dove occupying the Magpie Nest!"


     In the building, Liu Zilang couldn't help "ge-deng" when he heard the sound of the motorcycle stalling outside.

     It's broken!

     He just heard the gunshots and the roar of motorcycles from the south. He thought he would be easily taken down by Satan, but he didn't expect that the opponent not only broke through Satan's defense, but also rushed all the way to his face.

     For such an opponent, Liu Zilang's bullet, who has little blood left, dare not take it lightly.He immediately stopped packing and greeted Zhang Xiaotong, who was still lying on the floor and entangled with the accessories for the M4. He quickly turned around and rushed upstairs.

     Zhang Xiaotong also heard the sound of cars and footsteps outside.

     All of a sudden, she didn't get entangled immediately after she had gathered like shopping in Gai a second before.

     The small hand picked up the silencer and vertical grip, and quickly followed Liu Zilang's ass to catch up.


      tú tú tú tú ——!

     Liu Zilang went upstairs first, and just after Zhang Xiaotong turned the corner along the stairs, the door was unpreparedly pushed open!


     The bullet from the violent shot hit the pan behind her ass!

     While shaking up countless scattered sparks, it also shook Zhang Xiaotong's small heart into a "plop".

     "Who is the duck! I am so angry!"

     After turning the corner, Zhang Xiaotong, who was slowing down, panting with rage, drew his spear and started to fight back.

     She thought that Liu Zilang would follow up or stop her.

     It turned out that Liu Zilang would go straight to the meal after he went upstairs, while he was spraying medicine while looking at her with a smile.

     Zhang Xiaotong was suddenly seen for a while, and felt that there was a pit waiting for her.

     After hesitating a few times in her heart, she still shrank back there, stuck the corner and peered down quietly.


     At this time, Karl and Downey outside on the first floor were already rushed in.

     After entering the door, the two got stuck into the bathroom at the door and the small room by the window to the north.

     They had just arrived from the south, and naturally they didn't know that Liu Zilang was in the building.But looking at the other side is clear, the defender has the advantage, but they flee without a fight allowing them to easily rush into the building.

     As his mind turned, Karl instantly guessed what was wrong with the opponent right now.

     For them, this may be an opportunity to completely annihilate each other!

     As the conductor of SKK, what Karl lacks most is his decisiveness. After thinking of this, he quickly shouted:

     "The opposite is in the corridor, ready to rush!"

     With that said, Karl took out a grenade in his hand, zeng~ pulled the lead, leaned out and threw it towards the wall of the corridor.

      Not surprisingly, this is a rebound geometric mine.

     "Ahhh! Thunder!" Zhang Xiaotong, who was squatting on the corner of the corridor, exclaimed, turning around and ran away.

     Liu Zilang, who was fighting drugs above, was also taken aback. He didn't expect the other party to throw thunder to attack the building so quickly.

     At this time, he didn't have time to have more ideas in his mind, so he immediately interrupted the spray again and turned his head and ran away.

     Kang Dang——!

     In a blink of an eye, Carl's grenade bounced back from hitting the corner wall of the corridor.

     Zhang Xiaotong, who was scared and stunned and ran up the corridor, heard the sound behind him, his small face suddenly turned white, raised the head to look, his mouth suddenly opened to "0".

     Because the grenade that bounced back had already passed over Zhang Xiaotong's head at this moment.


     Amid the violent explosion, the scorching fire waves to drop from the sky!

     As soon as Zhang Xiaotong climbed upstairs, there was a "level fall" and he swooped out with a whisper.

     "SKK-Karl used a grenade to blow up Xiaotong sauce!"Seeing System Notification, Karl and Downey downstairs looked at each other, and their hearts trembled.

     Obviously remembered some of the past of today's first game reservoir finals.

     It's time for revenge!

     The next moment, the two rush forward excitedly!

     "No! Karl this thunder blew up Xiaotong sauce!"

     "No way, Xiaotongjiang was too awkward at the corner of the corridor."

     "Who said no, when Lei came over, she would be bombed if she ran up, and she would be exposed to the gun line on the other side again."

     "Then Xiaotongjiang is so bad, Karl and Downey rushed up! Now there is only one Vic with a small amount of health left on the second floor."

     "Huh? Wait! Vic is going to..."

     Behind the door of the room on the second floor, Liu Zilang found a Molotov cocktail in his hand, which he licked from the two boxes on the first floor when he was just leaving.

     Liu Zilang waved his hand and threw it out.

     In the next second, the Molotov cocktail crossed a parabola, and the bang sound burst into the corridor.

     The raging flame instantly followed the overflowing alcohol, "chill" suddenly burned.

     "Oh! Vic chose to seal the road with a Molotov cocktail!"

     "This is just a plan of convenience, wait a minute, Karl and Downey are thundering again."

     In the corridor, facing the burning flame.

     Karl and Downey quickly cut out a grenade, play the same old trick, and slammed it against the wall at the corner of the corridor, making it bounce upward.

     Zhang Xiaotong, who was kneeling above, was taken aback, and suddenly he screamed and crawled all over the floor.Knowing that the living room on the second floor has no shelter, Zhang Xiaotong can only crawl into the bathroom or climb to the room where Liu Zilang is to escape.

     But the time is even more too late.

     If this goes on, even if she can get away with the thunder in front of her, she won't be able to hold two more thunders at all. It seems only a matter of time before she gets killed.

     Liu Zilang wanted to sullen his head and pull up his blood first, but he couldn't bear Zhang Xiaotong's pitiful puppy-like appearance.

     He glanced outside, suddenly divine light flashes in his mind!

     In the next moment, Liu Zilang cut out the smoke instantly and rushed out quickly.

     "I'm going? Vic is doing this?"

     "This guy finally wants to be a human?"

     "This time comes without enough time to be a man, is it that Vic is going to play men's singles?"


     When everyone was puzzled, Liu Zilang rushed forward, and the smoke bomb in his hand was immediately rolled.

     The next moment, he rushed to the front door of the balcony on the second floor and slammed the door open.

     "Quick! Get out!"

     Zhang Xiaotong was taken aback when he heard the words, and then quickly reacted.

     Just after she crawled around for a while, the person was already at the door. At this time, the door was opened three or two times before crawling out.

     Liu Zilang also follow closely behind sb or sth, and stood directly on Zhang Xiaotong's back. When he left, he closed the door with his backhand.



     Almost the moment the door was stitched up, the two thunders thrown up below suddenly exploded.'Chī la' sounded, the powerful impact instantly smashed the wooden door, but Liu Zilang and Zhang Xiaotong outside the door were completely undamaged, not even a drop of blood was dropped.

     "My God! Vic really saved Xiaotongjiang."

     "This wave is a bit showy, but Satan, the fake garage to the south, is still there. Is it too dangerous to go to the balcony this time?

     "Wait, where does the smoke come from?"

     "By the way, it's the smoke bomb that Vic just threw!"

      With a burst of "chi chi" sound, large swaths of smoke spread in a blink of an eye.

     Obviously, Liu Zilang was prepared.

     But fortunately, Satan and Amelia were busy hitting the people in the south of the fake garage, and they didn't find Liu Zilang and Zhang Xiaotong who were forced to the balcony in time.

     When they looked back, they only saw the smoke and rumbling thunder on the second road.

     "The fight in the north is so fierce, shall we..."

     "Do not care."

      "Alright then. "

     Satan directly interrupted Amelia's words. Obviously he didn't realize that there were two people squatting in the smoke on the balcony, otherwise he would have to shoot a few shots into the smoke.

     And at the same time, Karl and Downey downstairs also murmured in their hearts.

     "How many mines did we throw?"

     "Uh... four or five, right?"

     "This hasn't blown up yet?"

     "I don't know either...maybe finding a place to hide."

     "Do you still have grenade?"

     "I have another one here."

     "Forget it, wait until the fire is out."Karl knew that the space on the second floor was so big. If these thunders didn't blow up to each other, then the other party must have found a place to hide, so naturally they don't have to continue wasting grenades.


     In the smoke from the balcony, Liu Zilang didn't immediately go to Zhang Xiaotong who looked at him with his eyes.

     He calculated the Duration of the Molotov cocktail in his heart, and quickly cut out the grenade in his hand. After pulling the string, he warmed it up slightly and threw it directly into the corridor through the balcony window.

      At the same time, he has everything 98K in his hands.

     The next moment, under the wide-eyed eyes of everyone off the court, Liu Zilang suddenly jumped off the balcony, but the person in the air suddenly looked back at the moon.


     The muzzle flashed!

     Across the window on the first floor, Liu Zilang sent a 98K bullet in before landing.


     A canopy of blood mist burst open!

     "Oh! Headshot! Vic shot Downey with this shot!"

     "My God, this guy's 98K is too metaphysical!"

     "But down there is still one Karl is the main force. Vic's blood volume is still not able to fight, and it feels like a disadvantage."


     In shock and worry.

     I saw Liu Zilang's toes just landed, slightly paused, and then jumped up suddenly, pushed the door directly and rushed in. He looked fierce, full of advance courageously momentum.

     But only Liu Zilang knew in his heart that he was forced to charge so fast.

     She was just afraid that Satan, who was on the other side, would react and give him a shuttle behind his back."Mom! Vic is good at playing G2 and fierce!"

     "It's a bit awkward, but Captain Carl is in better shape than him."

     "What do you say about this wave of 1V1?"

     Under the director's camera, the moment Liu Zilang rushed into the door, gunshots rang!

     The fire flashes!

     The bullet traversed the path of death in the air!

     Even if Liu Zilang was in the third-level armour, he had only had time to hit two bandages, and his blood volume was insufficient. The moment he was shot, he would fall to the ground first.

     However, at the moment of Life Hangs by a Thread, Zhang Xiaotong suddenly heard sitting nearby Liu Zilang shout loudly!


     She was shocked, and just wanted to blame Liu Zilang for being so old and having "Secondary Second Disease".

     I never thought that at this moment,

     There was a sudden boom in the corridor a loud sound!

     Karl was still shooting with Liu Zilang one second before, and the next second, his gunshots suddenly stopped, the whole person flew over like a kite with cut string.


     A figure knelt in front of Liu Zilang and slumped weakly on the ground.

     "Se7en2-Vic used a grenade to kill SKK-Karl!"



     Seeing this huge change between rabbits and flocks on the field, many spectators off the field are also bewildered!

     "Fuck! This can kill you? It's a lie?"

     "Tsk tusk, this thunder exploded too timely!"

     "Say that Vic just threw a mine on it, Captain Carl shouldn't have heard it.""I think it's not that I didn't hear it, but it's useless to understand. Vic, the Cbo, played so well that he didn't give Carl a reaction to Time and Space at all."

     "Yes, it's like Xiaotongjiang just now."

     "Oh, Captain Carl was in a situation that he would be shot if he didn't shoot, and he would be bombed if he shot. Choose yourself.


     Next, after Liu Zilang went up to help Zhang Xiaotong, the two took up blood medicine.

     The Second Last finals of this game have also been refreshed, and the number of survivors on the field has dropped to ten.

     And Satan, after the frantic harvest of the fake garage shooting position just now, the kill has already reached 23 people outrageously, ranking first in the kill list!

     Next is Liu Zilang's 17 kills.

     As for the teams outside the top ten on the list, many have almost one kill or zero kill.

     No way, this is the "Law of Jedi".

     As long as someone hits a high kill in each game, it means that more people have zero kills.

     Of course, this is not the focus of everyone's attention right now.

      At this time, everyone's eyes were on the number of kills of the two and the number of survivors on the field.

     Let go of the final total score first, just in terms of the number of individual kills in the final tiebreaker.

     If Liu Zilang wants to surpass Satan in this game, it means that he is in the next game...

     No one can be released to Satan!

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