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1319 Are You Thinking About Fart?
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

"What's going on? Where's the person from?"

     In GRF's team chat voice, Sword's voice is somewhat anxious.

     Among the four people in the team, Rather was stalking the shooting range from the periphery, and one teammate was in Seongnam. The distance between him and Viper was the closest.

     Hearing Sword's question, Viper's lips moved, his face turned dark for a while.

     No way, this scene is too sudden, without a trace of defense.

     If Viper was just hehehe, I'm afraid this one will scare him so he can't hehehehe.

     After for a good while, Viper slowed down, his face changed from black to blue, "Assi! I don't know where the person is from!"

     "No matter where it comes from! Punta Smecta!"

     "Are the people still there?" Suddenly, Rather in the team asked.

     "Yes, he just licked here..."

     Viper pulled the angle of view as he spoke, but the sound was coldly with a grunting sound it stops.

     I'm Nima...people!

      Dumbstruck Viper turned his head and glanced at his teammate left and right, gesticulating with his hands a little confused.

     "What about such a big person? I watched him lick his bag a second ago..."

     Viper's shock at this time exhibit one's feelings in one's speech!

     In fact, with the exception of a few people such as Kotomi Misaka, most people’s impression of Liu Zilang may only remain on the surface "unquantifiable spiritual thinking, eclectic tactical thinking".

     However, few people see his terrifying hand speed that shocks the heavens and makes the earth weep under his perfectly combined appearance of "wave and show"!At this moment, Sword and Rather, who hurriedly touched one after another, looked at the empty church in front of them, and the thoroughly licked teammate box in the church...

     I was a little dumbfounded for a while!

     This Nima...

     People where did it go?

     "Find!" Sword complexion sank, "Asi! This guy must be found."

      It should be noted, the most terrifying thing in the team quadruple match is not facing the four-person team.

     After all, it's easy to say that you can't beat that.

     The most terrifying thing is that you don't know where you are hiding.

     Needless to say about this.

     I believe that many people have landed in the city and after a wave of fights, they slipped a fish that escaped the net on the opposite side, and then searched and searched for a situation where the door was suddenly opened and faced with a shot.

     At this time, Griffin's situation is similar. If Liu Zilang is allowed to be around them, the remaining three of Griffin will basically impossible to search unless they go directly out of the city.

     Hearing Sword's words, the other three were also nodded.

     After they wanted to come to Liu Zilang and lost Viper, they licked the bag. They came in time and the other party ran away. Most of them hadn't gone far, so they must squat in a room around them panicking.

      As long as you are careful at this time, you can find it most likely.

     However, when the three Griffins checked the surrounding housing area all the way, they couldn't find Liu Zilang shiver coldly...

     The three of them are a little confused!

     Something is wrong!

     Very wrong!

     Why did that guy disappear?

     .....At the same time, the commentator on the stage looked at the big screen of the game, but the look on his face was a bit unspeakably weird.

     At this time, the director's footage was cut back from the somewhat driven mad Griffin trio from the search, and was given to the church again...

     Yes, yes, it is the church, but at this time the camera is aimed at the roof of the church.

     On the roof, Liu Zilang squatted quietly in the corner of the shadow, without the slightest shiver coldly appearance.

     It turned out that he didn't leave the church at all after being overcast in the church. Instead, he was stuck in the other side's vision and quietly climbed up the church roof from the stairs outside.

     Just now, when the three people from Griffin gathered at the door of the church with stunned faces, if this is not the case, if this is not the case, Liu Zilang might have touched a thunder on the spot to "throw you Lem".

     Seeing this, Msjoy couldn't help but slapped his lips:

     "Tsk tusk... Although this GRF of South Korea can also be among the best teams this season, they still lack some experience in competitions compared to the top teams in Europe and America."

     Bai Shaobin on the side heard nodded, "Yes, if you just switched to a team like SKK or C9 Li Kui, even if they didn't know there were people on the roof, they would definitely not let go of the place where people are easy to hide on the roof. "

     "Well, yes." Rongye nodded slightly, "but I think the reason why Griffin committed this kind of low-level black light error is mainly because Vic's attack was too sudden, and he directly reduced Griffin by one person at the beginning. If the rhythm is disrupted, they will inevitably get a little thoughtless.""What do you say next? Now Grif has already taken a group to the north side of the city. That location should be able to discover Vic. Will Vic sneak away and meet his teammates first?"

     "This is the highest choice. Stealing a fat sheep Vic has already made a lot of money. Although it is possible to steal another one if you continue, Griffin has become vigilant, so the risk is a bit high."

     "Well, I also think it's better for him to meet with his teammates this time, it's safer."

     The three commentators say you and me, and the analysis clearly and logically, Liu Zilang on the roof of the clinker church is like an old monk entering Ding, not move a single jot in place.

     This Nima won't be embarrassed...

     All of a sudden, the audience in the domestic live broadcast room burst into laughter.

     "Well, the explanation is very reasonable, but there's nothing about it."

     "Vic: You guys go on to say it, I sounds quite reasonable."

     "Puff haha, the white team's face is blue, Vic is really not a face."

     "Laughing hard at labor and capital, this guy is a big wave. The commentator tried to keep him steady but didn't wake up."


     At this moment, Bai Shaobin on the stage inadvertently glanced at the map at the bottom right, and suddenly his eyes shrank slightly.

     "No! Se7en2 is not Vic going to meet, but Ze Shao and Qiu Shen came to meet Vic."

     As soon as Bai Shaobin's words fell, the commentary shots were quickly brought to the shooting range and air raid shelter.

     Li Muqiu, Shen Zeyan, and Misaka Kotomi had all searched, and they were fumbling towards S City.Upon seeing this, Lord Rong couldn't help taking a deep breath immediately, "Hiss! It turns out that Vic didn't seek stability, but was so stable that he wanted to eat all the Grif in one bite."

     "Tsk tsk, this appetite is a bit big, there is no team on the field yet to be completely wiped out. If Griffin is stuffed by Se7en2 here, then they will eat chicken in the first game of today's four-row finals."

     "Well, the reverse is the same. I personally think that Griffin, the all-passenger team, is still relatively strong. Se7en2 did not play Sloth in the first game today. Se7en2 still has to be careful when you really do it."

     Upon hearing the commentary, the expressions of the audience off the court became somewhat anxious.

     Suddenly, there was a "bang" gunshot in City S. The gunshots were crisp and loud, which instantly broke the atmosphere of the storm clouds approach in the city.

     The next moment, the director's camera suddenly pulled over.

     In the picture, Liu Zilang is holding 98K in his hand. After a shot, he lazily pulls the bolt, and pushes a sniper bullet into the chamber again, and immediately act without taking time to think and face the air again. gun!

     Everyone is somewhat uncertain...


     The roar of the engine suddenly came!

     Immediately afterwards, I saw a plane flying slowly from the sea level in the north.

     Vic, is this... playing a plane?

     All of a sudden, everyone in the field was stunned. Everyone did not expect that in this atmosphere with swords drawn and bows bent, Liu Zilang would actually have "leisure and Yizhi" hitting the plane that had not yet flown in the distance. stand up.

     And he made more than one serve.

     This guy...wanna fart?Of course, to say shocked, no one is shocked by the remaining three of Griffin in S City!

     They searched for a long time and couldn't find anyone. They were already in self-doubt. They felt that the other party might have already slipped away from a corner they had never seen.

     As a result, I didn’t expect it to be a loud sound in the city at this time, and that guy actually started a plane there!


     It's a snapping sound again!


     Sword gritted his teeth.

     From the gunshots of act as if no one else were present, he sensed a kind of ignorance. Where did he, known as the "strongest rookie sword" in the Korean division, receive such treatment?

     Especially when the direction of the gunfire was still above the church they had just come over, and his thoughts turned around, where he still does not know their three people had just been teased, he immediately shouted loudly when his anger surged!

     "Put him Smecta!"

     In an instant, the three Griffins furiously counterattacked back like wild dogs running out.

     On the south side of S City, Li Muqiu, who touched the edge of the city, heard Liu Zilang's a spear connects with a spear banging there, and the corners of his mouth twitched slightly.

     He just asked Liu Zilang and the other side to deal with each other, but this Nima who made him deal with this...


     Host the commentary stage.

     After a brief period of confusion, professional player Bai Shaobin was the first to react. He sighed with a complex expression, "Vic this guy... is a natural MT material."

     At this moment, the picture that flashed in his mind was not so beautiful...

     Hearing what Bai Shaobin said, Master Rong and MsJoy also reacted one after another.Master Rong couldn't help turning his head slightly, "MT? You mean... Vic is pulling hatred?"

     "It makes sense." Msjoy suddenly chuckled, "It seems that there is nothing more hateful than hitting a plane in front of a teammate."

     "But the three of Griffin have gotten closer. To tell the truth, Vic's hatred is a bit exaggerated. There is no easily guarded, hard to attack place on the roof of the church."

     "Well, Qiu Shen and Ze Shao still have a little distance. If Vic can't stand it, this wave may have to kill himself by himself."

     "Oh! Rather is throwing thunder."

     "Sword charged directly! Is he a sprayer in his hand?"

     "No, it's Victor, the short sword. This gun rushes upstairs and it's no different from a spray."


     Ding Ding Ding——!

     The sound of rapid footsteps suddenly came from the stairs.

     Damn it!

     You are in a hurry!

     The 98K in Liu Zilang's hands has been replaced by Uzi, which is also a submachine gun suitable for close combat.

     The next moment, Sword, who rushed up, stuck at the corner of the corridor, his body style flashed like a spear, and raised his "short sword" to shoot at Liu Zilang!

     Liu Zilang was squatting halfway, hiding behind the opposite side of the church roof.

     "Support support! I need support!"

     He was urging in his voice, but the Uzi in his hand stood up and pressed Sword back, who wanted to rush over.

     "Oh! It makes you so mad." Li Muqiu said ill-humoredly.

     On the side, however, Kotomi Misaka said hurriedly, "Wet to hold on! Let's save you hot!"Shen Zeyan...Shen Zeyan would not answer Liu Zilang's boring urge.

      At the same time, the same words are repeated in GRF's voice.

     Seeing that Sword couldn't attack for a while, the opposing teammate might already be on the way.

     He didn't plan to play "1V1" on the top of the church with Liu Zilang, so he immediately called for his teammates to support him.


     Soon, a teammate got behind Sword from the top of the stairs.

     The remaining Rather was originally below to prevent Liu Zilang from jumping off the building, but when he heard what Sword just said, he couldn't help but a thought flashed through the mind called:

     "Wait, don't rush, I will give a thunder."

     As he said, he took out a thunder from his bag and bounced the insurance with a "clang" thumb.

     Hard that monkey!

     Rather raised his hand, and the grenade instantly took off and flew towards the roof of the church.

     "Oh! Rather this thunder..."

     "No, this thunder is a bit accurate!"

     "Autumn God and the others haven't come, if Vic is blown down, it will be over!"

     Everyone off the court exclaimed with wide-eyed eyes.

     The grenade came quickly and landed directly on the roof of the church beside Liu Zilang, and then... Diliu fell from the hole in the roof.

     That's right, the church in S City is quite shabby.

     There are holes on the roof.

     And Rather's thunder is quite accurate in a sense.

     Throw a three-point hollow ball directly!


     As soon as Lei Gang fell into the hole, a loud sound!At the entrance of the corridor, Sword stuck there and saw the flames and smoke standing straight on the side where Liu Zilang was, and suddenly one's hearth is happy!

     He secretly said that the explosion was neither dead nor mutilated from the opponent, and instantly shouted "Put him Smecta" loudly again, and immediately held the gun and shot rushed over.


     What greeted him was naturally to shrink the bullet!

     As a top assaulter, Sword's small-range melee ability is quite sturdy. When Liu Zilang came out, he lifted his "short sword" and went out.

     When he thought about it, with Victor's terrifying rate of fire, Liu Zilang's blood volume would surely die after two strokes.

      It should be noted, it is not to see who can hit the gun at close range, but to see who kills the first.

     As a result, Sword never expected that he would watch the blood bloom on the opponent's body, but he still stood firm.

     But his vision shook for a while, his blood volume emptied to the end suddenly, and he fell to the ground coldly.

     "Se7en2-Vic knocked down Grif-Sword with a headshot of Uzi!"

     what's the situation!

     Sword fell to the ground in a daze!

     At this time, he didn't think much, he hurriedly climbed down to the side and moved away, shouting to the teammate behind him, "Come on! That guy is disabled! Big can! Big can!"

     As soon as the teammates behind heard this, they quickly picked up their guns.

     Never thought that he had just rushed up the stairs, and suddenly there were two gunshots from the south side of S City!

     The man only felt that the back of his head was pierced by a bullet with a "pouch", the white second-stage head was instantly shattered, and he almost fell to the ground in no particular order with Sword!

     "My God! Ze Shao! Ze Shao killed it!""Ghost! Ze Shao's shot was too timely."

     "Wait, isn't Ze Shao SKS? Can he explode a full-blood second-level head?"

     "No, just now Qiu Shen also shot!"

     "Composite bullet! Qiu Shen shot with Ze Shao just now!"

     "Tsk tusk, Grif now has one Rather left!"


     In a blink of an eye, the situation on the court changed under the dumbfounded gaze of everyone off the court, sky and the earth turning upside down.

     On the roof of the church, Liu Zilang looked at the person left below a wide grin.

     Boy juice, you like to throw thunder, right?


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