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1320 Che Mingshan Autumn God!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

I am Rather.

     I am panicking now!

     In fact, it is no wonder that there are four people in Griffin, and now three are down.

     Everyone has to panic when changing this!

     "What did Rather say? He is in a difficult situation now."

     "Do you want to save your teammates? I feel unlikely."

     "Well, although Vic hasn't made up people yet, if Rather goes up, he will make up anytime is fine."

     "Rather this time must be decisive and sensible."

     "Oh! Rather withdrew."

     "That's okay, at least it also saves the fire for GRF, so that it will not eat chicken in the opposite direction."

     "But Ze Shao and Qiu Shen they already came here from the south, can Rather walk?"

     "And don't forget, there is a Vic like wolves and tigers behind."

     "Hey wait, what is Vic doing?"

     The voice of the commentary was raised all at once, and the eyes of everyone off the scene gathered in an instant.

     In the picture, Liu Zilang on the roof felt a thunder in his hand. He flicked his thumb "pops the safety" and made a stand tall and see far posture on the roof.

     Meow meow meow?

     Everyone was stunned when they saw this.

     On the commentary stage, Lord Rong suddenly thought of something, his Adam's apple rolled down slightly, and swallowed his mouth:

     "Does Vic want to..."

     Before Lord Rong had time to finish speaking, Liu Zilang on the roof of the church shook his arm vigorously, and the thunder in his hand was instantly released.

     Whoosh——!Under the camera of the broadcast director, I saw that thunder passed over a house like a meteor catching up with the moon, and then there was a loud sound, and a strong fire cloud instantly covered the low altitude.


     Right below the fire wave, Rather had just turned a corner, anxiously thinking about where to run.

     In the next second, all of this need not be considered.

     Rather only felt that forehead was coming from a huge force, and he was directly pressed on the ground.

     "Se7en2-Vic finally killed GRF-Rather with a grenade!"


     Suddenly, the scene was quiet, but the barrage of the domestic live broadcast room suddenly boiled.


     "Fuck! Vic is showing off?"

     "This Nima is not a grenade, this is a mortar!"

     "Vic is teaching Rather to throw thunder in this wave?"

     "Tsk tsk, shrimp and pig heart!"


     Liu Zilang's thunder can be said to be a complete pre-judged blind bombing, but the effect achieved is perfect. It goes straight through the house and gives Rather a Deadly Strike!

     Don't tell me.

     At the moment on the GRF game bench, although Rather has taken off the earphones, there is still a constant buzzing sound in her ears, and the whole person looks dumbfounded.

     After for a good while, the four talents of GRF exited under the reminder of the staff member behind.

     When passing by the next door to the SKT match in Korea, Rather inadvertently glanced at Kim Doo Hwan, his eyes full of helplessness and unwillingness.No way, although this is only the first game, but the start of the reverse eating chicken is really too hurt for a team, even if Grif can run out just now, it will not be like this.

     Kim Doo-hwan understood Rather's eyes.

     He stared slightly, his gaze lifted imperceptibly to look at the kill prompt brushed above.

     Is that guy again?

     rest assured.

     Your hatred.

     Someone will help you report.


     Host the commentary stage.

     "Unexpectedly, Se7en2, who was forced out of the shooting range at the beginning of this wave, actually counterattacked back, and also hit a seize total victory, directly knocking out Griffin."

     "Well, Grif is very hurt, Se7en2 is actually a wave of fat."

     "I have eaten the shooting range air-raid shelter and S City alone. As long as I'm not bad luck, it's definitely out of fat."

     "Oh! The first lap was refreshed. This lap is very friendly, and it's on the right course."

     "Well, but this is a yin and yang circle."

     In the big screen, the first circle is centered on the delta in the inland river, including the surrounding ruins and the water city.

      Without a doubt, it is a quite good circle for most teams on the route.

     Of course, this does not include those who jumped to Port L or City S in the north.

     In S City, Liu Zilang had already slid a few bags, and at this time, they were all happy.

     But after seeing this circle, a few people are not beautiful."Xiao Qinmei, is your mascot in arrears?" Li Muqiu spit out loudly, "Why can't you come to us if you don't even brush a circle for us?"

     "Wo...Wo is not lucky charm's." Misaka Kotomi said in a somewhat discontented voice.

     Liu Zilang squinted his eyes and said to Li Muqiu, "Stop the ink, go find a car, we will search the rest of the city."

     "Why I am looking for a car."

     This time it was Li Muqiu's turn to be dissatisfied.

     Liu Zilang said with a serious face, "Now that the mascot of Qinmei is in arrears, you are the best face of our team. Who else can you give to finding a car if you don't give it to you?"

     "My face is the best?" Li Muqiu hesitated for only 0.1 second before giving a thumbs up, "It makes sense."

     After speaking, he quickly ran towards the road outside S city.

     However, the following facts proved that some people really need to green their hearts.

     For example, planting a tree or something.

     One minute passed...

     Two minutes passed...

     The three of Liu Zilang searched the city.

     But outside the city, there was still no news from Li Muqiu.

     Kotomi Misaka finally searched a building, and after walking out, he looked at the map and exhaled:

     "Oh oh oh! It's finally finished, and it's wet. Are the dens going to run poison."

     "You have to ask Qiu Shen." Liu Zilang glanced at Li Muqiu, who was a little stiffened by his side.

     Kotomi Misaka, a "small second-hand", is very aware of this subtle change in atmosphere.After hearing what Liu Zilang said, she immediately stick one's head out and look around curiously:

     "Qiu Shen Qiu Shen, how many cars do the nests have ducks?"


     Rarely fell silent in the team chat voice.

     Li Muqiu was coughed dryly, and gritted his teeth with a little bloodshot on his face, "Give me a little bit time again, my car name Shan Qiushen will definitely give you the entire Chevy minivan back."

     Liu Zilang couldn't help but squinted his eyes when he heard, "It's not that we don't give you time, you can take a look at how much the poison countdown is left."

     At this time, the countdown to the first wave of poisons still has two minutes left. This time seems to be enough, but considering their geographical location, it seems that they are not so abundant.

     Li Muqiu also had a dark face, he just came here as a boast.

     As a result, I did not expect that a vehicle that was extremely cold on the road around S City was not brushed!

     This Nima is so angry...

     At this moment, Li Muqiu inadvertently glanced at the beach, and suddenly complexion turned happy, "Hey! There is it!"

     "Did Akosaka find the car?" Misaka Kotomi asked quickly.

     "Ahem." Li Muqiu gave a dry cough, and said in embarrassment, "There are no cars, but we have a boat. Come here, everyone will gather at the point I marked, and I will sail to pick you up."

     At the moment, according to the safety zone, it is also possible to take a boat, as long as you run a circle along the northwest coastline, and then enter the inland from the entrance of the upper and lower city areas.

     It's just a bit time-consuming.

     Hearing Li Muqiu's words, Liu Zilang corner of the mouth twitched, "I remember that you are the god of the mountain and autumn, how come you became the god of the Mediterranean ship in a blink of an eye?"Li Muqiu: ...

     As long as you have a mouth, one day!

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