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1321 Come Back One By One! (First More)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Tucao returns to Tucao.

     When Li Muqiu drove the boat over after going to sea, Liu Zilang who had already searched the city still got on the boat.

     In any case, it is better to have a boat than to run on two legs.

     On the presiding commentary stage, watching Liu Zilang and others set sail, Lord Rong suddenly couldn’t help laughing and said:

     "Tsk tusk, I didn't expect that Vic and the others managed to get back to S City, but they didn't even find the car, so they were all forced into the sea."

     "Hehe, this can only be said to be good fortune and calamity goes hand-in-hand." Msjoy also said with a smile, "But having said that, fortunately, the safety zone of this game is in the ruins of Shuicheng, otherwise Vic and the others Even if you turn on the Great Seafaring Era, you can't get past."

     At this moment, a neat row of kills suddenly appeared on the screen, and the number of teams on the upper right foot was reduced by one again. At this moment, everyone could not help but be in a daze!

     "Another team was wiped out? Wouldn't it be our Huaxia team?"

     "It should not. I think the name of the team seems to be the European Civil War."

     "It's GTiger, the Tigers of Northern Europe and Iceland. The Tigers wiped out the Pittsburgh Knights of Europe in P City!"

     "Tsk tusk, this is the tiger showing off!"

      "Frankly, GTiger, as the super dark horse of the legendary team SKK Roaring Across the Horizon in Europe and America this season, entered our PGI as the top seed in the European and American divisions. However, although the players such as Theshine and Rocky in their teams performed well in the first two days It's eye-catching, but it doesn't show the kind of powerful dominance that suppresses SKK.""That's true, but judging from the starting state of the Tigers in this game, it seems that today's team finals can look forward to their performance."

     "I think it may be more than that. After all, the SKK team is the most legendary in Europe and the United States. It has four main players in the dynasty club. They lost to GTiger in the qualifiers. This time I am afraid it is not necessarily true."

     "Well, it seems to be another wave of the dragon wars, the tiger battles, but right now SKK is in the air-raid shelter prison area, which is still some distance away from P City. The entry points for the two teams are also different. I am afraid it is still It’s more difficult to conflict."

     "Yes, but like these two top teams in the world, today's goal is definitely to be the champion. As long as this condition remains, then I am not afraid that they will not fight again today.

     "It's true, well, now our first wave of poison has begun to shrink, and most of the teams on the field have begun to move into the circle."

     In the huge electronic screens on all four sides of the stage, with the sound of commentary, various shots in the screen keep flashing.

     Today, with the increase of five directors, almost no small-scale conflicts and battles have been missed.

     The undulating sea.

     After filling up the gas for the second time, Liu Zilang and his party who opened the Great Seafaring Era from S City have reached the inland river estuary on the G port.

      At the same time, 4AM in Port G also found a vehicle and was ready to run a lap.

     "Oh! 4AM should be trying to run poison under Longji Mountain south of Port G. It seems that our two teams in China should be staggered.""That's okay, after all, it's not good news to fight at this time regardless of anyone."

     "But I just seemed to see someone coming on Longji Mountain, and now I don't know it is still in/at."

     "Eh! People are still there, it's the Korean SKT team, why are they on the mountain?"

     "Oh, I to think of it, SKT started this game at the hospital south of Xiacheng. They probably didn't find the car."

     "Then be careful on the 4AM side, SKT's gold player and Mercedes Benz are not to be trifled with."

     "4AM's lap formation should not be a big problem. Wei Shen rides three bandages to explore the way in front, and the three teams follow behind, so as to avoid being set on fire."

     Suddenly, as soon as the commentary on the stage fell, there was a violent and rapid gunfire from the mountain.


     A wave of bullet rain suddenly pressed down from the top of the mountain.

     On the 4AM match stand, Wei Shen was beaten inwardly cursed and hurriedly said loudly in his voice, "Quickly! There are people here, quickly pass by."

     "Wei Jiang, take care!" Aluka, the old driver in the team, responded and detoured with a kick of the accelerator.

     Attacked halfway through the road.

     Especially in this kind of situation where you can only hear the sound and not see the person, stopping and fighting back is not different from giving up treatment. 4AM can only keep the big and the small.

     However, Wei Shen's driving skills are not bad, and he does not have Liu Zilang's "two-wheel super god, three-wheel super ghost" urine.

     After calming down from the nervousness of the sudden attack, Wei Shen immediately showed off his snakeskin car skills, looking as if a "Z" lightning flashed at the foot of the mountain."Is there a chance? Does Wei Shen have a chance?"

     "You can't say no chance, you can avoid SKT's gun line by crossing the corner ahead."

     "But the three-wheeled motorcycle can't stand it anymore. Smoke is starting to come from the rear of the car."

     "No way, after all, there are four people on SKT, and Sanbangzi is not as flexible as a two-wheeled motorcycle."

     "Then this wave..."

     Msjoy's hasn't even finished his sentence on the commentary stage, there was a clear sniper gunshot from the top of the mountain!

     In the next instant, I saw a Rapid Spin sniper bullet holding a long trajectory at a speed far exceeding other bullets, and it swept from the top of the mountain to the back seat of the snakeskin motorcycle at the foot of the mountain.


     The buzzing of metal strikes suddenly sounded!

     Before Wei Shen could react, the whole person was ejected from the car!


     There was a violent explosion!

     Burn the soul!

      in the blink of an eye, a kill is swiped at the top right of the screen.

     "SKT-Azrael detonated the vehicle and killed 4AM-Govd!"

     Suddenly, the barrage of the domestic live broadcast suddenly rolled frantically.

     "I knew that God Wei must sacrifice to heaven first!"

     "Oh Huo! Wei Jiang sacrifices to the sky, Boundless Mana!"

     "What's the situation? Xiaojin started to kill? Are they going to rise in this game?"

     "I said why someone did not find a car to run drugs after searching the hospital. It turned out to be Xiaojin's team."

     "Xiaojin: Don't mention the car with me! It doesn't exist."

     "..."Although domestic audiences are a little sorry to see Wei Shen Jitian, most of them still ridicule.

     After all, the four-row team competition can survive very little, and it is inevitable to reduce the number of people. It is far from the point of suffering serious injury. What's more, PCPI has become accustomed to the 4AM of "pig head sacrifice to the sky".

      At the same time, on Longji Mountain on the south side of Port G.

     After Jin Douhuan took a shot, he put away the gun indifferently.

      Unconsciously glanced at the kill prompt on the upper right, and saw that the person killed by his Final Fire sniper was actually the 4AM Queen Wei, and his face showed a little strange color.

     Obviously, for this ID of "Godv".

     He is no stranger.

     After all, it was the team that "that man" used to, and the team that made him fall from the peak after Nirvana for the first time in the Asian qualifiers.

      Thought until here, Jin Douhuan suddenly thought flashed through the mind, a faint light flashed in his eyes, and the right hand of the mouse was unconsciously pinched.

     The death of Wei Shen made him faintly sensed by a certain fate... Maybe the shame of being killed in those games, he will be in today’s PGI World Finals,

     From the beginning,

      kill one by one!