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1324 Two Fangs, Overture To Killing!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

As everyone knows, South Korea has two "pig kings".

     One is the former FPS king, now Jedi Gou, who created Evermore with the magical idea of "Birth Island" eating chicken.

     The other is double spray in hand, Sexypig of World Is Mine.

     This season, the two pig kings joined hands together, not only attracting countless lights, but also made many fans in South Korea look forward to it, looking forward to what will happen to the two pig kings in this German PGI World Championship. chemical reaction ".

     But at this moment, looking at the two boxes floating on the river between the rabbits and falcons.

     The Korean audience off the court was suddenly messed up in the wind, and everyone's faces were pulled down at the speed of visible to the naked eye.

     Obviously, the chemical reaction seems to happen, but it does not seem to be as strange as imagined.

     On the contrary, there is a bit of "metaphysics", and even gives people a feeling of "two pigs linkage, one death and one gift".

     Isn't this Nima sending it?

     In the game, if Evermore and Sexypig, who are ashamed of their hearts, know that they are still suspected of playing a match-fixing, I am afraid they would have the heart to die.


     In the game competition, Liu Zilang originally thought about putting a bullet on the airdrop box and then coming up with a "water fort, sweeping all directions".

     Since Baffling was sent to a boat at this time, he would naturally not go back.

     "The wind is screaming!"

     After greeted Shen Zeyan and the others in the voice, Liu Zilang drove the speedboat to a wide area of the river, flicked an exaggerated 180?, and rushed directly to the upstream safety zone.Li Muqiu and the others in the back had long been miserable. Even if there was a fixed-point headshot sniper like Shen Zeyan, they still couldn't stand it under the attack of the two teams.

     Therefore, as soon as he heard this, Misaka Kotomi hurriedly got into the driving seat, quickly launched under the cover of Li Muqiu and Shen Zeyan, and followed the airdrop that had just been hit in front of him and followed.

     "Oh! Se7en2 is ready to leave."

     "It feels like CGX and RBQ are a bit weak, don't they have enough people?"

     "Don't mention it, these two teams were just brought down by Ze Shao with a headshot, and they are probably busy saving people now."

     "Tsk, it’s really scary to have a world-class sniper in this kind of team competition."

     "Well, and don't forget, Se7en2 is now more than one sniper."

     "Right! Vic has just picked up AWM."

     "Wow, that's really terrifying."


     Although the map resources in the game have been slightly increased, they are far from rich enough to be luxurious enough for every team to be equipped with a pull bolt.

     Therefore, many teams don't talk about pulling bolts at the moment, many of them still have submachine guns in their hands.

     Under this circumstance, Liu Zilang and his entourage who came from the north voyage, 98K and AWM sniper equipment can be said to be quite luxurious.

     Imagine next if they had an encounter with a certain team.

     The two sides were still in the probing stage, and as a result Se7en2's two "bang-bang" gunshots were heard, and the other side directly knocked them down.

     Then hit a geoduck!On the presiding commentary stage, looking at the one after the other two speedboats in the water, Lord Rong obviously realized this.

      he cannot bear took a cold breath and said, "Invincible! If this wave makes Se7en2 into the circle, many teams may have to go around them next."

     Msjoy on the side also nodded and said:

     "I dare say that Se7en's entry is like a beast going down the mountain. Vic's AWM and Ze Shao's 98K are the two sharp and unmatched fangs of the beast. There are really few teams that can face them."

     "What do you think of Team White?"

     Rong Ye suddenly turned the head and looks to Bai Shaobin.

     Bai Shaobin also takes a deep breath. Suddenly he smiled bitterly, "has one to say one. Ze Shao and I, as well as the Korean gold player, are collectively called the "three pinnacle sniper gods in Asia", but Vic is capable of playing sniper. It is definitely the top level in the world. For Sniper, at least I am not sure to win him."

     Msjoy couldn't help but laughed when he heard it, and nodded said, "Well, I've heard this a little bit. Vic was called the'fourth god of sniper in Asia' a while ago."

     The three commentators on the stage were talking, but the audience off the stage looked a little at each other in dismay.

     "What's the situation? Se7en2 is this offending commentary?"

     "The commentary is crazy about flagging. It feels like Se7en2's keyboard is about to get milk."

     "I don't think you can say that. Those who are not strong are called milk, and those who are strong are predictions."

     "Well, I also think the explanation is fine."

     "Don't be blind Jier with the rhythm. It's the Huaxia team who wants to lose?"

     "Se7en2 won't be invincible, I eat Xiang!"

     "..."There was a discussion in the live room.

     In the game competition, Liu Zilang and others who came all the way from the Inland River have successfully entered the circle near the ruins.

     Now that they entered the circle, they naturally did not need to sail again. Several people abandoned the boat and landed directly from the "delta" in the river opposite the ruins.

     Generally speaking, the Delta has neither houses nor terrain advantages, so it is not suitable for teams to stop.

     Liu Zilang is different from them.

     With two pull bolts, they are suitable for combat in open terrain leaving distance in between, and the ruins with broken walls on the ground obviously do not meet this condition.

     "Oh, it seems that this wave of Se7en2 is about to block the bridge with poison."

     "Yes, there are bridges at both ends of the inland river delta. As long as they get stuck on the bridge, basically no one can get through."

     "Well, there are still very few teams that would choose to swim over in this case."

     "Oh! Look, there is a team coming from the direction of R City to the east. It is the MITH team of Thai hunks!"

     "No, MITH is in the circle, why are they here?"

     "I guess it might be the gunshots heard until here. I want to come over and see if it's cheaper."

     "MITH stopped at Shuicheng. It seems that they want to touch it quietly."

     "It's worthy of being a macho team. We rarely see this kind of early fight team in our games."


     Chi Chi Chi Chi——!

     There was a slight friction between the tires and the grass.

     After the four of MITH jumped out of the car, they quickly touched the bridge connecting the delta.Several people squatted their bodies all the way, and they didn't seem to match their "macho" title, but this was indeed the safest way to get in touch.

     In the voice, the four people also kept communicating.

     "Is there anyone here?"

     "I just searched for something in the wild area over there, and heard gunfire and boat sounds."

     "Detailed circumstances how is it?"

     "The ship seemed to be chased and hit from behind, and came to a stop in the delta."

     "So... the other party is disabled?"

     "Two words, Da Can?"

     "Oh! I see people!" At this moment, the free man MinORu eyes shined in the team.

     In his field of vision, a figure was hiding quietly in a bush at the head of the bridge, and he happened to see it when he entered the grass.

     Want to play "Phantom Tank"?

     MinORu sneered, calling teammates to raise their guns is a volley!


     Bang bang bang——!



     MinORu just fired two shots, and suddenly found something's wrong.

     In the team, the two teammates beside them just got up and wanted to set up a gun. They didn't have time to pull the trigger, one after the other fell to the ground one after another.

     what's the situation?

     There was some downtime in MinORu's head.