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1330 "Bring The Magician" The Prodigal Son Liu!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

You want to live!

     Take my share and live together.

     In the smoke, I looked at the figure that looked like "Wild Boar Peppa".

     The corner of Liu Zilang's eyes couldn't help twitching twice.

     You neon people...

     Are you all in the second grade?

     That said, but Liu Zilang will naturally not waste the opportunity Misaka Kotomi created for him.

     Lurking at the edge of the smoke, his figure arched slightly, looking like a bow drawn full of momentum.

     Just touch it!

     The next moment, a gradually clear figure suddenly appeared on the edge of the hazy smoke.

     Swish -!

     In an instant, several gunpoints were pulled over.

     As the fire flashed, the bullet leaped out of the muzzle.

     Countless bullets roared.

     Misaka Kotomi is reckless, but also wants to buy as much time as possible for Liu Zilang.

     She yelled, "I can't hit the nest, I can't hit the nest", crazy snakeskin doing her best on the grass.

     The ideal is full, the reality is skinny.

     Under the big-screen guide lens, the audience dumbstruck dumbstruck watching that "Peggy the Boar" before the smoke came out, the whole person was blown into flight!

     It really flies!

     No way, the firepower is too strong...

     "Uh...what the hell is this wave?"

     "Xiao Qinmei, is the keyboard out of control?"

     "This reckless one is too baffling, it's just sending it."

     "I can't understand, I can't understand."


     The audience was speechless when they saw it.On the presiding commentary stage, Lord Rong watched but suddenly reacted.

     "No! Menhera sauce is not impulse, but to attract firepower for Vic."

     Msjoy was slightly surprised when he heard Rong Ye’s exclaim, repeating somewhat dazedly, "Attracting firepower?"

     Another narrator, Shaobin's face is without too many changes, which obviously has long been seen.

     But his tone was a bit heavy, "That's what I said, but even so, I feel that Vic's wave is still difficult."

     Lord Rong and Msjoy heard that it was also complexion sank.

     Bai Shaobin was right. Even though SSK in Shuicheng was blocked by smoke, GTiger's sniper was also held back by Shen Zeyan.

     But the remaining three people are enough for Liu Zilang to drink a pot.

     Because even if Liu Zilang rushes out of the smoke under the cover of Misaka Kotomi, it is very likely that GTiger's people will find and set the fire for a second without taking a few steps.

      The Professional League is different from the passersby game.

     The anchors or professional players in the passerby bureau play three and one four on the front, and more and more emerge quizzes of all kinds of extreme guns. It’s so enjoyable!

     The fundamental reason is that the strength of both parties is not at the same level.

     On the other hand, Professional League, this time PGI are all seeded teams in major competitions, naturally doesn't have any mediocrity.

     In the face of the gun,

     It is enough to be able to win "1V1".

     If you can hit a one-on-two counter-kill, it can last a year.

     As for one dozen three and one four...

     Sorry, if you can win, you can play for a lifetime!Liu Zilang not without such a sturdy record, but that also has favorable geographical and social conditions!

     Right now he rushed out of the smoke in embarrassment, but the people of Gtiger wait at one's ease for the exhausted enemy. It is almost certain that Liu Zilang will die if he wants to fight head-on.

     Upon hearing the commentary, the eyes of countless viewers off-site and in the live broadcast room followed the director to Liu Zilang.

     However, the picture that leaped into the eye made everyone unconsciously stare!

     "What the hell?"

     "What about the death breakout?"

     "My Nima... why did this guy get down?"


     Under the big screen director's lens, I saw that moment Liu Zilang burst into smoke like a cheetah!

     It's only a second!

     The figure that was sprinting swiftly before, suddenly slammed on the ground!

     Immediately, it crawled up little by little, looking like a caterpillar on a leaf.

     Everyone took a closer look!

     Except for the grass green AWM that Liu Zilang holds in his hand, all other guns and pans have been thrown away. The grass man-like auspicious suit has become his best protective color, making him completely fuse together with the surrounding environment. !

     At this time, the director's lens was pulled upward.

     The three people on the Gtiger side only took a short time after Misaka Kotomi dropped off, but when they pulled the line back in the next second, everything in the smoke in their vision was quiet as usual.

     Theshine stared at the smoke, a sharp light gleamed in his eyes, softly said:

     "Staring to death, no one wants to leave today."Ling smiled upon hearing this, "Don't worry, even if that guy can fly, he won't be able to get out of here this time."

     "I want to see where he can hide." Jack's mouth curled up slightly.

     He changed the shuttle magazine for the M4 in his hand, and proceeded with the carpet blind scan against the smoke.

     In fact, the self-confidence of the Gtier people is normal. Right now they already stare at the smoke like a pocket array. No matter whether Liu Zilang can come out, it will be a dead word sooner or later.

     However, they obviously never expected that Liu Zilang could not fly, but he could climb.

     Even when Kotomi Misaka attracted their attention, he crawled out noiselessly and added a smoke bomb to the smoke before leaving...



     Seeing the figure that had bypassed Gtiger, the audience off the court was also shocked!

     No one expected Liu Zilang to escape in this inconceivable way.

     "Fuck, Vic is stuck!"

     "Is King Jedi Gou you?"

     "Laughing to death. When the smoke clears, the people at Gtiger will be dumbfounded."


     On the commentary stage, the three commentators also looked at each other in dismay.

     Master Rong touched his nose, turned his head and looked at the left, then at the right.

     "Who just said Vic was hard to stand up?"

     When Bai Shaobin heard the words, he was coughed dryly, with a wry smile on his face, and shook his emotions:"Shameless or shameless by Vic. This guy looks terrifying. I just thought he must rush out when he was ready to go, but I didn't expect to rush out and get down in a second."

     Msjoy nodded slightly, looking thoughtful and said, "Perhaps it is because even the outsiders watching God's perspective didn't expect that this wave of Vic can fool the Tigers on the court."

     Lord Rong thought for a while and said, "Well, Vic’s hand reminds me of some magic shows that make things disappear. I think the principle is the same, that is, when your attention is attracted, You play secretly under your nose."

     "Well, it makes sense, but this wave of Vic is out of trouble, but Ze Shao has already eaten poison."

     "Although the second wave of poison is not very painful, the medicine on Ze Shao's body will definitely not last long, let alone Rocky and Satan, the world's top snipers, who are still staring at him."

     "I feel sorry for me, Ze Shao, but Se7en2 is already a very good wave. Vic survived in the end, otherwise Se7en2 was eliminated at this point in time is not good news."

     "Then Vic has been out of the crisis, you say... Does he have a chance to save Ze Miss?"

     "Save Ze Shao? Let's go."

     "I think so too. In order to hide Vic, there is only a big sniper left. With the strength of the GTiger team, he can knock down at most one and expose himself instantly.

     "Yes, In that case, he might have to put himself in again."

     "There is no way, I can only admit it's bad luck.""Yes, being sniped by the cream of the crop's strong teams in the world like SKK and Gtiger, I really can only bite my teeth and swallow it in my stomach."

     "But Vic now has auspicious clothes, and the safety zone is now in the ruins and hills. Before the Tigers have found it to go far, as long as he doesn't wave, he can easily survive to keep the ranking.


     The commentary on the stage analyzed the next situation, and for Se7en2, who was basically reduced to three people, planned how to keep the ranking next.

     However, they had forgotten that Liu Zilang was never someone who broke his teeth and swallowed his stomach.

     I want Liu Zi to not waver,

     It is no different from pipe dream.


     With the ebbing of time, the second wave of poison soon coincided with the border of the safe zone.

     The next lap is refreshed.

     This safe area continued to cut towards the ruins. After refreshing, there was no safe area in the water, which was equivalent to making Shen Zeyan lose his final retreat.


     Seeing this, many people off the court sighed, and even the commentary on the European and American commentary stage was somewhat regretful.

      It should be noted, Satan and Rocky are both top snipers in Europe and America.

     Shen Zeyan was able to hold the two of them one by one for so long, which naturally made the audience in Europe and America admire him.

     But at this time, everything happened suddenly in the director's shot.

     Everyone was taken aback for a moment, but then they couldn't help their eyes widening. What appeared in the picture was a small wooden house in the southwest of the ruins.

     There is a wretched figure next to the cabin, bending over step by step.That person...

     Wearing an auspicious suit.

     "Uh... how did Vic touch here?"

     "Does this guy want to come and squat in the wild house."

     "No! There are people in this area!"


     Yes, there are people in the room.

     This team is the C9 team who drove to Port P at the beginning, and drove a long distance from behind.

     In fact, they had just arrived at this wild spot, and after parking and finding that there was no one there, they soon began a wave of raids on the premises.

     The reason why Liu Zilang came here was not because he really wanted to squat in a room.

     In fact, he came by listening to the sound of cars.

     At this time, he felt closer, and Liu Zilang carefully stared around the house and scanned.

     Suddenly, his eyes shined!


     In the room, several people from C9 searched and complained about why they didn't see anyone in this game.

     C9 is actually a fighting team, but in today's first game I want to ask for a steady hand.

     As a result, I didn't expect to make one's hair stand up in anger really steady along the way, and I didn't even see a personal figure.


      Without omen, there was a sudden roar of motorcycle engines.

     In a small wooden house, Shroud, who had just picked up a first aid kit from the ground, turned his head and glanced, but was blocked by the house, and asked subconsciously, "Who is driving?"

     As soon as the words were spoken, he realized that it was wrong!

     Because at the teammate icon at the bottom left of the screen, everyone is shown not on the vehicle.

     "Flower Q!"

     "Someone steals a car!"The moment they reacted, the C9 people in the room rushed out quickly, and the picture that jumped into front of them made the corners of their eyes twitch.

     I saw that they had just parked on the motorcycle next to the house, and now there was a grass man with only a handful of AWM behind him.

     Of course, this is not the point.

     The point is that the opponent didn't steal it and ran off after getting on the motorcycle. Instead, they stopped there on one foot, looking like they were provoking.

     Labor and management steal the car in front of you.

     Hit me if you refuse to accept it!

     Suddenly, the corners of the eyes of the C9 people were a little twitched.

     It's not that they have never encountered "Stealing Che Guevara", but they have never encountered such an arrogant one after stealing.

     It's so unbearable!

     Da Da Da——!

     No one knows who fired the shot first. At this moment, very probably may be the shot everyone fired together.

     In an instant, a wave of bullets screamed and shot away!


     And at this moment, the roar of the motorcycle's engine suddenly became violent.

     At the next moment, the motorcycle rushed over like an arrow from the string. A flicking turn used the house to block the sight of the C9 people.

     After they came around, the grass man riding a motorcycle had appeared in the hilly area in the direction of the ruins in the northeast, and the speed of the car was undulating all the way.

     "Flower Q!"

     "How to do?"

     "What do you do? Chase!!!"

     C9 came from Port P, but no one encountered it, but two cars came across.

     Liu Zilang stole a motorcycle, and they also had a three-wheeled car and an orange car.After hearing Shroud's words, several people immediately got into the car, followed directly and caught up. The scene of The Fast and the Furious was quickly staged in the hills south of the ruins.

     On the host commentary stage, Lord Rong and Msjoy were also dumbfounded.

     Rong Ye corner of the mouth twitches clicked, "Where is the ranking of the good ones?"

     "Uh...what does this guy want to do?" Msjoy was also a little speechless.

     At this moment, Bai Shaobin, who had been staring at the big screen, suddenly uttered four words.

      guides the source of misfortune to the east!

     But soon, Bai Shaobin's face gradually showed an astonished look!

     He found that he was still too innocent...


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