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1331 That Car, That Gun, That Person...
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

"Where is Vic going?"

     On the commentary stage, Rong Ye's face became more and more confused.

     After hearing Bai Shaobin's words, he actually reacted, thinking that Liu Zilang's stealing the car was a fake, and the final goal was to "guides the source of misfortune to the east", taking C9 as "reinforcements to pull over to save Shen Zeyan."

     But the reality is not so.

     Under the lens of the big screen, everyone saw Liu Zilang riding a motorcycle wildly on the hills, and the distance between him and Shen Zeyan who was trapped in the north was not normal.

     "Did we guess wrong?"

     Msjoy touched his chin, his face seemed a little hesitant, "Vic didn't want to pull someone to save Ze Shao, just want to steal a car?"

     Bai Shaobin frowned.

     He was the first to see that Liu Zilang was going to do something, but at this time reality and speculation run in the opposite direction.

     Even so, Bai Shaobin did not want to believe that Liu Zilang was simply stealing a car.

     It is not a friend who knows a person best, but sometimes his opponent.

     As Liu Zilang's old opponent for so long, Bai Shaobin knew this guy's style too well, and was put together by the two teams of SKK and GTiger.

     As long as he can go out alive, he is definitely not a person who smashes his teeth and swallows in his stomach.

      Thought until here, Bai Shaobin's eyes narrowed slightly, staring at the game screen without blinking.

     Suddenly, Lord Rong on the side suddenly exclaimed, "Huh? Wait! There is someone in front of Vic!"

     "Ah? Why did this guy come to Liquid's site!" Msjoy was also taken aback, a little pale, "This is not a good thing!"Rong Ye’s sighed saying, "Oh! Vic is really memorizing the words, everyone is everywhere."

     When both of them sighed for a while, Young Master Bai's eyes suddenly lit up!

      in this brief moment,

     He can be sure that he didn't guess wrong.

     Liu Zilang indeed guides the source of misfortune to the east.

     But what he introduced was not a trickle, but a torrent of water like the Yellow River bursting!


     as expected!

     Liu Zilang, who was speeding on the hills on a motorcycle, didn't know where there were people and no one.

     However, at the moment the gunshot sounded, Liu Zilang rushed up with the gun, rushed over the opponent's face while riding a motorcycle, and rushed through hail of bullets like crazy!

     Seeing this shocking picture, the audience off the court could not help but be instantly shocked!

     "Fuck, Vic is crazy!"

     "Is this guy playing with his heartbeat?"

     "Xiao Qinmei with great difficulty keeps him alive, it will be irritating if she dies again."

     "But this guy's driving skills... is so good!"


     This sigh of not without makes sense.

     You must know that the hilly terrain is high and low, and it is easy to overturn when driving too fast, let alone riding a motorcycle.

     However, Liu Zilang's current motorcycle speed has never been lower than 140km/h, and he has almost never released it after pulling the throttle to the end.

     Everyone stared and watched Liu Zilang suddenly stood straight like riding a roller coaster, suddenly fell straight from the sky, the body was leaning forward and backward in the air, and the whole person changed from tremble with fear to be dazzled and stunned!No one has to acknowledge.

     Black goes black.

     Tucao returns to Tucao.

     This guy's car skills...

     That's really tough!

     In fact, it is not only the audience off the court,

     Even Liquid was stunned by Liu Zilang's bashing sideways and colliding straight on wilderness motorcycle!

     Especially when I saw this guy rushing through the slope and flying too high, he also made a 360-degree maneuver in the air, and the corner of his eyes couldn't help but twitch!

     This is so...what a monkey!

     However, what made Liquid even more want to vomit blood is that they did not sweep Liu Zilang down after a wave of shots.

     no way.

     It's okay if it's on flat ground.

     Motorcycles are fast, but the professional players of Li Kui’s team are all top-notch. Naturally no problem.

     But in the hilly area, Liu Zilang's motorcycle was high and low. It was still in your parallel field of vision one second before, and the next second it was pulled to another dimension, ignoring the terrain to maximize the speed of the motorcycle as if it was a dimensional shuttle. .

     This you take him Is there any way? !

     "Walt Refak!"

     "I saw it, that guy is a lone wolf!"

     "A lone wolf with auspicious clothes and AWM..."

     "Kill him!"

     The Li Kui team players are not very temperamental, it can be said that they are notoriously grumpy.

     Coupled with the temptation of the AWM and Geely suit, Liu Zilang seemed to them to be a "moving airdrop box", and naturally there was no reason to go for it.

     For a moment, under the guide lens of the big screen.I saw Liu Zilang, who was riding a motorcycle, turned around behind the hills and walked away, but the few people who followed Liquid were chasing after getting in the car!


     "Provoke another team!"

     "Vic is crazy!"

     "Oh! He went back again!"

     It turned out that the speed of the motorcycle was too fast. Liu Zilang was afraid that the C9 in front of him would be lost, so he went back and made a show!

     Turn the front of the car for the last time and drive the speed to the limit again and go north!



     Da Da Da——!

     The engine roared, the bullet roared!

     Liu Zilang rode out on the hilly wasteland, followed by a full-bridled motorcade in both east and west directions.

      Both parties following behind discovered each other and wanted to fight for the ownership of the "mobile airdrop". The visual impact of this scene from God's perspective can be said to be quite shocking!

     On the commentary stage, Lord Rong and Msjoy both stared dumbstruck!

     "This guy... is playing crazy too!" Msjoy murmured.

     "If you don't be crazy, you won't survive." Rong Yeshen took a deep breath, "If this wave is really made by Vic..."

     "Regardless of C9, Liquid, GTiger and SKK, these are all top-tier and super first-tier teams in Europe and America without a doubt."

     Bai Shaobin said here Pausing, staring at the wild motorcycle heading north on the screen.

     "If Vic is really done, then the European and American teams will be seriously injured in the first game of today's team finals.""Hehe, In that case, this guy is afraid that the next game will really become a'public enemy of all Europe and America'."



     On the south bank of the Inland River, there are hills and high slopes.

     The smoke on the bank of the river gradually dissipated, but the bank was not a soul in sight, and the people in Gtiger were confused when they saw it!

     "Where is the person? I slipped away?"

     "Have you gone back into the water again?"

     "Impossible, I have been staring, absolutely no one comes out of the smoke."

     "Fuck! What the hell!"

     People slipped under their eyelids, which undoubtedly hit them in the face. For a while, Gtiger's faces were somewhat ugly.

     Captain Rocky frowned and glanced, and quickly started talking, "Then leave that alone, and get rid of the one in Hebei that is still in poison."

     Speaking of this, Rocky in the eye flickers shimmered, "This human head, can't let the SKK of Water City."

     Cooperation belongs to cooperation, but ultimately, the two parties are still competitive.

     Unexpectedly, as soon as Rocky's voice fell, a roaring engine blasted in the ears of a few people unexpectedly!

     "Someone is coming!" Ling expression trembled.

     "South! It's a motorcycle!" Jack said.

     "Huh? Is that person's auspicious clothes a bit familiar?" Suddenly a wave of uncertain look appeared on Ling's face.

     "He is carrying that gun behind..." Theshine suddenly raised her eyebrows, like two long swords Ling Ran raised!

     "It's Vic in the smoke just now!"

     The moment they reacted, they realized the problem immediately-that was the two grandiose convoys following the motorcycle.Rocky was stunned, his expression suddenly changed, and his heart had already reacted.

     "No! This guy wants to guides the source of misfortune to the east."

     "What we do?"

     "Shoot! First off Vic on the motorcycle!"

     Theshine suddenly spoke, his tone of voice was slightly cold, and the SKS in his hand was already aimed!

     Rocky understood as soon as he thought about it, and immediately nodded and said, "Listen to Brother Shine, shoot!"

     Because if they shoot, it's best to kill Vic in seconds.

     Even if it can't be lost in seconds, you can tell the other side that there is someone here through gunshots, so that both sides can maintain a safe distance.

     Otherwise, if the opponent chased Vic and rushed into their faces like a stunned head, then no matter which side it is, I am afraid that it will be a fight if it is not!

      has to say, Gtiger, as the legendary dark horse behind SKK's debut this season, is calm and decisive in team decision-making!

     But they overlooked one point.

     That is the two teams C9 and Li Kui, neither of them will be easily frightened by gunfire.

     Not to mention that they had been hanging on Liu Zilang's motorcycle for a long time to eat exhaust gas. They were so angry that they had been holding fire and had nowhere to send it.

     Now a team suddenly came in front and wanted to "snatching the food from the tiger's mouth", then what else is there...

     In an instant, the firepower of the two teams pouring towards Liu Zilang was immediately evened out to Gtgier!

     "Oh! Tigers were beaten!"

     "Haha, it's done!"

     "Vic is really a Nima tactical ghost!"

     "Ze Shao stand it up! Vic is here to save you!""I don't think it's hard to say, Vic now wants to cross the river and has to break through the Tigers' defense."

     "Yes, the motorcycle can't cross the river. If you get off the car, I'm afraid the Tigers will give him a second hand."

     "Oh! SKK in Shuicheng is also working hard! They are playing the southern convoy!"

     "Fuck, SKK clearly wants to raise the Tigers today!"

     "Wait! Vic has rushed to the Tigers' face!"


     With a burst of exclamation, under the camera of the big screen director, I saw Liu Zilang riding a motorcycle at an extremely fast speed across the wasteland with a "Z" lightning!

     The next moment, the motorcycle grandeur like rainbow rushed up the hilly slope where Gtiger was located, stood straight like Flood Dragon leaves the Sea, and flew over the heads of Gtiger!


     "Does this guy want to fly over?"

     "This height...it's not impossible."

     "No, Gtiger's people are coming here with guns, this wave of shooting..."

     "Well, Vic only has AWM, and he can't fight back on a motorcycle."

     "Vic was shot!"


     At the moment the bullet hit, Liu Zilang in the air swept a sanguine light on his back.

     Coupled with the gun he just hit, Liu Zilang's blood volume has now turned red. At this height, the damage caused by the motorcycle landing can make his blood volume empty!

     "It's over!"

     "It's really over!"

     "Why is this so much higher than nothing to fly?"

     "It's not a special wave!"

     "Madan, the heart of labor and capital can't stand it a bit, I thought it could be done!""Oh, my youth is over!"


     In an instant, the hearts of countless viewers in the off-site and domestic live broadcast rooms "sucked" suddenly!

     Unexpectedly, at this moment, Msjoy on the commentary stage suddenly exclaimed!

     "Oh! Vic jumped the car!"

     Jump off the car?

     Everyone was taken aback!

     The moment he raised his head, the picture that jumped in front of him was that Liu Zilang was in the air and the people and cars were suddenly separated. He quickly pulled out the AWM from behind and caught it directly at his waist.

     In the next instant, an extremely bright light burst out in the air!

     A loud sound, in the heavy gunfire like thunder, a Rapid Spin oversized Magnum bullet screamed like a meteor in the sky!

     On the top of the hill, several people in Gtiger hadn't reacted yet.

     The next moment, just after being shot by a stray bullet from the south, Rocky, who had lost some of his health, fell to his knees if he threw without omen.

     Rocky lowered his head in a daze, watching the blood red that slowly soaked into the large area of the crotch, and suddenly the whole person was not good!

     At this moment, the director camera suddenly pulled, and everyone's eyes instantly stared like a copper bell!

     It turned out that after firing a shot, Liu Zilang grabbed the front of the car with both hands in the air and returned to sit on the motorcycle!

     Immediately, he adjusted the landing posture in the air by pressing the front of the car, and smashed down near Shen Zeyan on the north side of the inland Hebei!


     The turf is splashing and the dust is everywhere!A motorcycle crashed to the ground, and after shaking violently as if it were about to fall apart, it actually stopped on the ground firmly like a tamed horse.

     For a moment, I looked at the figure riding a motorcycle and supporting the ground on one foot in the azure blue radiation grid.

      At this brief moment, all the audience and commentators in the off-site and live broadcast rooms opened their mouths uncontrollably, and their faces were full of shocking expressions.

     In the next moment, the countless tumultuous emotions in everyone's mind finally turned into a word...