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1335 Is It Your Kid Who Brought The Imperial Army Here? (Thanks To The Adorable Master Of Wu Nian Dongxin For Support)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

"Shoot that turtle shoot!"

     Hearing Satan's Chinese language suddenly, everyone in the team was taken aback and cast doubtful glances at him.

     What does Watt say?

     Satan took a deep breath, his eyes were as sharp as a knife, and he spit out the words again, "Put him!"

     "I understand this." Billy said excitedly.

     "Well, that's all right." Vivian shrugged the shoulders, blowing the diagonal bangs on his forehead.

     "Oh!" Karl also nodded.

     While speaking, the four of them all pulled over the muzzle.

     However, the scene in the lens made the eyes of all four people shrink, and the stunned emotions on their faces exhibit one's feelings in one's speech.


     On the slope, Liu Zilang, riding a motorcycle, flicked his tail and stopped.

     "Ze Shao get in the car!"

     The moment Shen Zeyan jumped into the car, the motorcycle jumped out wildly like a wild dog!

     Pass a lightning on the south side of the slope, and disappear into the undulating hills in a blink of an eye.


     Just left?

     In an instant, the people of SKK seemed to have taken off everything, leaving only the Great Desolate Power in their hearts with nowhere to release, and their faces almost turned into a pig color at this moment.

     On the commentary stage, the three of Rong Ye looked at each other in dismay.

     After a while, Msjoy couldn't help but touch his nose, "Vic... really have taken advantage and leave. He is not greedy at all. You see that he still only has an AWM on him, but for those few The box can't even take a look."

     "That's when you didn't see him greedy." Bai Shaobin rolled the eyes rarely.He looked at the big screen and brows slightly wrinkled and said, "Now that Vic and Ze Shao have chosen to transfer, SKK should be transferred soon, and Duli should not be able to fight."

     "Wait, aren't there two people left on Gtiger?" Msjoy asked suddenly.

     Before Bai Shaobin spoke, Master Rong on the side answered, "The Tigers should have heard the gunshots and explosions when C9 was blown up. They detoured from the east side, probably not touching this side again. ."

     "Well, it seems to be so."

     Msjoy glanced at the map nodded slightly and immediately continued, "Now the fifth wave of poison has begun to shrink, and it is about to enter the finals."

     "Yes, the finals of this game are in the ruins of the southern half. The current situation on the field is that eight teams survive with 23 people, and most teams have experienced attrition to varying degrees.

     "Yes, but SKK is currently still full. They are currently the team with the most kills on the field, and they are also the strongest team on paper. SKK has a lot of hope for this game."


     The interpretation and analysis on the stage predicted the situation on the field. In the game, this time all the teams entered the circle before the drug circle and the border of the safe zone overlap, and no team was still staying in the drug circle.

     But also, in the fifth wave of poison nothing else, the team can carry it.

     Chi Chi Chi Chi——!

     The motorcycle tire and the grass slipped for a while, and Liu Zilang found a place to park the car.

     Looking at the bare handful of AWM behind him, he couldn't help but feel some pain in his heart.When he just broke through the encirclement of Gtiger, in order to better fuse with the earth, Liu Zilang could only throw away his rifle and pan without any choice.

     But now that poison is entering the finals, in a desolate scene like ruins, with obstacles everywhere, it should be difficult for both sides to attack from a distance.

     In case of a encounter or something, Liu Zilang would feel a little uncomfortable, especially since Shen Zeyan was still following him.

     Shen Zeyan has nothing to say about the sniper at a distance. Among the "three peak sniper gods in Asia", he is the best at sniper at a distance. Just now he has strgth to fight against the two top sniper gods, Rocky and Satan. Good proof.

     However, Shen Zeyan is obviously inferior to Li Muqiu or Gao Yunyang when it comes to close combat capabilities in a small range. At this moment, coupled with Liu Zilang's current embarrassment of not having a gun in his hand.

     All of a sudden, Liu Zilang parked the car and wisely chose a place to squat.

     Steady hand.

     It must be steady...


     Compared with the careful and prudent of Liu Zilang and Shen Zeyan who just entered the circle, the SKK four who also came out of the smoke at this time are completely different.

     A group of people, three cars.

     SKK drove around the ruins after being full of poison and began to make a circle. It was a completely unreasonable "wilderness patrolman" style of play.

     "SKK's play style is a bit exaggerated, right?"

     On the commentary stage, Lord Rong couldn't help taking a deep breath, with a somewhat uncertain look on his face.Msjoy is also nodded, "It's a bit unreasonable. Even if they have a numerical advantage and are confident enough in their own strength, they don't want to pull hatred everywhere. After all, there are seven teams besides them."

     Unexpectedly, at this moment, Bai Shaobin's voice suddenly sounded.

     "I don't think it's an exaggeration at all."

     What the hell?

     Both Rongye and Msjoy turned the head and looks to him.

     Bai Shaobin stared at the game screen and slowly said, "Two words, terrain."

     "If it is in other terrains, it is indeed easy for SKK to attract too much hatred by doing so and be wiped out by other teams, but such terrain as ruins..."

     Bai Shaobin spoke until here, and Lord Rong and MsJoy were also suddenly stunned.

     "Eh! It seems to be true."

     "I understand. The obstacles in the ruins block the linkage between other teams. SKK has spotted this and wants to defeat them one by one with their number and strength."

     As the commentator on the stage was talking, the gunshots under the director's camera suddenly exploded!

     Whoops whoops——!

      Without omen, three people suddenly appeared behind a broken stone wall in the ruins, and they shot their guns at the SKK who bypassed the poisonous side.

     "Oh! It's the RBQ team from Vietnam."

     "I remember they were the ones who interfered with Vic's airdrop. I didn't expect that they were still alive."

     "He is the car at the back of the fire."

     "The car doesn't have strong climbing ability. It's the slowest in this kind of terrain. It seems that RBQ is playing very smart."As soon as the audience off the field started talking, the sound suddenly with a grunting sound it stops!


     The crisp 98K gunfire exploded!

     The RBQ was hitting high, and suddenly a gun was missing.

     "SKK-Satan knocked down RBQ-Hipster with Kar98K headshot!"

     As if some kind of signal, Satan's shot suddenly became an offensive horn.

     Suddenly, the formation of the SKK team suddenly changed!

     Billy drove the Jeep on top of his head, and the remaining two cars quickly followed behind and rushed over directly to RBQ's face.


     Da Da Da——!

      with a burst of fierce gunfire.

     The ending was unexpected.

     With only two RBQs left, they couldn't even knock one down. They all turned into SKK's head points and supply boxes. The survival of the teams in the finals also suddenly changed from eight to seven.


     Seeing that the prophecy of the commentary came true all of a sudden, many audiences off the scene were shocked and gasped, and the barrage in the live broadcast room rolled frantically.

     "No, I'll take one away?"

     "The execution of the SKK team is exaggerated by Nima. Who can stand it?"

     "I think another reason is that the RBQ team is too RBQ."

     "Uh...I think you are swearing, but I have no evidence."


     In fact, it wasn't just the people off the court who were surprised.

     During the game, the 4AM trio who had just heard gunshots sneaking around the obstacles in the ruins had not seen anyone, the gunshots stopped suddenly.Looking at the screen at the top right of the screen, the 4AM three could not help but look at each other in dismay.

     At the moment Wei God sacrifices to the sky, Aluka took over the command position. Although there is no God's perspective, he guessed the tactics of SKK after a little thought.

     "How do you say? Shall we touch it and see." The little eye-catching on the side suddenly said, "They should be licking their bags. They have just finished playing on both sides, maybe SKK is making up."

     "Do you really think they are in a state?" Aluka asked rhetorically.

     Xiao Qiao was asked in a daze.

     Aluka said calmly, "I can guarantee that they are definitely waiting for someone to pass by now."


      has to say, Aluka's judgment is still very accurate.

     Next to RBQ's box, the four SKK people scattered and scanned the surroundings.

     After a while, the voice of the team rang.

     "No one on my side."

     "I didn't see it either."


     "Wait, I see people!!!"

     Suddenly, Billy's rough voice came, and the four people in the team suddenly thought shook!

     "Report direction and location." Karl's voice was calm.

     Billy said excitedly, "Behind the stone pillar in the direction of W23O, someone just missed his head."

     "Okay." Karl was not a word or movement nodded, light flashed in his eyes, and suddenly spoke extremely fast:

     "Check that the energy bar is full. Billy and I are in the lead, Satan follows, and Vivian looks around."After speaking, Karl and his party quickly shuttled through the ruins like a sharp sword!


     On the commentary stage, Msjoy couldn’t help but take a deep breath for a long time when he saw it. “It is worthy of being the world’s top-tier strong team. Licking will continue to attack."

     "I think this is also a part of SKK's tactics." Bai Shaobin nodded slightly and analyzed his face seriously:

     "SKK first lured RBQ to take the initiative in this wave, and then pass like thunder and move like the wind to annihilate it, which is equivalent to breaking a ‘point’ on the ‘face’ of the ruins.”

     "Do you want to break the face?"

     Master Rong murmured, suddenly eyes shined:

     "I understand! That SKK is now to follow the vine to get to the melon, and wants to further open the situation in the ruins."

     "But this melon..."

      Spoke until here, Rong Ye Pausing, looking some hesitation, "How do I feel... SKK is touching Vic and Ze Shao?"

     "Oh! It's still true."

     Msjoy was startled too!

     After he finished speaking, he was puzzled again, "No, Vic and Ze Shao squatted there after entering the circle and didn't move. They weren't just seen by Billy? How could this be..."

     "It's Azrael!" Bai Shaobin said again.

     Gold player?

     Both Rongye and Msjoy were taken aback.

     "Yes, Azrael led the SKK four toward Vic and Ze Shao!"

     "..." Lord Rong and Msjoy suddenly concluded.
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