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1336 Yun Qian Wave Trick!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Staggered rocks, in the ruins of the desolate scene, after a while wind blows.

     Jin Douhuan has a low figure, walking swiftly among the ruins, everything around him seems to be woven into a criss-crossed network in his mind, and what he wants to go to at this time is the "red dot" on the network. The place.

     Thinking of this, a faint light flashed in Jin Douhuan's eyes, and the corners of his mouth were also slightly raised unconsciously.

     This gift,

     Hope you will like it.


     On the commentary stage, Msjoy opened his mouth slightly, with an ‘unbelievable’ expression on his face.

     "In this wave of player gold, it seems that I am really ready to lend sb a knife to kill sb..."

     "A trace of a playful smile appeared on Bai Shaobin's face.

     "Think about how innocent a sniper the golden player was, uh...Although it was a bit sad, it is purely practiced by Vic."

     "Hehe, that's true."

     Rong Ye smiled nodded and turned to look at the game screen, brows slightly wrinkle and said:

     "But if this wave of SKK is really pulled by the gold player, the new hatred piled on old will be added together, I am afraid SKK will not easily let Vic and them go."

     A worried look appeared on MSjoy's face when he heard Lord Rong's words.

     "Indeed, the number of disadvantages on Se7en2 will not be mentioned. Vic does not have a rifle in his hand. If this is touched, I am afraid that it will be a bit hard to beat four hands."

     "Oh! Player Kim already arrived, Vic is near them."

     "Where are the SKK people?"

     As soon as the commentary fell off, there was a violent gunfire in the screen.

     Whoops whoops——!Jin Douhuan was short as he was running, and the bullet flew past his scalp.

     However, Jin Douhuan didn't have any emotions on his face, and he continued to touch the position of Liu Zilang and Shen Zeyan.

      It should be noted, Liu Zilang and others were just fighting for hegemony in the drug, and Jin Douhuan waited in the ruins for three years and three years?

     Just want to wait for an opportunity.

     Now with great difficulty, when the two of Liu Zilang riding motorcycles found the "reinforcement" due to an unexpected turn of events, he naturally said that he would never give up this hard-earned opportunity.

      At the same time, Liu Zilang, who squatted between the stone walls on the edge of the ruins after entering the circle, also realized that something was wrong.

     "There seems to be gunshots over there."

     Liu Zilang glanced at that direction and talked to oneself, "Should we come to make an autumn wind?"

     "Forget it, don't let it go."

     "Steady hand, um, hold your hand first."

     Without Li Muqiu and Misaka Kotomi, Liu Zilang didn't need to discuss at all, or in other words, there was no one to discuss. He quickly made a "hold back one's troops without moving" decision under the current situation.

     However, Liu Zilang holds back one's troops without moving, and the situation on Jin Douhuan is imminent danger.

     After all, the people of SKK are not muddled, so he has been walking around like a dog.

     After confirming that there was only one person in front, SKK quickly split up and outflanked them. The two Vivian and Satan who came out from the side directly blocked Jin Douhuan's path, so that he never had a chance to run wild.

     Jin Douhuan tried it once, and in less than a second, he was pressed back for half his blood.

     Asi!Jin Douhuan gritted his teeth inwardly cursed, what else is there "to devise battle plan in a tent" on his face.

     In his plan, Liu Zilang has the character of to see a gap and stick in a needle. After he brings in people, he will definitely work together. Then he will come to the cicada sheds its carapace, which can be lend sb a Knife to kill sb, can also travel outside the battle to make up the knife.

     But I never thought that Liu Zilang had changed his sex in this wave. He went around in a circle, and the other party didn't react at all.

     Suddenly, Jin Douhuan couldn't help but wonder whether the other party would have transferred?

     If it is really like that,

     Then he is committing a crime...


     Host the commentary stage.

     "Look, Player Kim has already pulled people to Vic's side."

     "But Vic is a little indifferent. Player Kim has been blocked by the SKK four and can't move."

     "Uh...how do I feel that Player Kim played himself in?"

     "The gold player may only learn ‘guides the source of misfortune to the east’ from Vic, but he didn’t learn how to get out, which is a bit uncomfortable."

     "Then in this situation, Player Jin looks a bit cold."


     Suddenly, there was a clear gunshot on the court!

     "Sniper rifle?"

     "It's Ze Shao's 98K, why did he shoot?"

     All of a sudden, not only the commentary on the stage, but the audience off the stage were all surprised!

     Jin Douhuan may not be clear, but everyone who looked at the director's perspective off the scene clearly knew that Liu Zilang and Shen Zeyan had not moved, and had been here all along the vicinity.The problem is that the two of them were silent for a long time, obviously preparing to watch from the sidelines. Why did they suddenly shoot at this time?


     Everyone off the court is puzzled.

     During the game, Shen Zeyan remained deadpan, but the corners of his mouth twitched slightly.

      If it’s possible, he really doesn’t want to shoot this shot.

     But the problem is that when he just opened the AWM lens and scanned the surroundings, a person who was holding a gun and aiming at him suddenly jumped out of the eight-fold lens.

     Both sides happened to be four eyes met.

     At this shocking moment, Shen Zeyan pulled the trigger purely with a muscle reaction.

     "Se7en2-Wolves knocked down SKK-Vivian with a headshot of Kar98K!"

     At the moment when the kill was brushed out, seeing the sudden death of his teammate, several people in SKK were also shocked!

     what's the situation?

     After Vivian was even more stunned, the sea-blue bangs on his forehead were fluttering everywhere.

     As a free agent of the SKK team, when Vivian entered the team, apart from Joint Operations, the main task was to observe the surrounding situation.

     Just now Vivian unconsciously saw that there seemed to be a person hidden here, squatting "stupidly" with a gun in the gap between the stone walls, looking full of an "sincere and honest" feeling.

     Naturally, Vivian has nothing to say. To start SKS, he must first take away This human head.

     In the end, I never thought that the other party suddenly turned his head. Both sides confirmed their eyes, and Shen Zeyan pulled the trigger directly.

     In fact, at that moment, Vivian also pulled the trigger.Not to mention that SKS's damage is not equal to Kar98K's pull bolt. The inferiority of the bullet's initial speed also made her lose the opportunity in this wave of confrontation, and she was directly knocked down by a headshot.

     These situations are complicated and cumbersome to say, but they happen only in a moment!

     The few people who were approaching SKK hadn't reacted yet, and Vivian had already kneels down on the ground.

     Karl frowned, as soon as he was about to speak, Vivian's annoyed voice came in his voice.

     "There is someone in the rock in the direction of E240."

     "It's Se7en2." Satan's voice suddenly sounded, sounding murderous-looking.

     "It's them?" Karl also saw the kill prompt at the top right of the screen, and couldn't help raising the eyebrow.

     The next moment, he said very quickly, "Seal Vivian the cigarettes, she won't be in a hurry, Satan puts a gun, and Billy cooperates with me to face up."

     "Is it so violent?" Billy was somewhat surprised when he heard the words.

     "Vic doesn't have a rifle." Karl concise and comprehensive.

     All three of SKK understood.

     They just saw Liu Zilang riding a motorcycle in the wave of poison in the north, wearing auspicious clothes behind them, only an AWM slipped under their noses.

     Since both parties "have fate then see you again", they naturally have to seize this opportunity.

     "My God! SKK didn't save people, they rushed!"

     "SKK is coming so aggressively, what did Player Kim say?"

     "The gold player still chose SKK, he started to fight against Ze Shao, this is bad."

     "Tsk tusk, I want to say that Player Jin is a bit unkind. Ze Shao just helped him with this shot, right?""Hehe, you are afraid that you have forgotten the original purpose of the gold player..."

     "It seems to be the same. The gold player wanted to lend sb a knife to kill sb from the beginning. I can only say that Vic is holding the gold player's hatred too firmly, and SKK can't take it if he wants to grab it."

     "Then this wave is difficult, Vic and Ze Shao are afraid they can't stand it?"

     "Eh wait! What is Vic doing?"


     The thunderous gunfire suddenly exploded!

     After the stone wall bunker, Liu Zilang drew out the AWM, actually shooting at the smoke.


     Everyone off the court was stunned!

     However, the SKK players who had dispersed and surrounded them all around were complexion changed!

     as expected!

     The next moment, a sudden burst of gunfire sounded.

     Whoops whoops——!

     A rain of bullets swept over frantically.

      At the same time, Liu Zilang, who had just fired a shot of AWM, pulled the bolt and changed the bullet, but once again aimed his sight at the smoke, which doesn't have any distressed bullet.

     "Vic and Ze Shao, what does it mean? The SKK trio are almost on their faces."

     "Uh...I seem to understand a little bit, they are trying to ‘relieve a besieged ally by attacking the home base of the besiegers ’, and bet on whether SKK will choose to attrition at this time!"

     "I understand, they just took advantage of the chance that SKK spread out and no one defended the rear."

     "That's right, and I'm afraid that SKK would kill him. Vic would actually take Ze Shao to blindly smoke the people in the smoke with this storm clouds approach."

     "Well, that's what I said, but there is no vision in the smoke, is this really feasible?"The hesitant voice of Lord Rong has not yet fallen.

     In the smoke, Vivian, who was crawling around with his butt, suddenly burst out with blood!

     In a short time, the red blood waiting for rescue suddenly turned sharply, and it seemed that there was an imminent danger.

     On the commentary stage, Lord Rong's voice suddenly got stuck in his throat.

     "My God! Vic's AWM... really got it?"

     "Not only is it a draw, but if you go up a bit, you will directly make up for Vivian."

     "Then SKK must choose now! If you don't make a decision, it comes without enough time."

     The fact is indeed so.

     SKK originally thought that Vivian was not in a hurry, and went to kill the remaining two of Se7en2.

     When Karl made a decision, he was quite a bit of "Killing Hua Xiong before the wine cools down"!

     But the current situation is that they may still have time to "cut Huaxiong", and Vivian behind will be cold.

     It's not anxious, it must be anxious!

      It should be noted, there are still seven teams in the finals right now.

     In the complex terrain of the ruins, one more person in the finals would give an extra link, which would not improve the team's overall combat effectiveness at all.

     On the contrary, the two of their sudden faces, Se7en2, are not proportional to their income and return. Even if the best situation does not damage the other party, they will only get two heads, but they have to cut one person first.

     And this is the best expectation.

     As an old opponent, SKK is not so simple as to think that Liu Zilang and Shen Zeyan will directly hands tied and wait to be captured.Karl's eyelids throbbed twice, suddenly took a deep breath and said decisively:

     "Billy and Satan held them up and they died! I'll go save people first."

     After speaking, he quickly retreated like the wind and ran towards the direction of the smoke.

      At the same time, Billy and Satan who went up from both sides also pointed their guns at the place where Liu Zilang and Shen Zeyan were hiding one after the other, and bit them firmly.

     And behind a stone wall not far away, Jin Dou-hwan, who had clenched both fists excitedly, was at a loss for a moment!

     What about Death Charge?

     This Nima... why did you go back?

     Insufficient and conspiracy!


     Jin Douhuan gritted his teeth and squinted at the hiding place of Liu Zilang and Shen Zeyan.

     I made a decision again in my mind!