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1337 Jedi Against "chicken"! (on)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

There are some things that you only know when you do.

     During the game, Jin Douhuan took a deep breath and clenched the gun in his hand.

     He lay low, like a "king Kong" in the grass, swimming noiselessly in a certain direction.

     Quiet, but deadly!


     "Oh! It seems that SKK still doesn't want to reduce its staff at this time." On the commentary stage, Lord Rong immediately replaced Liu Zilang and Shen Zeyan with let out a relaxed breath.

     "Well, I can only say that Vic was right in this wave."

     Msjoy nodded slightly, looking at Karl who had returned to the smoke to save people and said:

     "But from on the other hand, it also shows that SKK is determined to win in this game, otherwise they would not care about the team's full arrangement."

     "But Vic and Ze Shao's current situation is still very passive." Bai Shaobin complexion slightly sank analyzed, "Not to mention that Billy and Satan have been holding Vic and Ze Shao, so they can't transfer, maybe everyone didn't notice Jin just now. The movement of the players."

     Gold player?

     Master Rong glanced at the map, his face was suddenly full of surprise.

     "Player Kim, are you going to get closer?"

     "I'm afraid this is the case."

     Bai Shaobin nodded slightly.

     When Msjoy heard this, he immediately took a deep breath, "Then Vic is afraid it would be a bit difficult. Although Golden player is a sniper, he can't underestimate his close proximity, especially in this wave, he has not exposed his position."

      "Un." Lord Rong hesitated for a moment, suddenly said, "Don't you say Vic has AWM? Is it impossible to rely on him to open a breakthrough?"Upon hearing this, Msjoy also agreed, "This is an idea.

     "I'm afraid it's a bit difficult."

     Bai Shaobin is shook the head.

     When Lord Rong and Msjoy heard this, they couldn't help turning the head and looks to him.

     Bai Shaobin stared at the game screen, act without taking time to think and continued:

     "If they are facing other teams right now, Ze Shao might not be needed. Vic and an AWM alone are enough to deter these people."

     "But don’t forget, they are facing SKK, and there are also top snipers like Satan in the team. Such a super first-line team is good at fighting a team like you with AWM sniper. It’s not right', just to keep you from walking. Is there any way?"

     Upon hearing Bai Shaobin's words, Lord Rong and Msjoy also nodded looking thoughtful.

     "No wonder, I said that every time Vic gets AWM against SKK or the Tigers, the effect doesn't seem to be that great."

     "Then Vic and Ze Shao are a bit difficult to top this wave, but wait, I listened to Vic shooting all the time."

     "Oh? Is it the gunfire from Vic? I really didn't pay attention if you didn't say it."

     "But this gunshot...how do I sound a little weird."

      spoke until here, the three commentators on the stage look at each other in dismay.

     At this time, the live director suddenly gave Liu Zilang the camera, and the scene that leaped into his eyes suddenly made everyone stunned!

     What is this?

     Under the camera, Liu Zilang was holding a revolver, but he shot directly above his head as if holding a flare gun.

     Bang Bang Tied——!Not to mention, the voice of the revolver sounds pretty good!

     But what are you doing?

     Even if you fly a plane, you have to have a plane to fight, and is it time to fly?

     Seeing this scene in the picture, let alone an on-stage commentary, even the audience and friends in the live broadcast room are staring, everyone is a black question mark!

     "Shoot at the sky? Are you bashful?"

     "Stop it, bastard, you're not Xiao Yan, don't have trouble with the sky."

     "Is it a flare gun? Doesn't it mean that there is no flare gun in the game version?"

     "No! You think too much! That's a genuine revolver!"

     "I understand, incompetent furious, puff haha, didn't expect you Vic to have this day too."


     In the game match, after Liu Zilang finished playing a shuttle revolver, he suddenly took out a spare ammunition and picked up a bullet on the revolver, and then continued to fire his gun at the sky.


     On the commentary stage, Lord Rong was speechless.

     At this time, Msjoy suddenly said, "Huh? I'm going to do it next time."

     Hearing this, everyone's eyes turned to the safe area.

     Just now, everyone's attention was attracted by the erratic fight between Se7en2 and SKK, but they ignored the refresh of the safe zone.

      Unconsciously, almost there in one minute and thirty seconds, when the radiation grid outside was about to overlap with the safe zone.

     as expected.

     After a while, the next finals was refreshed.However, the moment I saw this circle, the hearts of everyone off the court suddenly became cold!

     Liu Zilang and the others are still in the circle, but the SKK people are also still in the circle.

     "This is bad, they were eaten to death by SKK."

     "Well, Vivian is about to be lifted up, and it will be really difficult when all the four SKK are dispatched."

     "Yes, and don't forget that player Kim is coming soon."


     While talking about it, the screen under the guide lens has changed again, giving a God's perspective from a high altitude.

     After the safety zone was refreshed, the teams that were not in the circle among the seven surviving teams also began to move.

     From this high-altitude perspective, it looks like an ant moving house, and it has a peculiar look.

     At this moment, Lord Rong suddenly screamed, "Hey! Look... the remaining two of the Tigers and the OMG four-man team... are they coming towards Vic?

     "Are they here towards Vic?"

     Msjoy was taken aback for a moment.

     Bai Shaobin was a thought flashed through the mind, and suddenly he spoke very quickly, "I understand! Vic was actually firing the flare gun just now?"

     "Flare gun?"

     Msjoy was stunned.

     After the same stunned Lord Rong, he immediately reacted, "You mean... Vic shot the sky to attract people?"

     "Like this?"

     Msjoy glanced at Lord Rong, still wondering on his face, "But how to know Vic, whoever pulls it will definitely help him?"

     "Vic didn't know someone would help them."Bai Shaobin stared at a place on the match bench and said word by word, "But if he knows that no one will come, they will not make it to the end."

     "That's the truth. If someone comes, it means more possibilities."

      Spoke until here, Rong Ye’s face showed a satisfying smile like to dispel the clouds and see the sun.

     No way, Liu Zilang's hand "Zuo Lun Tiaotian" just now is really nonsense.

     Even if they scratched their scalp, they didn't think of what Liu Zilang's intention was. This was to make the three of them as commentators feel a little bit embarrassed.

     At this time, although the "truth" was a bit confusing, the three of them were relaxed.

     "Then the choice of the two teams that I have come to see now, it is possible to send Vic to them to send charcoal in snowy weather. Of course, it does not rule out throw stones at sb who fell down a well."

     "Well, if it is reasonable, I might be more likely to have the former."

     "Yes, after all, Vic and Ze Shao not only have fewer people and small targets, but they are also in the bunker. In comparison, the scattered SKK targets are much larger."

      "All right, the first to be here are Rocky and Thshine of the Tigers."

     "Eh wait... the script is a bit wrong."

     Accompanied by the voice of excitement and explanation.

     During the game competition, Vivian was helped by Karl and had a first aid kit to pull up his blood.

     But this is not the point.

     The point is that after the two of Gtiger came over, they didn't act on the SKK four who were all focused on Liu Zilang behind them.

     Rocky actually attacked Liu Zilang from a tricky angle.Fortunately, Liu Zilang found out in time and escaped the headshot, otherwise he would be immortal and disabled.

     However, despite this, Liu Zilang was also shocked and quickly sealed a cigarette in that direction to suppress his shock.

     "What's the situation? It broke?!"

     "Something is wrong, why Rocky doesn't play SKK? He doesn't know who is who, right?"

     "I think Rocky should have recognized Vic's auspicious clothes and AWM."

     Upon hearing Bai Shaobin's words, Lord Rong and Msjoy were both silent...

     Liu Zilang's "shot from a flying car" on the hills in the north of the inland Hebei caused Rocky's head to explode!

     I am afraid that even if it turns to ashes, Rocky knows it, not to mention the obvious AWM and Geely service...


     "We seem to be surrounded."

     After going into the bunker, Liu Zilang's eyes twitched, and it seemed that there was no B-tree complaining, "Madan, why are these guys chasing us and hitting?"

     Hearing his words, Shen Zeyan on the side squinted unusually, but it was just as in the past silently.

     Liu Zilang glanced at SKK's direction, guessing that Vivian and Karl should have already come, gritted his teeth and said, "No, we can't be so passively beaten."

     Right now they are in the safe zone. This circle can be said to be the fate of heaven, but unfortunately there is an "artificial scourge" in the fate.

     If all the weapons are available, Liu Zilang might still fight Shen Zeyan. After all, the defender has a certain advantage. Liu Zilang's reaction and marksmanship are not insignificant in small-scale close combat.But at the moment, in addition to AWM, he has a small revolver that he forgot to throw at the start.

     Liu Zilang can just use the revolver as a flare, but he hasn't swelled to use the revolver to defend.


     Must be transferred!

     After confirming this idea, Liu Zilang glanced at the motorcycle he had just hidden in the corner.

     The motorcycle was parked quietly against the wall at this time, and no one would take a taxi this time.

     Because everyone felt that no one would drive under the complex terrain of the ruins of the finals.


     Liu Zilang is not Len.

     Kang Dang——!

     A smoke bomb passed through the air and landed on the ground suddenly, with a burst of "chichichi", a large cloud of smoke soon diffused.

     "Oh! Vic closed the cigarette."

     "In this direction, is it a decision to spread cigarettes and transfer?"

     "No! Vic sealed cigarettes for motorcycles!"

     "Crap! Isn't it? Does this guy still plan to ride a motorcycle."

     "I'm really afraid that I won't die fast enough."


     Everyone in the audience in the audience suddenly started talking.

     On the commentary stage, Lord Rong was looking at some place in the game screen and said, "Oh, OMG is here too! The little lion God K has seen Satan, and he is shooting Satan!"

     "Reinforcement! Reinforcement is finally here, Vic's flare gun works."

     "But wait, Theshine of the Tigers hit a shuttle on OMG's side, and the two groups of ‘reinforcements’ pulled by Vic’s flare guns fought themselves.""Worse! SKK took the opportunity very well! The four took advantage of this meeting and rushed up!"

     "Vic rushed too, he has slipped into the smoke!"


     The motorcycle's engine roared suddenly, like a sleeping beast being awakened!

     "Eh wait, why is there someone in the smoke? That is..."

     The voice of Msjoy on the stage has not been finished yet, the sound of the motorcycle that just roared on the field suddenly with a grunting sound it stops!

      At the same time, something seems to float across the upper right of the screen...

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