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1343 Treasure Boy Vic! (Second More)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

On the stage, Liu Zilang walked with a reserved face and waved his hands to greet the audience off the court.

     The next moment, his vision suddenly darkened.

     What's the matter?

     Who turned off the lights?

     Liu Zilang was taken aback, subconsciously raised his head, huffed, and a piece of clothing covered his face.

     All of a sudden, the cheers on the scene were like the mute button being pressed!

     The stadium of Nuo University suddenly crow and peacock make no sound, and the air seemed to freeze at this moment.


     Kotomi Misaka stepped on her short legs and ran from behind quickly, and quickly raised her hand and pulled off the clothes covering Liu Zilang's head. He lowered his head like a made mistakes pupil, and said:


     Liu Zilang turned his body stiffly, glanced at this "little second man" with a twitch of the corner of his mouth, and wanted to hold the forehead facing her just like a bullet.

     Don't ask.

     He also knew how the clothes flew over.


     Deep breath took a breath.

     The world is so beautiful, but I am so irritable.

     this is not good...

     not good...

     Liu Zilang turned around with a smile, took the clothes from Misaka Kotomi dumbly, and said kindly, "Come on, let the teacher help you dress them."

      "Ah?" Misaka Kotomi was slightly surprised.

     The next moment, she was blacking out, and her clothes were covered on top of her head.

     "Ah!" Misaka Kotomi screamed under the clothes.

     "It's wet, it hurts!"After getting dressed, Kotomi Misaka sees the light again eyes brimming with tears, and there seems to be a faint red mark on the forehead under the airy bangs on the forehead.


     Li Muqiu on the side couldn't help shook the head.

     However, at this time, the audience off the field and in the live broadcast room screamed again after seeing this scene, which was completely opposite to Li Muqiu's emotion.

     "Wow, the action of putting on clothes is so warm!"

     "Look, look! Xiaoqinmei was moved and cried."

     "Hey hey, I didn't expect Vic to be a warm man!"

     "Resolve embarrassment with elegance, Vic, the treasure boy, I love it!"


     At this time, if you know that the barrage in the live broadcast room is actually these, I am afraid that you will be so angry that you will scream on the spot...


     In the interview area, all four of Se7en2 played the game.

     With the desk notebook and microphone in his hands, the blonde wave, wearing shiny high heels, walked over from below with the translator.

     Remembering what Liu Zilang said during the interview at the end of the double qualifier yesterday, she couldn't help but smiled at Liu Zilang, "Unexpectedly, we will meet again really such soon. Okay, let's ask the four people to say hello to the audience off the court. "

     "Hello everyone, I am Lech!" Li Muqiu looked at the camera a wide grin.

     "Nest...Nest is Menhera sauce!" Misaka Kotomi said somewhat anxious.

     After speaking, she subconsciously covered her forehead.


     Shen Zeyan's voice is faint, just as in the past brief.Liu Zilang opened his mouth, just about to connect, the big wave on the side suddenly smiled and interrupted:

      "All right, this one doesn't need to be introduced. I believe everyone has heard enough in the two days of the game. Let us call out his name together."


     "Vick Liu!!!"

     "Vic the dog thief!!!"

     Suddenly, there were shouts around the interview booth, and finally turned into a laugh.

     Liu Zilang's eyes twitched when he heard it, and he was a little embarrassed. Fortunately, after looking at the desk book on the side of Big Wave, he quickly brought the topic to Li Muqiu's side.

     "Qiu Shen, according to the fan questions we collected from the Internet, why do everyone say,'Four people and four ghosts are showing off, only Qiu Shen is being beaten up."

     The blonde big wave final words are spoken in Chinese, although the accent is awkward, but with the inquiring expression with his head tilted, she still expresses her doubts accurately.

     Well, this time I changed Li Muqiu to live awkwardly.

     "Ahem..." Li Muqiu gave a dry cough, waved his hand and said sternly, "Rumors are all rumors."

     "In fact, from a scientific point of view, assaulters are indeed a position that is easier to sacrifice, but this is also the destiny and mission of an assaulter."

     "We use our lives to contribute to the team."

     "It's not profitable not to have a name."

     "What kind of spirit is this, eh?"

     Speaking of the end, Li Muqiu was moved by himself and raised an eyebrow at Liu Zilang triumphantly.

     "Han and Han spirit?" Liu Zilang tentatively asked.

     "..." Li Muqiu.

     I am your brother-in-law!Li Muqiu was about to run away, and the big blond wave immediately interjected, "All right, the next question is about Menhera sauce, the only female player in our Se7en2 team."

     "Hey, nest... it's nest's turn." Misaka Kotomi's buns were somewhat shy on the face.

     "Well, Menhera played very well in the last game. Whether it's the thunder in the pan or the latter attracting firepower for Vic in the smoke, they all showed strong tactical determination..."

     "Nothing, nothing."

     Misaka Kotomi hurriedly waved his hand, and said obediently and honestly, "The pan is wet and called "Woda". The nest is frightened."

     "In the smoke behind, um, the den felt so wet at that time, so we must let him go out first."

     "..." The big blond wave corner of the mouth twitch.

     What the hell?

     How can I blow after you say that?

     She reluctantly raised the spirits and glanced at the desk, her eyes quickly turned to Shen Zeyan.

     Sword-sharp eyebrows, thin lips, a sharp-edged face...

     Even with the blonde big wave westerner's aesthetic, I feel that Shen Zeyan in front of me is indeed a rare "CoolGuy!" (Cool Guy)

     As for Shen Zeyan's character, the on-site director group has obviously heard of it, so the question of preparation is very brief.

     "The last game against Rocky and Satan was very exciting. Do you have the confidence to truly defeat them in this game?"

     Hearing this, Shen Zeyan's eyes flashed a little, softly said, "I am looking forward to it."

     Without Li Muqiu's publicity.There is no Liu Zilang's unexpected.

     Shen Zeyan's answer is flat and straightforward, but it is full of self-evidently strong self-confidence.

     The blond wave looked at Shen Zeyan nodded with satisfaction, and after turning his eyes to the next Liu Zilang, his face twitched imperceptibly.

     Is this the turn of the goods so soon?

     Forget it, sooner or later it should come.

     "Well... the netizens in the last game had a lot of questions about you. Here we will find the one who cares most about you and is the one who has the most questions.

     "Excuse me, when Vivian from SKK in the finals of the game took your ride, you found it at what time."

     After speaking, Big Blond Wave also looked at Liu Zilang somewhat curiously.

     Liu Zilang clenched a fist and coughed dryly, "When she first got in the car...I knew it."

     All of a sudden!

     Hearing this, the audiences off-site and in the live broadcast room were in an uproar!

     In the backstage studio, Msjoy stood up suddenly, pointing coldly at the interview broadcast screen on the LCD screen on the wall and shouted:

     "I knew it! I knew it was like this."

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