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1344 Emergency!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
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In fact, it's no wonder Msjoy is so excited.

     As early as when Vivian got in the car, Msjoy put forward his conjecture.

     Unfortunately, the situation in the finals was in an instant a myriad changes, no one had the time to continue discussing this.

     What's more, judging from Liu Zilang's performance at the time, he probably didn't know about it.

     This is not a social game, who dares to let the enemy hitchhiker in the finals!

     However, when it was time for the interview, Liu Zilang was confidently confident that he knew it a long time ago.

     This Nima...what the hell?

     The blonde big wave obviously didn't expect Liu Zilang to admit it so simply, and he said in a stammering tone, " know, why let her be in the car?"

     Hearing this problem, Liu Zilang suddenly scratched the head, "Everyone got in the car, how can I get her down?"

     How can I let her go down?

     When he said this, Liu Zilang's tone was sincere, with a simple light flashing on his face.

     It looks like a simple and honest farmer driving a manual tractor when he meets a lost girl in the desolate region, and she takes them warm-hearted and compassionate.


     Quite a few spectators off the field burst into laughter!

     "Wow! Vic really is a warm man."

     "Madan! If it weren't for seeing you dump your car in poison from behind, I would almost believe it!"

     "Labor-capital trust bird, you are evil! Vic is a bad thief!"

     "By the way, how did this guy find out?"

     "..."In the interview area, at this moment, the blonde big wave also tilted his head and stared at Liu Zilang, and asked this very curious question.

     Hearing this problem, Liu Zilang smiled.

     "Before I went to the poison to move the car, I saw someone following behind."

     "Ah, so early?"

     The big blond wave was a little shocked, but then suddenly, "Oh! That's why you threw a smoke on the poison side, this is to beat sb at their own game."

     "Yes." Liu Zilang nodded, grins, showing his big white teeth, "but I didn't think that the other party would beat sb at their own game and followed my car."

      He spoke until here, he shrugged the shoulders, and said, "Then I can only do good things to the end."


     Everyone off the court couldn't help taking a breath.

     Just now the incident happened hastily, and everyone looked at flowers in the fog for this scene on the field. They didn't expect that there was such a complicated psychological game behind them.

     However, everyone was shocked by his shamelessness at the end of Liu Zilang's phrase "good people do it to the end"!

     This guy..

     Obviously, you just want to send someone to the west, right?


     "He's still a good person?" Vivian listened badly in the backstage lounge.

     Recalling that I thought I had taken a ride without knowing it, I even watched Liu Zilang driving in a playful mood in the back of the car, thinking about the other side's expressions after the game.

     As everyone knows, she has been the "monkey" in Liu Zilang's eyes from the moment she got on the bus..

     Thinking of this, Vivian was immediately embarrassed, his teeth rattled!Faced with the weird gazes of the other people in the team, she was even more furious, "Flowing Q, Flowering Q!"


     After the interview, the group of Se7en2 also returned to the background for the tactical deployment of the next game.

     In the first game, blessing in disguise, considering that Kotomi Misaka did as well as the blonde wave said in the last game.

     Coach Su Changming still decided to keep the lineup unchanged for the next game, and the final "big move" should be used in the deciding game.

     Next, after a simple post-match analysis and tactical arrangements for the next match, the break time between the matches was over, and the group of Se7en2 re-entered the stage.

     On the host commentary stage, the three commentators are discussing the Point Ranks of the last game.

     "Has to say, although this chicken from Se7en2 was caught off guard a bit, it can be regarded as a booster for our China Division." Rong Ye said with some emotion.

     Bai Shaobin nodded, "Yes, it's also worth mentioning that OMG and 4AM performed very well in the last game. They finished fourth and fifth respectively. This is a very good result."

     Msjoy heard the words cannot help but laughed and said, "Looking at it this way, our Huaxia Division team took three places in the top five of the last game."

     "But still can't be careless."

     Bai Shaobin suddenly said seriously, "Don't forget, SKK and Gtiger were ranked second and third respectively in the last game, and they also had a lot of kills."

     "Oh! The backstage score statistics have come out, let's take a look."

     Hearing Lord Rong's words, the eyes of everyone off the court immediately turned to the big screen.1st: Se7en2; a total score of 450.

     2nd: SKK; total score 360.

     3rd: Gtiger; a total score of 300.



     From the ranking point of view, the gap between the top three has not widened too much, and what Bai Shaobin said can not be taken lightly and naturally, not without reason.

     After all, the total score is composed of ranking points and kill points. A mistake in a game or being eliminated in the early stage may be a fatal foreshadowing on the road to winning.

     Immediately afterwards, the pictures on the big screen were flipped, and the results of ten teams out of the box were also given.

     The audience in the live and live broadcast rooms looked at the big screen and quickly understood the current situation of the PGI four-row finals.

     At this time, the scene lights flashed, and the music suddenly agitated.

     The big teams are now on stage.

     On both sides of the stage, the players from the back channel walked out of the big team players filed out, and the fans from all walks of life off the field began to cheer for support frantically and passionately!

     "Go on SKK and flip them!"

     "The Tigers will win, and the Icelandic macho is invincible!"

     "Se7en2 rush! Give labor and management!"

     "SKT is pregnant! Doo Hwan whatever happens must not be near the car!"


     The audience is at home in Europe and America. If you win, you can applaud, but you still have to cheer for your own team. Therefore, the cheering of strong teams from Europe and the United States almost filled the entire stadium.

     The rest are international students and overseas Chinese. After these two days of competition, they have basically been fans of Se7en2, so Se7en2's voice is also considered to fly one's banner on a solitary tree.On the commentary stage, Rong Ye looked at the updated player information in the background and said with a smile: "After the last round of the game, many of our teams have adopted substitutions. The 4AM side replaced the new sniper ZGGO1. Listen It used to be KG Team Captain, this substitute is not ordinary."

     "Indeed, President Wang's strength is still very strong." Msjoy smiled nodded and continued, "In addition, it is really important to substitute in our professional tournaments. It can help the team better adjust its state. I won't say what's the The problem can only be to follow one road until dark."

     "Huh? Se7en2 didn't change players in this game."

     Master Rong glanced at something astonished, and then said with a smile, "But it’s no wonder that the last game Vc eats chicken Menhera sauce is also considered one's contributions cannot go unnoticed, if she sacrificed herself in the smoke to exchange Vic out, Maybe Se7en2 is out of ten in this game."

     "Yes, well, our players are already seated in the competition table."

     "We can see that most of the players on the field have adjusted their state and have not been affected too much by the last game. Has to say is an essential part of professional player psychological quality."

     "Well, after all, the Professional League depends not only on individual competitive strength, but also on the player's on-the-spot performance. A player with an easy mentality can't go far."

     "Then now the players are making the final equipment confirmation. The second game of our PGI team finals is about to begin. Let's wipe one's eyes and wait together."

     "Huh? Wait, the referee on the Korean team... seems to be applying for a game suspension?"

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