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1348 One Knife One...
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

Whoops whoops——!

     Accompanied by the stern sound of breaking through the air, a series of bullets carried death aura and passed by several people suddenly.

     The nest of ducks!

     Misaka Kotomi was so frightened that she squatted on the spot, and when she reacted, she bounced up again and chased after her.

     "It's wet! The man in the mansion chased it out!"

     While running, Li Muqiu glanced back, and the corners of his mouth twitched slightly.

     "Madan! These two teams really chased it out, this Nima is too much."

      At this moment, Liu Zilang also felt a little pain in his heart.

     Although he guessed that the people in the mansion found them slipping away, he probably not let them go easily.

     But he didn't expect to kill him. The two South Korean teams actually chased them out together, so they chased them out together on the open and aboveboard, without even performing the show.

     This is so real, so don't need anything!

     In a moment, the pressure in his heart doubled.

      It should be noted, although the four of Se7en2 also came out of the mansion, they were kicked out.

     Apart from a set of floor-to-ceiling suits, they almost don't have any equipment that can be upgraded. The fattest players in the team are Liu Zilang and Li Muqiu, because the killer licked the bag.

     Not to mention Misaka Kotomi and Shen Zeyan.

     A man holding a submachine gun, with nothing else to look at except for the dangling white brain broad.

     And Shen Zeyan is not much better, holding a bird sniper Win94 in his hand, but he has a head, armor and bag.

     However, it is a clear color first class, and there is a first class package.

     As for the magnification...Sorry, no one has seen the four of them.

     With this kind of equipment, let alone two teams, even if one team catches up with them, it's a bit difficult.


     The director's footage passed over the field, and soon he was once again given a rare death pursuit on the north side of the mansion, and the sight of countless people off the field was also attracted.

     On the host stage, the faces of the three commentators were also a little speechless.

     Msjoy touched his chin, and said some hesitation, "Uh...Is it a foul if we chase Se7en2 with the two teams like Griffin?"

     "I think it's a bit."

     Rong Ye nodded slightly, he pondered, and continued, "Actually, it's not that we didn't have two chase and one alliance in our game, such as the SKK and Tigers in the last game."

     When Bai Shaobin heard the words, he immediately curled his lips. "At least they are welcome to each other if they take the opportunity, but Grif and Gen don't fight in the mansion. Instead, they come out and chase Se7en2 who gave up the mansion. Isn't it a bit unreasonable?

     Lord Rong and Msjoy are trying to agree.

     Unexpectedly, at this moment, two gunshots with different rhythms were heard on the court.

     Da Da——!

     Da da--!

     It turned out that GRF and GRF were running, and suddenly they turned on their guns towards each other.

     From the viewing angle of the big screen, everyone off the court could clearly see that the bullets were shot from the guns of the two teams and moved towards each other in an arc in the air.

     "Huh? Could it be that..."

     Rong Ye was slightly surprised when he saw this.As an explanation, he was about to apologize for the improper remarks just now, but Bai Shaobin on the side suddenly said, "You take a closer look."

     Msjoy obviously noticed the strangeness on the side, and a strange expression suddenly appeared on his face.

     Rong Ye was stunned again when he was said that he raised his head and stared at the big screen carefully for a while, his face suddenly became a bit speechless like constipation.

     In the picture, as long as you look carefully, it is not difficult to find that the two teams fired shots, but the bullets hit as much as they want.

     The strokes are too much.

     This is already the standard sunset red.

     Obviously, this is the acting skills.


     "Shameless, shameless!" Listening to the gunshots behind, Li Muqiu couldn't help but smash his mouth.

     As the authorities, they heard the gunshots behind them at first, thinking that the two teams behind villains collude together "infighted", but they soon realized something was wrong.

     "Don't be shameless, quickly scatter to find the car." Liu Zilang glanced at the terrain in front of him, his face gradually a little ugly.

     The terrain in front is gradually flat, and there are not as many gentle slopes as before in the vast wilderness.

     Being chased here, they used the occlusion to dodge the bullets from behind.

     However, if there is a car, the situation is very different. Therefore, Liu Zilang is also making prompt decisions and immediately let his teammates spread out to find cars.

     But then...

     Liu Zilang hadn't thought that after they dispersed, they hadn't found the car yet, but someone on the GRF chasing behind found a desert jeep on the side of the road.Rumble--!

     The roar of the engine came from the rear, and the faces of the Se7en2 in front changed slightly.

     "Gather! Gather!"

     Liu Zilang quickly changed his strategy.

     The people just behind do not have a car, and they can disperse the opponent's goal and increase the chance of getting a car.

     But now that the next step is to find the car first, then they will continue to disperse to give each other a chance to break one by one.

     Hearing what Liu Zilang said, the three of Se7en2 also did not hesitate at all and leaned in the direction marked by Liu Zilang.

     Liu Zilang was about to go to a round with his teammates here, and he glanced at the front right inadvertently.

     His face was startled at first,

     Then he showed the look of overjoyed at unexpected good news!

     "I found the car!"

     "Ah! Nima finally found it." Li Muqiu relaxed.

     "Sri Lanka is wet!" Misaka Kotomi smiled and narrowed her crescent eyes.

     The little guy was happily, and suddenly felt that there was something wrong with the sound of cars behind him.

     "Xiao Qinmei, run!"

     Li Muqiu nearby suddenly cried out.

     Misaka Kotomi's body stiffened, pulling the angle of view and looking back, she was so scared that scream "Nest of Ma Duck!", and then rushed over to Li Muqiu's side quickly!

     Li Muqiu: ...

     Why is this silly girl getting darker?

     The corner of his eye twitched, but still immediately pulled out the AK to help with the gun.

     However, this time, those who chase from the yet another direction suddenly exerted force!After they opened the gun line, a wave of sneak attacks that relied on a high-powered lens turned Li Muqiu instantly crippled.

     In fact, if Li Muqiu hadn't reacted quickly, this wave would just fall to the ground.

     "It's getting started!"

     "This is too disgusting!"

     "These sticks are always okay."

     "Xiao Qinmei, run!"


     Amidst the discussion, the three Griffins driving the Jeep had chased after Misaka Kotomi not far behind.

     Seeing that there seemed to be no one else around her, Rather, who was driving the car, raised his mouth, and immediately blasted the accelerator towards Misaka Kotomi!

     Didn’t the last game have fun in S City?


     Then come and have fun together!

      At the same time, the eyes of the three Griffins in the car flashed with excitement.

      It should be noted, the Se7en2 Gao Piao S City and Griffin driving past met by chance. Liu Zilang's last mortar-like grenade took Rather to destroy Griffin and let them eat chicken in reverse. People left a lot of mental shadow.

     Now that there is a chance for revenge, how can Griff easily let it go?


     "No! Grif has caught up with Menhera sauce!"

     "It looks like this is going to be a direct hit. This is bad, there is no shelter around Xiao Qin Mei."

     "How about... stop and fight back?"

     "It's useless, two people left on the GRF car, anytime is fine, shoot, stop and die."

     "Indeed, alas, it seems that Se7en2 will be lifted first."


     The engine in my ears is getting bigger and bigger, and the roaring roar seems to sound from the bottom of my heart!

     Misaka Kotomi suddenly took a deep breath, stopped and pulled out the submachine gun from behind, showing a very serious expression on the round bun's face!

     Yes, she will fight back.

     Obviously, Kotomi Misaka also saw that the surrounding terrain couldn't run at all, and she decided to give it a go before she died!

     "Looking for death!" On the desert jeep, cold glow flashes in Rather's eyes.


     Nest and mud fight together!

     Facing the jeep who came out with his face, Misaka Kotomi's bun's face was full of stubbornness!

     Unexpectedly, at this moment, there was a violent shout in her ear: "Get down!"

     It's wet! ! !

     Misaka Kotomi heard the sound wasn't startled, on the contrary was happy, the tacit understanding for a long time made her lie down subconsciously...

     The next moment, an inexplicable scene that shocked everyone off the court appeared!

     At the moment when the Griffin Desert Jeep rushed to Misaka Kotomi less than three meters away, a red sports car that was fast to the limit suddenly appeared in the slope!

     Bang a loud sound!

     The front of the red car sports car directly squeezed into the chassis of the desert jeep. The two cars crossed into a supernaturally fine craft "arch bridge" posture, and flew over Misaka Kotomi's head suddenly!

     "Fuck! It's Vic!"

     "Wow! This speed car is too handsome!"

     "Madan! Although I don't want to admit it, why is this guy so mad every time he plays!"

     "Yes! Labor and management are not satisfied!""Crap! Look at Menhera sauce, it's L'?tudiante!"

     "I'm so excited, how come I feel that Vic is getting cold..."


     That's right, Liu Zilang is handsome this early, but he also sent himself to the faces of the three Griffins.

     The two cars kept this posture and slid a long distance, but they couldn't get out!

     "Oh! The three of Griffin got out of the car!"

     "Vic got out of the car too, he was fast, he was lying in the back of the car."

     "One dozen three! Vic get up quickly and one dozen three!"

     "Hit a hammer, just the HP of Vic's equipment, I am afraid that the people from Griffin will beat him to the head."

     "Oh! It's really cold now, can your teammates support it?"

     "Qiu Shen was held up by someone, where is Ze Shao? Oh! Ze Shao is still rushing back!"

     "The three people from Griff came up from both sides!"


     When everyone was flustered off the field and in the live broadcast room, there was a sharp "bang" gunshot during the game match!

     Everyone was shocked when they heard the gunfire!

     It's 98K!

     Wait... whose 98K?

     The next moment, a System Notification suddenly appeared at the top right of the screen.

     "SKT-Azrael knocked down GRF-Viper with a headshot of Kar98K!"

     Seeing this abruptly arising kill,

     In this brief moment, the audience off-site and the commentary on the stage were a bit dumbfounded!

     Kim... gold player?