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1349 Golden Head's Gun!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Player Jin...killed Griffin's sniper?

     After a brief shock, the audiences off-site and in the live broadcast room exploded in an instant, and countless bullets rolled frantically.


     "Xiaojin, this is place righteousness before family!"

     "Comfortable, let you guys do things haha."

     "The golden head is mighty, it's time to clean up the sect!"


     In the midst of a heated discussion, the broadcast director's footage had been cut from Liu Zilang, who was stuck in a car with the remaining two of Griffin, to Jin Douhuan in the north safety zone.

     Long eight-fold mirror.

     A big sniper exuding wood-colored luster.

     Through the vision of the eightfold mirror, Jin Douhuan quietly looked at the car over there.

     "What's going on, is anyone?" Teammate Benz rushed over from the room when he heard the gunshots.

     "It's okay, stay away." Jin Douhuan glanced at the kill in the upper right corner, indifferently said.

      "Oh." Brother Benz just nodded twice, suddenly his face became stiff, "How do you give Grif..."

     "Why? Can't you fight?" Jin Douhuan raised his eyebrows.

     Benz brother somewhat grudgingly said, "No, the head coach of our division had a meeting last night, were you there at the time?"

     "I'm wearing headphones." Jin Douhuan said.

     "..." Brother Benz.

     Just when he was speechless for a while, Jin Douhuan suddenly said again, "Tell them to stop searching. Let's get closer and get ready to get points."

     "Ah? Are you really ready..." Brother Mercedes was anxious.Jin Doo-hwan glanced at him, "Although I didn't listen, I also know that the head coach wants to help us get the results of Republic of Korea. If I come to get this result, they must have nothing else opinion?"

     To know. Although Kim Doo-hwan did not eat chicken in the last game, SKT relied on his one person to hold on to the rankings. It is currently the best team among the three teams in the South Korean division. So Kim Doo-hwan is not shooting without aim.

     Brother Benz was really taken aback by Jin Douhuan. When he wanted to say something, Jin Douhuan had already put away his gun, disappeared beside them, and strode towards the south in the direction of the gunfire.

     "Okay okay, let's drive together." Mercedes-Benz sighed saying, he can only greet the other two teammates who are still developing in the poison circle to get on the car.

     Unexpectedly, when he heard the sound of the car behind him, Jin Douhuan remained unmoved.

     In the desert, the back figure running in the sunset is as firm as iron, without even looking back...


     Next to the sports car, Liu Zilang looked at the remaining bullets in the M416 in his hand.

     His gun was picked up by EscA in the mansion. Originally there were less than sixty rounds of ammunition. In addition to this wave of fleeing battles and retreat, there are only a dozen rounds left at the moment.

      It should be noted, the M4 is a fully automatic rifle.

     A dozen bullets seem to be enough, but holding it down is a matter of one or two seconds.

     There were still two people on the opposite side of Griffin, who had just been knocked down by Jin Dou-hwan before he had time to make up for the other party and hurriedly retracted. At this moment, the smoke had been sealed.

     "Huh! If only there was a thunder." Liu Zilang sighed saying.On the commentary stage, Msjoy also said with a puzzled face, "Huh? Why doesn't Vic throw thunder?"

     "Vic probably doesn't have any advanced props like grenade yet." Rongye touched his nose, with a wry smile on his face, "They were chased out of the mansion just now. It would be nice to have a gun now."

     "For a gun, Vic has it, but the bullets don't seem to be enough."

     "That's right, not only does Vic not have enough bullets in the M4, but Victor's bullets won't last long."

     "Wait, Xiaoqin is beautiful, she feels it!"

     That's right, Kotomi Misaka really touched it.

     And it is used to crawl.

     "It's wet...Is the nest really going to crawl over?" In the voice, Xiao Erhuo's voice was trembling.

     "It's okay, I will help you stand for your teacher, and climb without worry."

     Liu Zilang's voice just as in the past is full of sunshine and self-confidence, or just wants Misaka Kotomi to sound "sunshine and confident".


     Misaka Kotomisaki took a deep breath, crawled quietly and continued to lie down.

     If you look closely, you will find that Kotomi Misaka is still holding what thing...

     "Huh? What is that Xiao Qinmei holding in her hand?"

     "Isn't it! Could Menhera sauce be used as a battered infantry again?"

     "Vic is not four len!"

     "I'm crying, how about you?"

     "Look clearly, that's a shock bomb!"

     "What does it mean? Use shock bombs in the smoke?"

     That's right, Kotomi Misaka's palm is indeed a shock bomb.In fact, if she had a grenade, she would have passed it a long time ago. Maybe she would play "Drumming and Passing Flowers" with Liu Zilang again. There is no need for such a risk.

     Unfortunately she didn't.

     Liu Zilang has no thunder, nor does Misaka Kotomi. She only has one more explosive bomb than Liu Zilang, which is commonly known as "flash bomb."


     "Don't move, it's almost done." In the smoke, Rather of Griff crouched behind Viper's ass.

     "Axi!" Viper's face was hot and annoyed. "That kid Dou Huan, why at this time?"

     "That guy did it on purpose," said one of the team.

     "Probably not, they don't know that this team is us." Rather shook the head, "Don't worry about SKT in the north. Just saw your knockdown prompt. Now they probably won't trouble us anymore."

     "Huh! That's true." Viper touched his nose and snorted angrily. "I don't believe he knows and dare to fight. What a rude kid."


     At this moment, there was a sudden rubbing on the smog sand.

     "You... do you hear anything?" Rather suddenly frowned.

     "Is there?" Viper listened carefully after being lifted up, his expression suddenly changed!

     "Really, behind you..."

     In fact, Rather realized it was wrong before Viper's words were spoken.

     The reason they were a little slower just now is that they really didn't expect someone to crawl into the smoke at this time.

     And it's single.

     Even if you follow the path to one's own doom, it's not like that, right?But at the moment of awareness, the three people in the smoke glanced over.

     In the smoke, the figure gradually became clear.

     "Someone touched it!"

     "Take him!"

     Rather gave an order, and Viper quickly raised the gun in his hand without even hitting the medicine.

     However, in this stunning glimpse, the three of them had not yet come to pull the trigger, and suddenly there was a flash of white light in the white smoke in front of them, and there was a "bang" in their ears!

     In the next moment, the smoke in front of me seemed to be a little whiter.

     Isn't it right?

     It seems that nothing else is wrong.

     However, the three Griffin's faces changed drastically, and the humming voice in their ears told them:

     All this is very wrong!


     "It's wet! The nest is here!" In the voice, Misaka Kotomi's delighted voice came.

     "A good person, used to praise sb's moral integrity or courage, I knew you were good." Liu Zilang didn't rush up, but asked, "How is it, how many flashes?"

     "One, two...four!" Misaka Kotomi said quickly.

     "Huh? This is a three-person team, right?" Liu Zilang was slightly surprised.

     "Wobawo flashed by myself!" Kotomi Misaka both hands on the hip, but she broke her awesomeness.

     "..." Liu Zilang.

     Without time to take care of this little one, Liu Zilang, curled up at the rear of the sports car, jumped up like a cheetah, rushing into the smoke like a flash of lightning.

     In the smoke, the three of GRF who realized that something is wrong would naturally not sit and wait for death.

     But at this time the eyes cannot see and the ears cannot smell.The three of them had become "blind with eyes open" at this moment, and walked to the edge of smoke without changing in a panic.

     "Take me one!"

     Li Muqiu's voice came from a distance.

     It turned out that the two people from the other team who were holding him were dragged by Shen Zeyan and liberated him.

     Seeing that there seems to be a bargain here, Li Muqiu quickly rushed forward with his AK.

     Liu Zilang heard the sound but ignored him, his figure was in the smoke twice entering and twice leaving, and soon two of Griffin's two were easily knocked to the ground by him.

     In fact, there are so many such "little deaf and blind", and Liu Zilang doesn't pant at all.

     But at this moment, he couldn't help but brows slightly wrinkled.

     He knocked down two, yes.

     But in the smoke, besides Misaka Kotomi, there should be three talents.

      there is still one person...

     Where did you go?

     "Have you seen anyone?" Liu Zilang asked.

     "Nest...Nest invisible." Misaka Kotomi said.

     "......" Liu Zilang knew he had asked nonsense.

     Just when he looked around at the smoke and raised his vigilance secretly!

     Suddenly, just as it was dozens of seconds ago, there was a clear and loud gunshot in my ear!

     call out--!


     "SKT-Azrael used Kar98k to headshot GRF-Viper!"

     The final lore!

     Under the big screen director lens of the stage,

     Looking at the desert jeep hiding at the edge of the smoke at the fourth position, the figure with the back half of the body still hung in the jeep window and twitching after a headshot,All of a sudden, the audience off the court and on the stage couldn't help taking another breath of air-conditioning!

     It was place righteousness before family just now,

     Now this is kill to the last one!

      At the same time, at the South Korean GRF competition, Viper also sat blankly in front of the black and white computer.

     Thinking back to what Rather had just said in his mind, his face instantly became a bit hideous, and four words seemed to pop out of his teeth:

     Asi! ! !