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1357 Don't Worry, It's Safe Here!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Mercedes-Benz Center, on the big screen in the arena, the man took out a grenade in his hand and threw it out.

     The grenade drew an arc in the air and landed among the four Cavaliers.

     "Look here, everyone, look here."

     On the commentary stage, Msjoy excitedly watched Liu Zilang's textbook-like replay of the solo team extinction, and said in a slightly trembling tone, "It turns out that Vic has calculated everything from this time. His thunder is not a hand wave. Throw it wrong, but throw it deliberately."

     At this time, gunshots came from the screen.

     The man held the M16 and swept wildly at a person not far above it.

     Master Rong touched his chin, if he thought, "Then putting it that way... Maybe Vic's hitting Krama isn't just gun water?"

     "I'm afraid this is the case."

     Bai Shaobin nodded, recalling the situation just now, his expression seriously analyzed:

     "If he directly killed people in this wave, it would only arouse the vigilance of the remaining three Knights, and put himself at a more disadvantaged situation."

     "Oh! I understand!" Rong Ye realisation put his hands together, "If Vic put a little water to leave a glimmer of hope for the opponent, it will let the other three teammates worry about the safety of his teammates and see that his teammates seem to be saved. , The enemy does not seem to be very strong, so subconsciously it will relax vigilance closer."

     "Yes." Bai Shaobin slowly nodded, looking at some place on the stage with some complicated eyes.

     Boom!At the next moment, the most classic scene in the replay appeared. The two Knights almost entirely walked up to Liu Zilang's thunder and were all blown up in an instant!

     "His--! I thought it was a mortar, but I didn't expect it to be a landmine." Msjoy took a deep breath for a long time. "If all of this is really good for Vic, then he would be too scary. It's simply linked with one another!"

     "So this guy..."

     Bai Shaobin shook the head, "Sometimes I really think he is not a person."


     "It's wet, Qiu Shen said you are not four len!"

     In the voice of Se7en2's team chat, there was a cheerful voice from Kotomi Misaka.

     "Hey! Why are you attacking personally?" Liu Zilang, who was licking the bag, bared his teeth and smiled elegantly at Li Muqiu.

     "I didn't say anything." Li Muqiu stopped the car and gave Misaka Kotomi angrily. "You know that you're guilty. Don't get in the car later."

     "Hehe." Misaka Kotomi hurriedly passed through with a cute smirk, and slammed into Li Muqiu just stopped the car.


     Shen Zeyan coolly put away the Win94 in his hand, put an end to his confrontation during this period of time, turned around and jumped into the car without turning round.

     Even though he shot so many shots, he didn't kill anyone.

     No way, at this distance, if you want to hit someone with a Win94 gun, you can't rely on strength and no luck, let alone Satan of SKK who is attacking him.

     "The poison circle has begun to shrink. Drive quickly. There are still many bags waiting for you here."

     Liu Zilang reminded in his voice.Upon hearing this, Li Muqiu suddenly became energetic.

     He thought there was something good in the RBQ box just now, but he didn’t even get the two accessories for the AK. It’s really poor. It’s no wonder they just fell down so easily. .

     Host the commentary stage.

     "Oh! Autumn God and the others are starting to run poison."

     "What do you say about this wave? SKK probably not let it go easily, right?"

     "That's what I said, but don't forget that SKK itself is not in the circle."

     "I think if there is an opportunity, they would definitely not mind suppressing one hand."

     "That's true, but wait, why is Qiu Shen driving in the reverse direction."

     "Oh! It's still true, they already are poisoned."


     In the game screen on the big screen, the deep blue radiation grid is slowly shrinking.

     At this time, the troops from the northern military base all moved from the poisonous area to the safe zone, but the very fast Ferrari sports car went the other way.


     Not because of Seek stability.

     When Li Muqiu learned that there was a pile of boxes waiting for him to lick, he said he didn't want to risk anything.

     The green eyes looked like a hungry wolf who had been hungry for half a year and suddenly learned that there was food at home.

     What a show...

     What wave...

      these all are non-existent.

     At the location of SKK, all four of them were all dumbfounded.

     "What about people?" Karl with some doubts asked, "Isn't coming out yet?"

     "I was blocked by the car. I didn't seem to move." Vivian said from the side."Is it gone?" Billy guessed.

     "Where do you go?" Karl couldn't help laughing when he heard the words, and joked.

     As soon as the words were spoken, the air suddenly fell silent.

     After a while,

     The four of them got in the car and left in silence.


     After a bumpy journey, Li Muqiu finally came to Liu Zilang after "circling the earth" for a week.

     After licking the bag, the first aid kit pulled up the blood volume and filled the energy bar with a drink. The group of four hurriedly drove along the highway towards the safe zone.

     The second wave of poison has actually caused considerable damage.

     Random travels along the tortuous road in the desert, although they have to take the wrong road and eat a lot of poison, but Liu Zilang and the others are more risky with this car that has little durability.

     They still do not know what is going on in the next circle. In case they split the head and covering the face when they enter the circle, it will be a severe beating. Then Liu Zilang and the others will have no place to cry.

     Therefore, when they enter the circle along the highway, naturally there is still a thought of holding a car.

     "It's wet, there's a pickup truck ahead!" At this moment, Misaka Kotomi suddenly cried out happily.

     In view, a brown desert pickup truck was parked on the side of the road ahead.

     Chi Chi Chi Chi——!

     Liu Zilang stopped with a brake.

     "Oh! Se7en2 found the car."

     "It's a pity that it's a pickup truck. Although it can be four people, the extra two people will have to sit in the frame behind.

     "Hey wait, Vic didn't get in the car."

     "Oh! He chose that sports car anyway.""That's not bad, after all, the risk of sitting in the open frame behind the pig cart is not small.


     The explanation is correct this time.

     On the sports car, Liu Zilang looked at Kotomi Misaka sitting in a piggy frame behind the desert pickup.

     Looking at her curious look in all directions, she couldn't help but sighed saying slightly.

     When you cry later.


     On the map, points have been marked in the safe area.

     Two cars one after the other. What is slightly surprising is that the desert pickup actually runs faster than the sports car behind, and from start to finish is always in front.

     After a while, the pickup truck in front approached the punctuation area.

     Li Muqiu stopped the car and turned the head and looks to Liu Zilang, who was racing the fake car all the way behind him. He couldn't help but sneered and said, "All right, the danger is relieved, no one here will come here.

     Liu Zilang chuckled and didn't explain.

     As soon as the accelerator pedal was stepped on, the sports car immediately restored its original speed!

     But at that moment near the building, he inadvertently glanced at the second-floor window behind Li Muqiu, and suddenly a group of dazzling flames flashed in his eyes!

     "Crap! There are people in the room!"

     "My God, it's the South Korean team I met at the beginning!"

     "Wow! It's a small world!"

     "It's over! Vic's car is going to be blown up!"