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1372 Satan!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

Li Muqiu is human.

     Not a tool person.

     This wave of Liu Zilang taking the initiative to sortie, wanting to drive out and hit people.

     However, Li Muqiu learned from Liu Zilang's "rich struggle" experience and gave full play to his personal initiative.

     The moment the smoke came out, he a bright idea suddenly occurred, the cicada sheds its carapace.

     It is a pity that this kind of show operation is not something that each person can control.

     He fell half blood when he jumped, but he didn't pay much attention to it. Unexpectedly, he laid the groundwork for Satan's counter-kill...


     The sound of gunfire in the smoke!

     Liu Zilang played SKK all the way in this game. He just inhumanly ran into SKK’s captain Karl, and he also used extremely cruel means to "crush the second time"...

     In this case, Satan naturally had no reason to leave Li Muqiu's life.

     After the gunshot sounded, a kill flashed quickly on the screen. Li Muqiu, who was kneeling in the smoke, was not surprisingly replaced by Satan.

     Host the commentary stage.

     "Hiss—! Satan makes it so easy!"

     "I thought he was going to catch a fish or something, but I didn't expect it to be merciless at all."

     "Yes, not enough words to speak, if Satan fishes with Autumn God, do you think Vic will get the bait in this wave?"

     "Um... I think Vic will drive away."

     "Think about it carefully, it seems that it's not without this possibility."

     "Hehe, but I think Vic's current situation might not allow him to drive away."


     The fact is indeed so.Liu Zilang's current situation does not say powerless to defend oneself, anyway, he is definitely not optimistic.

     He originally planned that he and Li Muqiu, after rushing out and hitting one to death, facing the remaining three of MITH should be nothing difficult.

     However, Li Muqiu's "a bright idea suddenly occurs" was obviously not in Liu Zilang's expectation.

     At this time, the poison ring behind has shrunk silently, and there will be occasional car noises from the north. It is obvious that the remaining teams that are not in the ring have moved into the ring.

     Looking at the three MITH obstinate across from the car, and Li Muqiu in the smoke behind them, they don't know Satan who is still in/at.

     Liu Zilang couldn't help scratching his butt painfully, and didn't drive into the circle early.

     Unfortunately, there is no regret medicine in this world.

      Sucked in a mouthful of air, Liu Zilang quickly concentrated the mind. While watching out for Satan in the smoke, he fought with the remaining three of MITH.

     Unexpectedly, as the drug circle approached, the situation on the court became more tense.

     In the smoke, a figure suddenly walked out.

     He came out from the east side of the smoke, stopped after the smoke, turned his head and looked to the west.

     Turn around again in the next second, does not turn round and walked towards the safe area on the east side.

     "Huh? It's Satan!"

     "Don't Satan take revenge?"

     "Looking like this, he should be in the circle."

     "Tsk tsk, Satan wants to win! I can only say that this guy really wants to win."

     "But has one to say one, Satan is indeed the most sensible choice to move into the lap this time. Their car has just overturned and they have to enter the lap ahead of time by running with only one pair of legs."Yes, there are only three of Vic and MITH left here, what do you say about this wave?"

     At this time, Master Rong who had been staring at the big screen suddenly touched his chin and said, "Something is wrong, the poison is coming, how do I feel that the relationship between Vic and MITH is much gentler than I thought."

     "Yeah, I found it too."

     Msjoy followed nodded and wondered, "Isn't it supposed to be you and me at this time, with the passion of the guns and the arrows shooting hard?"

     Hearing what the two said, Bai Shaobin suddenly said, "I think it's very simple. The reason is only has one word, that's ‘car’."


     Rong Ye and Msjoy were slightly surprised, and they all reacted immediately.

     Of course it is a car.

     At the moment Liu Zilang and Mith's three people use cars as shelters, on either side of the middle car.

     If the fight is really intense, and if you accidentally hit the car, you will have to cry regardless of anyone.

     Their location is not close to the safety zone at all.


     "Big Brother, What we do?"

     On the MITH side, EZqelusla opens the mouth to ask a little bit passively.

     Looking at the car blocking the middle, he really wanted to blow it up directly with a shuttle.

     Or simply throw a thunder over.

     But the safe zone far east and the radiation grid pressing in on one's eyelashes made him immediately suppress this impulse in his heart.

     calm down!

     MinORu is very calm.Hearing EZqelusla's words, he immediately said, "Let's get closer together and get on the left and right sides together after sticking to the car. Remember, don't take a taxi."

      When he spoke until here, he couldn't help adding, "You must never hit a tire."

     As a result, the three MITHs held their guns stuck in Liu Zilang's gun line, and touched not a word or movement on the side of the car, and soon they got close.


      dā dā dā!

     The next moment, the two sides turned a fire.

      has to say, although MITH is the Thai team, it is a highly disciplined Thai team.

     Say no to taxi, then they really don't.

     In comparison, Liu Zilang doesn't have so much scruples, and even feels a little bit unreasonable.

     no way.

      If there is an opportunity, Liu Zilang also wants to drive well.

     The problem is that he is facing the charge of MITH now, if he can't even be alive.

     Why do you need a car when you die?

     As a hearse?

     So what Liu Zilang fought was called presumptuous.

     Not only take a taxi, but also use the seat in the car to move around from time to time. The whole person looks like a monkey and is flexible and free.

     Gradually, MITH couldn't stand it anymore.

     MinORu, who put forward the "car security policy", fell to the ground first, and was taken away by Liu Zilang after he switched seats and looked back and looked at the moon. The remaining two brothers saw how this was done? !

     Suddenly, the two of them couldn't care about any cars or cars, they raised their guns to find the opportunity and turned to Liu Zilang's face.

     In the process of this bullet exploding, it sputtered onto the car naturally unavoidably.For a while sparks scatter, clink!

     "It seems that both sides are a bit eager!"

     "You can't be in a hurry, now the poison is almost on the face."

     "What do you say about this wave, does Vic have almost?"

     "Wait, Vic this thunder, he just threw it, right?"

     Rong Ye suddenly cried out in surprise.

     Aside Shaobin decisively nodded when he heard the words, "Yes, GR cuts the gun without explaining the combo, and can instantly throw Thunder under his feet."

     As soon as Bai Shaobin's voice fell, there was a loud bang on the court!

     At the next moment, the desert jeep turned into a brilliant fire, and a carp slammed over and pressed down towards the MITH on the other side!

     The two of MITH obviously hadn't thought that Liu Zilang was so inexhaustible.

     Not only taxis.

     The car was blown up directly with thunder.

      Caught off guard, the two of them were suddenly crushed by the overturned car, and fell to the ground uncontrollably on the spot...

     The next moment, two kills on the screen have been swiped!

     Mission destroyed!

     "Tsk tusk! Vic is really wicked!"

     "But he currently has already eaten poison. This poison is not tickling. When Vic blew up the car, he was afraid that he would also stop his own way."

     "Um... I think Vic seems to have another way to choose..."