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1374 The Ultimate Wolf Fight! (on)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

For SKT, Satan’s sneak attack is like to send charcoal in snowy weather.

     "Good opportunity! Satan, this wave of well done!"

     Brother Benz's eyes were bright.

     After speaking, he was a little wary again, "But then again, where is Satan's position? This guy is not a good one."

     At this moment, Jin Douhuan suddenly said, "In the poison ring on the west side, I will go down and take a look."

     As soon as he finished speaking, he jumped from the back window on the second floor, and there was the scene of exclaiming just now.

     His position is not directly facing the west, so he doesn't need to worry about being attacked when he jumped off the building.

     Taking advantage of knowing the position of the opponent at this time, it is the right thing to solve their fire burns one's eyebrows OMG as soon as possible.

     "Oh! Player Kim seems to want to take the initiative, looking for opportunities to engage in OMG."

     "There is no glass in the buildings in the desert. Player Jin's action is very hidden. Is there a chance for this wave?"

     "Then it depends on the sense of smell and consciousness of the little lion and the smile. At present, the little lion's attention is still on the front of the house, and the smile is stalemate with SKT's Ted."

     "Oh! Player Jin came around, his smile hasn't noticed yet, his position is very dangerous!"


     Accompanied by the exclamation of the commentator, in the game screen on the big screen, after Jin Douhuan came downstairs, his body was slightly lowered, and he quietly walked around the room and touched the place where his smile was.

      has to say, as the top seed in the South Korean division, SKT still has the cooperation of this team.When Jin Douhuan jumped from the building and fumbled in from the wing, Mercedes-Benz and Ted in the building also started to exchange fire with OMG intentionally.

      Thus, the faint sound of Jin Douhuan, who started the quiet step, was completely blocked when he was moving, and he looked like a ghost in the dark.

     Seeing this picture, the audience in the domestic live broadcast room also started to discuss.

     "No, no smile!"

     "Sportsman Kim is too fatal to go around this queen."

     "How to fatten? I saw OMG's advantage in the front."

     "It's not Satan's shit stick, otherwise this wave of OMG has a high chance of winning SKT."

     "Hey, Tan Zige has changed now. I feel like this guy was a straightforward hunk before."

     "No way, after the two days of the game, these big guys were really bent by Vic."

     "OMG: Satan mistaken me!"

     The audience in the live broadcast room was complaining. During the game, Jin Douhuan who touched his back had already raised his gun.

     Let’s start with you!

     When everyone's heart raised their throats, there was a clear gunshot without omen!

     Before Jin Dou-hwan, who was aiming at the lens, hadn't reacted, a cloud of blood suddenly burst out of his head!

     Without the third-level head, Jin Douhuan's blood bar disappeared instantly, and thumped to his knees.


     It's so fast!

     And at that moment when the gunshots sounded, the audience off the court was still a little confused.

     Jin Dou-hwan himself reacted immediately, his face paled involuntarily!That guy again!

     Sure enough, a System Notification was displayed immediately at the top right of the screen.

     "SKK-Satan knocked down SKT-Azrael with a headshot of Kar98K!"

     And seeing this abruptly arising knockdown, the audience was stunned by the fierce condemnation of Satan not of course doing things.

     On the commentary stage, Lord Rong and Msjoy looked at each other.

     He touched his nose and said with weird expression, "It seems that Satan is not just doing our OMG, but an indiscriminate attack, and it's rain and dew on SKT."

     Hearing Lord Rong’s words, Msjoy couldn’t help smiling bitterly, “No way, these top players don’t say it on the surface, but in fact, all of them are very arrogant in their hearts. In fact, if we switch to our average players, this wave will definitely help while playing. You can't offend both sides."

      He spoke until here, and Msjoy paused for a while, then looked at the man on the big screen and continued:

     "But Satan is different. These players probably don't have the concept of alliance in their hearts, and they throw them away when they use up, so they are not afraid to say that both sides offend or something.

     "Well, it is true."

     Bai Shaobin nodded, staring at the game screen and said, "Anyway, Satan raised OMG's hand in this wave, and his smile is alive."

     "Otherwise, if the smile has just been knocked down, there is only one little lion left on OMG to face SKT. I am afraid the best choice is to sell his teammates and leave here."

     "Yes, what do you say now? The gold player fell to the ground, OMG and SKT, this wave is 2V2."

     "Oh! Satan can't make up for the position of player gold, it looks like he can save it.""Someone from SKT went upstairs and jumped from the back window!"


      Without a doubt, Kim Doo-hwan is the core of SKT, so they will not easily sell it.

     Benz fired a gun in the front, and Ted quickly rushed to the second floor and jumped off the rear window.

     "Fengyan save the people, and hand it to me." Brother Benz's voice is serious, very elder brother.

     "No problem." Ted made an OK gesture.

     After going downstairs, he raised his hand and gave a smoke bomb to Jin Douhuan.

     After the smoke filled, Ted quickly rushed over and touched Jin Dou Hwan's ass.

      At the same time, the smile of mortal danger, escape alive just saw SKT fall down again.

     When there was a god of death, who was both foe and foe, OMG, Smile and Xiaohai No More Hesitation quickly launched an assault on Mercedes-Benz who was holding a gun in front of him!


     Da da da--!

     Amid the sharp gunfire, the battle started quickly, and Jin Dou-hwan and Ted in the smoke were also anxious!

     They don't know how long Mercedes-Benz can withstand the charge of OMG.

     If Ted just helped Jin Douhuan on this side, and the front Benz brother fell down again, it would be no different from pulling down the east wall to repair the west wall.

     In a tense atmosphere, when the battle was fierce on the field, suddenly a figure was sneaked out from the poison on the west side.

     He touched very lightly,

     Walking quietly,

     Look in all directions from time to time.

     It looked like a pack of wolves fighting fiercely between the mountains and the wild, with a husky mixed in coldly, giving people a feeling of sudden change in style.

     Liu Zilang is certainly not a Husky."Oh! Look! Vic is poisoned!"

     "My God! This guy really got out by fighting drugs?"

     "Sure enough, it's the Jedi Poison King, it's not easy, it's really not easy."

     "But wait, where is this guy going? Why did he walk into the smoke!"

     "No! Not there!"

     The next moment, under the stunned eyes of countless spectators, Liu Zilang did not turn round and plunged into the smoke.

     In the smoke, Ted, who was lying behind Jin Douhuan's ass, also froze.

     It feels like a strange man suddenly broke into when playing in the wild.

     He did not move suddenly, nor did he not move.

     But fortunately, it was almost there to help people to read the article. In a daze, Jin Douhuan was already helped up.

     "Don't move, fight medicine first." Ted warned.

      "Un." Jin Douhuan nodded.

     After speaking, Ted stepped lightly, and moved away from Jin Douhuan with a calm expression.

     The two must pull the gun line.

     In this way, regardless of anyone encounters someone first, the other party can immediately pull a gun to support.

     However, the next moment, Ted with the gun did not walk a few steps in the smoke, but the whole person was trembling suddenly, and a kind of horror was inexplicable in his heart...

      The great horror between life and death!