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1378 Chapter 1340: World-Class Sister Control
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

It should be noted, but it's Second Last in the finals right now.

     In the Professional League, there are still seven teams left at this time, which can understand.

     For example, in some finals with complex terrain, it is not impossible to have more than seven teams.

     The real surprise is naturally seven teams...

     seven people! ! !

     That means each person Each Fight For Oneself on the field, each person is a lone wolf.

     "Seven lone wolves? Uh... Lord Rong, have you seen this kind of finals?" On the commentary stage, Msjoy turned the head and looks to Lord Rong in astonishment.

     Master Rong couldn't help touching his nose, and smiled bitterly, "To tell the truth, I have never seen a situation where the seven teams in the finals are all lone wolves."

     "Uh, I haven't seen it either." Msjoy followed shook the head.

     Hearing what the two said, Bai Shaobin suddenly said, "Then we are now in the'single row mode', and the next step is a duel of individual ability, but the pressure is definitely greater than that of the single row."

     "Yes." Rong Ye nodded, "Because the seven players on our field are not the same person fighting at this time, but are carrying the fate of the entire team."

     "Well, in addition, the weight of our four-row finals is much heavier than the singles. It is the highest honor belonging to each team and no negligence is allowed."

     The commentary on the stage was serious.

     The surrounding radiation grid also coincides with the boundary of the safe zone, and the Second Last finals on the field are refreshed.

     Perhaps realized the atmosphere on the court.This safe area was brushed fairly, but the last safe area was brushed with concentric circles.

     One person at intervals.

     For a time, the seven people were almost evenly distributed on the edge of the circle around the safe area, looking like a "Round Table Conference" in the Middle Ages.

     But this meeting does not rely on the mouth, but the gun in everyone's hands.


     On the edge of the safe zone, Liu Zilang looked at the little lion who had just grabbed oneself alone.

     He is not a grudge.

     Of course, what is more important. If Gang Nabo didn't have a little lion to help him attract firepower, he would absolutely impossible to kill the two of Liquid with a thunder.

     Looking at it this way, it is not impossible to accept the two heads of Fenrun as labor fees for the little lions.

     And at this moment, he has tougher enemies.

     Perhaps it was the "mending knife" just after thundering that exposed his position. At this time, not only was Liu Zilangyin killed by two teammates Jeemzz staring at him.

     Satan and Kim Doo-hwan on the opposite side were also in the position where Liu Zilang was caught at that moment.

     Both of them also raised the 98K in their hands, indistinctly facing this side.

     Three snipers, three pull bolts!

     For a while, Liu Zilang behind the reverse slope dared to show his head, so even if he was wearing a third-stage head, he might be crushed by bullets from three directions at that moment.

     "Hiss! Vic is a bit difficult now." On the commentary stage, Lord Rong takes a deep breath said.

     "Hehe, this is actually reasonable."

     Msjoy touched his chin, said with a smile:"Don't forget that the lone wolves on the field are basically caused by more than half of Vic. The hatred points are so full, they are almost overflowing."

     "This guy is simply a lone wolf maker in this game." Bai Shaobin curled his lips, "Now it's time for retribution."

     "Well, it's a bit uncomfortable to be held by three snipers." Lord Rong shook the head, "Especially the gun held by the sister in Vic's hand."

     "Speaking of which, although Vic is a free man, isn't he nicknamed'Asia's Fourth Sniper God'?"

     Msjoy suddenly remembered something, and then shook the head again, "Unfortunately Vic didn't pull the bolt, otherwise I think he might be able to fight back."

     Hearing what the two said, Bai Shaobin was silent, staring at Liu Zilang without saying a word.

     To be more precise, it was staring at the skinny girl in his hand.

     In the qualifiers of the China Division, this gun left a deep impression on Bai Shaobin.

     But on the stage of this World,

     Can he still bloom his brilliance?

     Thinking of this question, Bai Shaobin couldn't help pursed the lips slightly.


      The second last wave of poison reduction countdown is one minute.

     This time was very short, and very quickly, half a minute passed without saying a word from the commentary on the stage.

     Because of the concentric circles.

      The distances from the seven lone wolves around to the next circle are almost the same.

     So even if there is only half a minute left, no one will act blindly without thinking at this time.

     But breeze is still, waves are quiet, and undercurrents are turbulent.Liu Zilang tentatively moved again, and the moment he got up, he immediately climbed down.


     The crisp 98K gunfire sounded!

     A sniper bullet from not far away screamed and flew past his scalp.

     Beaten for the third time.

     This time it was gunfire from the west.

     Hemp egg!

     Why are these guys holding me up?

     A man with no B-tree is indignant!

     Seeing that the poison ring behind him was about to refresh in less than half a minute, Liu Zilang's corner of his eye saw the little lion already entering the ring while he was being beaten.

     If he has been unable to move here because of these three pull bolts, even if he can move in the end, he will probably be beaten and unable to take care of himself when he enters the circle.

     It can't be consumed any longer.

     Liu Zilang glanced at the backpack, silently replaced the eight-fold mirror controlled by his sister with a red dot, and quietly took out a smoke bomb.

      If it’s possible, he really doesn’t want to close the cigarette.

     Now the safety zone is that big, and it is in the mountains.

     He threw a smoke bomb out, it was like a torch in the night, and the light it emitted was no doubt announcing to everyone:

     Hey friends!

      I’m here too!

     But at this time he had no choice but to make a choice.

     There seems to be no difference between his current situation and his exposure. There are three naive people who just can't move him without thinking.

     Cang Dang!The smoke flew out from the reverse slope, traversed an arc in the air and fell on the edge of the next safe zone, and a large swath of white smoke spread in an instant.

     "Oh! Vic chose to close the cigarette."

     On the commentary stage, Lord Rong couldn't help but be surprised when he saw this, "Will it be too obvious?"

     "No way, he has no choice." Bai Shaobin shook the head, "In fact, even if the cigarette is sealed, I am not very optimistic about his transfer."

     Bai Shaobin is not shoot without aim.

     In those few waves of Liu Zilanggang, everyone sees in the eyes. It is really difficult to even look up at the back, let alone enter the circle.

     "Oh! Vic moved again!" Msjoy suddenly said.

     After speaking, he suddenly showed an uncertain look, "But Vic's direction...he doesn't seem to be walking towards the smoke."

     "No! Vic went to the position of Jeemzz!"

     The next moment, the exclamation suddenly sounded!

     "Oh! Vic and Jeemzz are facing each other!"

     Along the reverse slope, with the help of the smoke, Liu Zilang held the cold glow flashes in the eyes of Liu Zilang, who was holding his sister-controlled, and suddenly raised his body suddenly!


     Jeemzz is still holding him here.

     However, as soon as Liu Zilang got up, the red dot quasi-center controlled by the younger sister in his hand also bounced away, locking onto the opposite head with incomparable precision and lightning speed!

     Touch with your fingertips and pull the trigger!


     Bang bang bang!

     In the desolate gobi desert, after a crisp gunshot, the uniquely automatic gunshots from sister control instantly connected in the air!

     call out--!Puff puff--!

     The next moment, a large cloud of blood rose and exploded, and a person's silhouette collapsed and fell to the ground.