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1379 Destiny Is Also A Condemnation!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

kuang duang'ed!

     Jeemzz fell to the ground.

     From the perspective of death, he looked at the figure walking towards him in a daze.


     Why can this sister control be so fast?

     Jeemzz actually saw Liu Zilang touch it just now, but he felt hot in the first few shots, and subconsciously thought he could kill.

     However, Jeemzz did not expect,

     At that moment, his shooting speed was completely exploded, which also caused the opponent to shoot after him.

     While firing, he also made evasive actions, which avoided the two shots he almost would have hit.

     Is the base mirror on the opponent's gun?

      Thought until here, Jeemzz took off the earphones dejectedly.

     As a member of the "Seven Wolves", he was the one eliminated.

     Although the seventh place is not impossible to accept, it is inevitable that people will feel frustrated.

     At this time, he still couldn't understand that the highest boundary of sister control was actually Person And Spear United As One.


     "Vic is pretty!"

     On the commentary stage, Master Rong exclaimed:

     "I just saw him shut the cigarettes and thought he wanted to run the poison into the circle with one hand. I didn't expect Vic to go upstream and kill Jeemzz first."

     "Four words, boldness of execution stems from superb skill."

     Msjoy smashed his mouth, summed up:

     "Looking at the big picture now, this is indeed the most sensible choice. If Vic just wants to get into the smoke, I'm afraid he will be snatched down if he can't run into the smoke."

     "Well, what this guy is best at is to judge the hour and size up the situation."Bai Shaobin nodded slightly, staring at the picture on the big screen, "But now there are only ten seconds left in the Second Last wave, Vic must be in the circle."

     "Yes, we can see that the other six players on the field have all entered the circle."

     "Huh? Satan and Player Jin seemed to have confirmed Vic right here by the sound of the gunshot just now. Now the line of the two guns is clearly holding it here."

     "Isn't it, Vic is really that high in hatred?"

     "I think it's not just a question of hatred, but also a real team ranking issue. In the last game Se7en2 come first in triennial palace examinations, in this game, no matter what, other teams can't let him eat chicken anymore."

     "That's true. Although the number of kills of Se7en2 in this game is not much, if you eat another chicken, then their competitiveness in the next game will be quite terrible, which is undoubtedly unwilling to see other teams. of."

     "Oh, if you say so, Vic's position has been exposed. You said it is impossible that the remaining five lone wolves all aim at Vic?"

     Hearing Bai Shaobin's guess, the two on the stage were slightly surprised.

     Msjoy touched his nose, said with a smile:

     "It is theoretically possible, but among the remaining five people, aren't there are still two from our Huaxia Division? I think it should not be..."

     Unexpectedly, his hasn't even finished his sentence, the Lord Rong on the side suddenly exclaimed.

     "Oh! Look at the little lion's burst of smoke!"


     Concave slope edge.

     LionKK was holding his AK halfway.The muzzle flashed, and countless bullets poured out without money.

     And there was only a cloud of smoke in the finals.

     Since Lionkk at this time is shooting with smoke, it seems that there is no other choice but Liu Zilang...

     Msjoy, who was instantly slapped in the face, was dumbfounded, "This..."

     Rong Ye said with a smile, "It seems that everyone has reached a consensus now that there is nothing to say, just do Vic."

     "Well, but I have a question." Bai Shaobin suddenly said again.

     "White team what's the problem?"

     Lord Rong and Msjoy turned the head and looks to him together.

     Bai Shaobin didn't turn his head. He looked at the small map in the lower right corner of the screen and said, "I don't know if you have noticed, Vic already not in the smoke."

     Not in the smoke?

     Everyone off the court was also stunned.

     The next moment, the director's camera was pulled back from the little lion, and Liu Zilang was not seen in the smoke.

     Where is Liu Zilang?

     "Look! He's crawling!"

     "Oh! Vic used the little lion's shots to attract attention in this wave and crawled into the circle directly from behind."

     "My God! This is too thrilling!"

     "Tsk tsk, this guy really does everything!"


     In fact, it is no wonder that Liu Zilang's crawling route has no cover and was found to be dead end.

     But thinking about him being framed in the smoke is also a dead end, and making this seemingly deranged choice does not seem to be at all surprising.


     "Can't see me, can't see me, can't see me!"On the ground, Liu Zilang chanted a spell silently, and after a short crawl, he finally managed to get into the circle.

     Looking at the smog that had been swept into a "horse's nest" not far behind, Liu Zilang's eyes suddenly twitched twice.

     These guys are really not len!

     But since he has entered the circle, he will naturally not be idle.

     Taking advantage of this opportunity, Liu Zilang lay there quietly distinguishing the source of the gunfire.

     Gradually, a map of the finals appeared in his mind, and the location of everyone remaining on the field was clearly marked on the map.

     Liu Zilang's eyes narrowed slightly, and he touched the point closest to him, not a word or movement.

     I like playing with everyone, right?

     "Oh! Look! Vic moved again!"

     "It seems that he is unwilling to be lonely and is taking the initiative to sortie."

     "The direction Vic touched is where Gates' lone wolf Mortify is."

     "Wait, now the Second Last virus will overlap with the safe zone."

     "Then let's take a look at the last safety of this game, where will it be?"


     Accompanied by the voice of commentary.

     The moment the drug circle coincides with the border of the safe zone, the last safe zone of this game is refreshed!

     "Oh! It's God Wei!"

     "Oh my God! It's Wei Shen again! It seems that 4AM has a chance in this game."

     Under the guide lens of the big screen.

     Everyone can see clearly,

     The safety zone at the end of the game was less than five meters away from Wei Shen's left.As long as he wants,

     Jump on the spot and you can get into the circle.

     There is simply no more destiny than this.

     When everyone was amazed, the gunshots on the field suddenly shook!

     Bang bang bang——!


     The first thing that sounded was a burst of sister-controlled shooting,

     No sooner had the gunshots sounded from behind, the sound suddenly disappeared.

     Fell into silence...

     With it,

     There is also a certain player on the court.

     "Se7en2-Vic killed Gates-Mortify with a headshot of MK14!"

      Direct and straightforward kills!

     The number of survivors on the field also instantly dropped from 6 teams with 6 people to 5 teams with 5 people.

     And hearing the gunshots coming from the oblique side, the three Satan who were shooting through the smoke were all startled, and they all reacted with ugly expressions!



     Foggy grass!

     I was fooled by that guy again!

     At this moment, the three reacted surprisingly in unison.

     Only Liu Zilang's former teammate, Wei Shen, was the only one on the field, and he never shot a shot in the smoke from start to finish.

      this is not Wei Shen takes into consideration the friendship of his former teammates, but he knows that Liu Zilang is really too cunning.

     He has never seen Liu Zilang who doesn't have any and throws himself to death. Naturally, he doesn't believe that shooting at the invisible smoke can kill him.

     But at this time, the situation of Wei Shen who monopolized the Fate Circle was not so good.After Satan, Jin Douhuan and Little Lion realized that there was no one in the smoke, the three of them immediately did not hesitate at all and moved closer to the safe area where God Wei was.

     Wei Shen is close to the safe zone is a fate.


     But it is also a scourge.

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