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1380 The Golden Player Who Thrives In The Beating!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

"Fuck, this circle fucks me!"

     When someone moved around, Wei Shen immediately realized that it was wrong.

      he couldn't think I stayed well, I didn't hire anyone, I didn't provoke anyone, I was thinking about this muffled sound, and the last fate circle just hit him in the face no time to deal with it.

     Who can stand this!

     Seeing that he was about to be surrounded, at a critical moment, Wei Shen, who had slipped a smoke bomb in his hand, leaned forward, but a gunshot sounded coldly.

     Judging from his vision, a cloud of blood burst out from behind an anti-slope.

     what's the situation?

     "Oh! It's Vic, Vic shot!"

     "Vic was just hitting Satan. Is this repaying God Wei for not hitting him just now?"

     "It's not impossible to say that, but I think Vic is more worried about without the lips, the teeth feel the cold, afraid that Satan their three people will encircle and suppress Wei Shen before hitting him backhand."

     "Huh? Don't you say that I really haven't noticed that Vic's current location and Wei Shen are two extremes, one is closest to the safe zone, and the other is the farthest from the safe zone."

     "It seems that this is the case. After Satan and the others have solved the security zone most recently, whether in terms of reality or personal hatred, Vic is their primary goal of fully deserving, without any reservations."

     "Look, Satan doesn't move anymore, he started with 98K in his hand."

     "Hey! I looked at Satan's aura, do you swear not to kill Vic?"


     There was a quick commentary on the host stage.

     In the game, how does it feel to be caught by a world's top sniper?Liu Zilang's answer is...

     I have been framed and feel good now.

     Looking at the countdown to shrinking poison, the shrinking time of the last wave of poison was three minutes and fifteen seconds.

     Half a minute has passed by this time, and there is still plenty of time left.

     In fact, no one will rush to run poison at this time.

     Want to eat chicken?


     Kill all the rest of the people on the court, and you will naturally eat chickens, so why bother to run poison?

     Looking at Satan holding himself, Liu Zilang squinted slightly, the corners of his mouth quietly raised, and reinstalled the eight-fold mirror on his sister's control.

     Let’s start with you!

     The MK14 fully automatic connection may not be as good as the 98K on single damage, but the damage and deterrence in the hands of different players is the difference between Heaven and Earth.

     After all, you can only make one shot in 98K.

     Yes, your single shot hurts more than me. That’s right, if the shot is not enough, I will try again.

     I will have three shots if two shots are not enough!

     Just by hurting the pile, I will pile you to death.

     This is also the reason why many players who are good at using SKS are quite good at 98K or even M24.

     If you can really make 17 rounds in two seconds, it's nothing more than a little damage.

     Of course, the fast rate of fire alone is not enough.

     Accuracy is the real threshold.

     Otherwise, if a person only hits fast, but the bullets fly everywhere, it is naturally useless.

     But this threshold is enough to stop the 90 percent nine people.After all, even if it is fully equipped, every gun has a strong recoil.

     It is not easy to be able to squeeze two bullets at the same point, let alone squeeze a series of bullets in the same position.

     SKS is like this, and the requirements of MK14, which is fully automatic, are even stricter.

     At the extreme rate of fire that is fully automatic, almost doesn't have any within the mechanism of the system. People can press bullets at the same point, but only in a circle as much as possible.

     The smaller the range of the circle is squeezed, the higher the chance that the bullets will overlap at the same point.

     So if SKS wants to win 98K, it is purely technical.

     Then the sister-controlled automatic link is based on this, it will take a little more luck in it...

     After reversing the slope, Satan looked at Liu Zilang holding the MK14, his eyes narrowed slightly.

     FPP's first angle of view cannot be blocked.

     When you saw me, I saw you too.

     This also guarantees the fairness of the gun to the greatest extent, and everything depends on the reaction and marksmanship of both players.

     After turning back, Satan did not rush to shoot, but first shot around his eyes.

     At this time, the little lion and Jin Douhuan were pressing towards Wei Shen's, Wei Shen was also doing his best to deal with them, and the three of them had no spare time to control him.

     Satan took a deep breath!

     The next moment, his eyes condensed suddenly, and the whole person rushed out from behind the slope like an electric flash.

     Raise the gun, open the mirror!

     The moment the figure appeared in the eye, Satan pulled Zhuan Xin over!


     boom!words exceede 5100"4AM-Godv used SCAR-L to kill OMG-Lionkk!"

     "SKT-Azrael knocked down 4AM-Godv with AKM!"

     Seeing this abruptly arising kill, countless spectators off the court were suddenly stunned!

     "What's the situation? Didn't the Gang Lion cubs and Player Jin encircle God of Wei together?"

     "Is Wei Jiang so fierce? He killed one after hitting two?"

     "In the end, why did Golden Player kill Wei Shen?"


     At this time, the playback shot on the big screen is given.

     In the picture, I saw the little lion and Jin Douhuan in a "Y" formation pressing towards both sides of Wei Shen.

     Both sides know each other's existence on the way forward.

     When he touched Wei Shen's face not far away, the little lion abruptly got up and beat!

     Jin Dou-hwan suddenly pulled the gun line on the spot, and shot at the little lion backhand!

     In the next moment, he didn't look at it, and the gun pulled out a fan shape in front of him without stopping!

     In a short time, countless bullets screaming from the muzzle attacked Wei Shen again.

     After the gunfire calmed down, the head of the little lion was taken by God Wei, but Jin Douhuan could not grab it.

     However, Wei Shen himself was beaten by the little lion's blood volume, and failed to avoid Jin Douhuan's backhand shot in time, and finally fell to the ground as well.

      In the time it takes a spark to fly off of a piece of flint, Jin Doo-hwan, who turned against the water, became the biggest winner of this wave.

     In an instant, everyone was stunned. Is this still the pure and second-rate gold player in the impression?

     After watching the footage of the playback screen, the commentators on the stage also looked at each other in dismay.After a while, Rong Ye's face was slightly complicated and sighed, "It seems that our gold player... finally was beaten by Vic... and grew up!"