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1382 Is It Sad Or Happy?
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

In the finals, gunshots continued.

     Tense and intense.

     Jin Douhuan bowed slightly and touched Satan's back noiselessly like a civet cat, moving lightly without making any sound.


     At this moment, there was a burst of gunfire like strong wind and swift rain.


     Jin Douhuan's eyes are light flashed!

     It's this time!

     In an instant, he suddenly got up like a predator, and rushed towards Satan's ass!

     Victory is here!

     Kang Dang——!

     However, at this moment, without omen, there was something landed on the top of the head, and there was a clear sound under Jin Douhuan's feet.

     Hear this familiar voice,

     Jin Douhuan suddenly stiffened!

     He lowered his head and glanced at somewhat dull, unable to help his pupils shrink.

     The next moment, his vision was suddenly filled with a dazzling fire!

     The whole person immediately seemed to be pushed up from below by a fierce man, and the angle of view was suddenly lifted up.


     Kim Doo-hwan's screen is black and white.

     At the top right of the screen,

     A line of kill prompt appeared quietly.

     "Se7en2-Vic used a grenade to kill SKT-Azrael!"

     At the moment of this killing, countless spectators off the court were suddenly struck by lightning, and everyone stared, as if they had seen some inconceivable picture!After Liu Zilang’s brilliant "gun to send thunder" just now in the huge stadium, it can be said that it has completely fallen into deathly silence...

     Stage SKT competition seats.

     Mercedes-Benz sitting next to Jin Douhuan patted him on the shoulder, "It's okay, it's already pretty good."

     Think about it too.

     The third place result is the best result so far for SKT during this PGI trip to Berlin, Germany.

     As long as you work hard in the next game, you still have a chance.

     At this time, according to the competition system, the eliminated team will leave the stage.

     Brother Benz pulled Jin Douhuan a hand when he got up, but he felt a little strenuous in his hand.

     He looked down.

     Jin Douhuan was holding his head in his hands and staring at the computer screen in front of him without blinking.

     He staring at oneself's bombed corpse, but his face seemed sad and joyful...

     Brother Benz was taken aback,

     I am a little confused about the situation.


     On the commentary stage, Lord Rong and Msjoy also glanced at each other in surprise.

     After for a good while, Lord Rong recovered his wits and said with a wry smile:

     "Vic held the gun in this incredible wave, I didn't think, but I didn't even think he would have held it..."

     "It's very uncomfortable for you." Msjoy rubbed his eyebrows and said distressedly, "The gold player really worked hard in this game. I just predicted that he will eat chicken in this game. I didn't expect... ."

     Msjoy sighed, it sounded a bit sad in people's heart.At this moment, Lord Rong couldn't help turning his head and asking, "You said, if the gold player just came to join in the fun, would it be better?"

     Hearing what he said, Bai Shaobin on the side suddenly shook the head.

     "It's not a question of whether or not to join in the fun. It's reasonable. Player Jin's choice just now doesn't have any wrong. At that time, I would clear up the mess when I heard gunfire."

      He spoke until here, he paused, with a helpless expression on his face, "The problem is that no one would have thought that Vic would actually ‘detain the gun and send the thunder’, let alone hold him in."

     "Oh, I hit this with great difficulty but I was killed by a thunder." Msjoy sighed saying again, a little distressed, "It seems that player Jin's mentality is about to explode."

     At this moment, the scene of the director on the big screen was given to the players, and the team of SKT got up from their seats and left the competition bench.

     The camera flicked across the faces of the five young players, and when it came to Jin Dou-hwan, the expressions on Jin Dou-hwan’s face made people startled!

     Msjoy was startled, turn the head and looks to Lord Rong.

     "How do I feel... Player Kim doesn't seem to be as broken as we thought."

     Rong Ye was also stunned for two seconds, then suddenly reacted.

     "You forgot, how did Player Kim die before?"

     Hearing what Rong Ye said, the barrage in the live broadcast room of the domestic game was also densely packed.


     "Heart-struck, old iron!"

     "But thinking about it this way, Player Jin seems to be able to accept it."

     "Oh, it's a pity that it died in Vic's hands."

     "Vic, you are not a skr person, please let Xiaojin go!""..."

     A moment of indignation.

     Many people have overlooked the final crucial moment of the finals already arrived.

     When it was time to recover his wits, the scene on the court was frozen.

     "Great luck, great profit, eat chicken tonight!"

     All of a sudden, the audience around the venue started to talk!

     "What's the situation? Why is it gone?"

     "Who just noticed, who ate the chicken in the end."

     "Satan, I saw him give Vic a shuttle."

     "Impossible, I clearly saw that Vic gave Satan a shuttle."


     At this time, the settlement interface appeared on the big screen.

     The team ranked first: Se7en2!

     Last survived: Se7en2-Vic!

     Immediately afterwards, the picture changed on the screen.

     The last 1V1 "Battle of Heavenly Kings Mountain" replays reappeared in front of countless viewers.

     On the big screen, I saw that Satan had just been punched by Jin Douhuan from behind, and Liu Zilang seized the opportunity to just come up from the front of the smoke.

     Bang bang bang——!

     Under the frontal charge of the zero bunker, Liu Zilang's MK14 in the hands of a strange rhythm.

     While the muzzle was flashing, a bullet squeezed through almost every step he took.


     Palace-level FPS "Go A" operation!

     For a while, Satan, whose blood volume was maimed by Jin Douhuan, was actually suppressed and can't raise the head.

     At last saw Liu Zilang was about to press his face, Satan holding 98K had to get up life-and-death wrestle!Unexpectedly, Liu Zilang squatted to avoid and took away.

     When the playback is over on the big screen, everyone can't help but takes a deep breath deeply!

     In the end, Liu Zilang and Satan faced off, although there was a lot of help from Jin Douhuan.

     But the powerful Firepower Suppression he charged at the zero bunker frontally shocked countless audiences!

     This person's sister control...

     It's simply too strong!

     On the stage match, Liu Zilang took off his headphones and high-five with Li Muqiu beside him to celebrate.

     "It's wet, I want it!"

     Kotomi Misaka jumped happily.

     Liu Zilang smiled and came with her. He suddenly thought of something and said with a stern face, "Don't throw your clothes around, just put them on."


     Misaka Kotomi thought of the scene at the end of the last game and couldn't help but smirk stuck out the tongue.

     Adorable mixed pass.

     At this time, the lens is on the big screen.

     The Se7en2 trio at the competition stand swept the team uniforms hung on the back of the chairs, and they were adjusted to uniformity (usually of weights and measures). They stretched out and put them on.

     The action is unspeakably cool and handsome.

     "Tsk, Se7en2, these people have a good camera sense." On the commentary stage, Rong Ye teased with a smile.

     "Well, in the end this wave of Vic really won by a narrow margin. Player Kim can be regarded as raising Vic a hand."

     Mojoy smiled and sighed, turning his head to look at the big screen.

     "Oh! Our team ranking and scoring situation for this game has been released, let's take a look."