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1383 I Have Always Been Long-lasting, Okay?
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

words exceede 5100Facing the microphone that caught off guard was stuffed into his hand, Li Muqiu lowered his head and glanced at stunnedly. The whole person suddenly became ill, and he couldn't help but said with a black face:

     "Sorry, I am not the first."

     "It's a nest!"

     Kotomi Misaka jumped and raised his hands.

     This little guy didn't feel ashamed at all, elatedly took the microphone and bowed.

     Then raised his little head, Baozi said with a serious face on his face, "I want to thank you for being wet, thank you for supporting the nest, thank you Xiaotongjiang, thank you sister silly fish, thank you for 98K..."

     "Who is 98K?"

     The big blond wave couldn't help interrupting.

     "Oh, it's a dog raised by Xiaotongjiang." Kotomi Misaka act without taking time to think.

     "..." Blonde big waves.

      at the same time, the front row of the off-site audience.

     A woman glanced at the little girl with her head shrunk next to her, and said with a smile, "Xiaotong, your puppy at what time, why don't I know?"

     Zhang Xiaotong had been scratched by pets before, and Zhang Jingyi never let her keep small pets.

     Hearing what the woman said, Zhang Xiaotong bit her lip nervously, and suddenly divine light flashes in her little head!

     She got up quickly and stretched out her little finger to interview Xi on the stage, "It's my brother! I was raised by my brother. He said that sometimes a person can be alone."

     "A Lang?"

     "Will be lonely?"

     Upon hearing Zhang Xiaotong's words, Zhang Jingyi and Liu Yigang couldn't help but look at each other in dismay.

     That kid... is that emotional?

     ......During the interview, when Kotomi Misaka thanked him, the big waves of blonde hair that twitched slightly at the corner of his eyes showed a polite but awkward smile.

     Turning his head and looking at the remaining three people.

     In the next moment, she walked towards Li Muqiu again naturally.


     Li Muqiu's face was dark, his teeth rattled!

     Hemp egg!

     Doesn't this big wave watch the game?

     "Old Qiu, don't bite."

     Liu Zilang slapped him and explained with a smile, "I'm sorry, Lao Qiu is not quite the same in the game and usually, he persisted for a long time."

     When Li Muqiu heard Liu Zilang's words, his whole body suddenly exploded!

     What is peacetime not quite the same?

     I have always been long-lasting, okay?

     At this moment, standing aside, Shen Zeyan suddenly glanced at him deadpan, keep silent, stepped forward and took the microphone in the hands of the big wave.

     Suddenly, Li Muqiu paused.

     "thanks for your support!"

     The thin Shen Zeyan bowed.

     The speech was very brief and to the point, and it was in sharp contrast with that of Kotomi Misaka.

     The big blond wave seemed to be a little uncomfortable, and it took two seconds before he reacted.

     Soon he handed the microphone to Li Muqiu.

     Finally at the right time, Li Muqiuchang, who got the correct "Mai Preface", let out a relaxed breath, and his face quickly regained that unruly look."In fact, I personally didn't expect to eat chicken. It was quite unexpected. A Lang played well. Well, I played well in the middle and late stages. I scored a few ten points and dragged the Gtiger team alone. ..."

     "Wait, Qiu Shen, isn't your wave sold?" The blonde big wave suddenly wondered.

     "Who said I was sold? I took the initiative to stay! Do you know if I take the initiative to stay?!"

     Li Muqiu argued for reasons and emphasized with a dark face.

     The blonde big wave blinked suspiciously, and couldn't help but whispered again, "But...I listened to our European and American commentary, you were sold."

     "......" Li Muqiu.

     I think you are embarrassing me today!

     Seeing that Li Muqiu's face was dark, Liu Zilang was good at understanding others and said, "Lao Qiu was indeed left on the initiative. I can prove this."

     Hearing Liu Zilang's words, Li Muqiu's expression suddenly eased.

     But he was stunned for a second, thinking in his heart, there seemed to be something wrong.

     But at this time, Liu Zilang had already spoken.

     "Thanks to the fans for their support. I think we played well in the last game, but there are still some problems with the cooperation. The rough play in the middle and late stages led to attrition. I hope we can play better in the next game, and I hope everyone The reconciliation said don't milk us."

     Hearing such sincere words from Liu Zilang,

     The audience in the live broadcast room kindly said that the next game will be milk until your keyboard will be milk...


     After the short break, the staff member began to notify the major teams to enter.Facing this The last battle game, each team has different face's expressions.

     Some having high fighting spirit, some half dead; some serene, some gnashing one's teeth.

     Some decisions are made cautiously and steadily!

     Some choose to take a step forward and give it a go!

     Seeing the players coming on stage again from the channels on both sides, countless spectators on the scene also shouted and screamed, giving the final cheer for the teams they supported!

     Host the commentary stage.

     Rong Ye waved his hand to the camera, said with a smile, "Hello everyone, welcome back, this is the site of the PGI global finals in Berlin, Germany, and what I will bring to you is the four-row finals The last battle."

     MSjoy on the side took the conversation and continued, "Yes, after two rounds of fierce competition, the next one can be said to be extremely important. Although Se7en2 has a big lead at present, I don’t dare to have final moments. Say who will win our championship tonight."

     Bai Shaobin nodded slightly and said with a serious face, "Yes, because the four words eSports are a miracle in themselves."

     "But before that, let’s take a look at the personnel replacements of the teams in The last battle finals. According to the news from our backstage, AHQ’s sniper Dongmen replaced King, and Ghost’s free agent Austin replaced it. Colorist..."

     "Oh! Se7en2 in our China Division also had a staff change. Menhera, who broke through, failed to play again in this game."

     "That's right, the breakthrough hand that Se7en2 changed in this game... is ‘Total Annihilation’ Solth!"