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1385 Break The People Who Take It For Granted!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

CGX was a bloody battle from the Japanese division to advance to the Berlin PGI team.

     It is said that in the island country e-sports circle, the strength is very strong.

     However, considering that the island country does not have an e-sports circle, the above item can be crossed out first.

     Even so, it does not mean that they have no strength. At least the four players start the game and all fall on the elevated top without landing, and does not have one person hanging an umbrella.

     Just this umbrella skill,

     It can't be underestimated.

     And when they landed on the elevated rail, the CGX four did not ignore them, and were all attracted by Liu Zilang.

     They specially left the assaulter Aries to guard the corridor entrance on the west side.

     Unfortunately, Aries met Li Muqiu.

     "Someone is coming up here too!" In the team chat voice, Aries opened his mouth to remind his teammates.

     "Do you need support?" asked the teammate.

     "No, leave it to me here." Aries was confident.

     At this time, the footsteps suddenly accelerated!

     Next second,

     A figure rush forward coldly.



     The gunshot rang suddenly and stopped!

     Aries, who was still patting his chest a second ago, suddenly fell to his knees, covering his ass with one hand, and reaching out to his teammate on the other side in desperation.

     "Old Qiu spears people to stay."

     It was Liu Zilang on the other side who saved Aries.

     Li Muqiu, who was holding the S686 in his hand, was thinking about "borrowing" the gun for murder. He couldn't help but froze when he heard Liu Zilang's words, and immediately woke up without explaining.

     Hemp egg!

     This guy wants me to be a target again.If Li Muqiu makes up for this person, then the remaining three people in CGX must be fighting to death. Liu Zilang, who is closest to the three on the right, will naturally bear the brunt.

     But if you leave it alone for a while, the situation will be different.

     as expected.

     As soon as the remaining three of CGX saw their teammates fell to the ground and waited for help, one of them couldn't help looking back and supported the fallen Aries.

     "I have another one here."

     Li Muqiu raised the eyebrow, "Well, you won’t be unable to solve both of them, right? I have already solved one, and the other is not a big problem."

     This is a secret exchange concept, and Huluwa saving grandpa is different from hitting two at once.

     Liu Zilang didn't care about this. He wiped his nose and said with a slightly tilted mouth, "Two? It seems not impossible."

     "Don't bother you two."

     Suddenly, Gao Yunyang's lazy voice came in his voice, "Ze Shao and I can't save you if it rolls over."

     They started off in the K-shaped building on the south side of the elevated.

     Originally, a group of people also jumped into the K-shaped building, but seeing Shen Zeyan and Gao Yunyang landing one front door and one back door first, the group moved steadily to the A-shaped building next to them and the fifth small factory on the east side.

     This also caused Gao Yunyang, who had itchy hands for a long time, to be idle and bored. While searching the K-shaped building, he teased Liu Zilang and Li Muqiu on the overhead.

     "So is your side." Li Muqiu curled his lips.

     "Ze Shao, I don't worry about it." Liu Zilang smiled, said, "Yang Zi, you haven't played for so long, so you can't give birth to your hands. Xiao Qin Mei can be somewhat worried."After speaking, Liu Zilang, holding the S1897, suddenly walked from the top of the corridor and aimed at the person directly in front of him as soon as he raised his muzzle.

      bang sound!

     Fire from the muzzle flickered, and countless shots splitting the head and covering the face like a torrential rain.

     "Oh! Vic's spray..." On the commentary stage, Lord Rong suddenly shouted upon seeing this.

     "Short." Bai Shaobin said suddenly.

     Sure enough, after the spray, the two no person of CGX fell to the ground.

     However, he suddenly rushed up and this frightened the two of CGX. After a short stupefaction, they immediately raised their guns at the same time.



     The two raised their guns and swept wildly at Liu Zilang with their backhands.


     Liu Zilang was also taken aback by his seemingly fierce, but in fact a spray that hadn't killed him. After reacting, he quickly retracted back.

     But the next moment,

     He suddenly leaned forward and shot out the gun again!


     The moment the fire flashes,

     Liu Zilang flashed back again.


     The next moment, a 12-caliber large lead bullet was pushed into the chamber.

     As if the scene was renewed, Liu Zilang under the stairs leaned forward again!

     "Oh! Flash!"

     "Vic this guy is operating."

     "It's a pity that I can't hit len."

     "Hi, this is the most annoying!"


     Just after Liu Zilang finished four rounds,

     He leaned out for the fifth time, but the familiar spray gun sound did not come again.Because at this time, Liu Zilang is holding Vss in his hand.

     This legendary squirt gun.

     Da Da Da——!

     As soon as the gunfire sounded, countless bullets burst out suddenly, as if drawn in a straight line in the air, and shot toward the position where the CGX two people were.

     The CGX two were used to Liu Zilang's previous rhythm, and thought that this was the last blow of the other party's "angry and unwilling".

     After all, there are five bullets in the S1897.

     The opponent has already sprayed four shots in front of him, and one more shot will naturally as it should be by rights.

     However, Liu Zilang's existence seems to be born to break these so-called "as it should be by rights".

     His abruptly arising wave of Vss shots immediately hit CGX with a no time to deal with it.

     Puff puff--!

     A blood mist of shocks the eye, astonishes the heart burst out from one person's head, and then he threw himself to his knees, while the remaining teammates hurriedly retracted.

     "Se7en2-Vic used Vss to knock down CGX-KaiphOne!"

     Traitors make deception!

     What about the good spray?

     The remaining Shianblue is full of grief and anger.

     At this moment, there was a sudden rush of footsteps behind the corridor.

     That figure actually took advantage of this opportunity and rushed over.

     Dare to come?

     Shianblue's face was slightly green!

     He act without taking time to think, holding SKS sideways from behind the pillar, and squeezing the trigger when facing Liu Zilang who charged up!



      in a flash, the gunfire on both sides only rang once with a grunting sound it stops.At this moment when the gunfire is still,

     The surrounding air also seemed to freeze.

     "Se7en2-Vic used S1891 to knock down CGX-Shianblue!"

     Shianblue Adam's apple rolled.

     He looked at the spray that suddenly appeared in Liu Zilang's hand with a little bit of astonishment, and subconsciously thought of a four-character Chinese phrase in his mind.

      All's fair in war?

     of course not.

     He thought of "cunning villains"!

     Liu Zilang is not the slightest shameless consciousness.

     He even gave a wide grin, thinking that I didn't lie to you this time, saying that I would use a spray.

     Next, Liu Zilang didn't lick the bag immediately, but looked at Li Muqiu's side.


     Two gunshots startled!

     The person who had just been killed by him on the elevated bridge had been replaced, but the remaining person had not been taken.

     Liu Zilang couldn't help but happily said:

     "Lao Qiu, something is wrong, I have solved both of them here."

     As he spoke, he slowly picked up the S1897 bullet in his hand in front of the two CGX who were kneeling in despair.

     Listening to the clicking sound close to the ear, watching Liu Zilang pushing bullets into the chamber before him, the two of CGX couldn't help but tremble.

     This man is a beast!

     Unexpectedly, Liu Zilang just got a bullet, but Li Muqiu suddenly heard a cry for help:

     "Something's wrong, someone attacked me!"

      at the same time.

     Msjoy's exclamation came from the stage."Oh! Look! Qiu Shen has been beaten again. It's the team in Building A in the south!"