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1403 Decent And Kind-hearted Alang!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

to meet face to face on a narrow path The brave wins.

     Of course, the premise is that no one squats in the corner and makes a trip.

     In the desperate situation under the smoke, Satan's wave of one-to-three, in his heart, is awe-inspiring.

      What is the unique charm of eSports?

     It can be so exciting.

     That's because the more top players are, the more they can perform miracles in desperate situations and perform operations that shock tingling sensation.

     Satan has this confidence.

     At the same time, he is the pinnacle player of the "master god level" in Europe and America can be counted on one's fingers.

     He also has this confidence.

     When the two fuse into one, Satan suddenly felt refreshed.

     The state suddenly increased to the peak, as if returning to the time when he was eighteen years old when he was a professional.

     There will always be so many people.

     Debut is the pinnacle.

     And he,

     Still have to continue to peak.


     A sniper bullet spun through the smoke quickly.

     Accompanied by the piercing and tearing sound, a dazzling blood mist suddenly burst out of the hazy smoke.

     "SKK-Satan used Kar98K to headshot C9-Moody!"


     Close sniper!

     In an instant, countless fans in the stadium of the Mercedes-Benz Center in Berlin seemed to have regained hope in despair, and they were all somewhat agitated.

     "Well done buddy, that's it!"

     "There are still two!"

     "Kill the cock of C9!"

      At the same time, in the team chat voice of C9.As soon as the impatient Prophie was about to save someone, he was called by Shroud with a serious face, "Leave Moody alone, kill the guy opposite."

     Prophie also reacted immediately.

     He was a little anxious just now.

     That's right.

     Firepower must be hit right now to eradicate this biggest threat.

     For a moment, in the hazy smoke.

     The two remaining people in C9 immediately started to deal with Satan.

     You advance and I retreat on both sides, and you are tired and disturbed, and a wave of marksmanship reactions and psychological games have begun.

     As if infected by the tense atmosphere on the court, the voice of the commentator on the stage was also urgent and tense.

     "Prophie this side sweep, it's empty!"

     "Satan's position changed so quickly! He wants to sneak attack from the flanks, one through two!"

     "So is there a chance for this wave?"

     "Wait! Shroud heard footsteps!"

     "Shroud reacted so quickly, his early shot forced Satan back, and Satan's sneak attack failed."

     "The smoke is going to disperse! Both parties must a blitzkrieg strategy!"

     "Oh! Satan cut the gun again, he cut back the sniper rifle again!"

     "Is he the pinnacle of ‘True Eye of the Evil King’ in the world? It seems that at the crucial moment he still chooses to believe in his sniper."

     "But Shroud has a three-level head. If Satan hit Shroud first, he doesn't have the ability to fix the sound of a shot."


     Pull the bolt to change the bomb.

     A sniper bullet was pushed into the chamber!Satan was calm, the white smoke in front of him seemed to become vivid in his eyes.

     Obviously he can't see anything clearly, but the subtle sound of friction between the soles of his feet and the mud of the grass in his ears is constantly sketching in his mind...

     There is a picture!

     A glimmer of light flashed across Satan's eyes!

     The next moment, he suddenly raised the spear in his hand, does not hesitate at all, and blasted a shot at the grass in front of him where the sound was suddenly obvious!

     There seems to be blood blooming in the smoke!

     But no one fell to the ground on C9.

     "Did you miss it? Did Satan hit empty?"

     "Shot! Shroud was shot, but not in the head!"

     "Satan's shot is a bit off. It seems that the headshot in the smoke is still too inhuman. It was luck just now?"

     The commentary on stage just said this.

     At this time, after pulling the bolt very quickly in the smoke to change the bomb, there was another gunshot.

     It's not obvious to everyone in front.

     However, at this crucial moment, everyone discovered Satan's 98K reload speed.

     It seems to be faster than the average person.

     But it is too late to think about this problem.

     Because in FPS games where life and death are divided in milliseconds, this is the distance between life and death.



      without omen,

     Two gunshots suddenly came from the smoke.

      In this brief moment, Satan and Shroud, two top European and American players, shot at the same time.

     Puff puff puff two--!

     The sharp bullets pierced and shredded the armor!The bullet pierced into the body fiercely, soaring two dazzling and bloody blood.

      whom the deer falls?

     "No! Shroud is down!"

     "My God! Satan has a headshot again!"

     "Just what did you say? Can't you headshot again in the smoke?"

     "Satan is too scary!"

     "I understand, his first shot was just to test the position, and at the same time showing weakness to the enemy, the second shot was the real winner.

     "Yes, if the first shot is a headshot, Shroud will definitely not die with a third-level head, but he will not fight against Satan with a sniper!"

     "And the change speed just now, if I didn't remember correctly Satan's 98K should use the 98K exclusive bullet bag instead of our usual sniper support."

     "But wait! C9 there is still one!"

     "Prophie rushed over, this wave of Satan's blood volume is very crippled!"

     "Can you kill? If Prophie can kill Satan, this wave of C9 will win!"

     The commentator on the stage became more excited, his eyes fixed on the game screen on the screen!


     Da da da--!

     Two gunshots one after the other came one after another!

      In a flash, Satan took the initiative to replace the sniper rifle with a rifle.

     He first jumped over the place where Shroud fell to the ground, then squatted down and used the kneeling Shroud as a cover. The backhand was a wave of opposite sweeps!

     In the next second, kill and flash out on the screen!

     "C9-Prophie used AKM to finally kill C9-Shroud!""SKK-Satan used M416 to kill C9-Prophie!"


     Prophie killed Shroud by mistake, and Satan killed Prophie to the limit!

     Soon, Satan's previous kill of Moody was also displayed on the screen.

     He felt relieved when he saw this, and heave a sigh of relief for a long time!

     When the afterglow of the setting sun shone on the mountainside in the evening, the smoke slowly dissipated.

     Only one person survived in the smoke, that person is SKK’s True Eye of the Evil King Satan!

     Satan stood up slowly from behind Shroud's corpse, the vision in front of him was constantly clear, and the corners of his mouth slowly rose up unconsciously.

     One hit three on the front!

     This wave proved that Satan can also do what that man can do.

     Do not!

     He felt that he was even better!

     Because C9 is not the clay chickens and pottery dogs team, it is much better than the team that the guy played.

     Then it can be concluded...


     What he hadn't come to know yet, suddenly, the roar of the engine came into his ears.

     Hearing this instant of sound, the smoke that pervaded all around just disappeared.

     Satan subconsciously pulled his vision and turned around, but in his eyes were two huge car lights and a huge blue front.

     The Autobots that reminded him.

     In fact,

     The front of the car and the front of the car are already on his face!

     Watt Refak?

     Just like a kite with cut string, the moment it flew out, Satan was completely confused!He knows that car.

     It is the car that just drove from C9.

     But C9 was not destroyed by his group.

     Satan was extremely convinced of this.

     Because when killing the last person, Moody, who was knocked down by him in front, jumped out of the kill.

     And when jumping out of the killing moment.

     Suddenly understand!

     At the moment when the screen is black and white, in his eyes there is anger, unwillingness, and melancholy...

     There is a hint of relief.

     Because the ID of the person who killed him was Se7en2, Vic.

     If it were that person, it seemed that there would be nothing unable to explain.

     Because he is not human!

     It's an appraiser!

     At this time, time went back half a minute.

     In the auditorium in the stadium.

     Countless people around are staring at Satan's one-to-three and C9's the celestial beings fight.

     Only in the front row, Liu Yi just stared at Liu Zilang, who was motionless like a statue, and muttered, "This silly son, others won't be attacked by fighting!"

     Zhang Jingyi, who was next to him, smiled softly when she heard it, nodded and said to Liu Yigang, "Well, this kid A Lang is too decent and too kind."