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1404 The Power Of The Four Gods, The Ultimate Battle! (One)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

A Lang, this kid is too decent and kind...

     This is Zhang Jingyi, a mother's evaluation of her child.

     But nobody understands one's son better than his father.

     Liu Yigang always feels that his stupid son is a bit stupid, but he always feels a little uncomfortable with the words "decent" and "flash".


     Very discordant!

     Sure enough, half a minute later...

     Liu Yigang looked at the sunny boy driving the car and the figure flying out.

     My heart can't help but let out a relaxed breath.


     This is my thief!

     Zhang Jingyi was also taken aback for a while.

     These several days pass, although she hasn't understood the game yet, at least she still knows Liu Zilang's name. She couldn't help but slightly open her mouth and said, "A Lang just happened to hit someone flying?"

     "Well, to be precise, it killed someone." Liu Yigang said.

     Zhang Jingyi:......


      sitting nearby Zhang Xiaotong was covering his small mouth, and suddenly laughed dullly, the double pony tails behind his small head flicked.


     Look at the field at this time.

     Satan's death was tantamount to announcing that SKK was eliminated from the game.

     Seeing this picture, Rong Ye, Msjoy and Bai Shaobin on the stage suddenly sighed.

     The three words SKK are of great significance.

     Everyone thought that in The last battle of today's four-row finals, the legendary team SKK in Europe and the United States might have a counterattack to complete the final redemption for the audience in the European and American divisions.Therefore, when I saw Satan the celestial beings fight 1V3, many European and American audiences were excited to tears.

     This doesn't have any exaggeration!

     In fact, even viewers in other regions who saw Satan's counterattack in this desperate situation were shocked by his tenacious spirit and extraordinary strength!

     But no one thought,

      A man that's it.

     Such a team.

     He was killed by a single shot by the man with the three letters "Vic" on his head. In the end he was even killed by an inhuman car.

     In a shadow of the audience, deadpan Kim, who was eliminated earlier than SKK, recalled Satan who had just flew out and was smashed to death.

     While feeling sentimental in his heart, he felt inexplicably violated...

     On the presiding commentary stage, Lord Rong also couldn't bear shook the head, sighed saying.

     "It's a pity that we still have six teams on the field. SKK is eliminated here for seventh. It seems that the final top three competition is not promising."

     Bai Shaobin nodded next to him, "Well, among the six remaining teams on the field, the most competitive is the Tigers Gtiger and 4AM."

     At this moment, Msjoy suddenly worried, "The Tigers also chased C9 just now, and now C9 is facing Satan. The Tigers are here..."

     "Oh! No, the Tigers are here!"


     The roar of the car's engine!

     After Liu Zilang hit Satan here, he looked at the four neat and tidy boxes on the ground.He was wondering which is better to lick first, but the roar behind him made Liu Zilang a little dumbfounded.

     Is it so fast?

     Seeing the sound of cars getting closer and closer, Liu Zilang hurriedly followed the package walked over in his memory.

     This bag is not the Satan bag that was just hit by the tower.

     It was the bag of Shroud, the great demon of C9 illustrious, because Shroud had just licked the airdrop.

     "Huh? Vic still has to lick the bag."

     "Oh! Geely suits and sister control, no wonder."

     "But Vic already has 98K, I understand! Is it a classic sniper again?"

     "Where is the focus of your attention, the Tigers have already overwhelmed."

     "Didn't Satan just pick three of them all at once? Can't Vic show us this wave?"

     "Hehe, there is still a big difference between one-to-three and one-to-four to be reasonable. Satan has just one-to-three, but it might not work to change to one-to-four."

     "Yes, and the opponent in this wave is the Tigers. Under normal circumstances, every player in this team is almost at the same level as Vic. It is a bit too much for you to think about one pick and four."

     "Oh! The Tigers are already close to their faces. In this case, Vic's wave is going to be cold."

     Msjoy was right.

     Gtiger, the dark horse team that came to Iceland, rose like a comet.

     It can be said that it is completely stepping on the upper position of SKK.

     The two assaulters in the team, a freeman and a sniper.

      Each person has a strength that is not inferior to that of Europe and the United States. If Liu Zilang can pick a team like four.Doesn't it mean that he has the power of the four gods?

     What's more, Liu Zilang was not at the point where Liu Zilang was going to fight each other for life and death.

     Although Satan's "one-to-three" is very handsome, he has no teammates, which is an outbreak of being forced out under high pressure.

     After all, other people in C9 don't say that just being a big devil Shroud is by no means easy.

     However, Liu Zilang has not yet reached the point of being forced.

     Because he has teammates.

     "Help me, help me!" Liu Zilang began to call in his voice.

     "Come come!" Gao Yunyang rode into the car.

     He returned to the wilderness north of City Y to pick up Li Muqiu. Under the cover of Shen Zeyan and the attraction of Liu Zilang, the two had successfully escaped at this moment.

     Li Muqiu couldn't help but hehe after hearing this, "Did you just wipe out SKK and give us another one?"

     "The whole ass, this team is Gtiger, and I will be gone." Liu Zilang glanced at Li Muqiu in a good mood, thinking that this guy harbor evil intentions, "Hurry up!"

     "No problem." Li Muqiu chuckled.

     Se7en2 is a full four-man team at the moment. Compared with Li Muqiu and Gao Yunyang, the answer of Shen Zeyan, who has not spoken, is more resounding and powerful!

      with a bang sound!

     Just like Rainbow Piercing The Sun, a sniper bullet pierced the sky suddenly!

     Gtiger drove to a stop in the smoke, and Ling was jumping out of the car to harvest a wave of smoke.

     But at the moment he heard the gunshots, he still can't help stepping, and quickly retracted back to find a cover.In fact, not only Ling, but a few of Gtier's people are looking for shelter right now.


     They with ample experience, as soon as Shen Zeyan's gunshot sounded, they heard the taste of AWM.

     As the strongest sniper in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, especially the "sniper" or Shen Zeyan.

     Even if Gtiger was arrogant, he wouldn't gamble his luck with the durability of his helmet.

      in comparison.

     The commentaries on stage were somewhat surprised.

     "Ze Shao's position... someone who can hit the Tigers?"

     "Uh... I can't call it."

     "Then Gtiger is still so nervous."

     "Hehe, AWM warns you want to know more, you are also nervous when you go."


     Since Shen Zeyan's AWM shot was to frighten people, after discerning the direction of the gunshot, everyone in Gtiger quickly realized that they seemed to be being tricked.

     And being dragged by Shen Zeyan,

     However, they successfully waited for Li Muqiu and Gao Yunyang, who drove to support them.

     "Where is the person? Old Li will meet him." Li Muqiu jumped out of the car and shouted.

     "Isn't that to the north of the smog, hello."

     While Liu Zilang raised his finger, he put a cigarette under his feet, but he did not drive out.

     With the firepower of Gtiger,

     Liu Zilang felt that it was enough to drive him under the opponent's gun for three seconds.

     Just then,

     The outermost radiation and poison side coincide.

     The next safe zone is refreshed!