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1405 The Power Of The Four Gods, The Ultimate Battle! (two)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Liu Zilang always felt that his face was dark.

     He had been prepared to escape from the Jedi a long time ago, but he didn't expect this circle to be Mandate of Heaven Returns.

     But the next moment,

     His face changed slightly.


     On the commentary stage, Lord Rong suddenly faded.

     "What happened?" Msjoy glanced at Lord Rong suspiciously, scratched the head, "Isn't the circle brushed very well? Vic's position is just in the center of the circle, destiny."

     "It's a destiny, but it's also a destiny."

     Bai Shaobin leisurely sighed saying, "If the circle is brushed elsewhere, Vic You Ze Shao and the others will help set up the gun. As long as the Tigers can't make it, they will definitely run poison. Then Vic still have a chance to go."

     "If you can brush the destiny circle, you are destiny, and Gtiger is also destiny, it is equivalent to completely squeezing Vic to death in this cloud of smoke."

     "Huh? This is really a big problem. Now there is still a minute and a half before the next wave to refresh. In this period of time, Vic must survive until he reunites with Qiu Shen."

     "Well, Vic is going to race against the death race..."


     The audience in the front row of the scene.

     Zhang Jingyi raised her head slightly, looking at Liu Zilang's face in the soundproof competition room on the stage.

     After a while, she suddenly couldn't help but whispered, "Boy his dad, how do I feel A Lang is a little unhappy."

     Rong Ye's commentary was given to the audience in the domestic live broadcast studio. The audience at the Mercedes Benz Center in Germany naturally heard the voices of the three European and American commentators on the stage."No, this is the circle of fate, do you know about cutting?" Liu Yigang rarely understood the game.

     He groaned to Zhang Jingyi facing the big screen, stretched out his hand and said, "Did you see the big blue circle around? That's it, it's called a safe zone. That stinky guy just squatted in it and it's fine, absolutely Safety!"

     "Oh, that's it." Upon hearing Liu Yigang's'commentary', Zhang Jingyi was half believing, half doubting and nodded.

     But when she looked at Liu Zilang's constipation in front of the contestant's computer, she always felt that it was not the case.

     Just then,

     Liu Zilang suddenly complexion changed!

     The next moment, I saw him like a cat with its tail trampled on, suddenly jumping out of the smoke.

     Almost as soon as Liu Zilang ran to the edge of the smoke, there was a flash of fire in the smoke behind him, and an ear-splitting explosion suddenly sounded!


     Liu Yigang's eyes twitched when Liu Yigang was blown up, and Zhang Jingyi next to him glanced at him unhappily.

     In the tumbling air wave, Liu Zilang just slipped out of the smoke, turned his head and slipped back.

     no way!

     At this moment, there is no shelter around him, Shen Zeyan is holding a gun remotely, and Li Muqiu and Gao Yunyang are approaching here after stopping and jumping at a close point.

     In this case, the smoke is Liu Zilang's last typhoon shelter.

     The people at Gtiger are even more chicken thieves.

     Shen Zeyan's AWM is standing far away. Their goal is to be the champion, so naturally they don't want to risk headshots.

     After all, in the finals, there are still six teams alive.Except for them, the other four teams don't know if they are secretly watching.

     Therefore, the people of Gtiger planned to no blood on the men's swords and directly blow Liu Zilang into the sky.

     This thunder is just the beginning.

     "Oh! It's another one." On the commentary stage, Lord Rong said with some heart alarmed and body leaping, "The range of smoke is too small. It feels like Vic's wave is a bit hard to avoid calamity."

     "Eh wait! Vic just spread smoke, he on the left and right spread a cloud of smoke each."

     "Then there are three clouds of smoke now, Vic is trying to... conjure?"

     as expected.

     When Gtiger threw thunder again, Liu Zilang shifted to another cloud of smoke and escaped a grenade explosion in time.

     The four of the Tigers were also dumbfounded.

     "Wat?" Ling was stunned for a second, then suddenly angrily said, "Xiete! Is this guy teasing us?"

     "Blow up! Give me a big blow!" Jack was also pissed.

     Although the tricks of this guy on the opposite side are very effective, as opponents, they feel a little bit teased.

     Of the three, only Theshine and Rocky stabilized their minds.

     Because they all felt that Shen Zeyan's gun was only temporary, and since Liu Zilang in the smoke had the confidence to stay behind, he definitely had something to prepare.

     as predicted!

     "Don't throw it away, someone is coming!" Rocky suddenly called.

     Ling had just cut out a Molotov cocktail and glanced back at Rocky's words.

     But with his breath held in his heart, he still threw a Molotov cocktail into the smoke with his backhand.In an instant, the Molotov cocktail drew a parabola in the air, watching the Molotov cocktail fall into the cloud of smoke on the left.

     That cloud of smoke where Liu Zilang was.

     Unexpectedly, just this time, there was a series of "swishes" in the air!

     The next moment, the Molotov cocktail burst and burned in the air, as if a sky fire was spilled in the air.

     All of a sudden!

     The audience off the field and in the live broadcast room were in an uproar!

     "Oh! It's Autumn God!"

     "Qiu Shen has three consecutive shots, his third shot hit Molotov cocktail!"

     "Wow, isn't it? I just saw Qiu Shen draw a gun and thought he was going to hit someone."

     "True sentiments are seen in hard times, it turns out that Qiu Shen is true love."

     "Has one to say one, it is true that the sorrowful side copied the spray and went to fuck people."

     "Isn't it, Sloth wants to make a big face alone?"

     "If this wave is not discovered, there may be a real chance of death."

     "Sloth's close combat strength has nothing to say. I feel that SKK's Billy King can still have a fight. If you play in the Tigers, I haven't seen his opponent."

     "Eh wait! Shine brother! Shine found out!"


     In the formation of the Gtier four, Theshine in the southeast corner swung backhand AK.

     While the fire was flashing, countless bullets roared like a torrential rain, and the backhand stuck Gao Yunyang's steps to keep touching!

     "Interesting." Gao Yunyang raised the eyebrow, he simply put away the spray, and he couldn't reach it at this distance.Li Muqiu also put away the gun, raised his eyebrows triumphantly, turned his head and asked Liu Zilang, who was embarrassed in the smoke, "How is it? Prodigal son, I will ask you how is it?"

     Liu Zilang naturally saw the Molotov cocktail that was thrown over by a wicked thing.

     This time, it is rare to give a thumbs up, "There is nothing to say, our Qiu Shen just one word, handsome!"


     Li Muqiu grinned and wiped his lips contentedly, "I heard this from your mouth, two words, it's true!"

     "What is said, we are all real people."

     "Yes! We are all real people!"

     Hearing Liu Zilang and Li Muqiu's business exchanges, Gao Yuanyang couldn't help but lazily said, "Don't be serious, the next wave of poison is about to shrink. What do we say now?"

     Naturally, he was asking Liu Zilang.

     Liu Zilang pulled up his blood with a first-aid kit, looked up at the four Gtiger who was holding him halfway up the mountain, and breathed out, "No hurry, they are not, we are not in a hurry."

     After speaking, he felt optimistic and touched his head, "Maybe we still have fate in the next circle?"

     One minute later...

     It quickly proved that

     Liu Zilang was a little too optimistic...