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1407 The Power Of The Four Gods, The Ultimate Battle! (four)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Liu Zilang feels that he is an amiable and approachable man.

      The meaning of amiable and approachable is not to expand.

     Therefore he never feels that he can with one fight four, one person can kill the other four.

     In most cases, Liu Zilang will be able to hold on and never hold on.

     Never give the other party a chance to take the head for nothing.

     However, this is only under normal circumstances.

     But whether it was "The Godswar" back then, or the great heroes pursue deer in the central plains of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds today.

     The reason why Liu Zilang was able to stand up and become the captain of Se7en,

     Become the key figure in the team,

     It is because he will always be the first person to stand up when the team is in danger.

     It's like this situation now.

     The three of Shen Zeyan and Li Muqiu had just been ambushed in front and had already handed over to Gates' people.

     If the Tigers are allowed to touch them from behind the ass, I am afraid that the three people who have been caught in everything bodes ill, no positive signs

     Right now, the people from the opposing Tigers had already ignored him and started to move into the circle.

     It stands to reason that this is his best chance to run a drug, but Liu Zilang's choice at this time is taking the initiative to sortie.

     Knowing the impossible!

     This is the greatest courage in the world!


     On the mountainside of Guangmingding, the azure blue radiating sky is constantly shrinking from bottom to top.

     In the mountains and forests in front of the radiating grid, a phantom shuttled through it extremely vigorously, leaning and pulling toward the flanks of the four teams ahead.

     Both are running poison, and every once in a while, there will be no cover between each other for a while.But even in this situation, the figure behind still didn't shoot.

     "Huh? Vic still not fight?"

     "It should be because you are afraid of being exposed. In this case, once you are caught by Gtiger, once the poison comes over, there's nothing about it."

     "Look at the fierce fighting on the top of the mountain! Both OMG and 4AM have fallen down two of them, but they haven't been compensated yet, but they may not have a chance to help before they enter the circle."

     "Yes, we can see the people who fell on the ground are trying to climb into the circle, this time you can't save it if you don't enter the circle."

     "Yes, this wave of poison is really painful. The biggest enemy of people who are not in the circle right now may not be the opponent in front of them, but the radiation behind them. This damage is not much lower than bullets."

     Everyone off the court was talking about it.

     Suddenly, there was a burst of rapid and violent gunfire on the mountainside on a certain side of Guangmingding.

     The sound of this gunshot is like lightning, like strong wind and swift rain, unique and different.

     Almost for a moment,

     Before the scene of the director was cut, the audience in the off-site and in the live broadcast room of the event had some reaction!

     This is sister control!

     And in this game only has one sister control!

     That's right!

     That is Liu Zilang's sister control!

     as predicted!

     next moment,

     The moment the director camera cuts over!

     Accompanied by the continuous blast of fireworks from the MK14 in Liu Zilang's hand.

     Jack, who was running at the back, was shot in the head and neck respectively by Gtiger.

     Suddenly, he staggered to the ground."Se7en2-Vic used MK14 to knock down Gtiger-Jack!"

      It should be noted, the people at Gtiger are not muddled.

     When Liu Zilang was shooting at the eightfold sister just now, except for Jack who was shot to find cover.

     The three teammates running in front turned around at the same time, raised their guns and opened the lens, and pulled their guns to the flank very quickly.

     And the reason why this wave of Jack fell to the ground can only explain one problem.

     Liu Zilang's sister is very fast!

     Find the bunker faster than Jack! Faster than Gtiger three shots together!


     "Vic really deserves to be the Asian First Quick Shooter!"

     "Did this guy claim to be'Asia's fastest M16" when it was broadcast live? How come the sister control is so fast."

     "After all, the natal spear, the Xiaotong sauce bonus knows how to cut?"

     "Well, the old audience knows everything."


     Compared with the lively water friends in the live broadcast room, the commentators on the stage looked serious.

     Rong Ye frowned and said, "Vic chose to shoot at this time. Although he knocked down one Jack, the three remaining Tigers turned around and he couldn't run now."

     Msjoy followed nodded, "Well, I feel that Vic is a bit impulsive in this wave..."

     He hasn't even finished his sentence and was interrupted by Bai Shaobin on the side, "I feel that Vic's timing was good, even very clever."


     Lord Rong and Msjoy glanced at him in wonder,Bai Shaobin said in a hurry, "Look where Vic's position is. Now the Tigers can stop him, but the question is, are they willing to pay so big?"

      so big price?

     Upon hearing Bai Shaobin's words, Lord Rong and Msjoy subconsciously glanced at the location of Liu Zilang.

     Immediately afterwards, they found somewhat stunned that Liu Zilang was actually relying on pulling diagonally from the side.

     At this moment, I have compared the radiation grid behind the tigers with the tigers.

     Are on the same level.

     Almost instantly,

     Not only Rong Ye and Msjoy, but countless friends in the live broadcast also understood what Bai Shaobin meant.

     Right now, the radiation grid is pressing from behind like the shadow of death,

     Let alone hold Liu Zilang,

     Even Jack, who had just been shot down by Liu Zilang's sister-controlled gun, might not be able to help him.

     You Tigers want to fight to death, I can.

     Don't forget, while Liu Zilang is eating poison, all the Tigers are also eating poison!

     On the commentary stage, Lord Rong stared at the game screen and spoke very quickly:

     "Jack must be too late to help, so what should I say now? How should Gtiger choose this wave?"

     Msjoy heard that shrugged the shoulders, "How else to choose? I will definitely not drag the whole team to bury Vic in the poisonous place. That is too costly, and it is not the result that the Tigers are expected to see the top ."He spoke until here, he suddenly frowned, "But it’s not enough to leave Vic so careless. With Jack, learn a lesson from the mistakes of one's predecessor, who knows if Vic will give them again when he runs poison Here is a shuttle."

     "Well...that seems to only have one way."


     "I'll stay, you go." Ling suddenly spoke in the voice of Gtiger's team chat.

     When he said this, he stared at the direction where Liu Zilang was.

     His eyes were full of fierceness!

      Without a doubt, Ling, as a team breaker, is a reckless man.

     However, compared to Theshine, the well-known all-rounder in the team, and the sniper Rocky, who was evaluated not to lose Satan.

     Assaulter Ling was somewhat unremarkable.

     no way.

     The light of the teammates is too dazzling!

     Even the super dark horse of Gtiger is Roaring Across the Horizon in Europe and America this season!

     Squeeze SKK to the top of the European and American divisions. Become the top seeded team in the European and American divisions of this World Championship.

     But when I raise my breakthrough hand,

     The first thing that European and American audiences think of is Billy, the King of Billy who is known as the "World's First Breakthrough".

     The next one is Shroud, C9's "No. 1 Breakthrough in North America".

     As for Ling,

     But you have to go back a little bit.

     Therefore, this wave of Ling actively proposes to stay, on the one hand, so that the team can enter the safe zone and eliminate future troubles.

      on the other hand He wants a proof!

     Prove that he Ling can also become the person who Gtiger pulls strongly against a crazy tide!