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1408 The Power Of The Four Gods, The Ultimate Battle! (Fives)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

Stepping on the head of the strong is always the most effective way to prove yourself.

     And this is also Ling's way.

     Although Liu Zilang is not the strongest breakthrough player.

     But this man had already proven his astonishing strength and almost all-around gun position proficiency in the last California World Championship.

     If you can beat this kind of players. That's more interesting than defeating those other people.

     At this time, the radiant grid behind it is like a glow, and the momentum that is overwhelming is simply tingling sensation.

     However, Ling, who had almost given up his escape, moved slowly to the side!

     At a certain moment, he stopped without omen and raised the 4 times AK in his hand for a burst of pressure gun fire.

     The damage of the AKM gun is the best among rifles.

     But when this gun was pressed, it was also difficult to control to the extreme.

     However, in Ling's hands at this time, the gun looked like a giant python strangled for seven inches.

     Despite the violent shaking and struggle, but still can not escape the fate of being suppressed.

     Whoosh whoosh——!

     A series of bullets roared.

     It was just a blink of an eye,

     In the dusty, Liu Zilang, who was rushing, was hitting the beach like rain.

     Knock it!

     Liu Zilang, who couldn't find a bunker around,

     In a hurry, he quickly leapt diagonally toward a depression on the left front.

      Despite this, if there is a bloody mist on the waist.

     Why don't you beat me so hard?

     Liu Zilang didn't make any complaints in his heart.Fortunately, he had just filled the energy bar, and after the third-level armor on his body had this shot, his HP did not drop a lot, just wait for the recovery.

     What really hurt him at the moment was the flood of fire next door.

     "No! Vic has been suppressed."

     "Yes, it's easy to get on the ground, but it's hard to stand up."

     "That's bad, now the poison is coming. If Ling doesn't leave, Vic won't want to leave either."

     "I don't think Ling really wants to leave."

     "Yes, he is currently already out of touch with his teammates, he should be solo player."

     "Vic is also committing a crime, you said that people don't care about him, just follow behind obediently and honestly and just run, why does he sneak attack Jack if he has nothing to do?"


     In fact, no wonder Msjoy sighed.

     Although PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is a game of enemies except yourself and your teammates.

     But that doesn’t mean,

     You have to hit people when you see them.

     Except for 1V1 in the finals, if you can kill you must play.

     In other cases, the more test is the ability of the players to judge the hour and size up the situation.

     And I met Liu Zilang just now,

     Even if GTiger enters the circle and poses a threat to his teammates, he does not need to play so early.

     At least you can wait until the fast forward lap.

     Otherwise, it will be like the current situation, hitting someone is equivalent to stabbing a hornet's nest.

     As long as the other party self-sacrifice and separate someone to squat on him, he will immediately fall into a very passive position.

     Of course, this is just a commentary.Liu Zilang didn't think so.

     Since he dared to shoot, he was naturally prepared to be framed.

     It's just that Ling's wide-open and wide-open AK quadruple shot was a bit beyond his expectation, but it only meant that it was a bit tricky to handle.


     It does not mean that it cannot be processed.

     Next, in this impenetrable bullet rain, at a certain moment, Liu Zilang suddenly smelled a gap.

     The next moment, under the somewhat astonished sight of countless spectators at the scene.

     Liu Zilang was like pulling green onions in a dry land, his figure suddenly bounced from the pit on the ground, and the sister in his hand drew a half arc very quickly in front of him.

     Before Zhuan Xin had aimed at the target, he had already sprayed out dazzling fires!

     Shoot first, find someone later!

     It is the so-called "gain the upper hand by a show of strength"!

     Sure enough, Ling, who was carrying a quadruple AK on his flanks, heard the rush of gunshots from sister control without omen in his head.

     The calm heart couldn't help but shake slightly!

     How can it be so fast?

     As a top professional player, Ling naturally doesn't really hit the bullet.

     In fact, the gap in the rhythm of the bullet rain just now could be the "bait" thrown under Ling deliberately controlled the gun, the purpose is to attract the other party to the bait.

     But what Ling didn't expect was that he caught a tiger shark of a hundred percent.

     Under the big screen guide lens, I saw Liu Zilang's burst of gain the upper hand by a show of strength not just to scare people.

     Because in the short moment when he got up from the pit.When the sister controlled this fully automatic shooting, the muzzle jitter was not to be inferior in any aspects than the AK.

     It was actually locked onto Ling by Liu Zilang with a brilliant gun control technique.


     Da Da Da——!

      The ground bullet was continuously and uninterrupted in the air between the two.

      in a flash,

     The outcome on the court had not yet been determined, but everyone was astonished to see Liu Zilang suddenly direct and straightforward to put away his sister's control, ignoring the few bullets that struck him and turned away.

     Puff puff--!

     The bullet fell on Liu Zilang, splashing blood and flowers, but his blood volume was intact.

     Because of before that, a kill was already displayed on the top right of the screen.

     "Se7en2-Vic knocked down Gtiger-Ling with MK14!"

      has to say, the fighting between the two is like two great swordsmen in martial arts movies.

     After a staggering, everyone had not yet reacted, they were already divided into the winners and losers.

     "Fuck! What's the situation?"

     " seems that Vic was holding Ling's first pistol, and got up and gave him a second."

     "My dear grandpa! This guy's gun is too fast, right?"

     "It's not that the gun is fast. I think Vic started sweeping when he got up."

     "Shoot so early? His--! How did this guy aim?"

     "What a terrible gun control operation!"

     "Look at what you said, and don't look at what gun Vic is holding."

     "Don't ask, ask is the sister-in-chief."


     In the game, Liu Zilang naturally did not know what was going on off the court.And this wave of self-confidence is not just for comparison.

     Well, no one should believe this.

     But Liu Zilang dared to touch his conscience and said that his wave was not purely for comparison.

     Because of the current situation, his enemy is not only Ling, but also the shrinking radiation grid behind him.

     Time is life, my friends!

     After Liu Zilang knocked down Ling, he didn't even make up for this wave. He pulled out his leg and ran wildly. In a blink of an eye, he saw the two remaining figures of Gtiger in front of him.

     At this moment, his screen also jumped to kill.

     "Gtiger-Ling was killed outside the safe zone."


     It didn't take long for him to come, and Ling, who was knocked down, began to eat poison.

      The damage of the Second Last wave's poison was not much worse than that of a bullet. It was natural that Ling isolated and without help was poisoned to death sooner or later, so this kill didn't make him feel anything.

     But at this time, Liu Zilang suddenly raised his brows slightly, because he found that the two remaining Gtiger had stopped abruptly when they were about to enter the circle.


     Why aren't you leaving?

     At this time, Gao Yunyang's lazily sounding voice came from the headphones.

     "I solved it here, how about you?"

     "I'm also okay. Ze Shao shot someone a headshot earlier." Li Muqiu couldn't help but curl his lips. "A bunch of scumbags want to make a sneak attack."

     Suddenly, Shen Zeyan said in a low voice, "Be careful, someone is coming across the safe area."

     Hearing the exchanges of the three teammates, Liu Zilang understood immediately after his thoughts.The reason why Gtiger traveled all the way in front,

     It was because I heard the gunshots of the fierce battle in front, and wanted to follow up and touch my butt.

     But because of Liu Zilang's harassment from hanging behind, he bought time for Li Muqiu, Shen Zeyan and Gao Yunyang to solve Gates.

     Now that there is no gunshots, Gtiger, who has just approached the safe zone, naturally dare not act blindly without thinking.

     Unfortunately, they didn't know that Li Muqiu and Shen Zeyan did not stay with the yin people, but were discovered that a fierce battle will soon be ushered in.

     Can't give them a chance to fight back.

     Liu Zilang made a decision immediately.

     Since Satan can hit 3 head-on-head, he has killed two of Gtiger's full formation.

     Do you wear four on your back?

     think carefully,

     It seems not impossible, ah...


     "Oh! Vic is about to enter the circle."

     "It's not easy, Gtiger is not holding Vic right now."

     "Well, looking at it this way, Vic has a chance to survive the advanced circle secretly."


     As soon as the commentary on the stage fell, there was a clear sniper gunshot.

     Liu Zilang, shot again!