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1410 The Top Of The World This Year! (on)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

Indeed won.

     Three games and three chickens.

     Especially The last battle game is even more exciting.

     In the safe zone, Li Muqiu, Shen Zeyan and Gao Yunyang are also three heroes in the three-heritage battle. It can be said that they have punched a hole in the safe zone and made their way into the finals.

     Outside of the drug circle, Liu Zilang wears four singles, by the strength of oneself, annihilating the "Four Gods" of Northern Europe and Iceland. This scene is even more so that everyone be fired up.

      At this brief moment, both European and American audiences or Chinese audiences at the Mercedes-Benz Center in Germany could not stop standing up and shouting and cheering.

     E-sports knows no borders!

     Really strong team!

     The truly top professional player!

     You can use his operation in the Professional League to conquer any player from any one region/place in the world who really loves this game!

     Se7en at this time!

     Liu Zilang at this time!

     The whole team was eliminated one after another, one team after another, until finally they became the last four people standing on the big stage.

     The lights fell on the stage,

      entire worlds and realms' eyes fell along with them.

     At this moment, the huge electronic screen on the stage gave the total score ranking of the three games of the PGI World Finals in Berlin, Germany!

     In a short time, as if pressing the mute button, the stadium of Nuo University suddenly became quiet.

     The countless spectators in the audience seats stared at the big screen with bated breath.The next moment, on the four huge screens hanging upside down on the stage, a series of bronzing fonts were suddenly scrolled line by line, and the quiet atmosphere of the scene suddenly rose again.

     WorldChampion (Champion): Se7en2!

     Points (total points): 1777!



     FMVP (most valuable player): Se7en2-Vic!

     When these all appeared on the big screens on all four sides of the stage and finally freeze, a burst of passionate music suddenly sounded on the scene!

     Bang bang bang!

     Rows of gorgeous fireworks spewed out all around the stage, suddenly stood straight.

     Countless golden ribbons fell in the sky above the stadium, like a golden rain!

     On the presiding commentary stage of Huaxia District, the three commentators were excited, high-spirited and vigorous.

     "Congratulations Se7en2!"

     "Champion! We are the champion!"

     "We are champions again!"

     Standing on the stage, Liu Zilang stretched out his hand, spreading his palm.

     A piece of golden ribbon fell quietly, slowly falling on the palm of his hand.

     Turning his head, he found that Shen Zeyan beside him had rarely made the same action.

     The two looked at each other, and Shen Zeyan's ice-hard face turned slightly upward.


     "Ze Shao smiled, am I right?"

     "New emoji pack Get hahaha!"

     "..."At this moment, Liu Zilang turned his head and glanced at Li Muqiu and Gao Yunyang around him and Su Changming, the coach who came on stage together after the game, listening to the cheers off the court.

     This feeling of a Championship,

     It is a little different from last time at the California World Championship.

     It has nothing to do with the game.

     It's about people.

     These familiar people, familiar faces, are all the people who accompanied him from the peak to the trough, and now stand back at the Summit of World...

     Suddenly, a red bun with short hair jumped into his eyes.

     Oh almost forgot.

     Now there is one more minor product.

     "It's wet, the nests are champions!"

     With a smile on Misaka Kotomi's bun's face, his eyes were bent into a crescent shape, and he looked up at Liu Zilang and said excitedly.

     Her PGI trip this time is not considered a win, the first two performances are still very impressive.

     Next is the Award Presentation Ceremony.

      The group of six walked to the front of the stage under the guidance of on-site staff members.

     On the booth there was a shiny champion trophy, carved with dragons and phoenixes.

     Soon, Brendan Green, the designer of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, and the person in charge of Fujisun Game Operations came over from the side of the stage together.

     Brendan handed out a golden pan from the hands of the award-giving lady.

     After that, the person in charge of Fujisun Games on the side picked up a medal from the hand of the awarding lady. The FMVP medal of this PGI global finals.

     Under the attention of everyone, this medal in the end still is appeared under Liu Zilang's neck."Oh oh oh -!"

     "Vic is awesome!"

     "Die, die, die, die play  

     "Tonight we are the wavest."


     Under the lens of the big screen director, countless Chinese spectators stood up and cheered in the auditorium around the stadium.

     At this moment, no matter who the camera shows, doesn't have any restrained and shy.

     Especially when several people from Se7en2 stood in front of the trophy at the forefront of the stage and jointly picked up the championship trophy belonging to Se7en2 and Se7en2 every person.

     The scene is boiling again! ! !

     Obviously it was at home in Europe and the United States on the Berlin side. However, at this time, the Chinese team from the East, Se7en2, won the championship.

     This is the charm of eSports!

     After the awards session, another side of the stage walked onto a long-legged big wave wearing a bi-colored dress, shine with splendour under the lights, and walked onto the stage with a desk and microphone.

     Obviously, next is the highly anticipated interview session.

     The long-legged waves interviewed the five people on stage in turn.

     Shen Zeyan is concise and comprehensive, Li Muqiu is joking, Gao Yunyang important matter that must be kept secret, Misaka Kotomi...

     Forget it, this little guy is staring at the trophy and "slobbing", the bun's face is full of smirk.

     Even if the host asked her if she was a second fool, she would probably chuckling? Uhhhh" nodded.

     Finally, the interview was given to Liu Zilang.Liu Zilang gave a dry cough. He thought it would be a common problem. Deep in one's heart has already written a lot of thanks to various TV articles.

     As a result, he didn't expect the other party's first question, which made him stunned.

     "The outside world is rumored that there is no girlfriend because the hands are fast. Is this true?

      If this is not the case, do you mind revealing if you have a girlfriend? Or what type of girls do you like? "

     Hearing this problem, Liu Zilang couldn't help but froze, what is this entertainment gossip interview?

      At the same time, Kotomi Misaka, who had been staring at the trophy "slobbering" before, suddenly turned her head and looked at Liu Zilang as if an animal had discovered a danger signal.


     Misaka Kotomi's action is not abrupt.

     In fact, countless spectators in the audience and in the live broadcast room also raised the spirits at once.

     Including Zhang Xiaotong in the front row of the auditorium, the dull hair in front of his little head suddenly stood up.

     "Ahem, misrepresentation, pure misrepresentation."

     Liu Zilang coughed dryly, and then said sternly, "eSports doesn't need a girlfriend, if you like girls...well, I like girls who play games better than me."

     Hearing what Liu Zilang said, the scene suddenly fell silent.

     "The game is better than you?"

     "I knew that these people were criticizing again."

     "You are a member of, thinking about farts all day?"

     "Vic is afraid to be alone."

     "Hey, yeah, sisters, I'm crying, where's Mumeng?"


     Liu Zilang's English is very good.No need to translate, the long-legged waves were also stunned.

     She then smiled helplessly, "Well, then I think the girls who like Vic will have to cheer."

     She looked down at the table in her hand and continued, "We all know that there will be a champion skin customization for this PGI World Championship. Which gun do you most hope to have your own skin in this finals?"

     "Well, I already have gloves and MK14 last time. This time, I used Kar98K in the final finals. Let's have a 98K."

     "Oh? It seems Vic player is very fond of sniper rifles." Big Wave said with a smile.

     Liu Zilang scratched the head, said with a smile, "That's not the case. Many people don't like to land a 98K.

      I only thought if I have a 98K skin, I can perhaps bring you more good luck for landing a 98K. "

     Kar98K is a very metaphysical gun in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.

     Eight-fold stroke, machine aiming to kill, whether the former or the latter pursues the pleasure of One Hit Kill!

     Suddenly, upon hearing Liu Zilang's words, the European and American audience on the scene cheered.

     "98K skin? Great!"

     "At what time launch? I want to book!"

     "It would be great if it could be designed to be as cool as the sister-controlled skin."


     In such an excited and enthusiastic atmosphere, the on-site interview slowly came to an end.

     On the stage, the group of Se7en2 waved to the cheers of countless people, and after bowing again to thank them, the group turned and exited in the sky full of colored ribbons.I saw Kotomi Misaka, who was walking in the front, holding the trophy on his head, holding the pedestal with both hands, happily all the way.